Rodians HIJACK Zephyr Star Destroyer!! + Storm Troopers PRANK Call Tech Support Scammers

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we were on our way to forest son ship crash into your ship it was an accident you tell these people to stop talking and anyway are you funny no I'm completely friendly yeah this is totally 100% friendly come into your tool already sure if you worked well for me this way yeah we're crazy make way make way actually we are try to adjust human sized flies that's your move hold this tight right here all the poop oh yeah and that would be great as well yes hello everyone else get a number three with those on the side and large coupe ten million dollars we're gonna have to have some type of alternate payments all right so while we're eating our poop sandwiches I would like for some regiments maybe to do some dancing maybe some singing off the one for most talented troopers coming to the bridge where's our entertainment of getting impatient what do you call your neighborhood comedy routine what exists currently but not for much longer you know dad no are you gonna type the jokes out hey what's your talent look what happened I want you to find like a tech scam number you know like one of those tech people that are like help you with your money [Applause] yes that a Big Mac and a two cheese disorder everyone sprite with that hey you want to play with that want some grape juice I asked you if you'd like a brownie for 50% off would you like a brownie for 50% off sir Shelby that's what you want to do it that's the most expensive product that's $100 I don't want to stupid scammer coworkers I want to talk to you you doofus bird you're about to go down in flames I need to get help you're a doofus smarts take that you want another insult hold on I'll ask should i insult comedy yeah why don't you go stick your face in a hole fucker stop yeah I'm gonna call back in a thousand time and I'm gonna stop you from scamming you're not gonna hunt me down me and the structures reserves or I hunger what so no but that's so cool am I so cool yeah it's me oh yeah told you this would be war oh yeah well guess what I'm your grandpa the Army is coming and number and we won't stop until your call center I'm with all my gmod friends and we're gonna prank call you guys until you finally calling because I don't care cuz you're a scammer do you feel bad when you scam like old ladies who are helpless and have no idea what you're talking about but just hand over all their information anyways you feel bad then why do you do it yeah be your scammer though right can you at least admit that you're a scammer do you understand why we don't like you because you're scamming people you say sorry for it do it and then I'll go away ok if you just say I'm a dumb scammer I'll never call ever again ok ok to capture her just an Iranian to