GREAT BUY! I would recommend this headset to everyone! Its very difficult to fault LUCIDSOUND headset. I didnt know much before about the company and thought to try them out. I dont regret it one bit!


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yo what's going on guys is king J today and we've got to review so pretty much we're gonna be reviewing the lucid sound I've done a few guys have heard this company before but they don't make really good headsets have not done anything core use anything cuz there's yep this might be the first time in many or this might be the first time and lost so if you guys want to stay tuned in make sure you hit that subscribe button and you know watch out for this review alright so first time looking at the box see says Ellis free 0 or Ellis fur II the wireless let's put it this way this is Wireless universal gaming headset multi system gaming headset so you know look at here this is mobile ps4 ps3 Xbox one and Xbox 360 I don't use X plus 100x for 360 so you know I'll use a ps4 and ps3 but we're gonna be tested on the ps4 and we're gonna be testing and using mobile as well so I'll show you the side you know back side again and we'll take our dysplastic Olimpica we got this guy what we really didn't okay so now in the back says game volume control the psychic drink is on the Emma or the air capture say my Emma haircut you got a game new sound you got chat bottom will so will nice Mike me Spartan as well as his work as passive work as a passive headset when connected to a mobile gaming and audio devices via the included 3.5 mm cable and integrated mic activates when the boom mic is removed okay what does it include in our let's see such as package contents LS for a headset removable boom mic USB base station Xbox one mobile three-point and 3.5 mm cable Xbox 360 chat cable micro USB charging cable physics charging cables wall of optical cable and Quick Start Guide all right so engine ask our website as well so if you guys don't know about you sound you want to know more go and check on Lisa's sound calm alright so let's open up the box oh I like the way a reflective logo like that pretty nice alright so here we are if you guys to see that meet the light whoops make the light shine on that okay so alright so as you can see and you pop this part open where everything is so it's got this you have charge cable now this able to charge cable service to the microUSB another cable optical cable and you've got a lot of different cables and you get sticker as well nice nice take off and you get instruction as well which I'm not gonna blow you fruit but as you can see it's they're gonna quickly flick through two pages or something which is really nice and useful all right so I'm gonna do is I'm gonna test it i'm gonna use xsplit and test it to see how it sounds before I play the game I just want to show you guys how it looks so very expandable there we go as you can see this rolls as well you can see it looks it's very nice very very nice they're very solid as well very nice I like the strong chrome feel to it up a nice fresh season keep ss1 in as well yep so you know I'm just having a look at them and I really like them you know equalizer you can see it there the equalizer button you micro USB the 3.5 you can plug in a keyboard 5 mm this is 10 M 1 V 2 sends as well like I said you can have a wireless so yeah but further ado let me test them tested it I'll try that on my ps4 as you see the wires in it worked proper regulator the audio was clear clarity is really good at Rydia while using it on my laptop as world the sound is sound the pace like the fingers on the equalizer I called region on here back it says on here that the equalizer you can change you can change the preset 1 b1 b2 is phenomenal 3 beats for treble boost 3 beeps for bass boost and when I tried the bass boost it sound really bass it sounded really good I have no I have nothing to fall by you know that I didn't try on xbox360 or Xbox one yeah so when you're using the base station as well this part lights up see now because I am plugged in but part of it lights up and lets the indicate web research and I was paired up with something as well really liked it I didn't have to download no drivers it's like my laptop found when a headset was there through through the base station which is really good so um I explained stuff it found out it was there room just so even on my laptop before myself it just found out everything why it wasn't stuff so it was really good I like the way how they are I like I just like the chrome feel to it I like the way they feel solid they don't feel like it's just they don't feel like a cheap headset – it was very very solid – designed to really be solid you know the air cups are really really soft nice as well everything just feels proper it doesn't feel like you know that sometimes you get headsets in your back I don't know about this it feels a bit flimsy this doesn't feel flimsy or – it feels very very strong solid as you can see you know like the coolest stuff Mike it's flexible you know it's not just you don't have to stick in one page you can kind of move it away from you just detachable as well so it's not it's not fixated on today at set which is really good and yeah overall you can use this for like I was even thinking when I was like listening to music on YouTube and stuff I was like baseline fix sounds so good eats Laban hat don't even have to be a gaming headset that this could be used for like no no I feel like if example if you was wanna be are in a park and use one I just chew and listen to some music you can do that as well like that is really really good really really good that it is a for gaming visa for anything so this has been my review on the ls3 so if you lot like gaming headsets are definitely advise you to check out lucid sounds as well check out the website and everything Claudia I really recommend this this is this headset here yeah it's really really good very very strong very good quality as well throughout is a very good at a premium quality premium quality answer at the way you feel the sound everything I'm not gonna go on any more if you like when I listen to it or stuff actually gonna buy one piece


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