Playing Call of Duty Battle Royale with my Friends

Playing Call of Duty Battle Royale with my Friends

This is basically first person Fortnite… but in COD. Call of Duty Battle Royale Gameplay – this time with my friends!
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Today we play the the amazing battle royale mod on Call of Duty: Black Ops III. This mod was super fun the first time around, but you guys requested that I play it with my friends, so here we are! This makes Black Ops 3 feel like a completely different game. I had a fun time getting some wins, but there are also funny moments & fails! Be sure to check out all my friends’ channels down below if you haven’t already. Thanks for watching!

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Hyper –
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Here’s the link to download the Battle Royale Mod. Keep in mind that it is only available on BO3 for PC –

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Playing Call of Duty Battle Royale with my Friends

hey guys a while ago I uploaded a video playing a Call of Duty battle royale mod and in that video I asked you if you guys would want to see me play this with my friends and literally everybody said yes so this is that video playing the cause of the battle royale mod with my friends if you enjoy please leave a like I would really appreciate it thank you if we can get everybody watching to like the video and then tell their mom to like the video maybe we can get a lot of likes so leave a like enjoy the video this is a black ops 3 battle royale basically we're gonna you'll see you'll see I don't want to explain it I played this before we played this you cheater yeah but then people commented like hey play with your friends and now I'm gonna play with my my fade still alone I won every game oh actually where we landed boys boy what does X do change your location if you want to land somewhere else Milland tilted Atlanta I'm not we're not on the same teams we're on different teams what's the squad up push went through the building it would just you finish five okay no you're not supposed to team up with a missus done here cuz you're not supposed to team up hyper take them both out alright did you back here bodies lonely la Heidi line you dead board right now you really don't want to be here tag a friend that wants V box thanks for that crispy if you could say one thing to the girl watching this where'd you say make sure you leave a like asleep we all team up against crispy funny actually because I'd win we can I punch on the way down oh yeah you can you what all right don't kill me all right who was that those me anyone for teaming up no teams ha ha what do you fly after you die why is it so laggy gonna go super slow so doesn't lag name is brighter stylist I'm about to get a four kill battle real damn don't let him do this for you laughing yeah crispy what gun do you after I'm lucky I didn't have samurai sword there's no guns I got you with the pickaxe bro there you go I'm gonna do this live stem sixteen oh my god you crazy yeah I was getting some steel how many rounds are there yeah I just got a gun from a different game let's Mac ammo Sten I wait where's crispy at me he's got him he's rapper gun for me I got a drum gun storms coming in the storm risk Kristi camping at I'll leave a pistol jisu another thing I camping they totally evil is always running I haven't stopped moving this entire game oh look what I just picked up oh my god you're dying right now let's go get the scar is your scar old scar oh I heard him he's over here is easy no wait he's getting you soon so just one shot right Ben I think you regen health yeah we're still teaming gz DS yeah yeah leave me alone I'm gonna let the yeah close range brings a gun to here where's my flirt juice who is this let's be friends I've even seen they're gonna miss Kimia I expected yeah what gun is it don't appear like a ping pong ball what oh it's red what do you want now training versus disease no God training with those with a pump and these with the weevil SMG the crispy to the paracord annoying huh come on why so you can edit the thing it over per fortnight overlay yes my body is splashed on a wall somewhere I would like a wall somewhere I don't know where keyboard yeah there's the last one let's get it let's get it cool all right this one takes all is great it's so useful oh my god I'm not what do you pick up a gun in I just picked up a gun it had one extra bullet my reloaded and I got vegetable they start least over 0 M off stop I'm out of ammo you are okay let's have a let's have a fistfight alright well yeah I had another gun pulled up my gun at the last second to have to instigator on [Applause] hit the same pose we had to do it to whom could be thrown hardcore for this I don't think I could put all you can hardcore might break the game I don't know how this works which one looks most like the fortnight map on to under great one is there yeah well you do redwood there's a bunch of trees we get shot down fine that's another reason both alright I was treason tonton Macoutes Ford is there he's gonna display a picture there John wick they've only built that fool he built a full goddamn cabin vacation season 5 not wears person for name a little bit of a sneak peak here first person oh you're dead ok most clickbait title ever first person alive map why stop punching me I didn't loot I need a gun oh my god I still don't even have a gun find one it was a craziest one that grind it over the roof I'm on top of somebody how those moles – sniper oh you're dead you're dead whoever this is oh we're all three of us a single punch yeah it might be host advantage bullet rhenium has picked it up with a gas stream has the scar he got the gas you know jeez oh yeah God that was they called again he's like running you let me switch to it please please too soon for the fight let me load gonna reload I just lost so much damage fall damage do a live reaction of this oh my god guys please first person for ma'am X the spam Mac to do a little kid plays season 5 got a ballistic knife a combat knife great wake up Sudha it's all over well what's what you just dodged my knife who's coming at me oh my god oh my god 300 meters snipe another one be one night I can't get your Lu hyper get it like nothing is it's not gonna show it's a tie why should a time how is it not gonna show that that was that cross map all right everybody quit I've nursed it only doesn't when I win oh it's showing the killcam for me you guys all love it and I get to see it really oh my god yeah you missed him completely to beg twice no I'm spawning in by myself now where we led