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playing gta5 as a baby yeah that's us today cos we're gonna be playing GTA 5 as this little fella we're a little baby this is your family they're also pretty and we start up in the house just like when you're a kid and I believe the front door it's locked so how can we escape out of this house if the front door is locked well awesome what we did was we escaped through the back door you know the family is over you guys this is why you don't let any babies well grind unattended it's also not working both the doors are locked we did to close student to the family they're gonna take us it's my brother that's my sister that's my mom by the way meet my family this is our fireplace so I was thinking maybe we can climb own you know climb through the fireplace but that's definitely not gonna work we can watch some television oh hey we're a baby look at television this is what it looks like first person view as a baby by the way look everything is so big look at this chair it's so big so let's just run upstairs babies can run upstairs okay in GTA 5 right away this is just a mod for fun this is nothing crazy I believe there's a sneaky little spot here where we can sneak out of this window and there we go we managed to escape we're now outside of the house however we have a little bit of a problem and that is that if we fall down here we're definitely dead so I'm thinking what if we climb down this side what if we walk down the side over here make her right to there or the other side let's do the other side well that went surprisingly well we're now over here and I believe that there might be a better way to get down here I was thinking maybe we land in that Bush over there or we jump into this tree what do you cops think we can definitely survive it okay if we jump in that Bush over there we should be fine let's go oh no oh wow my god the baby did a barrel roll you're a pit baby you're the coolest baby I've ever seen in my life look at this – also look at this guy is a minigun we can also have oh my god this is this is hilarious okay let's wait wait wait a baby with a baseball bat don't mess around with this guy don't mess around with this guy okay let's see what this baby can do here in gta5 well there's a family I want to know if you drop a baby in the water in GTA 5 this is GTA 5 okay this is all fake guys I'm not gonna do this in real life I'm not a psychopath does he swim the baby just walks under water oh no okay well so the baby can not release with him I mean what else were we expecting he's literally just underwater this is the first person to you baby how could you do that okay well definitely don't put your baby in in the water in gta5 they can also not swim oh my god can you play tennis of course you cannot play tennis as a baby how dumb are you well you know what babies can do drive cars and that's what we're gonna do I want to see all the things that a baby can do in gta5 let's get in the car whoa first of all why did he jump in like that second of all baby you're just sitting on the gas pedal you're not even searing look at your hands this is not legal people are gonna look at the car and go oh my god is it ghost driving that let's say let's drive around GTA and and see what I see what we can find see what kind of fun activities do you do as a baby in gta5 and no we're not gonna do the same thing as when we were a kid because that's just messed up like that stuffs not allowed so instead we're gonna be beating up some people right over here what's up my man you like to get punched by a baby oh my god people are like what is this demon baby doing over here get back over here we got a gun yeah don't mess around with this baby oh my god here's a sniper now look at this look at this you thought you were gonna get away you thought you were gonna get away not from us hahaha get back in the car baby get back into the car unless there's some more fun stuff let's make our way to the airport maybe we can do something fun over there oh wait but first can we go shopping I mean I don't know how to park the cars so I mean I'm just literally just a baby let's see can we go in these shops unfortunately not kids not allowed it says there what we can do is grab our mini gun and just shoot a few people over there oh my god baby you cannot do this are you kidding me baby look at this guy look at this dude are you this this is jokes this is just that's our car that was our car what else baby how about how about this RPG how about we do something fun with it just like you know we just shoot we just shoot at people hey that's a nice car okay clearly babies cannot get wanted levels because they're babies okay babies cannot commit crimes this is all our parents the police is currently arresting our parents yeah I bet you didn't think that was gonna happen so let's figure out what else can you do as a baby in gta5 oh I know what we can do I know we can do first of all we need to get a car which which suits us a little bit better I'm thinking this mini car I mean we're a baby after all every car is big for us except for this one I was gonna say maybe we can upgrade it but Who am I kidding I mean the baby's literally hanging underneath this car on the ground and oh I can't see anything I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I literally cannot see anything I'm just a baby I'm just a baby guys what were you expecting oh my god sorry mom sorry dad oh no that's not mom and dad oh my god I have such a good idea I have such a good idea oh my god this is what we have to do this is what we're gonna do this is why we were born get right over here and I believe we can enter it somewhere in this building and go all the way to the top oh boy cops we're here this is gonna be awesome I've always wanted to go parachuting and skydiving as a little baby like who doesn't want to do that so I'm thinking we jump to the airport and then over there we can fly our plane and it's just gonna be awesome so let's get over here and jump in three two one oh it's a baby parachuting up with a parachute baby oh my God he's actually parachuting this is awesome girls look at him or even steering left and right this works perfectly oh my god I thought maybe the parachute was gonna be just a little bit too big turns out it's definitely not it's amazing look at us parachuting oh look at us parachuting look at it's just flying over here slowly making our way to the highway where we're gonna steal a car and go to the airport oh my god this is awesome you know we're just slowly flying around slowly gliding around this is beautiful this is why I love GTA 5 because you can play as a baby and do a bunch of crazy things oh my god why don't we get a jetski and make our way to the airport on a jetski oh yes I know I'm a genius is this for real they're saying yes this is a flying baby okay we just got really long arms for a second Hey look there's some people over here whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what did you just say what did you eat Chucky okay that's not working you know what just grab the gun just just grab the gun much much easier so I I thought I thought it was gonna be smart getting this jet ski you might be wondering where did the baby go over like inside of the Jets if you see my arms we're literally inside of the jet ski so yeah over there you can see our head sticking out sometimes we are inside of the jet ski making our way to the airport and at the airport we're just gonna get a beautiful plane and we're gonna be flying around because haven't you always wanted to fly a plane since you were a baby yeah that was me I've always wanted to fly a plane or or ride a bicycle and jump off baby Hey look we're mates I think something is very very wrong with you that's not how your I can be of a this is not how you're right look this is the eye your eye too BMX guys just just take some notes please I've been biking my entire life this is there's something wrong with this what do you mean Jordi there's something wrong I don't see anything wrong with this let's keep on biking and oh my god this is even worse this is even worse look did you did you see that what is happening over here with the baby I'm definitely being put up on the list for making a video playing gta5 as a baby just know that I love you cops okay what should we fly definitely that plane right over there the little one okay perfect just just go over there and jump off oh no don't baby I'm so sorry that was a complete accident I was there I was not supposed to do that okay getting to the plane Oh once again the baby it's like he doesn't see much the bay really cannot see that much I feel like yeah yeah now he's sinking out underneath there again maybe you're doing an amazing job over here however flying a plane I don't think we should allow babies to do that it's very very dangerous you might actually hurt yourself you don't even know how to take a seat okay you're not even telling up baby come on hey baby baby your flight straight to a ball oh okay no babies fine baby's fine how about we jump out of the plane right now because this is just getting too dangerous and boom anyways cops ha ha look at this dude that was playing GTA 5 as a baby I hope you enjoyed this video quick disclosure it's just a game this is not a real baby ok he's actually his name is Pablo and he's 27 years old anyways thank you so much crunchy bye-bye