Playing GTA 5 Without BREAKING LAWS!

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hey guys welcome back to my channel today we're doing a new challenge on grand theft auto 5 that's right we're doing challenges in single-player today we're gonna try and play GTA without breaking any loss now I realize this is gonna be difficult the name of the game is literally about stealing a car but we're gonna try anyway my safe game ladies and gentlemen is pretty beast I have actually completed the game by a hundred percent which means you know I made pretty much the maximum amount of money I can get I did everything possible and now I've got myself this huge mansion and I want to retire being a criminal I want to become a normal citizen and you know if you want to be a normal citizen you can't break any laws so I think we should get started okay what do you do to make money as a normal citizen that's that's quite a difficult question but I've got an idea okay let's get in my car this is my car I'm not gonna steal it this is my car oh okay I'll get rid of the gun I'm not sure if we're allowed to carry guns but alright so I think we should drive to the lo Santos Golf Club and try out some golfing now we have a little issue traffic lights we're gonna have to wait for those as well where do we go can we go this way are we allowed to I think we are right all right speed limits and we got to make sure we don't go too fast so yeah breaking any laws also means like driving like an actual person look at this perfect perfect what's up dude you got a nice vehicle of a day maybe he's going golfing too and I go think if you go to the left or allowed to go but nobody's going to the left okay we're allowed to go now oh these traffic lights are a little bit confusing alright so we're on our way to the golf club and I'm not exactly sure if you can make money there but I'm pretty sure that if you golf pretty well you'll get tipped by spectators and I'd you know something like that we're gonna have to make money guys all right let's get the left lane can we go Alma did I touch him did I I'm not sure if I touched him still I'm not sure if that's breaking the law I'm I mean a traffic collision can happen I'm not sure if that's breaking the law or not it was an accident alright so I gotta go to the left here and then figure out how I could enter the golf club this is gonna be interesting wait why is my window smashed let's pretend that didn't happen alright let's go I think we got a green light we're good to go to the left okay then we got to take this exit over here alright we have a stop sign but I think we're good to go let's go all right over hi make sure you stop when it says stop you know what I'm saying alright can we enter we have to wait for anyone here and I think I think we're good to go this is cool guys this is really nice okay this way to the right or to the left I mean no where do we park we'll just park right up here okay we'll park right up here alright that was pretty successful only one broken window wasn't my fault alright how you doin ladies y'all gotta play some golf today wait the entry fee to play golf is $100 alright we're here with our buddy why am i holding the golf club like it's a weapon that is not a good thing we're here at the first shot ah where's the where's the finish is that the finish right over there I'm not sure thing is that way all right we're just gonna shoot as far as possible okay how does this work I've never played golf before in this game and hey whoa I was a pretty good shot guys that was a pretty good shot I can't believe I'm playing golf and thought oh nice shot look at that all right let's see how Todd is gonna do todd todd my goodness Todd why do you have to be such a pro everything I'm life alright it's time for our second shot oh you can also see on the map where you're gonna are you're gonna get I guess I'll be right there alright well we're gonna stay with this club I'm gonna shoot to right over here alright let's swing – oh man that was not a great shot that was not a great shot oh I see the flag todd todd of course Todd is the best of this game look at them look at him look at him go actually oh oh we got in the sand Oh unlucky unlucky Todd alright we're gonna try and hit it in ah this is gonna be interesting guys this is gonna be interesting swing no oh my goodness what a terrible shot what a terrible shot that is really difficult guys yes oh my goodness it was a great shot come on come on come on come on come on roll Oh all right Todd how are you gonna do in that putt No he's gonna do great of course he's gonna do great no no no no no no no Todd I lost I was hoping I was gonna make some money all right there we go we got a double bogey I lost I guess that's not really how you make money in this game yeah all right so I want to try something else to make money all right we play golf now that was actually quite interesting and also quite fun but how do people who've already established in life make money I guess they're in the real estate business and probably stocks and shares so what we can do is we can make money using stocks and shares so these some stocks who could buy all right let's go to the market you don't know anything about stocks and shares don't you worry about it okay it's about like prices and stuff we've got a company called shark guess this is for the shark cards it's actually doing quite well right now it went up 0.5% you know what we're gonna do we're just gonna buy a whole bunch of shares look maybe in two hours or so the stock price could be up here at 20 and it'll be a billionaire I already am well I want to make it three billion all right let's buy some stocks guys as I make money guys this is how you make money all right we're gonna buy let's go with I have 1 million okay this is closer to a million Oh 1.5 all right that's a lot of stocks let's hope it goes up I just spend 1.2 billion on stocks all right all we got to do now is wait for the stock price to go up and then we have legally made money and grand theft auto 5 all right so we're on our way to the gun shop it should be right in front of us over here somewhere all right it says we're not allowed to do a u-turn but the shop is right there you might be like jelly why are you going to a gun shop well something that you are allowed to do in this game that is not against the law with guns come on it's green light come on it's a green light Ron it's a it's literally green and now he's going on a yellow and now I have to wait are you kidding me well something that we are allowed to do in this game is that's right we can hunt animals with sniper rifles and that's not against the law so that's what we're gonna do because it's pretty cool for all right we got a green light finally wait hello buddy come on all right now we need to make a u-turn somehow are we allowed to do that we're not allowed to make a u-turn here either you kidding me how do I get to the gun shop wait I have an idea I should go to the right yeah that's right if I go to the right right again right yeah yeah you get it all right we got another green light let's get out of here guys it's so stupid following the law in this game all right here we are if we get a green light now we'll be able to enter the gun shop green yay speed limits all right here we go turn to the right do not enter sorry I'm sorry we're not allowed to enter here aah all right if we go to the right over here I think we will be able oh my goodness what are you doing hello ha and to the right oh my goodness that took way too long ok parking no that's for disabled people we need to park right over here Oh perfect oh there we go we finally made it it's really dark right now all right so what gun do we want guys we've got a whole bunch to choose from now remember we're gonna hunt deer so we won't need guns like these I think this one is pretty good we do have a suppressor on it that's good a scope advanced scope ooh oh look at that I guess we do want the wooden finish yeah that said that's what we need that's the gun we need it so let's just get this one while we're at it okay I guess we'll get it in a pink tint yep all right so I think that's pretty much the only gun we'll need and we don't need this something we could use no I don't think grenades and anything like that is allowed Jerry can't no no we don't need jerrycans pistols I don't think we need those now we do need them in the machete yeah we probably need a machete a hammer nah hatchet nah nah kill duster no we're not gonna do that a bottle or a dagger oh wait we already have a dagger okay all right so I guess we got the guns we need now let's actually get some proper hunting tops or whatever you call him there's not that much to choose from actually that's why it's pretty good the forest shooting vest sounds accurate sunglasses yeah just in case uh it gets really sunny out there you know there's those are pretty cool I'm not really satisfied with my shorts they don't really go with the forest shooting vest unfortunately I can't actually buy any other shorts here strange hunters how safe is your rifle pretty safe I'd say it's quite late right now it is 1:15 in the night we should go to bed all right and then once we wake up in the morning we will leave – I think this area over here or somewhere over here guys with plenty of forests alright so I'm actually gonna head to bed right now and then I'll see you in the morning alright it is currently nine o'clock in the morning and we are on our way to the beautiful forest of lo Santos it's gonna take a little while to drive there I'm actually not sure where the most deer are maybe over here in this area were over here in this area how about we just take the highway and then we just drive up north okay I think that's the best idea to do I don't really want to drive through all that all right so we're driving up the hills in lo Santos right now I'm not really sure where I'm going ahead but I hope we'll find some deer or birds or whatever I think we can shoot so I go with it really quickly and apparently hunting is allowed in this game but I'm not sure if if Michael is because in the storyline the only guy you get to hunt with is Trevor if you don't know Trevor it's not that guy on the right but realistically speaking if Trevor's allowed to hunt so am I so we're just gonna try our best and do some legal hunting perhaps without a license I don't know wait is that is that an animal right there guys oh I've spotted a wild animal in the land of where our lakes and Kudo logos and coot I'm not sure okay so backing up might not be legal that that was also probably not legal all right we're gonna have to go to the left here I'm not sure if that's legal huh I'm gonna have to park my car and then once we found ourselves a parking spot you are gonna be shot today is it legal to park here come on bus hurry up bus bus oh my goodness what is it doing this looks like a parking spot perhaps for buses but it's fine all right so let's hit our way down to this uh I don't know what is that even not really a forest it's kind of kind of an open area really I've actually never hunted in this game before I'm not exactly sure if I did but probably not we're just gonna have to hide in some bush the skies get our scope out and shoot it that's what hunting is all about am i right fine we're in stealth mode right now no animal can hear us or smell us or see us especially because we've got the camo shirt on let's get ourselves our advanced sniper rifle hello there my little friend wait where's it going hey stop walking trying to escape for me little ducky is it a duck might be a bird I'm not sure well ducks technically a bird right all right the animal is out of sight we're gonna have to get a little bit closer to it not sure if I'm allowed to run around with a gun like this but I consider this hunting hello there those are actually pretty far away oh no we got some people we got some people fishing am I allowed to shoot this close to people I don't know maybe not but I'm gonna do it anyway look at him look at him look good okay once he stands still I'm gonna go for the shot stand still below buddy stand still little buddy stand still come on oh no I'm just gonna go for the heart oh my goodness I just legally hooked in an animal I hope he was instantly dead because I don't want I don't want to you know yeah you know what I mean so sorry it's just for the video it's just a game as well is this the game can we cut it up I want the meat I'm gonna give it to my family yeah I don't think we can this is not exactly read every demson but we did it guys we actually managed to legally hunt down an animal how about we try and get a bird I know it's possible I just out of out of focus out of focus come on come on yes I got it I got the bird oh my goodness guys I just hunted a bird I think he might have fallen in the water or is it that one not sure well uh now you guys know how to play Grand Theft Auto five legally and still be able to shoot guns cuz you're allowed to hunt in this game where are my feet max a downtown cab there you go alright all I gotta do now is wait about 25 minutes and then we're back in our car alright let's get in the back of the cab uh could you please take me to what are you staring at me like that I don't really like that my car is gone my car got stolen alright let's go back to our house we're in the taxi I'm not driving myself you see completely legal although hopefully it doesn't break any laws I don't want that please don't break any laws oh he's great sitting in the back of a taxi you know I wonder how much this is gonna cost how do I tell him do not break any laws guys oh look at that there's people running on the beach for the dogs alright come on don't break any laws I think it was fine not even breaking the speed limit what a nice guy two thousand years later alright ten minutes later we have finally made it to our destination two hundred dollars really we're back at our house I'm not sure where my car went maybe the police took it because I was putting it on a wrong spot so technically I didn't break a law there but we've made it to the end of the video we're quickly gonna check what happened to our stocks and shares see if I made any money let's go to boss sack alright well I hope I made money I'm not exactly sure if I did right now we're just gonna sell everything there we go oh you made bra feed over your total investment in the stock market that's great guys I actually did end up making profit and that ladies and gentlemen is how you play grand theft auto 5 without breaking any laws if you enjoyed it leave a like at this video at 10,000 likes I'll do another cool challenge like this subscribe to the channel if you're new around here make sure you get yourself some merch on jelly store comm we've got some sweet new things make sure you go check that out thanks for watching I'll catch you the next one boo though thank you guys so much for 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