Playing Video Games Illegally

A video about emulation and piracy. Why would I pay for Mario and Sonic when I can play them both for free? Morals, Son. Morals.

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recently Nintendo released the SNES classic and people went ballistic and what I want to know is why not why did they release the SNES classic the answer to that is money the answer is always money when it comes to business but rather why do people care so this is the SNES classic mini or as we call it in the UK the SH Nez as you can see it comes with 20 plus one games also known as 21 games I mean that's quite an impressive number so what have we actually got here Super Mario World there's pretty standard link to the past Super Metroid zero oh my favorite SNES game zero after all these years how could I possibly forget about – zero I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they meant f-zero and not zero mission because zero mission was a Game Boy Advance game but hey the Game Boy Advance was essentially a snez right so what are they selling all of this for $96 it's pretty good but what's a pretty much an emulator now I don't know about you but I feel 96 dollars is a bit expensive for an emulator I mean I've got one right here it's completely free it's called be Jen or Jen so let's play something let's play some Sonic the Hedgehog I don't remember the startup sounds sounding quite that bad now I don't know about you but I don't think Sykes looking too good – the emulators credit gameplay wise it does seem to be playing pretty well it's just it looks and sounds diabolical but no complaining because it's free right right luckily we don't have to stand for this level of quality we've had decent emulators since the 90s with some notable examples being Jen's Genesis and my favorite mystical basically what I'm trying to say is that you don't need to spend a hundred dollars to play these games but that stealing says the average YouTube viewer using adblock to skip the ads on this video only the lowest scum of society steal well maybe you is right but it's not really stealing it's copying nothing physical is being taken so it's okay game dev Tycoon is a good game for the most part except there's this weird thing where people keep pirating my games then I can't make any money and there's nothing I can do about it it's bad game design how momenta deal with this maybe making copies of a game isn't as carefree as one would initially think as demonstrated here with game dev tycoon it's almost impossible to make a profit due to pirates pirating your game so what we can gather from this is that pirating games is never okay by the snez classic except I kind of wanted to play black and white again but you literally can't buy it anywhere online but that's okay because physical copies are still available got myself my physical copy of black and white right here comes on an old medium called a compact disc let me just put it in my computer maybe physical copies aren't the be-all end-all solution I was looking for for companies going bankrupt after all it's not even like the disc works on Windows 10 anyway loads of old games had something called safe discs to prevent piracy because of this I had to download an OCD crack to make it work kind of ironic that in the long run it made piracy almost mandatory to be able to play the games at all but whatever that's anti-piracy for you developers will do all kinds of stupid anti-piracy measures that all seem to end up backfiring anyway takes poor for instance you could only install it three times most pirated game ever made great job Bravo incredible job fair EA congratulations you know what screw EA 429 for Dungeon Keeper 2 great deal except I can't bear the thought of giving money to Electronic Arts but anyway we were talking about abandonware it's a bit of a GPS topic and no one really knows what counts as abandoned we're officially a software that's not supported or sold by the company anymore but here I am playing some Commander Keen it's completely free I look on the website they're still selling it this can't be legal right but 3d realms don't seem to care this on Steam as well the Commander Keen complete pack except it's not the complete pack you're missing two games you get more games for not paying than you do for actually paying legally I don't understand I thought you're trying to discourage piracy not promote it this is a copy of Adobe Photoshop it's not a legal copy of Adobe Photoshop because a legal copy of Adobe Photoshop costs a buttload of money that I don't have well don't use it then you might say well if I didn't use this Premiere Pro and audition I wouldn't be able to make this video to the quality that it is some of you might think that's a good thing and if you think that then why are you here go watch a video you like otherwise subscribe button I need I was actually gonna buy Premiere Pro but the free trial of the latest version was a complete buggy mess and so I pirated a version that actually worked good job Adobe billion-dollar producer of industry standard products and they're still full of bugs great work but that's enough of my adventures in piracy the real question is is the snez classic actually worth it with how easy it is to play these games these days I mean I can just open up Google and play Super Mario World right there in my browser sure the controls suck but still works but then again even if I wasn't a pirate I'd still be kind of skeptical I mean the Genesis flashback is a fraction of the price it also has 64 more games on it the review score isn't looking too great though on the Y 80 games oh no oh no for those of you unaware at games made the Genesis fire core and let's just say it wasn't the best iteration of the console I mean the games played okay it's just the sound oh well still a step up from Dee Jen the genesis flashback also has a cartridge slot unlike the snez classic I mean what games are you actually going to play on this Super Mario World I could buy an actual snez in Super Mario World for like $20 you see I've got my old Mega drive/genesis right here it still works let me just plug it into my TV now where does it go what does this do what sort of stuff what does what does RF mean it's too difficult for me I need HDMI cable is compatible with my television maybe the past isn't so intuitive if you wanna buy a snez classic it's not like I'm gonna do anything about it but then again I'd just buy a 2ds for the same price and then buy all these games on the eShop then it also doubles as being a 2d S and it can play modern games as well does that and it's also portable so you can take it anywhere but that's just me it's just a stupid video about emulation and piracy don't take it seriously kids in the beam in the big