PS Vita 3.70! VHBL & Emulators INSTALLATION! With PSP DEMO Install!

PS Vita 3.70! VHBL & Emulators INSTALLATION! With PSP DEMO Install!

PS Vita 3.70! VHBL & Emulators INSTALLATION! With PSP DEMO Install! 

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PS Vita 3.70! VHBL & Emulators INSTALLATION! With PSP DEMO Install!

what's up gamers hey once again thanks for tuning into the game and rebirth dl channel so what do we have today today we have VHDL for the PlayStation Vita now this is for formers three point seven zero so guys if you're on three point six eight or below do not update now we will need QC ma it's a dig just in case and of course PSV image tools from Silica's front end so once we have those tools we will go ahead and begin but first let's go ahead and get QC ma I will go ahead and leave that link in the description for QC MA you will scroll down the page and you will find the installation for Windows installer 4.1 it should be fairly simple to install just make sure you have QC MA now another great source to follow of course games and consoles came out with the news of the PSV image tools front-end update from silica in Pina now this is a very powerful tool it has many easy installers for the PlayStation Vita you can do Skype arc VHDL which is our focus today as well you can clone bubbles and now it includes the installation of encore or hand core as well it includes Vita shell if you guys have been following me you guys know that we install and Corp through a CM backup file which is super simple also you can read in the article the change lock of what's been going on with the P is the image source the front end of silica in Pina okay so now we're going to go to bitbucket or silica and peanut and download the psv image tools front-end win32 version point seven zero okay so now once we have downloaded the psv image tools then we're just going to do the installation now if you get a prompt from your pc and it does not allow you to run it just click more info and select run anyway and then we just do the simple installation shouldn't take that long guys that is awesome and we are ready to go there you have it we have PSD image tools now we move on to the PlayStation Vita within the PlayStation Vita I'm just going to go to settings system system information you guys can see this PlayStation Vita is on former three point seven zero okay so if you have Hank or do not update this is only for gamers on three point seven zero so now I am going to launch the PlayStation Network and I am going to search for a PSP game you will need a PSP game installed in your PlayStation Vita to make V HPL or emulators work so I'm going to search for demo as you guys can see I can find local rock oh and I'm going to download that demo also there is pets Auto Club now this is in North America or the US store yes can see both games are downloaded and they are installed which is awesome I am excited guys I know many of you have asked me for VH PL and three point seven zero so here it is so we will launch Content Manager now we will need to connect or PlayStation Vita to the PC in a bit I'll show you how to correct if you don't have connection to the PC via your PlayStation Vita so we launch Content Manager once we have our games downloaded from the PlayStation Network first of all we're going to go from the console to the PC applications and then PSP other and we're going to copy those two games to the PC from the PlayStation Vita system okay shouldn't take that long this is awesome now once we're on the PC remember to refresh queue CMAs database it is really important now if you're not able to connect your PlayStation Vita to the PC run siddig select options all devices and search for the PlayStation Vita then we're going to select the drop down and install the driver or in this case replace driver and then you should be fine your Vitas should be recognized via QC ma ok so now I am going to show you guys where to find your documents or your new games because we will need your AI dee' in order for PSD image tools to work so we go to documents and then we're going to search our PlayStation Vita folder so there it is PS Vita and then I'm going to go to P game and choose the profile I have many videos so you guys can see my two games are in there ok so now we lunch PSV image tools we're going to add an account so we go to Account Manager and we select Add Account now you can do it in auto it'll do it for you which is awesome but I like to do it myself so I'm going to put account name PSVita three point seven zero and my a ID would be that random number so I'm going to copy and now within P as the image tools we're going to select control V so that we can paste and then add account okay yes can see we are ready to install V HPL which is awesome so we select easy installers ok so now we do V HPL we select install we select our Perl file and select choose account now you're going to have to pick the game that you want to patch with V HBO in this case is going to be pet saddle club and I'm going to patch with the HP L so it shouldn't take that long and then we're going to get a prompt v HP l backup created a v HP l save data will also be created so make sure you copy that information to the PlayStation Vita so we go and refresh cue CMAs database and now we go to documents again PS Vita and now we go to pee save data okay so now we select our profile and as you guys can see I already have some information in there but the most important one will be VHDL that I will transfer to the PlayStation Vita ok so now up top I have my emulators in my saved data folders I'll go to Haley the emulators and the save data information in the description so you guys can get it so now I am just going to drag my emulator within the save data folder okay so now that it has been dragged inside I'm going to copy that information and put it in the P safe data folder but before that I am going to delete all the old information I had and I'm just going to start fresh ok so I will have vh BL and my save data information with all my emulators within their perspective save data okay so now I am ready I have done everything in the PC once more I will refresh cue CMAs database before I go to the PlayStation Vita ok guys I am excited for this thank you for commenting on creating this video this is for you ok so now we launch Content Manager and we go to applications PSP other and we're going to transfer the patched game to the PlayStation Vita so we're going to copy okay so it shouldn't take that long now if the game is not copying to the PlayStation Vita turn it off and then try it again and it should work okay so now we go to save data and we select PSP other and now we're going to copy all that information and the most important one remember VHDL I had an old one so I'm just going to overwrite it okay depends on the size of your emulators and the roms that you have then they might take a long time to transfer the information to the PlayStation Vita okay so now we're going to test our VH PL and look at that guys we have the HP L on the PlayStation Vita three point seven zero we have all the emulators in here CPS one CPS to NeoGeo Pico drive which Sega Nintendo and Super NES so we launched CPS one you guys can see it is running perfectly now if you press Start and select at the same time you can change the screen as you can see it is running smoothly these emulators are awesome okay so now I am running CPS too I know that these are PSP emulators but they're great for all our gaming right now so now we're going to run I think this is going to be NeoGeo as you guys know I love the King of Fighters so I'm going to run as we see chaos there you have it guys Neo Geo running smoothly as well which is pretty cool now I'm going to run a Nintendo remember that you have to select your roms within the safe data where your emulator is at so there you have it guys Nintendo runs well as well now I'm going to run Pico Drive or Sega I think the Sega games are the hardest ones ever I can never pass them I really never have time ok so now finally as NES so guys go ahead and go get the cucm a PSV image tools VHDL and do a lot of gaming for me this is awesome we will await the hack from the flow for versions three point seven zero if you have Hank or do not update this is only for gamers that do not have any other emulators or they're stuck on Version three point seven zero so this helped rm2 it like subscribe comment share with your friends as always gave me revert out