Red Dead Full Online Experience Money, Gold, and XP LIVE – Various Epic Events LIVE WITH J STONE

Red Dead Full Online Experience Money, Gold, and XP LIVE – Various Epic Events LIVE WITH J STONE

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Money/XP Glitches and Exploits Live with ya boy J STONE

Red Dead Full Online Experience Money, Gold, and XP LIVE – Various Epic Events LIVE WITH J STONE

yeah boy what's up everybody it's your boy Jay stone and we back in this bitch with another epic last rain shower everybody's on deck hopefully notification squad is all in this thing shut up y'all guys man my dudes last night scream happy came beated came beating brother came beat it with a stick my dudes welcome to the stream if you're new to the channel be sure and hit that subscribe button turn on builder cases that way you can stayed tuned for all the ladies and greatest glitches right here on the official J sub channel along with epic live streams every single night at the same exact time 10 p.m. Eastern every night same place same time so if you don't get notifications just come on in anyways my juices come on in anyway so I'm gonna be here imma be liable I'll be here for you shoutout to everybody on deck shout out the whole to the whole entire glitchin community my dudes everybody's been getting that money I imagine it's like 500 million rich people out there on red dead already shoutout to everybody everybody caught at ETV Otis Lea so bro what does up Castle I know you what is up XD shout for that guy Jack what is up oak two-streams squirtle what is up my dude TSM Jesse Titan zombie queen ttv aqua what is up Sly Fox shout out to that guy and shout out to that lady Dana Houston what is up Timothy what is up Doughboy what is up Victor what is that welcome to this train captain sniping what is up not chance what is up welcome to the stream Joey shoutout to that guy giggles my glitter is on deck tomato here boy is up John welcome to scream Jesse Pinkman what's up man Joey what is up I already said Joey I think I'm pretty sure Clem Zilla what is up unknown void what is up okay so breezy what is up chief Kota what's up man walk to the stream MB what's up dude Mitch welcome to the stream channel what is up why being jiggy what's up man insane what does up walking to the string Casa Olympia what is up dude welcome welcome well the Sabbats game is shot after that guy i'm unmarred Shabbos Shabazz Shabazz what does I do Lord criminal what's up man dank walk through stream Z spawns what's up oars East bans what the these means what is the le'Bryan what is that Nathan Bedford Forrest is that Nathan Bedford Forrest is that like your name for up I was born in Bedford and at the time I lived in a town called Forrest man priests what is up dude like real shit what is up man what is up man Doughboy what's up man welcome to this me white squirrel what's up you guys think that we're gonna make the never without one card comeback how it used to be I don't know Bedford Virginia yeah Bedford Virginia why do you live in Bedford Virginia Master Yoda yeah that's where I was born Bedford Virginia do you know me in real life you probably do if you from Bedford Virginia you've got to know who I am in real life you've got to like ain't no question bra from good view Brooke I shall not say that guy yeah that's what look I'm a tattoo artist from Bedford Virginia I don't know if you heard it with tattoo artists from Bedford for dinner if you're from good view you probably heard about me I guarantee it I guarantee it one of the only good tattoo artists from the entire area man yeah yeah good view in the building shout to that guy my dude I'm currently living in Salem right now but you know I'm from Bedford did you get the solo working I did not my dad I did not the coop though it's is semi solo to be honest just my name on here the actual guy is my guy and I'm from Mammoth Cave Kentucky oh yeah yeah yeah that's what's up they said broken good be hell yeah south of that guy I might do from good view yeah yeah Master Yoda Master Yoda I mean if you look like my I don't know you got to know who I am got to you how old are you uh yoga Josh what's up man hey man I'm on xbox and I'm pretty but do you have to do anything what do you pretty new but do you have anything that can help me out with ranking up absolutely my dude absolutely I just dropped a couple of videos on a co-op a co-op XP glitch and then I got a solo XP method if you go ahead and type major XP all one word all one word in the chat major XP that's going to take you to the solo XP method and the solo glitch you type XP glitch all one word let's type either major XP all one word or XP glitch major XP solo XP glitch is co-op 58 Kay my guy oh yeah yeah yeah oh shit what up Jason thanks for keeping read did online interesting absolutely my dude absolutely do you post any of your work on social media yeah I got a link to my my instagram down in the description below check out my instagram yeah got a little bit tattoos on it most most all my shits on facebook though was good what's good Raul what's up a shout-out to Jesse Ryan the richest in Red Dead Redemption how much money you got he just came through a $2.00 challah Josh propolis came through with a $5 challah just a minute ago shout out to those guys my dues thank you all so much thank y'all thank you know so last night we hit we hit 1000 viewers 1000 viewers last night man that's insane at one time 1000 plus viewers epic epic why these epic Al Capone what is up aggressive Oh what is up dude I have 31k skydiver 562 what is up man welcome to the stream it's a glitch still working absolutely it's still working you see it happening don't you I can remove my face cam so you can see the full effect if you'd like look you see me selling the the Kouga 1350 every every second it is I'm getting 13 bit perfect cook the perfect cook a perfect cousin yeah yeah how is it automatically going for you cuz I got I got my computer playing the game for me it's just sitting there pressing the X button every couple of seconds yeah it's working oh it is working still working guys thank you Jason you make me love red Dan hell yeah red is a great game man it's a great game Oh what is the glitch oh boy check out my last channel dough boy crazy boss what's up man walk to the stream dude you and ji-hae yeah thank you my dear yeah I got the macro playing the game for me still same glitch as you posted 10 hours ago yes sir yes sir it's anguish because I posted 10 hours ago you met Danny not just came through with a $2.00 holla put your boy shout-out to that guy I need help if anyone is down PSN unite YouTube and hi Jay what's up Dave walk through stream thank you so much shout out today guy my dude everybody drop some fucking fire on the chat crazy boss crew just donated $2 through the sewer chanchad that guy andrew carving just come to with that $2 hollom I do get it hey we kidding my dude we get it my dude Andrew thank you everybody drop some pilots hat for Andrew as well shout out to those guys my dues man oh yeah thank you all guys man it means a lot brother it means a lot nerd what's up man Dreamgirls on deck shoutout to that lady Doreen girls in this bitch what a presence be known take heed to the power of the pussy skydiver what's up man what's up man Mitch make filthy what is that buddy welcome to this rain chatter – that guy 307 people on deck already fuse poison just hit that subscribe button shout out to that do KNSD that subscribe button as well shout out to that guy what is the name what is the name in ps4 kingpin tattoos bang bang what's up man welcome to this raincoat what is up glitch still working works for now yes glitch still working right now fuse poison what's up man Montgomery Montez what's up Jason Crichton what does I do the Cougar what about that one boy what's up man 60 K subs coming quickly I hope so man I hope so hopefully a hundred K subs comes quickly and then 1 million cake I mean hook up 1 million cake 1 million subs comes quickly yeah you know I used to smoke some drugs back to back in the old day tell me someone meeting cakes how did you do the macro if you type PS if you type PlayStation macro if you type PS macro je stone in the youtube search bar it's gonna pop up with my in tutorial videos letting you know exactly how to use a macro the and it's gonna have the links in the description of that video of what you need to download and how you use it exactly so check out that video how do you do it with the controller it does require you to have a PC and or laptop to do the ps4 macro just so you guys know Jay stone where are you in Florida I'm not in Florida I'm in Virginia actually what makes you think I'm in Florida is it sunny outside I'm very curious what makes me think I'm in Florida Arabia Kingdom once I do chatter to those guys shall I tell my people from across the land cross name Morris does this only work even if you're talking shit in Arabic and I don't even know it but Chad I see all guys for tuning in someone hop on in the antique PSN buns I was good what's good man what's go team i Louie every time try to do the glitch a guy come and kill me that's a fucking shame show us some tattoos you may be broke check out my Instagram down links down in the description below did they patch it the Cougar doesn't fall off the horse anymore yes that version was patched but I released an after patch method for the stable Cougar duplication glitch just about I don't know 12 hours ago or maybe a little longer that 15 hours ago check out my after patch video on it you want a private lobby no I'm in a public session and and what's crazy is I spawned in Blackwater in a public session there was like fucking 20 people here and then after about an hour there was just nobody because everybody you know how typically people spawn in one location and leave and go to another well that's what happened after about 30 minutes like everybody was gone and I'm just here chillin you know I know the glitch now good job buddy Rockstar need to hire you man hey they would get a lot of shit done around there go in and straighten up the place get this thing in order wouldn't a be–' made this fuck if like all their game testers and shit they would all be sour shit like this this fucking new dude didn't even go to school for all the time saying like whatever the fuck they go to school for if they go to school with cetera they'd be pissed anyone want to help he didn't want to want to help me with this on xbox I have duplicated like 10 Panthers if anybody wants to join and take two hey Gerard thank you so much Gerard type your console name your gamertag in the chat shout-out to Gerard man he oh man he's duplicating Cougars for people so could well Panthers so that's even more money so check him out check him out J stone get some new glitches broke these outdated huh you have got to be under the age of 15 to say that these glitches are outdated you gotta be kidding me this glitch has been out for a total of like 16 hours 15 hours 10 hours I'm brother you kidding right I don't 16 K I don't want to completely run the game how would you be running the game if you did any more than that Alex Manning check this out so you telling me you would go to a bank and robbed em motherfuckers check us out alex is in the bank he's got a pump shotgun he rode it to the fucking clerks here at the bank time awesome give me 15,000 I'm not trying to rip off the rest of the community I just need 15,000 and keep the rest you know you're gonna do it anyway you might not take it off take it off like ruin the fun for myself oh okay ah I got ya I got ya I know what you mean when you got all the money that's really nothing to grind for any more I dig what you saying I hear you oh now hold this Hill what's a game of tag he said hold this Hill that's a clever name Jay Stone you need to let me hop in that Lobby my guy oh no my lobby is mighty fine and the water is fine until I let a bunch of people come in piss in my water I like my pool with less piss in it anybody want to help out hello thank you yeah yeah this is getting crazy swearing man how do you keep the Cougar perfect if you do it exactly as I explained in the video you will have to perfect cougar carcasses to do this with how do you do the new glitch you watch my latest video piss water yeah more than your subscriber already stop it I'm ready to go – what's up man panels what's up Thanos the mad Titan just hit that subscribe button shout out to that guy Adam B what's up J Stone you can work on an XP glitch I got all this money and can't buy anything I've already got XP methods out there though that I dropped just within the last week click on my videos guys I'm telling you like I've got like amazing XP methods there's one XP method it's so low I've got a video on that if you type major XP all one word in the chat and I bots gonna give you a link to that video I've got another XP glitch that's co-op like it son fucking real if you type XP glitch all one word in the chat man it's gonna take you right now it's gonna give you a link to that video I'm telling y'all guys already y'all honestly think I've been dropping nuttin but but money making methods and have never even covered how to get XP in this game come on now I don't do it like that all you got to do is go to my Jason channel click on videos look at my videos bro there's gonna be about 100 fucking videos in there alone telling you had a good ways to get amazing amounts of XP check my videos and my phone too died like a bitch I'm a new sub i subbed after finding out about your last glitch two days later yeah yeah definitely check out my previous videos everybody everybody that's watching my channel check out my previous videos I've got tons of like epic shit out there man telling you really good solid XP methods etc what indie hail badass Matt five six one what does that do welcome to the stream I want to see a stream raid soon bro oh yeah man I was gonna do a hell of a raid last night we had like 600 fucking people in here but then I couldn't everybody I went to like five six different fucking channels and on their live streams and I was like hello and their chat and none of them read my message goddamn showing angry tomato don't acknowledge people because then they'd be pointless they won't acknowledge me too damn sure ain't going knowledge 7080 people John week three you got to see guns for Dave hell yeah Jamie what's up fuck Jacob what's up man hey Dee Dee Dee was a big up day sundar said when he came I read there yeah yeah yesterday was painful what was yesterday pain I love your videos thank you my dude I appreciate that wouldn't switching tabs be faster absolutely not it absolutely not if you do the glitch properly you don't have to switch times I can make it go faster but I'm doing it safely that way it doesn't glitch out I can make it get a slightly faster sure but I mean I've been sitting here for about 15 minutes how long have I been live I've been doing this glitch since like three minutes before I went live and I've already made $10,000 it doesn't need to be any faster than that I'm good help me make $60,000 today damn keep getting disconnected hey that sucks yo bro there's a bunch of us doing this hell yeah the five dislikes don't like free money I know that's just haters man it's all good we don't pay attention to dislikes do you think Rockstar will be doing money wipes I don't work for Rockstar so I cannot call it I can't tell you this not one person not a single person has been wiped or banned for any of the glitches that have been released over the past week I guaran-fucking-tee you that I put I put I put money on it money on it not a single soul has been banned or money white for doing any of these glitches that's been out for the last week thus far not saying that they won't but I'm telling you that it hasn't happened so everybody to see making videos on it shit they're going off of a screenshot that that somebody it's something look tickets that man they're going off of a photo of somebody taking a photo of their tea a TV at an angle showing that they've been banned for one year two months six days 19 hours but really honestly I could easily unplug my controller get an alert screen screenshot that alert screen open it up in Photoshop erase the whole bottom of it that says your controller has been disconnected please reconnect the controller to continue playing erase that whole message and put you have been banned from Red Dead online for one year two days whatever whatever I could take that screenshot and then say then transfer it to the usb onto my playstation cut my PlayStation on on my big-screen TV cut it on go to that screenshot open it up fullscreen take my phone out take a picture of it and post it on the internet and boom the whole fucking world goes crazy it's that and it would take me five minutes to do so I could do it live just to prove a point to be honest I thought about making a video of me doing that like that whole process literally a five-minute video of me doing that whole process and then posting the picture on the internet and then watching the whole world go crazy do it live and post it on reddit I should shouldn't I that would spread like a virus well just to show people how easy it is to fake such bullshit yeah I'm saying if anybody's been paying for it from Red Dead online I'll tell you what check us out I not only have I done every glitch this game has to offer but I've abused it to the fucking maximum and that's a fact jack every glitch this game has to offer and if anybody and from that being said I'm been banned haven't been suspended nothing Joshua just came through the $2 Hollis after that guy shoutout to that guy my dude help me get some money my friends or or one way oh yeah I dig that hey that's that's like right there this stays stay tuned there's people in my in the chat right now that are helping people out shout out to that guy for that but anyways going back to what the fuck I was talking about that I can't remember anymore um fuck was I said what was I saying brother I can't believe oh yeah what was I talking about shit what was I talking about this before he donated I was not talking about fuck will you talk about this the alert screen fake videos hand what was I talking about well come out to rewind and see what I was talking about hey my phone's dead yeah my fault with your buying clothes of shit oh if somebody's been banned check this out if there has been one person being banned from Red Dead online it's from sending dick Pitt's dick pics to little kids or something that's it right there so if that screenshot was real it's from some fucking random fucking perverted faggot fucking motherfucker sending dick pics to kids something crazy like that some extreme that's all the way you're gonna get banned or you could get banned from actually modifying the game files that you could that's bangable offense utilizing a glitch or quote-unquote bug in their game something that that's their flaw is not a banner bowl of things it's not it's just not do you know if people got banned for doing glitches do you know how many people would be playing GTA online right now those fucking servers would be empty it'd be a ghost town in every fucking gta5 Lobby I promise you it'd be a fucking ghost town I like my brother thank you what's up my dude what's up jab feet stink yeah yeah you always say that every night you right man everyone in GTA head and done a glitch hell yeah everybody man you done did some sort of glitch whether it's clothing glitch a rim glitch a money glitch a dupe glitch wasn't something yep bro everybody's doing glitches I love money wipe yes yes I was money wife as well I got 124 million dollars for my account as a matter of fact I got eight billion dollars white for my account and then my second money right for 124 million I got the first week I had eight billion dollars we got money white three days later I got back up to four billion dollars and that didn't get money white and then I didn't play the game for a long time and so I playing the game again I I got back up I got up to on another account I got up to my current account I got up to one hundred and some-odd fucking me and then they took 124 million which was everything I had at the time after buying shit it's patch how the fuck am I doing it then Jesus how am i doing man please explain if it's patch how am i doing you got an explanation for that bog Ark what's up should I do the glitch subdue you AJ Stone do I need a friend to do the infinite sail glitch or can it be done solo you are gonna need a friend man you can do it solo watch my video on it watch my video and watch my latest video you guys rock star would rather fix clothing glitches and picks their servers oh yeah bro I need a solo lobby can anyone help me do it it's not passionate did it solo I don't know how to hear y'all doing a solo well yeah I do if you did it the way I said to do it solo you just go into somebody's Lobby if you see them look check us out this is how easy this glitch is jump lobbies in Ballantine and Blackwater if you see somebody duplicating Cougars pick up one put it on your horse and pick up one and hold it in your hands call your horse to follow along behind you make your way over to the butcher and sit there and sale unlimitedly boom solo that's how easy this glitch is it's that easy there is no other steps no other nothing just fucking find somebody that's duplicating them why are my message is getting deleted probably because you keep saying the word band you keep saying the word band in your messages let me go look Hadrian let's see what all you say why are less is getting deleted again he says it let's go up and see what how many times adrian said the word ban probably should cope with I don't even see where he said anything else no a message being believe the only thing I've seen you say is why my message is being deleted if you're talking about Vance you can't ban this look check us out the word ban is a no-no word in my chat just just so you guys know that's watching 396 loyal Daystar as I appreciate you that's fortune 100 percent hey I support you 100% as well as game a shout out to that guy thank you so much so just don't use don't use the word banned in my chat please also don't don't mention other youtubers names out of that you'd be good you did it with the fish yeah yeah I tried doing a solo but all I did was duplicate five figures at once and a duplicated to Hawks note on my horse let's do it this guy says it worked solo you just have to do the dupe and then shoot the three star cougar on the horse after you go to the butcher keep one star cougar and sell three star over and over but what if that was it what if God what if see what I bet you yeah that is one thing we have not tried it's not make one of them make one of them a one star and keep your three star and then do it that way and I'm back guarantee that's how you do it I guaran-fucking-tee you that's all the thing we haven't tried make sure what's up to you begging and you could see how a couple people could have accidentally done that yeah I'm saying so it makes sense why like six seven people in there done it solo yeah nice good call guys good call appreciate it blaka Cham what's up man GTA 6 comes out 2020 yeah yeah I think it's gonna be November 2020 it's gonna be a launch launch a a launch title for a PS 5 I truly do believe that and I think that black ops 5 will be as well and if they're not then that's that's their loss how long does it take you to find these a couple of minutes somebody usually comes with my chances yo J stone I found a fucking epic glitch and I'll say yo hit me up on Twitter hey hit me up on Twitter and then all of a sudden next day or that night Jason's got another video out on my upper carriage if I if I didn't work so much I couldn't sit around and fuck around and find boots was all the time but that worked and so I don't got the time to fuck around because I know the mechanics of the game so I know exactly how things would and wouldn't work and how to make how to make shit happen that ain't supposed to happen here I'm saying just knowing the mechanics of the game rebid will pass to ps5 like GTA 40 I think so I think so I really do think so yeah and I think you'll be able to transfer over your account for the first six months or so and then after that though yeah I'm saying because they're probably be some epic fucking money glitch on here yeah I found the best money glitch oh yeah shout out today guy six 5k Jesus Christ oh we going to 100,000 tonight everybody quit look man tell about that shit when did you start this channel well I created it in 2012 to listen to different music videos and shit but I didn't start doing YouTube like YouTube gaming until 2016 about the end of 2016 I made it with six thousand dollars from your videos thanks man you're welcome buddy there are new friends to do this glitch now there's a solo version of it I like the friend version better though it's been more consistent for me you're about to hit six million views yeah it's 25k good enough for read it online you think I do you think so I'm just going I'm just taking it to the extreme just cuz I'm either either I'm gonna prove a point about nobody getting money Mike or I'm gonna get money white for a whole lot of money one of the other I don't give a damn hey the way doesn't care try solo method now I'm good not everything's working really good right now we're not gonna touch anything I'm good if it ain't broke don't fix it I'll try soloing method in about two hours once I get bored of watching my money go up you got a solo glitch yeah yeah yeah this solo ain't co-op same glitch you have a video of the glitch absolutely I got a video of the goods come on my duties here yeah video glitch my most recent video everybody could watch my most recent video right now if you want to know how to do exactly what I'm doing go watch my most recent video right now unsubscribe go for it I'll give a fuck give a shit Red Dead Redemption movie and you guys don't think I care the fuck Bryan Barrios shot a slag off with a $1 hollow put ya boy shot at the Brian Barrett Barry is my dear peace out Red Dead Redemption movie I'm sure your video probably sucked poor quality and what not poor quality like the butcher says well they say it quality meets anyone trying to do it hey there's a new solid method very reason on 7 cents yeah I'm sure oh yeah everybody has established that okay cool so the method is easy to do yeah yeah now it is obviously figuring out the solar method not so much you're going to get man yeah yeah you're gonna get banned as well say that where's my dad again tricks just subscribe down to that guy I'm finna do this tomorrow I'm missing out here yeah windows ps5 come on I want to say November 2020 to be honest that's good Jay what's up slow what are you playing games wedding who can help me Jason Barry Joe to these haters hey I don't give a fuck I'm level 19 with 10k congratulations brother yo Jay when are we allowed in who the hell said that what if somebody somebody passing out flying for a party in Jays Lobby cuz that was false trying to hook up another monitor are you having issues I see you keep growing can't wait for 100k I know man once I get that YouTube plaque we're gonna place that motherfucker right there on the wall right here boy we're gonna pay place I get that damn plank about right here on the wall I might even like bring bringing in closest or anybody can see it gleam I put lights on and everything make it look all nice thanks James you've helped a lot brother hey absolutely my dear that's what I'm here for your most recent video doesn't show how to do the glitch oh you're watching y'all sorry I forgot I dropped an update video my roast recent glitch video man come on now if you click on my videos and you look at my update video and didn't look right beside it to the fucking unlimited infinite sale glitch come on buddy man I can't I give you the water man I can't make you drink it the glitch is on my channel find that shit you can't find it you probably shouldn't even be doing the begin work the solo is pathetic thanks for letting me know t OG while everybody in here is all hi combated on being on fucking seven sins solo glitch my work with me shows that macro overnight oh yeah I'm doing macro now money money you missed a donation did I miss a donation who donate it let me see can we go back a minute my bad man reading chat what a dream what's up dude daddy daddy what's up man woke to a stream Jay bro do a solo glitch please yeah I am so low right now selling all by myself someone let me join can you help me please sorry it was a three-star Panther I guess they're seeking for for what what do you do what do you mean he said sorry it was a three-star Panther I guess they are seeking for poor five men shelling from kitchen I think he's being sarcastic towards somebody he's got he's giving away three stars the anthers guys come on now moody Jenkins 52 came through well that's who dolla hallelujah boy shoutout to that guy Thank You moody yeah think he's being sarcastic towards somebody he's been telling people like they can come in and get free fucking three-star Panthers broad like you can't beat that yeah they pastors and that's the the best possible fucking scenario how long do you think this glitch is gonna be up for I don't know it'll be gone within seven days bro 67,000 hell yeah pants are worth more than the Cougar yeah by about 50 cents luckily I broke 67 bands boy we reached in a motherfucking here I'll shit my lobby's leg it's freezing every couple thing oh yeah are you in the same lobby all right yeah that's so weird day ain't you been reached by any sponsors yeah oh yeah all the time Brook Clem I get people all the time that hit me up on Twitter on Twitter so many people hit me up on Twitter offering so many different things like no bullshit I've got like two two gaming companies that want me to to two different gaming companies that want me to do like articles and tutorial videos for them various other like gaming products be hitting me up all the time who else all the times on Twitter man I'm trying to think of different scenarios people trying to hit me up like motherfuckers on GTA trying to hit me up to advertise their fucking model accounts for revenue and shit and all that like good day from Posse what does up do you walk this dream all the way from Australia make a day fuel instead of a G fuel hey new glitches patch Jason no I'm doing the glitch right now I'm money-making kid what do you see me doing right now what do y'all think I'm just what do y'all think this is old footage or something then I'm just replaying and repeating this that's definitely not the case good night from New Jersey hey welcome how did you set up the macro it's not cash man yeah I mean you might probably seeing somebody hurts why I say it's bad but it's not bad look when the glitches patch I'm right patched in the title I'm tilt in the motherfucking works just so you know until you see me write the word past in the title it works here like 47k night yeah yeah honey KJ stone thanks to you my my boy I think I'll stop the ground here oh yeah yeah bird oh hell yeah good job buddy that's what I'm going for Jay Stone is a living legend that's right it is past Jason right how was it passed if I'm doing it money back and kill you bout to get bang out this off this channel bro straight up you should know better than that shit how the fuck is the glitch patch if I'm doing it right now please explain please explain out of fuck is the glitch patch if I'm doing it right now live dude I'm live doing the fucking glitch look take us out I'll stop my macro touch the PlayStation Home button look at the time up here 10:35 type type exclamation mark time in the 10th night BOTS gonna tell you it's 10:35 exactly where I where I'm currently living right now I'm saying how how is the glitch patch go back into the game and now continue selling you know I'm saying watch it won't sell until I push the button watch see there it's not packs come on guys how the fuck am i doing it then yeah quit obviously you believe other people I don't know why or whatever I don't know have I'd never have I ever one time ever in history for it for those of you who are loyal J CERN has been watching my videos for a long time have I ever been misleading or inaccurate or or you know say have I ever posted some fake shit ever hey thank you very much to my question absolutely I don't know if I answered your question or not that James Jenness what's up never really yeah sometimes I hear a liar that's a lie Jason I'm on Xbox doing it in any patch thanks eh no I know it ain't fast that fool don't deserve your attention well he's actually a loyal Jay starter he's been he's been watching me and in my live streams and supporting for over the last month like why would he all of a sudden be like yeah faster-faster-faster no it's not past there's a solo method work well my solo method absolutely the solar method that is apparently hot shit right now I don't know I haven't tried it we'll try it a little bit later on today so was there an update today yes there was a there was a big update today we got we got a couple new free roam missions I'm pretty sure we got a couple stranger missions we got new saddle bags for your horses definitely go check out the saddlebags guys we got some dope saddlebags for the horses we also got a brand new horse and I don't know if we got an actual new saddle we may have gotten a new saddle but we definitely got new saddlebags what's the best saddle to get well there's a couple really good ones I couldn't tell you the names them because I don't know him off top if I was on the saddle list I could show you which ones but ok off topic at navel the Panther saddle was really good and that beaver saddle is really good and the new ones that they just released have been really good as long as you put them at the best the stirrups on how do I get perfect find a perfect one then shoot it with a perfect headshot with a out of a bolt-action rifle it'll stay perfect and then follow the steps that I explained in my video and you'll have two perfect fucking Cougars or Panthers or whatever animal you're doing this with damn I missed those saddlebags brother saddle bags are dope I got rid saddlebags with skulls on them this shit's sick bruh poison arrows also work yes they do yes they do what level are you right now 128 maybe I think can I join you no I'm not bringing anybody in right now at the end of the at the end of tonight I'll start up a solo lobby and I'll give it away to subscribers and it's gonna be first-come first-serve I'm gonna just I'll mark myself online and then everybody can join but first you must join the Jay Stone Red Dead Redemption community if you're on PlayStation go to communities tab and type in jay stone just like i spell it right here on youtube and and join up my you can join up my GTA community my red dead community my regular jay stone community and that allows you to join in on me without being my friend you can you'll be able to join in my lobbies kill the three stalker then put it on the horse then shoot the cougar once then the horse hold on all right kill the three start Cougars then put it on your horse shoot the trigger once on horse and then just kill then just sell the three star cooter after duplicating it and shit or just straight-up on three start cougar put it on your horse then shoot the cougar body and make your way to the butcher Co the perfect cougar only r1r2 to force the perfect cougar to spawn in your satchel you're welcome you're welcome he says thanks for that ungodly information I would have never found anywhere else in the planet Earth DRI drew Gerard just came through with a fifty dollar holla for ya boy $50 holla for you boy from Gerard I helped you peeps what'd he say I hope your peeps out dog thanks again for all your hard work Gerard run thank you everybody Johnson find a chat with Gerard man let's get some de roarin hype end up feeling sad today guy just came through with a $50 that's insane brother man the support is real shout-out to that guy man thank you so much to write the Red Hood just subscribed shot into that guys well sure are coming through with that $50 holla Wow Wow that's crazy there's a much easier solo glitchin okay okay okay okay okay okay okay god damn whoo everybody leave it alone look check this out that solo glitch you gotta tap l1 r1 l1 r1 l1 l1 l1 all right every time you say oh you know what I gotta tap not a fucking thing I don't even got to touch my controller now drop that motherfucker stop dead not even touching my controllers shit one of the register everybody is so up by that fucking solo glitch okay man obviously I'm gonna have to go ahead and make a video on that solo which said everybody's talking about well thank you for the guy that just explained it the two guys that just explained it just a moment ago in the chat appreciate ya'll guys for your information and being very descriptive thank you so so much I'll go ahead and make a video on it right after the stream guys believably because obviously people want it people won't ditch it yeah although they are not fully explaining things they say go find a three-star courier kill they put it on back your horse shoot it and go to the butcher and then ah damn major fucking sense brother cuz way shortly you put on your stench yeah yeah yeah then it takes it from a three-star to a one-star on your horse and that fucks it up then you go there's just and you sell it but then you watch you move over to yourself man you are one and then move back to your horse inventory rl1 and back and forth and back and forth and it'll keep appearing there that makes fucking sense I'm trying to grab one right now test it that doesn't make perfect sirs but a deaf join your community community I'm retarded no it's okay talk it I miss I ad type out shit wrong all the time just cuz I smash other keys on the fucking touchscreen it's got to be fucking awesome yeah I'll make a video on it man thank everybody for mentioning it shout see all guys my damn like every other person is fucking saying that shit yo solo method would agree to boot one seven sins etc etc etc yeah thanks was damn sure trying to trying to lock it in last night so I'm very grateful that you are coming in letting us know thank you so much but I don't need 97 people every 10 seconds telling me I don't know if that would work or not Stephen and I'll tell you why that possibly would not work I'll tell you why check this out let's say you've killed a cougar and you have it on the back of your horse if you press Start go to online and click and start up a new free roam session when you spawn in you won't have that cougar on the back of your horse but if you join if you let's say you kill the commune you got it back on your horse start back on one and you join in on a friend when you're doing in on the friend and call your horse your horse is gonna run up with that cougar on it so I think joining back on your friend would still consider those being your cougars I think to be honest that's a good idea I did the glitch it was working then I think the person who had to glitch cougar left and then the Cougar I was selling disappeared you know I ran it into that earlier today I ran in the night early are you still in my lobby yeah I'm sure I wonder if you left foot it put it in you want me to you want to try out not let me get another okay 15 more thousand doing try will do will do all the testing after midnight fuck yeah you just mentioned it make don't try it yeah oh I'm not if it ain't broke don't fix it I'm getting 1350 every fucking second and a half over here I'm good yeah I've made 50 I made $20,000 already in the last forty five fucking minutes I'd be accurate with my estimates of how much money you can make and how much amount of time I swear I do like it's not that I tested it to know that you can make 25,000 an hour but looking in 46 minutes then I made 20,000 yep so we'll see like 25 in an hour roughly exactly what I said in my video yeah without testing yeah you up the good work Jay broke absolutely man dream animation what's up Panthers $14 yes sir oh man is this a STONER stream I mean yeah I'm pretty out of 461 people watching I can guarantee you about 200 of them are smoking and one right now and or a bong and ever some no problem so stop laughing why no you can you can stop live-streaming if you are I can't get a coupon it seemed I can't get a kiss mom yeah like I'm by tall trees but crossing way me like okay you can't get him spawning that's right I wonder is it affecting you said yeah I mean it's just so it shouldn't because we we've been yelled and went and got more fucking animals how does a pound yeah what you were doing it and I was talking before – yes like yes sir monitoring what's that Mac oh there's one right – really blue number four oh yeah AJ you like toasters all right what's good bro same off I was fucking a fat D huh you might be the only one in the chat smoking efendi hmm it might be a couple girls out there smoking fat D's right now like that out so I got a Fadi what are those the type of a man to put a oh right yeah II put D that's Marcus oh she sounds like a fat D man and fun last night listening to your life oh yeah man yeah yeah thank you my dude hey it should be funny funny in here sometimes man real funny especially when I wrote the motherfuck I was singing my Brokeback Mountain song whatever it's called Old Town Road I was singing it done in the look I went out to go buy some new jewel pies tonight and I was singing I was freestyling my own variation I said and what I say let me try to remember how I said it oh god it was funny and I can't remember I said it too when I came in the house to my wife she was geeking you know what how about saying it oh man I wrote it down fuck it was funny it's a real fish talk about something like somebody's mom's ass and hitting it from the back put the old spit man what was it I can't remember and it happens nice it's breathing up boy equus on Oh surprised I hate living them k Hey I don't it's going plenty fast enough for me guys it's going plenty fast enough not greedy and I agreed it off bro you're glue shot me so much I thought it was fake at first and then it worked things hey nothing on my channel was ever fake not a single fucking thing on my channel is fake ever ever not a single thing bro he might look too good to be true but then damn show any fake and what was I saying it was something it was something like he mama's got a fat ass hit it from the back get everybody a flat something something my god I can't remember now oh it's killing me just past our top yeah it was it was not listening to the song and then I was doing a thought right there and get the beating shit man it's funny I wish I remembered it cuz I'd say it right now I'm now a big fan and this is the first channel that is real and legit and I will sub as long as you play it's fire thank you oh it's yeah always always good stuff please don't mention the word banned in my chat you will get timed out by night by so he's gonna take offense of that you can talk in the chat normally just don't say the word ban please Alfredo Rodriguez shout out to their guy just hit that subscribe button another PvP XP glitch wouldn't be sick oh yeah would how do you do a solo find somebody that's already doing shit and then just take their shit run to the butcher he's a beater take zero effort hop-hop lobbies in Valentine do you see people fuckin duplicating carcasses grab one put it on your voice grab another go to the butcher call your horse start selling and don't stop a man big fan I've been so for a while Thank You League gamer 32 of class shots at that guy do other youtubers hate on you for showing glitches oh yeah all the time all the time I'm sure about it I'm sure maybe not directly they might not call my name out of none of that you know I'm saying but they throw shade that's what your auntie Oh what is that buddy welcome to strange Saturday a guy living legend right there guy he a stone you were saying I got a cougar on my back I'm Bible make a stack yeah I was aiming hey that was I say no I'm trying to think of what I was saying earlier today I was doing it I was saying your mama's got a fat ass and I hate it from them back get that big booty yes laughs something something something I can't remember what I was saying exactly but it oh god that's funny said your mama's got a fat ass and I he did from the back get a big booty yes Mac I can't remember the rest there it sucks hey I got a cougar on my back back to the make a stack Jason we haven't boss I'm just looking around man oh I don't hey y'all doing it I bet I really could though I really am an eyebrow product home with some sick shit man stick to your day job fuck you bitch stick to your McDonnell job a wheezing what's up how do you get a perfect cougar cougar Pelt for the Blitz find the perfect goon kill the perfect cougar use a bolt-action rifle shooting in the head one head shot for the bolt-action rifle shout-out to a legion coming through with a $2.00 hallows shout-out to that guy my dude thank you so much everybody got some – it's half one one shot in the head with a bolt-action rifle it's gonna keep it it's gonna maintain maintain that perfect pill there's always I hated I haven't seen anyone duping know because all the fake fucking click make youtubers got him scared our bows one shot yeah but if you use a poison arrow you'll be able to do it perfectly as well is the Springfield worth buying no don't waste your money I'd give some height but it just dropped but I just dropped it huh Yeah right I tried it Solo in a can what's the when's the next big update well we're gonna have we're gonna have weekly updates every Tuesday we're gonna have a new update new missions new clothing and various other things Springfield goat I don't use it personally well I depends on what you do it depends if you're it depends if you're if you use your weapons for hunting or if you use your weapons for being a dickhead and killing other people how the bans I use my weapons for hunting so I use a bolt-action rifle a varmint rifle and that's about it are you if I if I plan on shooting some dumb fuck I'll use the that the new the whatever it's called repeater I can't run far it's Kyle starts of the hill lay enchancia that's it Tammi welcome dude rain heavy it's worse okay why did you not pepper all right there boy I'm fuck it's empty I need another yeah what's up Dave what's the best way to make XP I want to hear your opinion and thanks my G your best way to get XP if you're solo if you're solo go to Thieves Landing and kill del Lobos there's a gang of del Lobos and thieves landing you want to kill them all and if any witnesses pop up you want to kill the witnesses immediately that's gonna prevent the police from coming and prevent your fucking bounty from rising through the fucking roof and every time every time you kill a wave of del Lobos go ahead and loot them by the time you finish looting the del Lobos and getting amazing loot in cash all of them will respawn back in and you just rinse and repeat that you walk around thieves land and kill del Lobos loot them all kill del Lobo slew them all kill del Lobo slew them all and do it over and over and over and over and over and as long as you if you're killing them with headshots if you kill them with special ammo or killing them with executions the way that you're killing them is gonna determine how much xp you're gonna be able to get out of it it's the XP exploiting saint-denis better or not I mean it's good yes it's good for leveling up but it's also gonna give you an extremely high bounty as well okay please explain to Saleh without taking someone else's boobs I don't know it yet I got my dude testing it supposedly you just go find a cougar a 3-star cougar place it on the back of your horse once the Cougars on the back of your horse you shoot them on the park and it turns it into a poor cougar and then you go to the butcher and then proceed with selling but while you're selling you want to switch back and forth l1 and r1 back and forth from the dollar sign logo the sale tab to the horse tab switch back and forth and it's gonna keep popping up in your inventory you just keep on selling over and over and over and over but I haven't tried it myself personally I'll try it here in just a little while Jason please figure out an XP glitch I got 15k we can't buy anything yeah dude I've dropped 100 I've got XP glitches out there man go watch my go on dude click on my channel click on my videos scroll down the list you're gonna see an XP glitch I promise you you won't even have to scroll one full swipe and you're gonna see an XP glitch that's half hey so what's your level 100 and some 728 maybe how much roughly XP do you get from killing Adele Lobos versus cops it's it depends on how you kill them look when you kill a cop you get 5 XP if you execute a cop you're gonna get 25 to 30 XP if you kill a del Lobo depending on how you killing you're gonna get like if you kill the dead low but you're gonna get 5 XP for the queue if you kill them with a headshot that's additional 5 XP you kill em I using Deadeye that's an additional 5 XP if you're killing mod using special ammo that's an additional 5 XP etc etc etc so it depends on how you kill them but I can tell you this if you're just killing a cop regularly regardless of how you kill the cop regularly unless it aside from an execution you're only gonna get 5 xp for the kill now if you kill it down Lobo regularly you're gonna get em saying you're gonna get how much ever XP you deserve for however the process you went used to kill the fucking day loved it so if you killed a cop with a dead eye and a headshot you're only gonna get 5 XP you kill a del Lobo with the with the headshot and dead-eyed you're gonna get 15 XP yeah I'm saying so you do new math now if you kill a cop with an execution you are gonna get the full amount of XP that you're supposed to get for the execution make an experienced guide please damn I already have I made a million of them fuck go watch my videos please you'll watch my videos please while there's extreme crazy money glitches out its the slim to none that I'm gonna drop an XP video right in the middle of it just letting you guys know why in the description that says days gone Oh probably uh yeah let me change that thank you for letting me know my dude I appreciate that cuz that was the last game that I was playing when I actually changed it thank you so much for letting me know damn I probably have a million more people watching then huh I put it to read did it works had a poor cooter from the stable on my horse just when you said the solo glitch it works yeah yeah hopefully an XP glitch sorry I'm new here yeah it's okay these are using his feet no he's using a macro program I'll show you exactly what I'm using if you all want to see what's playing the game for me well I can't move the macro oh yeah okay okay so I'm using this macro program running alongside of PlayStation remotely this program and this program is playing the game for me are you playing an emulator on PC no I'm playing on my playstation or my computer is playing on my playstation that's awesome yeah yeah that's wicked yeah yeah I don't you had to touch the controller the solo work I haven't tried the solo not there solo not that the solo method that's just now coming about I haven't got a solo method just fucking steal somebody's shit that's duplicating boom though and he's a be J start I got a cougar now what place it on the back of your horse if it's is it a three star cougar get you a dr. pepper j8 man that's Rob's thinking the same exact fucking thing yeah three star all right place that three star cougar on the back of your horse once you got it on your horse shoot the motherfucker shoot the cougar one time anywhere in the body of the cougar after you shoot it come to the butcher and then start selling it and then cycle left and right between the sale time and the horse inventory tab keeps cycling and sale I assume that's how it works that's what everybody said pretty much look I shot the cougar in the head with a boat damn that was a good shot yeah yeah good job but then the cop method used to work better oh yeah the cop method it used to give you full xp for the cop kills that was about three months ago yeah two to three months ago Carolyn Cox was the thing to do for real now it only gives you five XP per kill I'm killing a cop unless you kill him with an execution rock star patches glitches Jay Stone hold my beer Hey I think that's funny thanks Jason you helped my depression a gray wolf house Thank You Man thank you man hey hey good shit buy the good shit man I thought you had to go to the stable to gluten out with it yeah I would I bought a dollar I was under the impression you would have to do that as well but I don't know that's what somebody's saying now I don't know so don't know I haven't tested it yeah I'm gonna test it out here in about 45 minutes I'm gonna go test it out and about 45 minutes I'm gonna test it out if you want to hang out with me until then best way to level up kill afk racers oh yeah plot twist he shot the cougar but it didn't die I shall be in the US to get tax when you brother hell yeah alright I'm gonna give you a dr. pepper dr. pepper and I'm dissing runner on the best you made me rich Jason oh yeah 76k that's decent yeah yeah we in about 30 minutes we in about 30 minutes to an hour we should be well about 1 hour we should be setting on $100,000 alright I'm back he's autos helling yes sir morning got a push a button look ma no hands I heard no stable yes that's what I heard repeat not for what I'm doing exactly but for the solo method of it and your opinion fastest way to level up yeah I'm dying that's it I'm dropping an XP video probably right after the stream that's it I'll drop the XP video right now y'all me to drop the XP video right now I'll drop it right now while I'm live and the game is playing for me no bullshit I don't you have to do the boy slow or nothing I already drop a video I'll just read drop it y'all want me to I don't have to end the stream or anything I'm just I'm just fucking edit the video add two seconds to the video so YouTube doesn't see it as being the same video and I'll reload the motherfucking retitle it read yeah boom doing it right now shit you ain't gotta tell me twice jack shit doing it right now right away guys drop a video on it right now cuz that money obviously a motherfucker is needed it's all oxp method right that's what that's what y'all want right talk to me now yo Jenny check your Twitter ok Bronson I will do it but I bet your mama's gonna shine smack smack it on our booty alright guys the video is rendering right now to be uploaded about 15 minutes if did it might cause my screen to lag a little bit but I don't give a shit shoot carcass take it to the butcher and sell the perfect carcass only shoot 3 saw a cougar put it on your horse shoot it with the revolver one time go to the butcher sale the 3 star keep the 1 star repeat selling 3 star my game is freezing like a motherfucker doing this good i know mine does some time to drop the video on your macro setup day already dude brother i already did type macro inch at night box gonna give you a link to the video I thought they passed this ya don't believe what you hear I only believe it if it's coming from the horse's mouth you know like the person that made the video how to you / set up ps4 macro click here click there watch that video hey any of you glitch are still working nothing to see here move along of course the most recent glitch video is working mighty fine my du mighty fine mate NK using new solo money which ya good job buddy thank more money glitches will come that's a tough one right there buddy we'll just have to see hey bruh thank you God thank you God wishes oh yeah you walk who found this well it's it's up for debate so I had a guy I had a guy hit me up at 1:00 p.m. yesterday telling me about this glitch and then he never responded explaining how to do the glitch and then last night during my stream at about 11 p.m. another guy came in and told me and explained exactly how to do the glitch and then I made the video and then another guy commented on the video claiming he found the glitch earlier yesterday as well so it's debatable or and if that guy that commented and said that he found that's why I don't get into this whole foundered bullshit and I don't give a fuck who found what to be honest I don't give a damn yeah-huh you know you know where you found it on my channel that's why I don't get into the founder thing because then you got one person saying he found it then you got another motherfucker from Africa saying he found it then there's some other do from Germany that say he found it then three kids from from the united states saying they found him saying i don't get in all day bullshit I give zero fucks who found it I appreciate that it's out there that's not to be honest I don't give a damn who found shout out to those guys though shout out to who did fine shout out to that guy but I don't give a damn solo actually works doing the the l1 r1 yeah yeah definitely are you using an auto clicker yeah you can call them the auto clicker anyone legit once I do where you been last fucking 30,000 subscribers damn buddy ant you you know hey you don't come through that crazy ass emoji oh yeah you know hey you know what I mean you know what I mean ain't nothin personal shout out to the founders of the glitches goddamnit and yeah yeah when I find something though I don't even praise myself like talking about others that is do you have any kids yeah I got a two-year-old daughter and I got a little boy on the way doing August man I can't wait and here came through a fucking crazy eye emoji aren't you worried you'll be money wiped no because they wipe my money they just taking money that I got for absolutely free anyway who gives a damn J you're a blessed soul brother I am buddy I really am I really am hey congrats today hey Thank You Man I really am man I have a beautiful wife I got a beautiful child I got a beautiful home I make a lot of money I get a lot of pussy everything is good man I don't do drugs I don't cause trouble they sends a man for real any go glitch adjacent nerve see now that let me let me speak on that right there sir sir dad what now that if we were doing a glitch to take to get gold I guarantee you somebody getting it ask man phone tone down I guarantee you somebody's getting that ass man shit there you gonna play about that hey shit that's you wait there's you ain't taking money out of that's taking money out rock star employees children's mouths right there you going on your band for that this is a solo glitch it can be painter sell for 17 dollars no they don't who told you that life three three four months ago I'd agree but no they don't in fact they sold for $21.50 they say off a fourteen fifty yeah four things about more like it when's your boy doing August I'll get some 19th I believe ain't no point in doing the money glitch without a good XP glitch the XP glitch is getting ready getting ready to be uploaded to YouTube right now matter of fact I've done I've already dropped tons of XP glitches and and and XP XP exploits it's not my fault everybody's just now tuning into my channel I've already released epic fucking XP glitches on my channel for epic ones I'm ty my ones that have you're waking up so fast it'd make you fucking here it's been any my fault everybody just now tuning into my channel he should have been you should have been fuckin with your boy Jason a lot of people want to listen to everybody else I'll tell on you tuned to be dropping I'm fake ass videos okay that's whatever whatever but yeah I'm dropping that XP video right now as a matter of fact right now I got the Cougar on my back and I made about 30 snakes Oh all right the video is uploading now it's processing and it'll be uploaded in just a couple of minutes guys so you know Jack firmness all it works okay good how many horses how many animals can you duplicate in your bag doing solo mode what do you mean yo we just got a $2.00 hallo from Billy Yates juniors shout-out today got mighty sorry I'm sorry for the late response buddy I wasn't looking at the screen I couldn't see chat for him over there thank you so much buddy Thank You Billy aches my dude I appreciate it you ever done time Jase no yes uh yes uh yeah yeah I got a calendar so under my belt buddy smoking games just hit that subscribe button as well shout out to that guy buddy hey it's time to tell us about solo glitch IG stores what got it mate it's working you're the man Jason thanks mate absolutely buddy I'm in 98,000 and still counting hell yeah we're 81 I'm doing the glitch now with buddy it's amazing bro Thanks definitely Billy a it's definitely buddy not one of your best nights Jay something wrong huh what are you talking about not one of my best nights what do you mean brother I got about three thousand dollars in my pocket I got a finance wife that's sleeping about 30 feet away with a beautiful child five hundred people watching my livestream and I've gotten probably X amount of donations not the debt that makes the breaks my night but brother we having a good ass night my dude I'm gonna do that night my dear thank you guys man hey thank you all for watching man everybody who's in here right now just know that I go live every single night every single fucking night right here on their fist adjacent channel same place same time so if you look at your watch and whatever time it is for you right now come on back over to the Jay Stone channel man no wheel bishop just came through with a $2 hollow shank for that guy my dude you're my favorite youtuber Jason maybe rich yeah yeah no babe we doing it she's fine let it bounce around no I'm not doing that no no sir I'm not taking her up and down those steps and not doing not doing it nope you go to sleep well my babe not doing it don't put her in the floor babe hey yeah he's gonna get hurt well well you was bad too when you was a little I'm sure knew you was I know I was yeah what updates on what's up Camry yo J so big up what's up it works hey there's a solid method yeah when's XP XP glitch coming out it just came out like two minutes ago go watch my video watch my last video it just came out in Smithers again literally the realest MVP Jake stone hey the video just came out like literally two or three minutes ago XP method major XP method solo oh shit where my fucking deer get I mean my whole skill let me turn my macro off I just realized my horse walked away somewhere see that's how you gotta do the solo method yeah like switch the inventory go to horse car go to sale and come back and it'll be another cougar there see this is how the solo one works very similar this why somebody thinks it's faster I don't know but I don't see it being any pants are considering you guys sit there and press all kind of buttons to make it happen what do you think they're gonna patch this ain't you I think I think we might be good until Thursday to be honest I think they'll patch it Thursday if if they're anything like fucking Rockstar North it'll be patched by Thursday if not then it'll be past Tuesday next Tuesday the videos up it's got 39 views major XP exploits still working take advantage now Red Dead online XP exploit I'll get some people around me doing this you are hereby get something some taps mmm I'm behind you yeah if there's somebody else here that don't know what it was I'm gonna get my horse back in position all right I like my horse is kind of stuck right there I like that you do put him on hold yeah he's still trying to move yeah he's good pants there so for 14 bucks and are easy to find well happy your statement was true there's only one consistent Panthers phone and that south of roads the other two are very inconsistent and I wouldn't consider only three Panthers phones out of the whole map compared to 14 Cougars fawns hella easy to find yeah when you know the spawn location it is but sometimes even then I've went to that location and it's not spawned in every time my Cougars fallen locations are pretty goddamn consistent I found the trick one yeah if you go to that spawn if you go to their spawn point down south of a rose and then you like if they're not there you just go out of the way either to the east or west hey folks nerves YouTube just came through with a $5 hallelujah Bowie shoutout to that guy what's up dude I'm considering switching the direction of my channel what do you think I'm not a glittering myself I don't might cover it hey if you didn't make glitch videos I don't know who would go for it my dude if you look any good youtuber it's gonna drop good YouTube content regardless if it's morally good or bad no I'm saying it's good content regardless of it morally it's good or bad I know you are more on the good side of things dude I can't ignore your success huh yeah yeah go for it no go for that shit rather than go for that shit the only thing is that what when dropping glitches the a small portion of the community is really nitpicky in the ass about the founders so make sure you're at least putting the founders in the description of the video or try to if you can help it now if you don't know who the founders are than fuck what can you do just don't put any founders in there but if you know who they are trying to give them some credit in the description at least for shout out in the video whatever whatever you know I'm saying a lot of people are really nitpicky about that shit me personally I don't give a fuck if I found the glitch and somebody made a video on a glitch that I found and didn't shout me out I wouldn't care don't matter to me so maybe I should credit you every time I see now you give me no credit at all I give everybody good hell yeah I if I don't know the person then I can't credit them and and that's the only time I don't give credit if I don't know who found what then obviously nobody gets put in the description until somebody comes and be like yo I found that and I'm like oh okay I'll put you in the description thanks for letting me know but there's a lot of times because I've got so many fans that hit me up on a regular basis bro I can look I can click on Twitter right now open up my messages and I bet you there's fuckin three or four unreleased glitches on there in my messages from different fans and never like yo look check this out I want you to go to two black water and then go inside of the clothing store open up the catalogue after that go over to the the fucking barber shop and get your haircut and you're gonna get the money for the amount of clothing that you would have bought yeah I'm saying it senator senator senator people hit me up like that all the time and don't tell me who found what so I just make a video on it and there's no founder in the description not knowing that whatever whatever but hell ya know expand go for it brother go for it man for real I I hate to think you would to be honest go for it my B I'm talking hating you selling my Cougars now I got a full-blown conversation what we got a $1 hallo from somebody who ever attracted their donation message for whatever reason shout out to that guy money ain't donated a dollar put a message in there and then retracted it it retracts their donation message here's a website you can go for those glitches yeah it's called youtube-dot-com forward-slash c /j stone gaming what's your PSN name court oh you're talking somebody check Jason what about the people who grind like for real they grind and you cheat like dummy what do you think about this well what okay so check this out that's a good topic Travis and I want you to hang around no I want you to hang around because I'm not gonna take offense to what you're saying we're gonna have a realistic conversation about this all right me cheating or glitching to get my money I'm not I'm not making it to where somebody else cannot make money you know I'm saying I'm not in pairing anybody else's gameplay at all whatsoever by being doing that I'm minding my own business doing what I'm doing I'm not in pairing anybody else's gameplay secondly check this out let's say let's say I need to go to Walmart and get a gallon of milk you need to go to Walmart and get a gallon the milk I fly on a fucking rocket ship and you ride a tricycle so you ain't regardless we both end up getting to Walmart and getting our gallon of milk you just put in a whole lot of more work than I did I say work smarter not harder besides that uh honestly when it comes down to it I mean if you want praise for doing things the right way with what's considered right morally or socially you know I'm saying true shout-out to whoever grinded $100,000 cash legitimately shoutout to those guys but I really know I wouldn't look at anybody any differently had they had they glitched their way to a hundred thousand or had they grinded their way to a hundred thousand I wouldn't look at either person any differently and to judge somebody for such thing would really make you the bad guy in my opinion and to me I like I don't I don't I'm not a rule follower I don't follow rules I don't I don't like boundaries I don't like limits and that's how I am not not just in video games but in real life I don't like rules I don't like limits I don't like laws I like to do what I like to do and I like to enjoy shit if glitching my way to a hundred thousand dollars makes me happy hey it makes me happy that's what I did boom oh nice I'm not hurting anybody else's gameplay by any means not whatsoever I'm not making anybody else's game play bad or anything like they don't say I'm not affecting anybody by anything I'm doing in fact it's the the legit players that come by and ruin my gameplay experience by blowing up my fucking horse while I'm attempting to mind my business and do my glitch that's the fucked up guy here I'm saying not me I'm not the fucked up guy and the the legit player that comments on my video and says oh I hope you get banned you're such a shit piece of shit faggot yeah I'm saying wouldn't he be the bad person I don't comment on somebody's video who made a hundred thousand dollars legit and be like oh you're a piece of shit trash you make the game suck yeah I'm saying no I don't do that to you I do it to me it's it's like I said last night I made a good analogy it's like it's kind of like the that the Christian family that the big 1% Christian fan is not knocking anybody for religious believe me I don't give a damn what you believe in and all that and not knocking anybody for but it's it's like that the hypocritical Christian family that thinks they're all so high and mighty and and so it's all so perfect but then they sit around and talk shit about people who they feel are less than them you don't saying because they're their way of life there's just my points of views on it here I'm saying to me date a baguette yeah I'm saying I don't I don't I don't do is nobody I don't give a fuck if you're if you're a fucking minister or if you're a fucking heroin addict they're both human beings to me you don't saying I don't look at anybody any differently from the path you took in your life and you're playing but cheating is wrong that that's that's what society says cheating is wrong realistic how is it wrong well alright if cheating is wrong then why is there a cheat menu in red did story mode was it wrong for Rockstar to add the cheat menu in red did story mode was it wrong for you to be able to unlock cheats in double-oh-seven on Nintendo 64 for completing things in certain time limits is it wrong for Grand Theft Auto to allow you to tap fucking l1 r1 left down right up l1 r1 to get unlimited ammo and Grand Theft Auto for you I'm saying like yeah I'm saying it is it wrong was it wrong then read the rest I read the rest but cheating is wrong in football it's wrong in MMA it's wrong in the video game it's wrong and I am coming for combo about it and I understand what you're saying it's just a game have fun well in your opinion it's wrong in my opinion it's nothing wrong in fact it's it's great I don't like to go by guidelines it was like again I don't like to go by guidelines rules none of that shit not in real life not in the video again I mean if you like the cookie cutter lifestyle you know I'm saying the khaki shorts polo shirt space always imperfect credit I mean if you like that lifestyle if you like the lifestyle that that's the AIA idealistic you know I'm saying ideals and like I don't I fuck that shit and I like being different I like being unique I like being me yeah I'm saying not everybody else only time I have problem with glitches is when they're out right used to grief other players like wallbreach killing yeah yeah yeah yeah I agree with you on that I agree with you on that it is fucked up but I still do it well if it was like Call of Duty I'd do it I'd wallbreach and kill the fuck out of some people but not yeah I'm saying not to not to that wouldn't be what I would do all day every day I wouldn't do it to fucking I just do it just a fucking for shits and giggles you know I'm saying in a game like when I play a game like Call of Duty for instance when me my team played Call of Duty and we're going for an Easter Egg I don't sit there and glitch my entire way through the Easter Egg we do it is legitimate like like everybody else would do it yeah I'm saying I don't utilize glitches during the Easter Egg runs unless it was like one to hold a zombie or something for a minute while it's fine for like running in circles just as an example just as an example yo Jase fuck those came through it another $5 holla put your motherfuckin boy yo J we need to chill and talk off stream also what's on earth let me see what's wrong with your dis cords let me help dude I'm great and man I can set it up nice I just don't use this cord I'm not I'm not super familiar with discord you full of shit hell yeah ain't we all I don't use this cord I'm not really for me but I kinda don't I don't like this Court I don't man I've tried to like it I've tried to force myself to like this court I just don't like using it I don't know why maybe I'm old school or somethin I am familiar with it and you should be using it I know everybody asked me I got one I got one and you don't say I just don't use it uh you don't have to you your viewers use it I dig that how dig that oh yeah I smoke what you saw I was trying to do this glitch one ps4 dude I'm in it now oh you're in my discord are you in your disk all my phone's dead so I can't open up I wasn't sure how I could help help you yeah yeah but now I know how I can help oh yeah make more accounts no like hey is I'm between swing at mayhem yeah but that's that's my whole outtake like my whole outlook on glitch is like I've always loved when I play check us out the very first game I've ever played in my life was Mario Brothers on the NES and you can bet your ass I was doing glitches on Mario Brothers on NES yeah I'm saying the first time I ever you couldn't tell me if you play this for everybody that's my age and that was one of your first games you ever played the first time that you found your way on top of the map and you ran all the way to the end and you jump you found a secret and you jump down and you use the pipe and it took you to world three four and five you can't tell me that wouldn't in it's an exciting moment in your life or when you when you crouch down on that block foot foot for 20 seconds and you ran behind the black fucking ending screen and you picked up a whistle you couldn't tell me that wouldn't like a fucking old man that's fucking amazing moment yeah I'm saying like yeah when when you get to the to world 3 what was it world 3 1 and you get to the very end where there two turtles coming down those steps you jump the first hurdle and on the second turtle shell you jump again and bouncing up against the stair and you continue to jump and it can it starts giving you 500 800 1000 XP one-up one-up one-up one-up one-up one-up once you can't tell me that they didn't man that's amazing that's amazing brother oh Nintendo yeah that's me cheat codes were embedded in video games and still are embedded into these games still to this day game genie and game shark hey oh yeah bro they made they manufactured products to modify your game it's that it's just a natural part of it the customization or the the the free will to do what you want to do brother that's like–that's man the the when when the boundaries come down and then the the the barriers come down and you get to do what you want to do when you want to do it yeah I'm saying that's the whole reason I like Grand Theft Auto that's why I like fucking Red Dead Redemption I can go I can go fishing here I can go hunting there I can go jump off a cliff over here I can go climb a mountain over I'm saying this but the free will do whatever you want to do why do you act here on videos that's not you what do you mean no my in my videos oh shit Rockstar fucker where's a rock star fucker anybody want to show me the glitch I'm down to do it hit me up PSA in Gunsmoke yeah I got a video on him and he's good watch the video what's your favorite Marvel hero mine was the Wolverine I really didn't get in the comic books you would think I would have because I'm I'm an artist I'm a tattoo artist and I'm a regular artist I paint and draw and sculpt and carve and tattoo you don't say anything that's got anything to do with art drawing on the ground with fucking sidewalk chalk anything that's got to do with chart art and do it very very well and I always had my whole life $24,000 thanks des you're welcome captain sniper but I never you would you would think that I've been big in the comic books and shit but I really wasn't to be honest I never got into superheroes see and I feel like me explaining this is just giving you a little insight on how I am in real life like I never liked superheroes I like super fucking bad guys I like like like spawn for instance it was real kind of had a dark evil what what hey I like spawn and and Lady death and shit like that I never like Superman and spider-man you know I'm saying like I'm a I like things that I like to not like things that everybody else likes like fortnight everybody loves fortnight I don't like it just because everybody Oh what now baby maybe not sleeping if you flush a big long nap maybe like you sleep a big wrong now you're wearing the same thing three nights ago how many black shirts you got I got about a thousand motherfucker how many you get what baby shot the fuck up man just go to sleep keeping tabs on the man I know keeping tabs on the man holy shit Jason got a pop in the hit of the night yeah yeah woody Jenkins just hit that subscribe button the glitch messes up when I hold X enough on the stick wait until the first loading gear the first loading logo disappears when you first do it let the loading logo disappear and then start holding X enough on a stick bro try again do you think you'll get banned no not at all absolutely not [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what are you gonna spend all that money on out on there how fucking funny kooky crazy man I keep getting black screen hanging out one of those football days now why don't you think you won't get banned they don't ban people for glitches they ban people from modifying video games if I was going in fucking with the codes if I was editing the code of the game to give myself a billion dollars or to give myself god mode shit like that like if I was actually editing the code of the games and sure I'd probably get banned they don't ban people for glitches take us out I'm a glitching channel I've done every glitch you could possibly imagine on Call of Duty fan theft dollar and and Red Dead Redemption over the past fucking two years how many times have I been banned on any of those games zero matter of fact I don't look check this out me and my boys found a glitch that cost that costed that cost of sledgehammer games tens tens of thousands of dollars bro maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars and I didn't get banned like actual real money costed them tons of money like real-life shit and didn't get mad how do you do what you're doing check out my most recent glitch video my dear why is everybody focusing on getting banned how come everybody out here that's not doing the glitch is worried about people getting banned but everybody that's doing the glitch is not worried about getting banned well why is that a thing it doesn't seem backwards so everybody who's doing the glitch right now is not concerned about getting banned but everybody who doesn't do the glitch is concerned about people getting banned what so what the what the fuck sense does that make laughs how do you trim your nose hair need advice I reach in there grab a couple undoes yank them out the whole mall over my living room floor that's what I do sometimes I'll just flick them in my wife's food and shit she don't even know it have you ever been money white yes yeah GTA took a hundred and twenty four million dollars from me and then they took eight billion dollars from me J answer my question you have to say it again my dude I can't exactly scroll up chat right now J Stone if you set up the macro to sell ten every 15 seconds you can make almost three hundred thousand and six hours it's physically impossible to set it up to sell ten every 15 seconds because the game won't even allow you to sell that many in that amount of time if you tried to sell that many in that amount of time it would get so backed up that it's gonna make it to where it would slow down in fact just hit 200k mark thanks yeah how do you do this glitch check out my most recent glitch video my doo-doo Devon glitch and since game genie breath I've been good since since goddamn Nintendo you know I'm saying exactly game genie what macro are you using J ps4 macro we have unlimited Cougars yeah well no I have two Cougars but it allows me to sell unlimitedly this is the unlimited sale glitch yes this is not the cougar duplication this is the unlimited sale glitch completely different been good since in satara Atari 2600 easy what town are you in Blackwater is there any gold glitches no gold glitches probably would be AB animal offense maybe probably not even then to be honest I wouldn't I wouldn't I wouldn't push my luck with a go glitch to be honest I mean I would do it I make a video on it and I'd do it myself a little bit but I wouldn't I wouldn't take advantage of it like I'm taking advantage of this rock star cluster glitch was the first right guys have fun 1002 yeah yeah oh god damn girl you always drop everything baby about calm disaster a casitas already let me get it yes I'm fixing it for you baby I'll fix it I'll fix it I made 15,000 today thanks to you oh yeah I've made uh I made $40,000 already this string can't believe you don't get tired of it tired of doing it till just now man that's pretty fun I got a lot of patience can you exchange the same courier with a friend I don't know I don't think so it tends to fuck up when you try adding a friend into the picture having a little trouble with the solo method but I'll keep going at it man thank you so much I'm going to solve a method and it's amazing thanks for absolutely yeah when you're suck it depends on which solo method you do there's two different solo methods if you do the solo method that I explained in the video for this glitch then you're gonna need to go press l1 and r1 on your your sail menu right there it's gonna go from horse inventory to your sell menu and back and forth and back and forth you need to do that while you're selling it and it's gonna replace the Cougar in your in your inventory and keep your horse nearby your horse must be within close proximity it works way better than co-op I disagree with that there is nothing that look what I'm doing right now is the same exact thing it there would be nothing there is no difference between the co-op method and and the the solid method except for you then would look I'm coop right now and all I got to do is tap X your solo so now you have to tap l1 r1 X so on r1 X l1 r1 X how is that better how is that better if you got more it's more stuff you got to do at the very at the very best it's the same exact same thing at best it's the same exact it's not better no way it's better I wouldn't consider it better in any way shape or form bean beans what are you doing here J never sleeps he's always back with something else oh yeah oh yes so you could potentially macro it well I'm doing the coop method and I I can 100% macro it without a without a question with ease can I do the computer thingy with Xbox um you may be able to I really don't know yeah it's possible Glenn T that's very possible my do Adelina don't pull the cord good girl are you a good girl oh my goodness do you think you'd be able to macro the solar method yeah it's possible but if you have to do the l1 r1 thing then your macro could skip and if your macro skips then that's gonna put you on a different menu and then you're gonna be did outlook thank you baby yeah 20 yeah chips the lost crypto just hit that subscribe button after it once we hit a hundred thousand once I hit a hundred thousand dollars in like 10 or seven minutes we're gonna go we're gonna go do the solo method of the glitch so if you should be looking to learn how to do the solo method stay tuned don't go anywhere I'm gonna show you exactly how to do it soon as Timothy I had $100,000 yo smoke dust came through with a $5 hallelujah boys shoutout to that guy then he came through with a $2 hallo for your motherfucking boy to let me know that I missed his $5 holla put your motherfucking boys that smoke much counter that guy baby stop stop no no no no you can play with that the J sign please read the loading symbol disappears twice so I'm confused bro when you first go into it the loading symbol is gonna come up as soon as you see it doesn't feed it the first time you then start holding X and up and don't let go of it hold it until you spawn outside do not let go of it after that point promise you try again let me know you got it stop you gotta go back to did I promise I promise no no well I told you to stop baby I got read the donations I got my baby right now man unfortunately so I can't like I can't keep my eye on chat I'm gonna keep on her it's lots of things that she she can get into in here to be honest right at this current moment what was the last donation yeah oh yeah I did read yeah I didn't read that my bad buddy my bed it goes a black screen yes it exactly man all right I don't know what to tell you I got I got my cougar on the back I made like 50 stacks ain't no rocks on my employee gonna stop me that's a fact what you think they're pretty good black and tan I got a I got my cougar on the back I made a hundred stacks ain't no rock star ain't no rock star employee stopping me and that's a fact jack yeah that's pretty good pretty good that's all right you had to take out some of the words right there I got that a cougar on my back made like 50 stacks and then right here is where we're having the problem you know rock star employee gonna stop me that's a fact we had to shorten that up a little bit so that thing had to shorten that up a little bit at the reword it slightly spam I know I know I know it like you're about the spam you're about the hundredth person that's came through and told me that tonight I got you buddy I got you thank you so much smoke noises came through with a $2 ha ha but your boys they Fox let's would I read my donor day I did read it let me go back uh Jay how can I contact you other than this code like if you're at work and you will reply I can just I can send you my phone number to be honest if you message me on Twitter I'll send you my phone number for real make a video on the new soul of meth I'll just send you my phone number you the right text me when what do you say what do you do a follow-up episode when you get banned yes hey check this out for all these people that are saying I'm gonna get banned let's bet on it how about that let's put some real cash money on this shit I'll bet I'll bet $50 – everybody's $10 I'll bet 50 that look you bet me ten and if if I win you owe me ten if you win yeah are you fifty and that goes for everybody else motherfucker look everybody I've been here but look when I don't get bad that Specter be getting so many $10 hollers it ain't funny cuz you know how many people that came through and told me I'm gonna get bad shit I'd be rich than a motherfucker $10 from all fucking 17,000 a yo bro you'd be $500 richer you ain't never laugh do a number like in real life and in the game I put money on you know your band for this shit they might be is possibility that you might get money white that's possible well you ain't getting band thanks a census Friday I bought brought in 1.2 million and it's physically impossible that's why you spending the money exactly exactly oh come on babe stop like just relax I'll pick you up the goods what the glitch is not working it is I'm doing it what do you mean I've been doing it for like six in-game days you're not hitting the keys on the keyboard baby hmm you can't be touching shit baby for real you're gonna go to bed I'm telling you no no no I'm gonna put you to bed I ain't gonna put your bed baby I promise you ain't even puts me up right now can this glitch be done solo yeah we'll be going over the solo method as soon as I hit $100,000 so it knows actually you may have gave me man props right now for if room how much yeah I fuck with nose man shit I've been watching the streams all the time I watch smoke when I'm tattooing bro I'll be tattooing and have nugs as livestream just constantly going on my phone almost every day every day that's a fact jack I'll be live-streaming in my phone out like I'll be peeping over there and listening to him and all that while I'm tattooing all day oh yeah yeah the experience came through with a $2.00 hallo your was good fucking good Jay hates me and by the way hey thank you for that to Valhalla Monday what you got going on better what do you want to do you got an iPad right there and you interested in my stuff you don't want to play with your iPad no a pen huh you want the headset hold on let's fix it and fix it they're the noises yeah I can't make this go up you hear the noise you feel annoying this baby how do you do one you know like take your money make some money around $11 right there take your money and run oh boy if I have the Cougar on the horse at the butcher what I do next shoot it one time and then start selling the perfect cougar only sell the perfect cooter Adam Hamilton just came through with a $1 hallo said out there that guy my dude or I'll open up my Twitter right now see if I see ya any messages promise works been doing it for two hours now No and I'll be getting so many goddamn messages holy shit damn you got a lot of money here yeah man I'm trying to I'm trying to pay you for my kids college tuitions you know trying to buy a house trying to give me a carriage you know I'm trying to get the the Model T when it comes out in about 12 years I need me a Model T boy sitting on them things how do you do it check out my most recent glitz video muddy I'm gonna show the solo method here in just a minute guys yes I'm gonna show the solo method like I make sure it right now fuck I got ninety four thousand but that means I'm not gonna be a I got macro running bro thanks you're always on point absolutely it's it's not the solo method don't go as well with the macro see I don't even have to test your controller it's just gonna keep on selling for me I could leave this running for six fucking days man you know I'm saying I'm asleep running and running and running and running and never never cut it off this is this is guys a week right here hell yeah yo J so and what I do to the Cougar I got a black screen you gotta try to go faster outlaw Diego try to go faster through the menus man I'm telling you as soon as look one toward the stable run toward the stable and press Start a little bit earlier with your horse running towards the stable press start a little bit earlier and your horse is gonna continue to run and fucking uh go ahead and get that mission started up as fast as you can fucking start down down x-x-x hold square yeah I'm saying you'll get it can you help me do this day yeah absolutely uh I'm gonna send you an invite here in just a minute uh I gotta go change my daughter I think she didn't shit it on her hands right quick minute I got I got a shitty situation how you about guys come on girl we got a shitty situation I sent you a follow all right send me a message and then I may accept the message and then I'll send you my phone number come back a bit with your monitors okay No Adelina come here girl Maddalena are you here shit Adelina c'mere fuck fuck that pop-up yeah hi can you hear me yeah what's up yo smoke nose has come through it another $2 holler shut up who your boy he says he says I sent you a DM dude send me a number on Twitter all right I got you I got you I got you minimun uh I'm gonna send you an invite man man just join up hold on baby yeah man I got like a thing Oh starting it real fucking annoying trying to end this cut off that switch this click this unplug that plugging this damn why don't you just want to play dude you got like a fucking thousand dollar fussing iPad over there and you don't want to play it but you want to fuckers like a $30 mouse Twitter requests please don't give my number to nobody on this planet notes for real I've never given my number to another youtuber ever or anybody I've ever met only in it okay oh yeah no it is my phone's dead though right this mama is this dead at the door now I gotta plug it up which on I'll do this in just a second all right so you get in here man man how are you near me let me know if you are hold on okay okay I'm I'm in the same session already all right is there people around me I'm standing at the butcher I don't see you anywhere what were you at the butcher in Blackwater I'm all the way fuckin up and down oh okay it's fast I was out here I'm gonna put a cougar on the back here I'm put a cougar on the back of your horse you think that I come over to the butchers you're gonna shoot the cougar that's on the back your horse you're then gonna proceed with selling the cougar but you're gonna have to Cougars in your inventory a perfect one and a 4-1 you're gonna sell the perfect one and make sure you don't sell the pool gonna keep replenishing and you can keep selling it over and over and over holy shit 523 people a shout-out to y'all guys man sound everybody up in here man thank y'all guys for tuning in 523 people in the building already thank y'all guys man for real like really no bullshit thank you each and every one of y'all man fix this how about this alright baby here's X amount of money one hundred two hundred three hundred dollars uh here's 300 dollars here you go $300 lean me lean meat you want $300 this one tab guys sent me at bragging request what a moron yeah he got banner that's someone else calling you a snitch and all kind of yeah yeah yeah the guy cheating either guys catching this wall tab yeah it's got four a crystal in there I'm fuckin idiot I'm a snitch yeah in what way shape or form you know I pulled a whole lot of time in jail foot for a distribution of fucking cocaine you know why cuz somebody wore fucking camera at a wire on me and you honestly think I would stoop to that level I be ruined in my entire life you fucking moron it bro ah good party Hades just came through the five-dollar homicide of the Dead Guy damn baby man I can't do this guy that's so hard like oh man people don't know the struggle oh shit everybody drop some – shit for that dude you're selling at the butcher right I think I did a mental butcher I'm not currently selling but I'm standing there I'm currently fucking losing my mind huh yeah it's Toy Story yeah Oh TV if I hope to this so is there anybody around me right now there's someone felling yeah he's been there so okay so ain't nobody know any of your let's go all right so that's what we're gonna do I'm gonna back out like really yes where I got it like I kill like five three stars right I tried with an arrow try it with the rover I so I'm gonna try it right now that's a perfect pelt on the back of my whole bone I just shot it now I'm gonna sell at the butcher nothing doesn't even acknowledge that I have yeah I just got a perfect okay your pal or what do you get for the ex every time I shot a both would say poor so I I don't they see they were saying they'd put a poor and a perfect in your inventory yeah yeah that's where I was confused child will fall this is so true it probably you know how people don't explain to problems she yeah all right so this has purposed more time no no no no no get my GTA no tearing fucking this district you can fuck up all them other ones perfect to your car against perfect cougar carcass I'm selling the one that's on the under the sale tab not the one under the horse car go to yeah I don't see how people are saying this is better to look like it's glitching out to where sometimes it shows it sometimes it does how is that better people are retarded well it's better it's better that it glitches after menu sometimes you gotta keep flicking back back and forth I made a video on it the same people would to be like cool this is true you don't need to press l1 r1 alright well still look look alright so I'm not pressing the l1 r1 I'm just selling in a moderate pace then well nobody explained that see that's how y'all feel to explain shit properly okay so you can just sell it but not press l1 r1 of course I'm doing the glitch after already doing the glitch this is still your cougar so maybe not even the solo fortune even working this could be just picking up from the the shit that I was already doing alright so let's do the real thing like a snapshot where's your horse at man yeah yeah is right there for the Taylor I'm getting down there right now all right well got it down all right I'm gonna put this cougar on the back your horse bring your horse within close proximity of the butcher what are you doing that I got before you shot it park it right there and yeah yeah chart I shot it where I killed or yeah I don't wear killer that gave a butcher shot all right now shut off your horse come come on around here oh man why do you have to make the fat Florida a scary all right all right now shoot shit out that Cougars hit it with a bolt-action right in the stomach fuck it up Gurdurr oh yeah yeah go sail let me know what happens when you open up the sail menu you got two Cougars one for one perfect or just one perfect just one perfect sell it and see what happens it's going ladies oh no anything okay yeah I think that's just cuz this is a glitch Cougars it's let me find a regulators I'll be back right keeps telling you something may came on him yeah keep on going just do it at a moderate pace – don't do it – fastest sale wait a second a couple of couple seconds wait until you see the money amount pop up and then sell again on the right-hand side J you know of the free stuff that Rockstar gave everyone what free stuff stop Adelina stop here go on somewhere you go it's gone it doesn't beer oh it's Stonewall it's still more right then cycle to the left use l1 to cycle over to the other menu and then tap r1 to cycle back and it should be there keep cycling back and forth and then reappear in your menu yeah there it is Oh should I hate it when she takes a late now she's they're gonna have it like fucking five o'clock and slut till 7:00 I know it was always for me for the night usually say an appetite at 12:00 and wakes over two and then go to bed at 9:00 yeah and that's it lots of free stuff yeah yeah oh you can go ahead and ban him yeah thank you appreciate that uh Clem all right so right now we're gonna try this it's a little glitch but see the thing is like thirty people has explained it like 30 at least and what are the odds are pretty great that all 30 of them would leave out the same stuff yeah I could see that I am learn why guys you get it you shoot it on the back yours you're a butcher so yeah perfectly but each time I did that I was always walking before you know the one with my heart's quote one of my cars Owen says okay I got a three star cougar I mean when you shoot it it says pert you know a pops up say perfect cooler you need to listen to just one person I probably don't need to listen to no persons and just go find out for my fucking self on seven cents to be honest you know the telephone game there's one person reads information they try to twist it in their own words and then fucks it all up I surprised to go to the source thanks daddy doing solo it's lit yeah yeah see when people are saying they're doing it solo to my chat I don't know if they mean my solo method or this solo method that we're currently talking about that's all the methods for producing you're going to fucking lobby pick up a fucking butcher and start selling that bitch unlimitedly done that's it yeah I'm playing there there's no shooting no hunting no nothing you pick up a cool yourself it says he'll talk to the butcher before you shoot it okay see nobody said that Thank You Kenny yeah yeah it's Linares not a single person mentioned that not a single person out of five out of five times to try it it's yeah every day not a single person said that thank you buddy that's see that's how it goes like everybody else eh I said you don't have to shoot it according to 31 other people you do have to shoot it you don't have to talk to the butcher talking them before does nothing oh boy I shoot mine in the middle of the Great Plains maybe you shouldn't shoot it next to the butcher maybe that's the bad side you don't go to the next to the butcher to shoot it yeah I'll throw a fucking Molotov cocktail on top of my horse what make sure that motherfucker gets to be greater alright so I'm just here to completely random now I have not done a glitch in the lobby so I know I am NOT glitched out perfect cougar carcass popped up on screen as soon as I shot it one time yeah yeah that's what it did for me too hold on baby hold on baby there I got right business till right when it comes down to the fucking crunch time now it's time to fucking crawl oh and Eddie hold on baby she's fucking it listen up in all kind of chords no come on baby man you don't need oh my goodness damn man you got the cord twisted around you around the iPad around your leg around your neck goddamn girl how do you do it okay you walk through here one time and got the cord fucking wrapped around 97 body parts oh shit my so I've already made like $1500 right so I got one poor and then one perfect it did work bro I started away foot see I tried that too later what there and what you should got sold one and it took both away and then I moved over to the horse cargo tab and they're both right there and the perfect Wilke up here look I am having to cycle menus and shit why people say you don't have the cycle menu right all right I'm gonna be a cougar yeah you definitely got a cycle of minions well if you wait in just wait don't wait in moderation you don't have to cycle menus okay so the same thing if you fail in moderation you don't have to cycle menus but this is not better but look whenever I sell the perfect it draws my cursor back over to highlighting the pork so I have to keep tapping right on the leave it either way it's not as good as the solo I don't give a fuck how anybody spends it that's that's not as good nowhere near I'm sure it's good cuz it solo completely solo you don't have to do it nothing to do it solo part spot it's definitely better and easier no obviously you haven't done the coop method brah I was just doing the co-op method for four hours you know how many times I hit the button zero you know how many times I hit the button already doing this for fucking three minutes about 50 I got a hit right on the d-pad press X to sell it press X to sell into I'm saying hit right on the beep and press next to sell it then sometimes it glitches out then I got to go over to this menu then I got to come back to this menu that I gotta come over here and then press right on the d-pad to highlight and then I gotta press that how is that easier no it's not your fucking illiterate dumb fuck cocksucking punk pussy bitch motherfucker if you think that's easier just saying no offense to anybody co-op way way easier way faster like oh god I bet you if you Mac rude this I guarantee you your macro would run for about I don't know three minutes and then you have to reset it just now I ran mapper for about fucking three hours four hours easily caught motors a buggy trash no sir not if you know what you're doing you just don't know how to do the glitch I shot the cooler I mean this is good because you don't have to do the glitch I'll give it that but in the aspect of selling the Cougar co-op is way better in the aspect of selling the Cougar co-op is way better 100 percent now as far as the rest of it the remainder of it solo is better so yeah I'll give you that but coops way better as far as selling way better you don't have to do none of this shit show us the coop I just showed you flat four hours of it y'all didn't see me sitting here like I was I left and went upstairs got a drink took a piss grabbed my daughter what took a walk around the fuckin block I went to the store bought fucking parts for my jewel all whilst doing the coop method works for four minutes and then stops what does cooperate three streams and four hours of coop what what does that mean three streams and four hours of cough I'm confused by that statement solo is easier to set up absolutely but as far as the aspect of selling which is the entire glitch co-op is ibly better the setup it takes co-op setup takes about five minutes 5-10 minutes solo setup takes as long as it takes you to find the actual cougar so I give it that the setup but the solo set up you don't have to do one time and your friend can go on about his business tutorial on the solo one I'll drop a tutorial video that's so crazy I just got it right now a little yeah I swear I did you say – did you shoot it within close proximity other butcher or not away from the butcher you know I was I shot her rip out with Milroy yoga yeah I wouldn't recommend shooting it at the butcher yeah yeah that didn't work oh sure either way this solo or co-op I don't give a fuck you're gonna be getting fucking hella rich symbols that we did we didn't this money regardless of its cult go out solo so I just high as a glitcher someone who glitches and does glitches on a daily basis all the fucking time prefer the so called co-op method sorry prefer this co-op method I keep want to say solo now I prefer the co-op method it's much much more consistent yeah much much more consistent that's my horse keep disappearing look what the fucking an asshole Jesus JM hunter what did you say wanna be in so it was the Red Room put I'll sec on your forehead what the fuck are you trying to say speak English buddy no are you trying to say little buddy Bob Billy Bobby Brandon Aldridge hell are you trying to say yeah I'd rather do co-op to be on this dish it's a hassle no shit yeah yeah they're gonna keep going this right into the sale thank you keeps disappearing like how does that how is that please tell me how that how's that better I don't understand it it's better you know why it's better in their eyes because you don't have to do shit to get to this point that's why it's better yeah that's why they're saying it's better it's definitely not better as far as selling it and it's definitely not faster I'm making money I can guarantee you not go waste yeah two seconds I had no waste I just say alright sale sale sale try dan aykroyd I'm good I already know what would happen if I Mac wrote it it was the timing it would did the macro would would would glitch the least a little bit and once it does it's over whoops what what baby what baby what leave why are you crying like what what damn and I was like what are you crying for baby I don't understand what are you trying to do you want to spin around or like what tell me what's up it's too unstable to macro it is it's this way unstable to macro I mean I'm not I'm not completely discredit ended okay because you make a lot of money from it sure absolutely but the coop method is better that's a fucking fact there is no argument against it the coop method is way better way better yeah damn it actually moves muted hey nice damn I should actually meet it my daughter was pulling on my forward and say hey what are you doing quit pulling big you're pulling my sleeve you're pulling my headset around pulling my cords damn baby come here girl oh god this is a fucking hassle man your mom is loving it so he's laying in the bed right now like smiling Ameth of a hard time I'm having for real like some spiteful ass shit yeah that's how that goes man you're tired you should go to bed yeah highly recommended I mean that's a nice expensive very comfortable babe brand-new sheets comforter everything why would you not wanna go sleep in your tire you got your life yup you're a pen you got your YouTube key it's going yeah yeah yeah yeah baby just lay on back lay on back and relax and I'm back and relax man glitch your kid to bed yeah I'm going to lay on back I'm Balcon duplicator and this man must really want to set this forever ya know oh hell boy oh you don't assembly like 10 Oh God yo J I found that you don't need to take the Duke carcass only put the original and it will show up in two pages but if you manage the time between selling you and oh yeah no I know you're talking about from the coop method yes I know well could be solo method if you just went in stalls – I can do who needs any other way well as you can see right here like I'm currently I'm not making any money because like I got to do this do this oh shit I just saw that last one oh look I actually fucked it up as a matter of fact you see how easy it was to fuck it up so now I fucked it up by a complete accident let's see if my horses got no he doesn't yeah boom boom another downside to the solo medic let go of the past no I'm good I like the pass yeah I uh Oh y'all young fuckers can take advantage of the solo method I'll drop the video after the stream as garbage that in my opinion I mean it's a great glitch nevertheless you you make money but it's garbage compared to the clock that's garbage this book straight up you fucking wrong yeah and with the with the coop all you do is there is no switching menus there is no switching highlighting Cougars there is no accidental fuck-ups nothing like nothing you just said don't sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell unlimited yeah that solo my thing where is not where it's at I mean I think I do this shit keep four items in your inventory to avoid three items in your inventory oh yeah I could do that skiing something to kill some drink some pick up them but yes the solo method is much easier to set up the set up is easier co-op methods harder the actual selling which is what you're gonna be spending 99% of your time doing is much more difficult glitchy and and like offset it's not consistent as far as co-op this selling what you're gonna spend 99% of your time doing is easy-peasy there is AI mean ain't no do it you tap X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X that's it you ain't gotta go even if you did go fast it's still ain't gonna wish it to where it disappears you can say that of course it's only gonna sell at the rate that it can only say yeah I'm saying but you can say dance BAM that motherfucker you want to anything or like fuck it up and I'm saying there's nothing can go wrong with the car method no no even if somebody came by and blew up your fucking horse you would still have the one that's on your shoulder and you can still sell that one that and now if that did happen though you would have to sell in moderation otherwise it makes it all funky then it kind of becomes similar to the solo method if that just happened haven't but yeah I like co-op even way we've been way better miles better the only people that are saying solo is better has not been able to get the co-op method to work that's it and that's what I conclude now and the whole setup of it is a little difficult himmat maybe right look here set steel the whole time on my lap and right when I'm hanging in that nut cougar she looks looking like move my arms around it's like perfectly time maybe you're gonna call bust that ass down this cougar is praying that I do placate him using the coop method no no all right I messed my 20 madman yeah what's up Malik you've experienced 10 minutes now that you've experienced 10 minutes we're gonna get an unbiased opinion my dude madman has now experienced about 10 minutes of the solo method we're gonna turn him on to the coop method and we'll get his opinions and views maybe that'll be the final answer what is better co-op Horace although I'm gonna guess you always finish 10 minutes that's where it's been well I don't know how long it's been but I'm just saying one minute of coop will be better than 20 minutes of that I guarantee oh yeah one minute of coop a few hundred twenty minutes of LED solar bullshit straight up yeah I mean I don't know I'm up – I'm up like almost $6,000 oh yeah sure I'm sure one way to wait you tried it do you ever like oh yeah dan this is really fuckin gonna kitchen make a sandwich you can guess the half that's how you get this yeah bang quit pulling my cords and shit babe Adelina stop baby him are you bad bro you were bad of course it's time to get into the stables and do the glitch so alright let me know when you're finished I gotta wait on my daughter to decide you know my god you should be in bed baby I haven't you not tired like oh you eatin Lucky Charms or somebody chocolate oh you can ban him that that's direct that's the really just ban ban his ass Queen yeah ban him i longer shit oh oh my god what did I just do oh yeah brah he's a liar dude let's look look at these guys the first thing that I says or hashtag freshmen said click Bader's can you help bro look at his name his name is click Vader Wow tell y'all fools you wish so I'm just saying there's no gullible that shit y'all fucking fools y'all do realize he was faking lying his name maybe I should I'm not yeah I'm creating a separate channel I am straight up just a lie in and post fake content y'all fucking morons just sayin not all of you of course not talking about all of you but I'm talking about the ones that are fucking moron how would you believe that why would you believe that what a joke I I am I'm making a second channel and I'm gonna do nothing but lie and make false fake bullshit content and I'm gonna sit back and make tens of thousands of dollars every month doing it and a laugh at all the dumb motherfuckers who watch my videos no bullshit on a second channel I'm gonna create a whole nother channel y'all even gonna know it's me ain't you gonna mention it ain't gonna show no correlation or anything I'll be selling on the case herbs and then fucking and Martha – mr. J Stein for the win yes swear I can't believe people fall for the dumb shit that is so crazy to me okay so where do I get the macro note yeah I say do it bro I am I am gonna do it on a second Channel it's not gonna have nothing to do with this channel now I'm gonna fucking make a killing off of it and not never tell anybody who I am I know it's tired I know it's tired well I'm still gonna have my regular day so channel that makes official real content I'm gonna just prove a point once that channel hits like three hundred thousand five hundred thousand million subs and I'm a bust everybody I'm like look every bit of the content on this channel was fake as fuck and I lied to all you guys thinks you dumb fucks I appreciate all the money that I've earned off of you you should do a poll for channel names on your time and while you down [Applause] yo J I'm doing solo how is co-op better mine invited me yeah I'm not inviting you just have to do the co-op method to see Alan I'm not gonna I'm not gonna argue with people about solo co-op being much better I know for a fact co-op is much better I mean I've done it for hours upon hours upon hours I done it's all over ten minutes and I was already tired of this shit that's his retarded wow that's a fervor for the menu to clump up of course I got my daughter climbing ami has I'm trying to do the glitch you know only person in the world has got a baby up fucking 116 and one I don't baby so my plans to get to 25,000 I think that'll be enough money for this camp yeah thanks be honest alright so I just failed like a motherfucker at that we're gonna go see if that my cougar is over here then yeah no it's not okay I bet you I probably broke the stables to run to Phil being stop pulling my fucking headset do and I lost my cougar call me and you're going to bed that shit's annoying as fuck I guess don't go in my stream because I'm not gonna see any piece tonight I'm not gonna carry it on over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over for the entire fucking night so I'm gonna go ahead in the stream I appreciate it right for tuning in if you haven't already go and drop me a big fat fucking like definitely stay tuned tomorrow like tomorrow night we'll be live right here on the official JSON Channel same night same place every single day same night same time same place every single day right here on the official Jason Channel is there a co-op video yeah I'm a lady with my daughter for like 20 minutes and then she'll go to bed if I would have kept the co-op method going I could have just macro tit go lay down with my daughter let y'all watch and then come on back honestly but I got into that for a trash has solar method but yeah so I my industry my house talk out tomorrow you haven't already go and drop me a big fat fucking like and don't forget to hit that subscribe button it's your boy Jay Stone and I'm gone