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welcome to tech company simulator where guys your boy has expanded isn't it beautiful where has we got set up last episode we've bought the maximum amount of machines that we can contain in this warehouse – and he's making us so much freakin cash with the moolah we literally now have if I select it we have the best phones being produced we have the best pcs being produced right now on all machines and they're all fully upgraded the only thing that we need to work on now in time kind of make things the biggest the best that we've got is the PC machines it's not producing the best PCs so we're gonna buy the best blueprint for those today in this episode and we're gonna upgrade all the other PC machines that are not fully upgraded just yeah so we're gonna need a ton of cash money boon out to do this so hopefully we can make some big money and get even closer to level 50 which is gonna allow us to start shipping stuff and selling stuff via ever planes it's taking a long time guys but hopefully we can get there today now guys I also want to try and buy a new orb as well and help me out kind of producing and getting a little bit further I'm actually we care about say there matters short hammer you can have equipted but it turns out it's for its freakin four so we laughing them up as well I don't know what the levels do and but over time hopefully we can buy some better ones now we're gonna pick up this box straight away and where's the selling place it's all the way over here isn't it yeah we hope you gonna make some progress that unlocking that today cuz we've got that all blast episode as well that gives us an extra XP boost for our company level so hopefully we can keep grinding and getting that up today but let's see how much we get now I'm hoping we walk away with ten million that we penny plenty of money to buy a new pair and also upgrade some of those PC machines to those PC monitor machines so how much are walking away moving this one then we're gonna get a total of world 5.4 million and how much do we get for many in cash we got 11 11 million cash pretty Beulah's oh my god right so I'm definitely gonna buy a new pair I'm Way from my company level to go up when does that go up is the game scam me again oh very good it's going up will be level up level 45 nice right okay let's buy a chest here for 5 million on a brand new pet and let's see what we get from this hopefully it's gonna be good hopefully it's gonna be totally worth it I'm gonna get scammed and something terrible it's the electric power or which it's bread right this is gonna be beasting it will be quite cool I don't mind I mean it would be nice to have like a money multiplier but if it's an XP boost now be amazing – it's an XP boost right so I guess we'd have the metal log then let's destroy that one and let's equip this one it's a 1.8 XP boost that's gonna help us out break time boys when it comes to making that sweet sweet XP I bet say Cash when your mother sweet XP got company level up that's gonna help us out big-time but again we got 6 million so let's start upgrading some of the other machines I'm not sure worried about the blueprint just yet because I mean I can add the best blueprint but feeling of the best machines doing that you know speedy automated making pristine quality they're gonna be worth much cash money moolah so let's start with this machine then so let's first buy the automation and speed upgrades and then let's start buying the quality upgrades and then start making it producing the best PC mods that we have which is the faux 1080p HD monitor right now which seems weak but you know it's it is what it is we do our best right now so let's start producing that then it's getting that under way and unlocks so that machine's done and it's pretty much cost us just under a million to fully upgrade that machine and we need to do it to all the other ones which I could tell you that right now we ain't got enough to do all of them right now so hopefully all this is gonna help us out in the long run and then we'll do the blueprints a little bit later it says more important to get the machines fully upgraded so we can maximize everything that they create so there we go then we'll do this machine next man we are spend I like know how much money we've actually spent if anybody could like work out how much money I've spent on this game so far it's gonna be like a billion I've gotta spend a billion it feels like I have got to have spent a billion cash money Mulas right now we nice to have a stat like total money spent total money earned as well that would be pretty dope wouldn't it I mean I probably cry trying new when I understand how much money I've spent so we've got free machines to go or do you know what we could quite possibly be able to fully upgrade all these machines there might be a chance that we could do all of them so let's get these quality upgrades going down right now there could be a chance boys they literally could be a freaking chance right now right there we go boom HD monitor turn that machine own and by the time we doing all this as well I know if it another thing is happening for us the other thing that happening for us is the fact that the lower bucks downstairs is building up I'm hoping there's like a couple of hundred by the time we've done all this but like I see the orbs rotating very slowly so we might be at the point where the game's a little bit glitchy and doesn't make as much or doesn't make as quick as we used to but these upgrades are coming in so by that we got 1.5 million left that's more than enough to be this last machine I mean just double check is that last machine right yeah it is that last machine so about options HDMI aha let's get the automation the last machine the last PC but it's a machine we've gotta upgrade oh it feels good guys if we could it freakin feels so good right now why you know be hilarious I'm a good night stares in just a moment and I've done this and it's less than a hundred in that box I will probably cry I'm like what what are these machines even been doing right now well have they've even been doing right now okay that's all done there so these are me making stuff for quite a while so I should have over a hundred I mean I should have over a hundred oh there's 235 oh my god that's a lot that's actually quite a lot isn't it there by that is a lot right we wasn't gonna need quite a lot of money to buy these blueprints because we have to tear for all these blueprints and trying at the best ones so yeah we got this boys we got this I just noticed about on the server I'm the highest level dude 45 the one after that is level 6 so those guys a week Raina now do I wait until we've got over 300 I think I'm gonna wait to go over 300 so we can I maximize not only the money we're making but the XP that we're gonna be getting to I'm so excited today I just got I did we're gonna upgrade all these PC monitors they're gonna be amazing boys they're gonna be looking amazing right I'm sure I'm too impatient right there's now four board 300 there we go go go pick up the Bucks pick up the bots your phone you've got a fridge and a nine that's actually not bad is it fringe of the nine right let's run one Bernie involved Adama because we still gotta upgrade the warehouse to the warehouse is not fully upgraded and all the best orbs are in that building but we need to be level 50 I think it's 50 oh please don't be 60 I'm now down to myself not understanding I'll ever look in just the moon in a minute I drop that off then I'm gonna get an XP boost as well so we'll probably not get as much money because we got rid of the orbit had a money boost but we should get some sweet XP boosts so we're walking around with 4.4 million not bad not bad and while we waiting for the XP to come into play because we've got the XP boost 1.8 XP boost when we go up two levels or one level that's why I'm gonna find out right now we're level 45 yeah we gotta be level 50 to go to that area so another 45 it's now going up what's it gonna hear boom 46 okay not bad not bad but how far into 46 okay not that far into it so we definitely need to go a little bit further right anyway let's get the PC monitors upgrades right now so this is gonna be fairly expensive and we'll go for we old we bought that one so let's see how good they start to change and how good they look like a pretty good one that's at 70,000 to build that one well this one's looking even bigger damn boy what's his next one like or this one's even more expensive hundred and thirty thousand Wow and that's the best one okay we've now got the best monitor so we're gonna have to make all those machines start producing that monitor so it's the route Force 2.0 monitor damn boy is it red as well I forgot yeah it's red oh my dizzy be so dope cuz you've got all these machines fully upgraded for it as well so this is beastie ro fast 2.0 pro4 2.0 and again very fast 2.0 so we get these and I think I'm gonna go buy as many orbs as I like I can't buy any minute any more orbs because they're 5 million each I want to try and get like another XP one because another XP one is gonna obviously increase our XP levels you know a lot more well I can just quickly go and grab the box and go and solve that and then see how much XP we're gonna turn around really enough this one here is turned around we gotta turn it back around again that's now who keep as it is because at some point we will be finding new warehouse right it's producing that I haven't had them produced long enough to make a lot of them but I'm just gonna take the box right now just gonna take the box just talking is sell it so I can get over 5 million in cash when you move us and hopefully we can buy a new XP or and then we'll kind of grind it out with how many products we kind of create in that's what we gonna do so only got a no bias so all we gonna do I mean it sounds simple right it sounds so simple but is he ever simple is he ever that simple probably not so let's see broforce for you front rows you made foot we've managed to make 46 of them and got quite a bit of money in profit so we won't make much money off this understandable there's not a lot of products there but then what do we do is pretty beasty pretty beasty so we'll be go up another level we're gonna find out very soon guys we're gonna find out very soon so we're halfway through while we just end the halfway through level 46 and we need to get all the way to 47 so where we make up to 47 course we do Freeborn Evers to go oh wait where am I going I need to run back in this realize I didn't buy the the or but the whole reason me going over there was to buy an urban I didn't do it so we had the star a level 47 so that pretty much just gave us half a levels worth of XP so we need something else with if I'm get another XP boast boast a boost bonus there we go from this is we beastie so five million on this chest we run back as we wait so what's it gonna be what's it going to be it's a red light orb is that the same as the current light orb I've got because if it is yeah I think it is if it is that it's also an XP boost so let's kind of only equip this one to equip this one it's a 1.5 man my XP boosts are gonna be ridiculous it does mean we gonna be making less money it does mean we gonna be making less money but we're gonna be gaining so much freaking XP right now that's what's gonna be unreal right we need them we just need them to hurry up we need him to freakin hurry up dose more stuff for me boys so if I was to go and I go to for example the warehouse store the next one supplier you kind of can't see it I need 1.5 million and you'll get me 25 plus a so this current one is 20 plus 8 so we're getting an extra five machines which says extra five machines we'll probably all go into the PC monitor ones because they're the ones that make us the most cash money moolah they are the ones that make us the most cash money moon are 112 sitting there in the bucks right now we need that to go up even higher we're only guys pretty small you're only three levels away free freaking levels away from from unlocking this building I wanna go peek in the windows I want to go and see what what's gonna be there first thing you know kind of by can I am oh you don't feel I can glitch for the building you know that'll be hilarious if I could let me try no I can't okay fine watch for the windows I can see many different cell areas I can see a little section here where you buy another orb I can we can't going it just yet can I get chimp I'm gonna try cuz you can kind of warm semi kind of go through no okay we can't fully glitchin stop trying to chase teddy AK stop trying to cheat you damn phone I mean it's realize you're on an island too I've owned as literally realized that right oh I'm not taking you to the upstair you can't get to the upstairs but you know those orbs again those words again we like x 2x p and x 2 money boost that's what those orbs are gonna be right let's go and see that how much we've now produced in that box okay where if it's get over 200 I've no sh t cows as well do I people to print of the Box there's a bridge you reckon this trunk at the end of the bridge cuz like why would there be a bridge there it makes no it doesn't go anywhere but maybe it does go somewhere and we've all been fooled for this long I want to check this out I wanna see what's crack-a-lackin' right away we got the bugs anyway 197 says go drop this off I conjure up the box why can't drop the box what has happened to this I can't drop the Box i'ma have to reset my character hold up you can't even reset your character I must have rejoin the whole game Harley Marley but this is changing doesn't it let me go back and see if I go I haven't picked it up that's annoying if it is he broken now have I broken the game right let me rejoin the game cuz obviously something has happened right there I can't pick up the freaking box I'm hoping avenues all my goods because that was like needed 200 that was freaking nearly 200 in that box please game please keep my 200 in there might even have more you never know but please I don't want to start from zero wall again he'll be sad times sad times like mice loaded load game right yep load this one it's still hashtag ink they don't like the word fools roblox is not like the word falls right here we go we're back in them okay 197 Oh and I've also now got turn all my freaking machines on right let's do this quickly turn up I hate this is this the only this is the biggest finger hair about this game is you have to have to always turn your machines on every time you join the game it's the biggest pain in my booty with this game like I would happily pay for a game pass that automatically turn these machines on if it means they will automatically turn on every time I joined does anybody else find that so freaking annoying it's like the game can save how many products that had in that box why can't it save the data for if I turn the machines on or off like come on game sort it out game freaking sort it out it's painful this is painful to do it's especially you've got so many machines like me if you've got one or two more you know you can let three or four or five machines three or four or five machines what am I talking about then it's not that bad it's still painful but it's not that bad but I've got 28 machines I've got its freakin 28 machines I'm now gonna go turn but I suppose it's a good reason for me to go back and see all this amazing machinery that I've bought just imagine what I've got like the biggest warehouse to the most of my machines that's gonna be painful but we got the best blueprints best machines I can't get anything better than anything I can get better right now is the you know better orbs or the better sow areas that's all I can like improve on but does it really matter yeah boy doesn't think it does yeah boy doesn't think it does why it does matter because we can make even more money when we get there level 50 stuff we just gotta keep grinding at the money anyway because when the developer does updates it adds the new stuff in buy this stuff consoles laptops webcams and start smart speakers I need to make sure I've got the money to be able to buy that stuff because you know that stuff's gonna be so expensive right last to now and this one next let's go boys what scale oh there we go well let's go see what's in the box and it's gonna sell it if you allow me to sell it this time freaking game all right there we go pick the box up we've got it and run can be really different location this time so let's run we're running as fast as we can it says press e to pick up as well again please don't say it's broken please don't freaking say this game is broken please write ran ran ran ran ran ran ran drop it off Bo yes it works right so you got 84 these row force machine things so how much we gain this time okay five million sales and we're walking away with a 3.7 million in the bank now do we level up that's why your boy once now so we're level four e 7r at the beginning and I see these leaderboards – all right it's going up right now come on please get to level 48 level 48 you found yes level 48 I want a little bit more Wow Wow okay so as you can tell those new orbs do the damage and I've got five million so I could potentially go and buy another or but never this is why I'm not making as much money or why you know it doesn't feel like I'm making as much money so I've got all that or it was focused on XP and I've got another enough money to buy another one her visa red one because that one's got big that's the time that's 1.8 times so what's this next one gonna be okay and what's he gonna be be red it's another light up that's good that's gotta take it please 1.5 boost right I'm gonna run down to the end of the bridge as well and see what's crack-a-lacking over there so while that's happening so that's kind of only quick to you I won't destroy it and then you equipped you so the level up it doesn't really do anything does it I can't I can't ruin you forever as well so they make you stop there okay I've got your boys I got you right yeah so we've now got basing all of our orbs and now multiply us can I run up miss you Loki can is there a water stop me running up this I fell down where's that wallet stop shards there anyway I get fair and fair enough fair enough I think they got it sorted they got the game look he's sorted out there you can't go with your family right so yeah now we're four of these is this something Kyle says something dudes little warehouse right next to it wait wait I can't go play because you know I can't move too much but let's pick this up it's only 130 we won't get much money for this because we got no cell multiplies in there mate it's all about grinding just getting that sweet XP we won't get much xp for this as well because again it's not a lot of products in the box but I'm hoping with all this more prize it can push me over maybe up into level 49 that would be good that would be very good alright let's drop that box so come on let's run back so we don't even break 2 million not on there anyway and we do get 1.4 million in sales not bad not bad so we'll be getting to level 49 this is what it's all about right now this is what everyone's talking about Wilson yangmaek it's a level 4 night to day right come on Oh rebound lower 49 okay right and it goes a little bit further up so almost a full will level off that so if I get now at least a hundred and fifty I might be able to get to level 50 and unlucky the air mail stuff interesting but until then we freaking need these machines to hurry up there bro tase to get us and grind us that sweet money that's sweet cash money moolah right I'm taking a box of 47 because I'm so freakin impatient and selling that this is not gonna get me to level 50 but it will get me a little bit closer it will get me a little bit closer so I'm trying to run as quick as possible rad you foul right you foul right drop off the box boom run away like a little scaredy-cat so we know I'm gonna make it we're not gonna make alarm money on this so just over half a million and we walk away with just over half a billion not bad right I want to see how much XP increases by now because that's gonna be interesting that's gonna be very interesting well it goes up to at this point how much XP did we gain come on let me know let me know how far how far okay halfway right not mad ever really got nothing in there right guys I think what we do know will kind of save it for next episode so next episode a lot of things are gonna happen we should get a little 50 next episode to unlock the air mail area and we should also have enough money to buy more machines because be able to unlock the next warehouse and kind of kick that out and get all that set up there's been free rebuffs in total from some people that's crazy these guys over here got those sweet sweet monies and company level the leaderboard – what's he go up to so it goes okay level 100 is 61 we're at 49 so he doesn't seem that far away it doesn't seem that far away but guys we're gonna end if I hear anyway I hope you did enjoy this episode if you did smash that like button down below and so next time I see you I'll soon so