ROCCAT Nyth | Official unboxing [Modular MMO Gaming Mouse]

ROCCAT Nyth | Official unboxing [Modular MMO Gaming Mouse]

Nyth meets the demands of MMO play with deep button modularity that fluidly transitions into a MOBA or FPS master tool with ease. Its near boundless customization extends its use far past the competition. No matter the genre or taste, its catalogue of side-parts and buttons joined with an expertly engineered foundation combine to make a revolutionary device that serves the imagination, creativity and high standards of gamers today.

Tech Speccs:
Twin-Tech Laser Sensor R1 with up to 12000dpi
1000Hz polling rate
1ms response time
50G acceleration
3.8m/s (150ips) single axis / 5.4m/s (212ips) both axis
16-bit data channel
Adjustable lift-off distance
Adjustable click accuracy to mitigate against minuscule movements
Tracking & Distance Control Unit
72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-bit Arm based MCU
576kB onboard memory
Zero angle snapping/prediction
1.8m braided USB cable


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About ROCCAT Studios:

Founded in 2007 in Hamburg, ROCCAT designs the best gaming products in the world. We combine detail-loving German innovation with a genuine passion for what we do. The result is a forward-looking product portfolio adaptable to the gaming trends of tomorrow. The industry-leading experiences we develop are born of a deep affinity with gaming community that we ourselves are very much a part of. We achieve this by having an outstandingly talented team comprised of gamers, visionaries and industry experts.

ROCCAT Nyth | Official unboxing [Modular MMO Gaming Mouse]

hi guys today we want to give you a closer look at the first ever legendary mouse crafted within the forges of rocket Studios Hamburg Germany the myth the beautiful modular gaming mouse was the next logical step in hamas development process we had to build the perfect future-ready mouse the gaming mouse that adapts to your needs the changes with every game you play and it's always exactly the mouse you need for a particular situation you are playing an MMO and need as many buttons as possible just plug all 12 keys into your modular thumb zone changing to Counter Strike global Offensive and just need two thumb buttons as easily done as rebuilding your League of Legends item slots with the set of buttons that comes with every purchase in the handy carry case in addition it fits both grips tiles claw and palm grip and almost every hand size thanks to the hot swappable side parts with the dedicated easy shift button you can even double up the functions bound to your rocket nerf up to a total of 39 functions regarding the tech specs you will get a twin tech laser sensor r1 with up to 12,000 dpi into 100 Hertz of polling rate if you are interested in more detail tech specs just take a look at the description even if you put aside how beautiful this precious piece of craftsmanship is you still have to admit that it's pretty helpful to have a mouse that adapts to every new game as well as you do and most important the way you want so don't wait build your victory today if you want to have more information check the description or the info card in the top right corner of this video if you liked the video please leave a thumbs up and a comment we'd also appreciate constructive criticism tell us what you would like to see