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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Money/XP Glitches and Exploits Live with ya boy J STONE


yeah boy what does up everybody it's your boy J stone and we back in this bitch with another epic last name shouts everybody's on deck my deeds welcome to the stream gasps holy moly what is up what is up what is up I'm busy today as I have been to the last couple of days if you need to the channel be sure and hit that subscribe button turn on build applications that way you never miss the latest and greatest glitches on everything Red Dead Redemption and GTA also a little bit of Call of Duty and days going on the side sometimes we venture off to those games but for the most part Red Dead Redemption Grand Theft Auto is what she's gonna see the most right here on the official Jason channel as well as live streams every single night right here at 10 p.m. Eastern typically but of course it's 11:15 but you know I'm live better late than ever I've just been busy as fuck so currently right now I'm actually angling my bills at this very moment oh man oh man oh man so we're gonna play some Red Dead Redemption we haven't played that for a little while we might bring in some subscribers to play with us tonight maybe we'll just have to see it do you want to test out a little turkey glitch I had going on the other night and then get to test out any part of their how much money I made today six seven what make yesterday zero didn't make a damn thing you can find out a birthday perfect how much money that's been today I don't know I don't know oh shit it was a second down I like going through my bills and shit I'll go ahead and start the game though all right six electric one thenthe always that's all the 1908 when t3 people in the building I already thank you guys for tuning in man I appreciate it right it seemed in last night the donations was epic off the chain coins are not on at this very moment but they will be on very shortly I have a couple negative reviews about our coin saying that they kind of make chat turn into shit which I totally agree I totally agree I'm not gonna lie hey these nuts what's up dude strange the gaming what's up man welcome to string shouts that guy electric on the sixteenth we've got the internet internet and the insurance why not what does the internet is all the 19th okay hooking onto the Internet IMT not bad man that bill is not bad 30 insurance I can't remember how much that is gas is on the 14th zero paid paid in full bitch rent is on the first and that's paid in full it matter of fact it's paid up for like months and months and months and months that's the way I do things ah alright so Teddy paid paid good deal know what else we got insurance phone bills any I'm saying it's it's all fake fucking who cares all the bills are paid who gives a damn who gives a fuck all the bills are paid they're always paid on time every time motherfuckers oh man so I've had a busy day today not gonna lie not extremely busy like over the weekend but pretty fucking busy nevertheless made a lot of money did a lot of tattoos and uh about to play a lot of games I wish I could play more I wish I got do more how I got what's up Big Daddy Jack what's up walk to streams I between his own decks out to that lady's still having a fix the profile picture damn it man uh Man Man Man Man Man Man eyes what does that broth monk doing Red Dead Redemption it is alright we're gonna get in some raid there you know what we're gonna do we're gonna join up with my boys folks knows now I'm just kidding he'd smoke her I asked if I did hahaha cloud man what's up man walked through the strange house that guy he just can't do it a $2.00 haul up put your motherfucking boys shoutout to that guy's yeah that's what I'm talkin about $2 hollow $2 Hollow hey hey go get the money go yeah he what's up John what's up dude walked to his room Ruger rails what does that man walk do this me oh man so I'm starting to get bored of every other game and I think it's about time to mosey on back over to zombies I'm not gonna lie see it's about time to mosey on back over to zombies I know I'm neglected the fuck out of my my friends my dear dear friends neglect every day on a daily basis and I feel very terrible for it congratulations you have been awarded red did online $100 for participating in red did online promotions why thank you I could use 100 olives why Rick what's up hey welcome to stream there's a fishing spot by a veil oh I know bro please believe I know every good fishing spot on this motherfucker man seriously oh you tell Matt my valentine yeah yeah yeah I know Bellini mija guy and I made a tutorial video of every goddamn amazing epic crazy fucking fishing spot and animal spawn on the game believe me we out yeah but yeah I know what you're talking about down by down by Valentine you go over the hill right there there's a you get two pikes two pikes if you still horsing bring them back and make fucking $14 every fucking couple of seconds all of Dakota really oh yeah absolutely okay I probably dropped like five or six fishing video locations see but when I dropped the videos we were doing carcass fishing which now it's on a regular fishing I did the carcass fishing videos I haven't shown them I haven't shown all the same locations as regular fishing spots even though they're all just as good for regular visiting oh man I'm wearing a stupid fucking painters hat I gotta take this shit off I am an artist in real life but I don't wearing a fucking hat like this fucking painters hat weird fucking flat fucking hat deflated ass hat yeah believe me it's a lot of good locations out there they're for real a whole lot of really good fishing locations David Hayes what's up man all right so we're gonna do is fuck with the turkey glitch I was talking with the other night and I want to see I need to see something for real I really do need to check out something I may need somebody to come join up with me at some point if you'll be playing Haggai for some glitch testing purposes what's up Jason what's up man oh shit well typically we don't mention other youtubers in my chat man but thanks for your information I really do appreciate it so what's hot on your horse when entering stay with right time you can be in passive mode you'll see it's special but we have fun other glitch on this base yeah yeah yeah dig dig that yeah yeah anywhere over there and fucking roads man yeah if you're rocking a cart and you're over in in this area right here with that cart you're gonna be able to make a whole lot of money there's also another good fishing spot up in this area as well all up in here if you had a cart you can just transport back to the black roads butcher but yeah I dig that my favorite fishing spot my favorite fishing spot of all time was right here one of my favorites well yeah one of my favorites not my favorite of all time the second was right here we call this the dickhead that it looks like a dick right here was a good fishing spot it's all in this area also right here right here's a good fishing spot you're not gonna catch any Pike or any large fish like that in these two years although you can catch some large fish over in this area laurens fish and regular fish so you can I'm saying it's kind of a all-around good fishing spot killing yourself has you're into this tables hell yeah haven't done that pretty good pretty good I have to check it out I'll explore it appreciate you letting me know buddy if you see me make a video on it be sure and comment let me know who the founder is cuz I'll never fuckin remember I'll never remember that name that you said ever what's happenin partner brah if you don't get your shit together you small big motherfucker get the fuck up man a little fucking dumb shit man oh yeah it's good to talk about here so what glitches are out right now where there's a couple you got passive mode and uh solo mode that are out still those are I think they're having a hard time trying to patch those up typically any any glitch that involves going to the home screen or long homepage menu of the your actual console a little bit harder the patched in normal glitches but those are working right now as far as actual glitches I do want to say that the pelt duplication glitch is still working although I haven't tested it for a while because I haven't been playing this game for the last week but I'd like to say it still works I haven't heard of it being patched and then other than that is really only like a handful of XP exploits that are out there I am working on a new bird duplication glitch though currently and that's what I'll be working on this this dream if you'd like to hang out and see what I'm talking about okay thanks Matt nobody could know unfortunately unfortunately no not at this current time there is not future DLCs brings future glitches so definitely stay tuned alright so what we're gonna be working on like I say this is a bird duplication glitch and we're gonna fuck with it here in just a minute the weather is kind of bad so I'm gonna go grab me a drink real quick and by the time I come back the rain should slow down enough for the animals Falls to be back up and I'll be back FK was good during bonus window man Shawn where'd you find this sure I bet it motherfucker would look I dropped that AFK video right in time didn't uh look I dropped the air I dropped the AFK video and then it like the next day they had like a big giant bonus for a whole week on fucking uh the the PvP modes I'll be right back can you do Pamela fat with ducks see yeah that's what I'm that's what I'm gonna be testing some things rolling I can't I cannot confirm nor deny that that which is what you asked logan wolf what's up man welcome to the stream all right perfect timing stopped raining let's go all right now let's see here is anybody in this town yes somebody's at fast-travel somebody's right here that's what I want to check here in just a moment as well I'm somewhat under the impression that this glitch only works with people around just like the carcass duplication glitch the original carcass duplication glitch a couple months back so we're gonna find out what time is it it's time for lunch what time is it it's time for lunch yeah my throat's starting to hurt hey ma I got you know you have you have 100% became a Deadhead within about four days time you became what what 100 a cent solid dead head man it's crazy man I'm feeling your passion hopefully it rubs off on me man cuz god damn I've lost it for this game that's my heart that's why we like you know you can find squirrels hi oh god damn I got my D I'm here 100% a dead head now this game is great though I can't I can't knock you for it this game is this game is amazing it really is you came into it at the perfect fucking time I'm not gonna lie because if you came back back when it started you would be you'd be looking like me right now you'd be like man fucking shit I mean I love the game no you're wrong I love the shit out of this game the guy damn they starving us to death right now you livin it up dawg I'm still new I know yo ass is loving it god I sing some Oh lay that ass down lay that ass down all right right now we're just gonna kill a couple random animals and I may or may not explain why a little bit later on so just stick around for that shit I'm pissed a downgraded the graphics and story mode you know I haven't played story mode to notice oh yeah I haven't played a story mode to notice but yeah I'd imagine how many fuck I could see if they were having issues with the game like crashing or something like that then do that but if the game is running fucking fine don't fuck with it yeah I'm saying if it ain't broke don't fix it more territories North roads oh yeah I know that's a couple good turkey spawns right now we're getting some regular kills well as a matter of fact yeah let me let me go ahead and go straight for turkeys right now let's go straight for turkeys right now Jaso could you add me honestly brother I forget I forget like I've hit the limit of friends I'm not even allowed to you I mean I could act I can take on more friends I've got 1,700 I could take on more but I've got the maximum amount of friend requests and like in order to accept more friend requests I got a delete friend request like I'm sitting on like 250 friend requests right now it's kind of hectic to be honest not gonna lie to you so it's nothing personal but right now I can't add you I'd rather play a story than online to be honest I'm right there with you I'm right there with you you see see I haven't personally completed the story although I know all about the story I just haven't personally completed it myself so I still I still got that on my plate to do so I could be playing story mode typically when I play story mode though a lot of people don't hang around cuz they've already played it so I play more online than anything when I'm with you guys Oh so I've been messing with my programs my editing programs the the dev tools so to speak for grand theft auto online and I've officially been able to import my own graphics onto one car and I made a Red Dead Redemption dunk although I deleted it because I felt like it was poorly done but I did it and now that I know how to actually render it what type of file I need to save it as what program I need to create the file etc etc etc we're off to a good start now at this point all I have to do is go in create some temp to create or download some templates for certain cars certain car body styles and then just go apeshit with fucking dumb graphics but I put up I made a Red Dead Redemption dunk in GTA 5 it's a pretty dope laughs be it wasn't amazing story though yeah we might it we might start playing some story mode shit 51 people in the building right now thank y'all guys for tuning in man it really does mean a lot that's awesome would be cool to see add the we did it I deleted it because it was so poorly done and then I was just testing out things to see see if I could do it so like you can make it and add your own graphics to cars using a program a developer program called Z Z modeler it's like a developer program where you can kind of go in and edit like actual in-game shit it's pretty fucking dope pretty fucking advanced of course I haven't had the time to sit around and learn it fully but I have learned a couple things of course the more I fuck with it the more I learn I need to start taking days off it's like I don't know from tattoos I tattoo every fucking day every day Sunday through Sunday everyday I'm tattooing I need to start taking days off and devoting it to like learning and fucking around because I don't have enough time in my life I swear I don't kind of sucks Slimer what's good man welcome to this dream your business fuck hello how you do it bruh I don't eat it like well not like I was thinking about it the other day look I tattoo that's at two at least 50 to 60 hours a week I tattoo like no bullshit easily 50 to 60 hours a week I tattoo I do YouTube look I livestream five hours a night every night that's thirty five hours a week without making videos and typically I make at least one video a day and that's another two to three hours on top of each day so that's another I don't know anywhere from 15 to 20 hours plus so I tattoo 50 to 60 hours a week I do YouTube about 50 plus hours a week like it's man and I'm a dad yeah I'm saying I got to do to baby I got to do the daddy thing I hate to do a lot and then all other random shit not to mention pulling out paying bills grocery store cetera cetera doing their shopping clothes etc etc so yeah I'm saying regular life shit on top of it like it's holy shit non-stop busy busy busy busy busy are you always sitting man you always should Plus spam you got a sleeve etc yeah a lot of shit your game looks really nice and colorful have you done something to it yeah actually uh yeah I have done something to it the program that I use I kind of ended it somewhat I think with like this I've got a pretty much in a sense I've got a filter over top of my gameplay that's running through the program that I'm streaming it with and it it sharpens the image and adjusted the vibrance up you know I'm saying make colors way way way brighter make it look nicer you know I'm saying because it's kind of somewhat of a dull game it's all earth tones and shit yeah I'm saying not exactly dull but everything is earth tone so yes I've done some things to make it look better all facts what's up hey man first time on ustream a shout-out to Eden my dude first time up in this bitch shout-out to that guy thank you for tuning in brother I appreciate it man that means a lot hopefully it's not your last man we live stream every single night same place same time right here on the official Jason channel welcome to stream but welcome to the stream all right so we got some red guys up there and uh in rows right now and I'm hoping that they're not bad guys open then they're not bad guys I'm sure they are they're almost positive in it any red guys a bad guy today what's up man welcome to the stream all right let's hang back for a minute cuz I wanna see what these fuckers are doing now I do want people to be in the town oh my god look he's coming straight fuckin for me god damn on YT please don't tell him I have to fuck your ass up this dude is coming straight my direction please mind your fucking business here he comes let's see what happens what is with people just walking around looking for trouble fuck you see how you came like he's like oh yeah I'm gonna get him like come on man it's calm the fuck down bro it might bother you or your fuckin friend your little posse or no that's shit man like leave me the fuck alone dude hey the game is annoying enough with the NPC's let alone fucking fuck kids James Miller what's up man welcome to this rain shout out to that guy what's it to be oh my god don't do that dumb shit alright so see what happens thinking that may have something to do with the position that it's in I really am maybe the position of my horse all right so I've got people near me right now now maybe that prevents it from happening I don't know I felt like I was doing it with people near me before the alright so let's go ahead and sell a pill okay looky this is popular how coming it is yeah dime a dozen these days that's strange lucky this is popular how common it is deal done okay here now it's not working that's weird now now conveniently now that I want to look into the glitch it's it's not happening for me how convenient and I've done it various sounds like very sounds it made it work every single time now it's not working Oh looky this is popular out coming it is done yeah not working yes right yes so strange hmm that's very strange very very strange I'm gonna keep fuckin around the oh wow that worked before but now it won't that's really really strange Jade what are you doing right now are you available to play able to suck because I haven't been a solo duplication oh why it's not working today hey come on Big Apple Oh I wish I had the PlayStation yeah Playstations alright man Joseph what's up man welcome to the stream I'm doing it now Jason I'm doing a solo duplication that I have to do like four cars oh no no no I'm not talking about on GTA I'm talking about on red dead alright that's funny yeah solo did glitch is working it'll probably go away tomorrow that I had I didn't even make a video on the updated versions of it because I've been so busy over the weekend and whatnot if they don't patch it tomorrow I'll release the video tomorrow of course I'll get a lot of hate for dropping a video on a Tuesday for whatever fucking reason I don't give a fuck what day of the week it is make zero fucks to me as a friend in might method into the Salmonella way for seller Lobby blush work and is it still working yes and yes I believe so they plant patch glitches so quickly on GTA I know and I know and it sucks because I'm so busy of a person I can never get the videos out like the same day her day of when the glutes come out on seven sins are on reddit I always got to wait till the next day so I'm always the last youtuber to fucking post some shit or add not always but your point there a lot of times I'll be the last motherfucker to drop a video on something kind of sucks man when it come to the ETA anyway okay I can hear sound now hey oh yeah fat Samurai again what's up man welcome to this drink Jordan just hit that subscribe button Shantha back now we got 60 people in the building right now thank you guys for tuning in and if anyone want to do the GTA if I do glitch I suggest you do it with RC Bandido it is way easy way too easy using it is way too easy using that toy what do you mean what what part of the glitch would you be using the RC vendetta which part of the Dukes list are you talking about like to get out of the bunker are you talking about another variation of the very the first portion of the glitch crazy gamer let me know the wanted to get out of the bargain yeah the only though but it's kind of big downside though the downside to it is if your timing is not correct when exiting the bunker when actually accepting the request RC Bandito you're going to your arena and everything will be invisible which is good if you want to do god mode it's fucking amazing but if you go into your arena there's no cars there and then you got to go all the way the fuck back to the bunker and then do it again so it's kind of inconsistent it is good though it is good I agree fuck he just do the hard and exit the press action on the bunker in that fucking to call your RC Bandido so yeah I agree in that sense it is good and easy to do but it's it's not 100% consistent I give it about a 60% consistency right from my experience from my personal dream this fucking area was just flooded with deer hey what's up welcome do this rain goddamn almighty fucking dumb warning bitch uh-huh kill them all he says oh yeah unknown analysis what's up man walk through the strange shadows of that guy thank you for tuning in brother they got going on Paul 19 and them fucking carts over there we got 32 fucking carts park away like you're doing a car show or something fuck how I got going on man I hear the old gunshots back on way from now then one smooth wave man I need me some Turkey's one of this is your boy jet from Hawaii what's up man walked through the stream but hey there stay with my turkeys my turkeys one fine and you gotta go duplicate yet no no no I wish I wish we dance we'll be on it Oh a compatible cart oh yeah good luck brother yeah that's the most annoying shit that's why I don't I don't even I don't I don't do that whole cart bullshit man cuz I know now so I'm good you're spending a fucking hour looking for a goddamn cart fuck that fuck that cart fuck that cart although I got many friends that do fucking religiously live by carts but I never have any luck finding the right one either it's fucking annoying yeah I have noticed depending on where your camp is if you go new your camp then if your camp is near a little road on the outskirts of town the right part will sometimes come on by all right so this time I have an unskilled ear on the back of my horse and we're gonna see if that makes a difference why is it not happening this time it's so strange maybe it was a bug and they just happen to catch it man or I'm just doing something differently I got an idea let me go crash my fucking horse I like what's up revolution please anyone on ji-tae can do their doomsday scenario Heights with me I can take a low cut cuz I'm broke out uh somebody out there with I would have approached that conversation a little differently ha ha ha he's anyway trying to take the low cut hell no I don't know I went a little good nah but it's some people out there who got me in the dollars that don't mind helping people real Jay stoners you know all right so I want to crash I'll try to crash my horse there we go there we go this is the only thing that hey come on man I'm trying to fucking do something here man I'm bothering you I'm gonna fuck your fucking cocksucking pussy ants mama's boy ants up now bitch oh you're lucky I ain't got my heavens on me come here your cocksucking bitch he's gonna run now watch little pussy ass faggot motherfucker come on fag baby oh you squatting down a little pussy ass bitch okay oh he's in a posse of like 19 fuckin people so all this little blips are gonna be awesome rounding me and shit now I didn't even get a shot in neither did he bruh there's no way that he even got a shot in bro he and there was no flat muzzle flash there was no sound all I heard was my brains exploding what a joke man Wow as I'm pulling my trigger all I hear it's like no gunshot till after I die what kind of shit is that and then they done left I think is he cheating no no I wouldn't say that he's cheating no not at all bro he's brooding bothering you oh my god what is wrong with people in this game now I am bothering you people are fucking ridiculous and now he's running of course it yeah run now was it why wouldn't you come on motherfucker yeah why wouldn't you run and he's gone fucking everybody else wasn't it damn do you see how high his horse jumped up his horse jumped up like a million feet in the air bro like no bullshit Wow that was crazy this horse jumping like fucking 30 feet above that fence the war on my screen did anyway people assholes it is that's this is this generation for this generation cocksuckers faggot bitches and I wasn't in a private or solo Lobby at the time I was I know because I have people in my game I remember oh god his head and people in my game so I wasn't in a private lobby when I did it last time I think it was just a bug that had been fixed I guess already I don't know if it's been fixed but it's definitely not working unless I'm just not doing something that I did previously whenever I did it I feel like I'm going everything normally that's not horse dude I'm not even oh my god man what is wrong with these cocksucking bitches I'm not even concerned of your your presence bro like seriously was i running toward you or something look and then he leaves what is with that if you're gonna like if you're gonna grieve somebody hangout to either give or take an ass whooping don't grief and leave that's just gay why did you have lobbies so point of grief it is to try to make me hop the lobby you don't fuck so everybody that I've been shot by within the last ten minutes has left the fucking lobby everybody everyone on every person that shot me with it moved these fucking kids these days don't even know attendee do you know how to grieve properly fuck and that one dude was really he was actually fucking me up and I don't know I'm not but what a good day a man way fucking grief and then leave the lobby what's the point of that is that what you do are they just hop a lobby imma kill one person then Omaha to a new Lobby ah such a devious plan in fucking retry bruh that's where kids got like attention deficit disorder for real oh it's like I'm a grief this guy no I'll go hunting no I'm gonna go shoot some birds no I'm good as a gun store no I'll grieve this guy no I'm a hot lobbies am I'll keep y'all fuckin minds on track fucking ignorant bitches come here motherfucker me um yeah he's nice and good stout and stuck you know fuck out of there thank you hey you do it cuz I know it gets people man it's a waste of their own town just hop in lobby it's like what's the point wasting their own time I haven't played this game since they released the Evans repeated the Evans repeater is actually pretty good I like it to be honest against cocksuckers yeah I'm saying that Evans repeater is good against cocksuckers but as far as animals it's not worth a fuck but it's good against cocksuckers I can protect you I don't need any protection my dear I've got a whole entourage that would probably feel this entire lobby full of people that are willing to protect me I'm good at that I really don't need to do all that thank you though appreciate it man why does online suck for Xbox I don't know man but they've been shitting on y'all guys man over on Xbox I remember they hoped for like a whole entire week or so y'all y'all didn't have any animals in online mode what a joke for like more than a week you out and have no animals in online unless you were in a mission Oh all right or NPCs yeah that's insane yeah all right so it looks like two rival gangs fighting each other up here if I run into more bullshit I'll just go into the fucking solo live it's never wrong and of course right in some bullshit who would have thought hey I so don't have my fucking Evans on me I don't like half they're in a posse like all of their friends are showing up on my bloops now that annoys me you just kill my horse yeah oh you didn't kill my horse let me see oh no my horses disappear okay oh come on fag tuna and like you make lights or dude he's got the police off like the leg is real in this lobby bruh damn [Applause] oh shit I want son to jail punching on trouble or in the face cuz they do that shit yeah oh yeah yeah it's just retarded oh man he's some explosive rounds I worry about fuckin with the fag boys yeah I'm saying I don't I tend to not like bite into the bull shit unless I'm completely bored if I'm bored then I'll I'll fuck with them and like really really try to kill them over and over and over and all that but like hey hey fuckin dumbass retards man I don't bite into the bullshit to be honest it everything done actually didn't bother me at all getting killed like talking about I mean if I'm trying to do something like I well I am trying to do something actually but don't really bother me they've been be honest I'm doing it faggot fucks yeah oh you been pretty good pretty good at man pretty good my walls in that time someone dropped drilling you first you were perfectly in your rights to shoot them myself oh shit how to loss of day you'll shoot somebody somebody somebody pulled a gun on me in real life I'd blade a motherfucking down without a second email without a second thought without a hesitation breath I would if I motherfucker pulled a gun on me I will lay that motherfucker smooth down on Google fuck wheels in broad daylight at Walmart parking lot I will lay that motherfucker down so goddamn fast he better hope that sumbitch was loaded motherfucker – you're rich the wrong way I promise I lose it I would drop a motherfucking a heartbeat oh damn why my horse ain't got my shit on it man what a joke ah damn it's good I'm doing get some turkeys it's not saying now unfortunately shit in Virginia this kind of Virginia somebody pulled a gun on you you killed a motherfucker straight-up promised somebody comes in your house you kill that motherfucker straight up only a hesitate without question mother Carlton my window I'm acutely motherfucker I might good to do if I'd be I'd be having a little bit promise I'll lawyer you up real quick self-defense on that ass we can open carry Mississippi yeah you can open carry in Virginia – hey yeah hey yeah yeah you walk down the street here with ak-47 strapped to your back any my gonna say a damn thing t it's fine after they try to try to they frown upon if you do with around children but you know it's illegal you doing the school zones and shit like it but but they gain arrested for days they're gonna tell you hey you know Sam's kids right here man I put that thing up yeah yeah that's how it is in Virginia it's crazy cuz it's not like that in Tennessee all right I got pulled over well I think it pulled over I was in my driveway actually in my car sitting in my car in my driveway cops rolled up on me and I was strapped up and they actually fucking come skate at my 45 I didn't know like you in Tennessee you have to have a concealed weapons license just to carry a firearm concealed or not I was like damn it's not like that where I'm from ladies what's up auntie Oh what's up man walk to drink damn I did good okay run and you shoot him in the back both he into the clip up I say shit I should only had six rounds one fuckin okay I'll keep six am I good hi well I'll keep like I had if I had a what I have oh man I can't remember if I had a if I still had that nine-millimeter beretta that shit held 15 in the clip I would keep 14 in it I had unload that whole motherfucker then I put one back in there yeah I didn't empty it didn't empty out fully okay I could see why though cuz that's kind of overkill shooting them in the back that's a little that's debatable but but emptying the entire clip into them that's a little overkill I can see that watch that video on daytime I too will be good it would wash what's up man you can't block that's stupid let's David unable to connect to rockstar game services at this time surprise surprise don't catch me a turkey round watching you play as I play here yeah pussyhole is that good or bad pussy holes are typically good well for Mike's personal experience pussy hole was very good but out on that and depends on how you use it I've got blue screen from the game again man I'm all of them blue screen about two times I think maybe three maximum I didn't see a warlock you know I didn't neither did but I was on I was I was on top chat and not live chat if you guys noticed at the top of your chat where it says top chat if you click on it you can change it over to live chat top chat filter filters out some people conversations yeah so put it on live chat and you'll be able to see everybody in the chat so for everybody who's watching that don't know that everybody put it on live chat so you can see everybody's conversation because it does like this YouTube does this Auto filtering thing that's really weird and they just filter out random people yeah it's completely crazy I don't know why they do that it's then make any sense to me I was checking set live chat as the default chat it should be up to me whether live chat or top chat isn't displayed that's how there's probably so many people to come in and talk shit I don't like a little you fucking slut and I don't even see their messages well I completely ignore when they probably like fuck oh shit going on down the Braithwaite gonna have myself a time come on targets where y'all that I need me a good old Turkey take a close Edward how's it going pretty good Jaso you watch Game of Thrones I did not buddy no do not South Park yeah oh god it's going down back here somebody just pulled out the 50 caliber what level are you I have no idea 108 I cannot stop I'll stop grinding at XP when I hit 100 like couple months ago I just stopped in it I stopped even giving a fuck about the XP as soon as I got high enough that unlocked everything in the game I was like yeah alright I'm done I need me some turkey meat I'll never be able to look at Braithwaite without singing that song and then going on down to Braithwaite gonna have myself a time what does your shirt say it says can't hustle it means I suck that's it it says can't stop the hustle but I've got a large fat roll between my tits and my stomach kind of blocks it I want a shirt that says look I want a shirt that says little dick but then if you pulled it down and they like set a whole nother phrase ever twist it all the way around Murch no no this is this a random I could I could act yeah I mean I can make it some merch if you want to buy it shit damn son where'd you find this Joseph is on and on and on about them pussy holes you know when sometimes when girl when when I'll be tattooing a girl and like what I what I'm tattooing a girl and she asked me if I have kids immediately I'm like she's thinking about my dick I don't know if that's normal or not but like I think about that I'm like is she thinking about my dick like you got any kids I'm like oh she's thinking about my dick yeah I've got one and one on the way that's kind of random but it made me think of that when he because he's conversating about the pussy holes Oh get out of there bitch dead out of data animals out here I could be wrong I don't know I'm not a mother I'm not a woman's I don't know you got any kids yeah my dicks pretty big yeah you got any children yeah my dick works properly or oh it's like this or it's like well it's like maybe maybe when they asked they were like you had any children or any kids and I'm like and maybe maybe in the back doctor I am son where'd your point there shout-out to hambone huh sad that guy everyone they asked you got any kids Oh am i lagging right now no I'm not like why does it say my video output is look let me I need to close then I got like 32 fucking programs running right now let me close out some shit sorry guys give me just a second ok there we go much better maybe like when they asked if I got any kids maybe like maybe they're thinking like man I've been fucking like the same dude for like the last 10 years and he still hasn't gotten me pregnant yet and maybe he's just not hitting it right a single turkey I need two turkeys i Dont'a say you have any kids yep I got one and one on the way are they shooting blanks I don't know I think honestly for real for real I think it just has to be the right combination of people to have kids I really do like cuz man I was smashing the hell up man smash the hell on some badass bitches in my lifetime hey well I see and ain't bright man I gave it all to him every one of them over and over and over and over and over and over and over me not one of them get pregnant all right let me could talk yeah die McQueen is getting uncomfortable subject change please I've got four kids hell yeah so what do you do if a guy asks you do you have any kids ha ha ha ha that's funny when a guy asked me done the head do I have any kids what could he be thinking I think he's just trying to spark a random conversation at that point I don't know though he's trying to take his him yeah he's trying to take his mind off it stand here ah what what about what about what a man ask a woman if she has any kids like check this out mentally look so we're talking to a girl we're talking to a bitch right now and like so mentally we're thinking that pussy's like real tightened in a motherfucker and then somewhere down the line the conversation comes up do you have any kids and she's like yeah I've got six of them and you're like holy shit instantly in your mind you're thinking that she has a large pussy instantly my pussy's big or at the same time on the other hand that pussy's good her didn't drop six of them things and then puss is real good brother what happened what does samurai say what's going on upon a foot so I have four kids now I got three ah yeah that's us brother yeah yeah man sorry about that buddy I don't want to think about that alright let's see we get the damn turkeys to disappear not having any kids as my greatest achievement madman's gonna fuck around the hassle madman is gonna meet him a fine old piece of thing down in North Carolina or South Carolina whichever one and we're gonna have some kids in the next couple years maybe the greatest day ever why my Toki is not grating out anymore I have two grandkids boy and a girl yeah yeah damn kids got kids holy shit why the fuck is my coins not going up coin I don't even know what coins are on oh shit my oldest joined the MC just like me in the costume damn I don't know the coins are even huh to be honest let me look alright coins should be active I'm have to get a new oh my god that was about to be a disaster yeah I'm definitely gonna have to get a new uh whoops whoops I'm gonna have to get a new tray for my laptop oh that ain't good yeah yeah that's probably not good yeah we broke that one oh I'm sure I can buy a new yeah I hope I came anyway you know damn that was old man I'm glad I had my hand on it at the time yep I'm gonna have to bend those bars anyway my computer desk it's a keyboard tray but I keep my laptop on it I guess maybe it's just a little too much weight the ball bearings fucking flew out of the fucking little slides on the either side and that's coming completely off the track and if it comes off the track that means it's the ground hits the ground that means it's broken glass everywhere probably a busted touchscreen laptop as well I feel like hopefully oh yeah that's gonna fall anything safe at all yep that's not safe yeah I ain't trying to have this motherfucker doesn't bust and fall to the ground on the book nah me I'd be pissed hmm it's made kind of cheap to be honest oh it's such a nice desk like why is this portion of it so cheap I just like swung ball bearings everywhere ah I see what's going on now oh that makes sense brother that was the whole issue right there Wow well I could probably fix that fucking screw was loose I'm making it to where the fucking whole side was like movable and shit hmm interesting good excuse to go shopping yeah how old are a bad ass desk off fucking Amazon or something I don't give a fuck so if I put that back then I bolt this in takes out the ball bearings but I don't really care about the ball bearings I don't even need this not like a fucking slide it in and out 40,000 million times a day hardly ever even open the shit to be honest unless I'm streaming I got a bolt on the back yes it does okay okay Oh guys give me a sec I'm gonna fix this real quick man kinda like a fixing like ten seconds but tell me why tell me why like so a skunk has obviously pissed his ass all over the place outside but it smells awesome thank you we got that motherfucker what if you smoke the marijuana man you come down to this room boy thanking this bitch boy sure let me put the ball bearings back on track and everything there I hope y'all don't mind watch me fix something real quick of course you can't see exactly what I'm doing but you know you know we fixing something gonna fix something / tomato juice where it's gonna piss oh yeah I know it was outside those I'm really good with them long as any piss on my dog with you alright so now to be figured out the reason this problem is occurring we go ahead and fix it motherfucker I was wondering what the fuck is going on it didn't make sense to me I always thought that bar right there it was welded on obviously it's not oh yeah I always thought that bitch was wielding on fuckin get the motherfucker off there seriously all right so you got that and please so much grease sticky ass grease on these ball bearings dude what are they in place I'm sorry boiling time I hear my hate y'all don't be cracking jokes about my ball head in the chat man I can still see the chair me cracking jokes cracking her jokes now so that goes on top of that mmm-hmm it's all making sense now it's all making sense now I slid that bitch right on through the back somebody should go right on on the theoretically it's time to cut myself all the sharper has metal is isn't she I'm bucks a fuck this metal track it's crazy so I just fix this shit the other day in the metal track but I didn't realize that other bar came down and I was gonna be down there and possible to fix this shit I'm Erin greasy shit all over my hands I'll get all of my controller it's not catching on and that's the right side smooth is a bitch on the left sides all like fucking jerky inches alright either way fixing fucked up into a runner's life [Laughter] he's fuckin he's a fixing fucked up drawer runners live which boy J's done what you did all the bitch ain't falling in my lap I don't give a little fucks like I said I really know this big-ass glass panes and shit like it my whole desk is glass so if the shit falls it's gonna be a fucking epic moment I tell you that so long motherfucker don't fall we good I give zero fucks about the rest and I don't think you can come out I'm pretty sure it can't come out yeah I support it not support it and that's not moving hey oh you know Lee and I don't do it fuck what it sounds like how smooth it is looks good to me yeah we good I popped out chat that'll work too yeah I tend to pop out chat whenever I'm like playing on a PC I'll have to shout out there we go safety first motherfucker so pocket protector alright now I've just got a whole bunch of random ball bands laying around but I can get them all up they don't I see yeah that's alright let's do this for some reason alright back to what the fuck was doing uh-uh so I've had it to where every couple pieces of meat that I sold my turkeys would gray out and then when I sell another piece after that I could then sell the turkeys back out of the menu and my turkeys would still be on the actual fucking horse for some reason it's not it's not working properly anymore now I don't know if this was just a minor bug that was in the game and has since been fixed but it's damn sure not working anymore I don't know if there was maybe because somebody was really close to me at the time I don't know what's really going on with but I was able to duplicate turkeys and quite a few of them to be honest Titans what's up there welcome to this dream you had and other horse with you last time yeah yeah but but I tested it again after that with just my regular horse I tested I tested after that with just a regular horse but yeah well we'll take another horse right now alright so I'm a I'm a fast travel away in the fast travel back so you guys know if ever you're trying to get a horse like a random horse and you don't want to like kill anybody and get a wanted level like a big-time wanted level anytime you fast travel there's gonna be horses right in that general area typically if you're fast traveling to a town of course right here it's not gonna be well yeah no it's not not going to be right here when I pass travel to but if I fast travel back to Rhodes there will be horses right next to the fast travel spot watch we'll see if it works typically it doesn't there should be two random horses just setting right there and it's not Wow I'll prove me wrong okay motherfucker huh I need that some shit typically there be horses like right here just already sitting there I don't know maybe because I left from that area or they'll be just sitting right here at the bank so currently not this time I love the way this game feels man I bet I bet though I bet it's perfect weather right now like perfect temperature man nighttime air I can go inside of the bar and kick it with a couple random strangers drink me some beer this game is just got a good feeling to it I like it a lot alright so we're gonna give you two random strange horse and then I'll try it again maybe a random gunfight yeah I don't know why I don't like my fast travel to Valentine I guarantee you there'll be a horse sitting right there at the fucking stable or at the post office don't take your shoes now take I'll find a regular usually two of them yeah yeah exactly it's Sarah what's up now welcome to the shrink Oh oh hey god damn Brian give me a chance to run you faint pussy bitch anyone smell trying to spare your life you dumb motherfucker yeah I'm doing some duplications over here something now surely got awful lot of horses standing around look at these guys start setting up on the table here yeah added bonus hell y'all doing riding motorcycles or something and you got his hands to his legs hey I know on the scene he moved his camp hey boobs he moved his camp he's like alright guys I'm gonna go ahead and move the camp we're gonna immediately killing hey that's pretty good that's pretty good angle ah – hey you ain't have to kill my horse now you cocksucking country bumpkin bitches Haim I wasn't trying to be nice over bitch fuck you pussy you have to kill my horse like that man cotton duster bitch I need a dick fag face hey Mike ain't nothin pull the trigger pass huh oh man hey come on come on yeah tell me I'm on the fucker that's a copy of my horse right there go dude come everybody I'm here I'm down okay what no god damn it come on motherfucker you have the bitch oh no he's going to America though brother he's about to hit the water and he's about to be gone he won't hit the water hitting we've gone come here motherfucker look I don't give a fuck about life no more you don't give a fuck about life no more I'm coming for you stop kilo I'll never catch him oh very well buddy nice riding you he's half on a foot Wow hundred Allah stinky Rockstar I really needed that Bobby's moves oh yeah yeah I got $100 too and I love in on it look I bet you that hundred dollars that somebody makes a video about getting a reward of $100 from Red Dead Redemption brand-new update $100 made any of you come on with this goddamn big update they talking about man I'm starting to get on my nerves a little bit now I want the big updates I can't live without the big updates I need me a big update man I need a big update in my life a lot what's new on Red Dead this week not a damn thing not a damn thing I think let me let me check the seat real quick I'll tell you what's new but it's more likely it's not a damn thing yeah well it won't be something that's new it'll be something where you already had let's see yeah the main TECA hat is back I think that was already back last week let's see here though one geela hat is in stock for a limited time you know random items of clothing the bimbo jacket yeah yeah nothing's changed saying everything the same as last week did the river of glitch never go away what River glitch what River glitch are you talking about buddy Oh Utah no no that still works that still works I know exactly which table now this still works my D still works you know I forget about this hit that a damn bitch hi walk toward the light walk toward the light no more suffering buddy now on to a better place now the room to run the wilderness above appreciate your kind offerings the fish is spawning I forgot what it's Carl yeah you talk about ringing that Creek just northwest of northeast of the town of Rhodes yeah oh man I kind of want to show y'all some really cool shit on GTA what glitches are working right now so you got the the ring that Creek fish glitch that's working the fountain fish glitch in and saint-denis at the mansion is still working passive mode and solo solo passive passive mode and solo motors both working I'm pretty sure I haven't tried it but I'm pretty sure it's working numerous wall breaches wall breach anywhere that's still working as far as XP there's xp island is still working thieves land and XP exploits still working of course all the police locations are still working you can get XP from cops but it's kind of a trade out money for XP and that about sums it up to be honest I think that the large Pelt duplication glitch is still working I want to say although I haven't tried it personally in the last week or so so oh shit all right bet I'm gonna waiting to go to the pound yeah yeah definitely definitely Wow look there's no voices and there's no voice right okay there's a horse I think that's somebody's horse oh yeah that's a person's horse in there oh yeah I want to I want to try out what dude was saying earlier to kill yourself as you're going into the fucking stables how the fuck would you even do that how the fuck do you kill yourself and go into the stables we don't have no kill yourself option we can respawn how the fuck do you kill yourself anybody know how to kill themselves name off some ways of how to kill yourself and Red Dead Redemption online explosives would be the about the only way I could think of but how the fuck can do time that respawn is killing yourself Jake mm-hmm is it let's see perfect okay all right good deal thank you so much thank you buddy thank you buddy I hardly ever respawn so I yeah I'm saying preciate it all right so let's try this shit out and respawn and run into the fucking stables why not pretty good idea that's right all right so and obviously we can still move no too early all right so I'm gonna get at the door all right so now we're ready to rock stand right here on the fucking wood no I'm not in passive mode although I can't see those fucking dots wherever they are hold on brah we're in passive mode yeah damn that was easy hopefully shit wow that was fucking easy we're in passive mode that evening Wow shout-out to that guy whoever whoever mentioned it in the chat earlier Wow isn't that fucking easy yeah let's do the founder of that guy let's go make sure though let's go make sure let's go near somebody let's go make sure but I'm pretty damn sure unless they are kind of faded out because we're so far away well they look pretty damn transparent to me let me see where these fucktards are yeah alright so let's go to roads that's insanely easy what the fuck all right so this is a weird one shout out to Jordan uh rap games he just come through the to doll house and that guy my dude everybody got some fire attack for Jordan that was really weird I spawn back into the stables this may be a different passive mode right here whoa all right so off the rip with this passive mode you cannot fast travel you cannot pass travel in this passive mode that is crazy even if you go to the passive mode I mean the fast travel area and even though you're not getting the option to if you hold the triangle button it spawns you back in at the stables I mean I can manually ride down there so I'm not getting the option to go into the stables I mean let's see do I still get my time on screen the time still shows up my player menu is now gone I don't have a player menu anymore I cannot fast travel okay okay let's say this is worth making a video on this is worth making a video on alright so I'm gonna have to manually run all the way to these fuckers please let them stay in the game long enough for me to get to them is your carcass glitched I don't know what's going on with the carcass to be honest I haven't haven't will fuck with the carcass here in just a moment first up no we're gonna make sure I kind of pull out my weapons yes I can pull out my I can access my weapons I cannot access my catalog and I cannot access my player free room options I cannot access the free room options or my or my catalog again the timing of that is so easy like that was easy as fuck now I can pull up my map and I can do everything else normally I want to try to get to these guys right here I know I'm in passive mode 100% I already know I'm in passively but we're gonna keep going just to confirm all right no I am the it's quite obvious and this landscape is beautiful man I brother I'd love to live in this game like real shit man like there's no distance rendering or any of that like it's all loaded in it's all good to go this game is fucking great find the person who told you this glitch while I told him I told him if I made a video on it to comment that way I know to credit the founders who the founder is because at this point I have no idea who the founders yeah no his name starts with an M or something like that that shit was way too easy now the fast travel aspect of it could be somewhat of a problem but not because I'm pretty sure yeah I see you people transparent already nope I mean I already know I'm in passive mode like 100% I just want to double confirm it before I just go making a video on some shit but damn I lost what I was saying oh all my satchel items are grayed out that's weird I wonder all Monsanto it was great out because I'm all my horse sir yeah we're gonna we're gonna check this glitch and see what's what are you fucking serious that could be a problem that can be a serious problem so I just ran three hundred thousand fucking miles I just literally ran three hundred thousand fucking miles ah that's an even bigger problem that's an even bigger problem so if I get off my horse it's follows me back into the stable now if you kill your horse with an explosive you will be TP whatever whatever TP is in stable was that horse after go to the butcher for canceled passive mode well there's a problem though I can't get off the horse to even kill the horse wasn't explosive so I would have had to have killed my horse prior to falling back into the thing all right boom there we go I got off those perfect perfect talk to the butcher and he'll cancel it out okay yeah it's back normal now well that's got the some heavy negatives some heavy negatives right there that that is really weird so I wouldn't be able to that means you wouldn't be able to sell to the butcher huh how would this be beneficial I can't sell to the butchers and that eliminates a lot of the reason you would even want to do the glitch to begin with insteresting good now we search for duplication on the base with my French friend alright peace out buddy peace out gotta go to work Gigi peace out buddy thank you for turning me on vlr like I said if you were the person that originally told me about it make sure if I make a video to comment who the founder was please because I will never remember who the hell you say it in check alright so yeah that 100% cancelled out the this makes me want to go do it in a different town because this town is so way the fuck out the way does roads don't even have a fucking stable well they got a stable there they got a fence Oh possibly benefit from this I can't sell to the butcher what could I do founder was mr Ratan love yes yeah I'll never remember that fuck all right you know I'll just write the fuck down stop and I'll never remember that in a million fucking years you know are right and love you love you I love y'all Mr Rand love ya all right thank you buddy it's uh how can I apply this all right so we're gonna run some tests we're gonna run some tests with this Charlotte again try doing stranger missions yeah we're gonna try various various things so I need to take at least one step and then start holding it I want to get the timing down perfectly obviously you know I like to explain shit so that everyone knows how to get it all right so one two and you're looking pretty solid what are they doing down there yeah they're solid as fuck alright I recommend if you want to rank up really quickly I'd recommend come on early look at chat go check out that video buddy my twat just put in a chat something funny is going on here that's why it's not working that's why I couldn't get the timing of it so I bet I would have had the timing of it the first fucking couple times so now I can't go into the stable anymore just search the search major XP exploit J stone and read that start setting YouTube major XP exploit read dead or a stem major XP exploit chase time just search that the video is gonna pop right up it should let me let me test it out see I mean I'm just curious about it and we'll pop it up yeah yeah major XP exploit J stone it's gonna be the first video all the way to the top three weeks ago the very top one I'm gonna see yeah one month ago the one from one month ago it's got 41 thousand views on it check that one out forty one thousand years all right so maybe I've now sucked that stable up let's go to a different stable it's gonna earn you a lot that you're gonna be able to earn quite a bit of money loot and XP by taking advantage of that major XP exploit so let's go to black order I bet you that this yeah we can trigger some other shit out with a school edge possibly save the video yes all right so basically you want to stand at the very entrance that very line that crosses over your online options walk forward and start holding oh shit well you want to like start holding it and walking for it at the same exact time that threw me in there very quickly we'll be trying it after work that's going in too fast I think I know why it's cuz I went in and I came back out so it's making it load up much much faster than it normally would all right let me walk completely out of it get my horse out of range let them doors shut okay now it'll it'll work more properly I guarantee it oh shit the doors are still open all right well I'll just do it from further back then all right here that should be perfect maybe a little too soon nope yep too soon Oh got it all right so you got it do I got a menu nope no menu check my satchel all my items are grayed out when you get off the horse yep won't let you off the horse yeah I gotta figure out how the fuck I got off my horse this moment again I got off of it like while I was in front of the butcher so maybe having options maybe having some type of options opened up helps it fuck up what's the best way I'm making money right now there's a cup of good ways to making money to be honest it's gonna be either hunting or fishing I'd recommend going with there we go that's how you do that you just got to get up to the close to something so that's how you get off your horse you use that let's check my satchel now everything is still great up I can't use anything and this is kind of a really weird passive mode I'm not gonna lie this is a really weird passive mode I'm wondering what would happen sorry I'm sorry sorry I did not mean him pull out my fucking what if I drink until I pass out we're gonna find out on your horse you could feed it yes because technically the game thinks I'm dead already all of its just not gonna allow me to get drunker what backyard what's up man I feel like it's gonna allow me to drink indefinitely I'm not getting drunk at all I drink like eight bottles of whiskey now ask the question I didn't see it ask it in ask it again please chilling jumping on red there for a while hell yeah how did you just get max max bad honor I have no idea I don't know I'm just drinking beers man I'm drinking whiskey I don't know what I did to get max bad honor yeah so apparently I can drink unlimited amounts of fucking liquor and not get drunk are you able to use give cars to friends to make money in GTA this is my question absolutely yes essentially essentially give cars to friends as a co-op duplication glitch essentially what your friend can do is give you a fully upgraded maxed out Issy he once he give it to you you can then go sell it but but you do want to have the same license plate as your friend because like a custom license plate because that's a dirty dupe straight up off the RIP if so let's say you've got custom plates that says J Stone and your friend has to get custom plates to st. a stone so both y'all have them you know I'm saying and as long as the plate that's on that issue that he's given to you is one of your same custom plates then you're gonna be able to go change your license plate it'll allow you to change it and then you can sell it properly but if not you're gonna get fucked all right so that just took me out of the acid yeah there's some tests there's some testing to be had with the switch I'm not gonna lie yeah there's definitely some testing to be had with this glitch I do want to show you off something very cool on GTA on PC anyways cuz it of course is not much cool in fucking GTA in PlayStation I think I've been focusing too much time on on PC because I've been slacking on making videos for coccidia oh wow let me go back into the stable again there hmm and that's strange [Applause] all right so let me see here what sizes is image 1024 1024 oh shit okay all right sorry guys I'm trying to show you all something really quickly something really cool just figured out how to do today on GTA all right I want to show you all guys really quickly it's gonna be very cool well fucking live it up okay shit all right so I made a I made a Red Dead Redemption car on GTA earlier today but I deleted it and just that quickly like since I've been like not paying attention and just fucking around on the computer screen I just now made another and I'll show you guys pretty dope now some of the graphics might be stretched or a little fucked off I don't know we're just gonna have to see just because I did it without looking at a template just do it I'll stop maybe it's we'll just see what it looks like might look very good might look like shit I don't know I'll find out now you guys like my really dead redemption ah see my graphics is a little off-center and my graphics are a little off the court I could do it much better than that huh this was my first it well my second attempt but you know pretty good though the back portion is a little fucked up I see what it's doing now on the back portion the hood is almost perfect if I was slid it over to the right just a little bit it would have been perfect which I can make adjustments but you know Red Dead Redemption I made that just now like literally I see what's happening to the back side now the so I could fix that some reason there's an off senator square that's kind of flipping shit backwards I can fix that in the image it's pretty dope nevertheless [Applause] yeah but that's very fucking cool man hopefully y'all like my 10-minute creation pretty good pretty good huh [Applause] what are we waiting on that I was fucking around sorry it's making a car make a DeLorean with back to read David brah I bet you I could the Red Dead Redemption – DeLorean like literally the the the damn programs make shit like the sky's the limit bro the sky's the limit with what I can do I just need to learn it a little more now I do things perfectly but yeah pretty good I'll need no chances bitch and he dropped my head boy it's good Jason fits the case ups how many souls we got 49 thousand four hundred eighty subscribers hey we're only five hundred and twenty subscribers away from 50,000 subscribers man that's fucking amazing yeah that's pretty fucking amazing oh shit been a long time coming I'm not gonna live been doing been like really doing YouTube for a couple years now of course I know people who's been doing YouTube for much longer and yeah maybe I wasn't supposed to eat it let's eat some more oh yeah thanks more he's just good for getting you sick now I need one more plan to eat hey Jay I kept throwing up for like five minutes I read something in tumbleweed really that's fucking crazy what is that my default to string it looks pretty so I wanted to eat it I got to start eating everything a wild carrot I know you're healthy it was up after getting a bit bit by a snake also hell yeah all right here we go we got two more right here boom yeah yeah let's eat these Prairie poppies – oh yeah all right get it on up buddy oh yeah get it on up it's only every two of them then it makes me sick it's not even let me picking that one won't even let me pick that one maybe that was essentially the same bush no they're the option was yeah won't let me pick it what's a book the option was there a second ago all right fucking so I reg enough there's really not much to do but explore at this point I should gonna check out like some cool caves and shit that damn son where'd you find this hey Nicholas just came through with that subscribe thank you so much buddy do showdowns oh man I suck at PvP mode I don't really like the PvP mode to be honest if I liked it I'm sure I'd be better at it cuz I play it much more but not really I just how does hate filling it like cuz if I wanted to play PvP I'd just go play call of duty where there's much better physics and much better accurate free aiming and um saying like so much better a much better game some do pvp on then red did in my opinion much much better game play zombies hey I'm leaning toward that nothing lying to you but if I played zombies here we go from like 50 people down to like eight yeah it's go from 50 people down to 8 yeah I want to test the theory I can test it out and see what do you got in here buddy Oh my controller died I just got banned for glitching her in an attempt to glitch oh shit man my throat's getting really scratchy man so my brother not come up in this bitch trash talk players oh shit we can do that I could talk some hardcore I could talk some cash money shit and that's a fact yeah play to me blackout mode you get a sword and eat and you're all and you're all everywhere oh yeah fuck it we're gonna play some fucking other games I'm down now that my turkey duplication glitch isn't working anymore for whatever reason I think it's just the circumstances that it's not working I think it has to be I think there's a couple variables in there that I was missing tonight that that I didn't do every other time that I did it so I've done it I've done it like six seven times back to back to back to back to back pretty much so and there has been no real hotfix or update or anything and it's not something that's known so I don't see him fixing it and that's it was something else in the coding that was making it do that and they fix something else that it did in turn fix that which I'm kind of doubting but it's possible what about fortnight and I like fortnight anymore we played fortnight when when fortnight wasn't cool to everybody else and that's when I liked it well holy shit-fuck let me go in the story mode real quick see how much money I get this one it killed zombies this is what I do I like killing some zombies I do feel like I do miss doing Easter eggs we need to get up and do an Easter Egg I'm kind of having withdrawals now I wasn't long enough without zombies in my life I need to do an Easter Egg because it's very fun I like it when shit's getting real like the whole boss fight brother boss fight of that new map whatever it's called not only remember – the only played at once yeah that was amazing like I've been reminiscing it and I lay down to sleep at night I don't sleep and see it I think about that boss fight and how hard and long and enduring it was that was great ancient evil yeah that one that was that was one of the funnest boss fights I've ever had it was the longest and most annoying and funnest boss fights we were all so fucked but it's so many points like god it was great oh yeah eight hundred and ninety-three thousand dollars eight hundred ninety three thousand nineteen dollars and twenty seven cents okay a two thousand eight hundred sixty nine dollars in your wallet as well I think we're good and yes I am still author well everybody else is roaming the woods being John I'm still off here author Morgan isn't named clutch moments with key to victory I swear me too Jake's staying on chapter 4 and fucking around yeah yeah I don't even know I don't even know what chapter I'm on to be honest I have no idea holy only twenty nine percent complete twenty nine percent complete on the Red Dead game and I'm the red did youtuber still on chapter three you know back I know everything about everything but you know after I platinum to read did I loaded an old save and did the ninety challenges all over again but not progressing nice I'm severely underweight yeah yeah yeah when I click this look when I click the word help right here it's just showing me future DLCs at this point at this point in the game this help option should be in the online mode and when you click it it says no worries future DLC coming in like twenty few days I think I'm like oh ok thanks thanks now I can get on back to hunting everybody needs to help button for the help tab on their options menu I'm back what'd I miss not much really prime place none much me miss shit man to be honest yep hey there mister everything okay hello yeah yeah well then winds picking up glad I don't live in a tent with been like this see gentlemen yeah I don't even pull out my fucking revolver broke and I'm not pull out my raw revolver in town which I'm not even know yeah you know I don't play your shit enough I'm so lost on story note oh you know how to play the game on story tonight oh shit I'm bored as fuck oh we're about to go I'm gonna create some templates on GTA a man not gonna lie to you I'm not gonna lie to you I'm gonna create some dope shit for real well guys I'm gonna go ahead and in the stream can I do you want to fuck with this this program on making these cars on GTA so I'm gonna go ahead and industry I appreciate everybody for tuning in tonight I really do stay tuned as always man I got I got like a fuckin half billion videos I could be driving but I've been slacking convince' busy but yeah stay tuned anyway if you haven't already go and drop me a big fat fuckin like on a night stream and don't forget to hit that subscribe button – boy Jay Stein