OUTRAGEOUS Kill Feed! – PS4 Apex Legends High Kill Win

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Back playing Pathfinder, back finding easy lobbies on this low-levelled account. I hope you guys enjoy the console Apex Legends videos!

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papers of God to treat welcome back to another video today we are playing some more apex legends of force and today's game is a little bit hectic it's a little bit wild okay I get a bunch of kills again it was only my second game of the day and I have noticed a fairly substantial difference in the people that I've come across or even team with on apex legends between my main account which is at the moment level 74 I believe not the highest level not level hundred but it's up there and this account i'm playing on now which is level 7 i believe it's around that it's less than 10 it's lower than 10 and i'm pretty sure there is some sort of matchmaking which allows newer players to play against newer players which is great it's good that new players don't get complete admonished by full teams of level hundreds however i just thought it was interesting that when i played on this new account which is this isn't why i made it by the way of course i made this new pathfinder account because my main one has the world's greatest pathfinder banner i was always interesting that i went on his lower account and it was far more enjoyable to play and as terms of it was so much more casual i feel like i could make so many mistakes and none of them got punished but let me know what your thoughts are about that in the comment section down below and before this video starts i just want to give a quick shout out to my other channel i'm gonna be posting games die and draw on their i've started back up purely for fun if you'd like a battlefield is what i'ma blowed into moments battles five battles one there's going to be some videos on there from time to time a few a week at least and i'll be posting some videos and they're just of games that i'm enjoying playing just for a bit of fun on the site so if you're interesting that they'll be a link in the description down below there's already a new video on there or right now for anyway I'm gonna let you guys get into the PlayStation 4 Apex legends action I'll see one of five half seconds my friends my teammates a buncha maniacs work we've got a combined level of about twelve and unlike Els land school town with a high tea leaves I would have landed there but I don't and that school town again must begin a little bit monotonous to watch I mean I enjoy landing there but to watch it might be a bit samey sanely I was a completely pointless you've got a rifle that's the most point of scrapple of this entry I'm gonna go out there and say fairly CERN is true I won't lie to you guys where's my teammate Gandhi come on Tim it's actually gone to market I think that's actually where I pinned so Oh scrapple luck that all right that was the most pointless we've taken the crane already I got in here I've got armor someone's gonna fall for you boys hey where you off to she makes these people here I know if anyone cares there we go team down friends team down it's a little bit of a game there when both you at the door you don't know where you're just trying to go a chicken oh you came over he cooked in you as soon as some assume some Luke was it was appearing out of nowhere maybe you came over to help he partied deeds all right well first god damn that's not too shabby got some extra but it's my a wink man my grapples have been absolutely tragic but listen as always a charmer best got to pick up the obligatory sniper scope sorry sniper sniper Scott what is it stock that's the one that I will not use but I'll still pick it up because let's go this way that's that's what I'm like I was walking now use that lifeline Oh arc star already had one apparently I'm down to go this way because that's where school time wasn't even though I can't land there I can still run over afterwards because it's the high tier loot area and these guys will have a lot of stuff I'm sure I feel like I should be taking this energy Emma because I'll just I'll tell you what I just lived the devotion too much and if I see one I'll be mad but I won't have enough ammo where can you go ping that use a zip line friends I'm going to school tame this way with an evite shotgun in a wing Mon and level one armor I'm going in and set the portal that's great let's see who's here still is the high tier loot supply bins and opens there's something puzzling here saying light mag or Mazal take it there's also Jeff Oh oh that's a those an Arthur I want is next to the light ammunition got to keep this stuff I want I want a decent AR so when I do get like if I get an R throw one oh here we go I told you I told you these is gonna happen I'll tell what nobody decent not one of you guys listened or something what I'm gonna do here is this and then drop that scrap alert over this way BX crapola over this way my friends are we're gonna meet up hey I am on the radar not too bad 45 seconds I'm trying to catch up to the old shooting in the distance if I can Oh down here down here down here th that over here please come over and help I'm gonna wait for the shield to go because even if he peeks out of it he's shooting aren't you don't help them I'm gonna go help my teammate there's a team here I've seen they don't they don't seem too good but imma try the going whoa whoa Harmeet down friend that rake isn't turning around turn around Rafe don't engage in another team what why would you want to get their attention when there's people behind us that makes those things a murdered and French I absolutely destroyed their lives never gonna help this right but I need more energy a mellow song I might quickly try and loot body shields any drones I walk straight went straight past him even though I said I needed them alright there we go that would that be fine do you know I'm coming where are they keeping a Mac ping I'm out ping them out the guy here justjust take cover what's going cover you've been in this gunfight for half an hour I let go of you I let go my 80s phone that wasn't purposeful just so you know obviously you got purple I need a lie fine too means he's gonna heal that up real quick I'll then go I need to heal up myself the Lifeline isn't coming over to help he's just looting this this is unbelievable these guys have absolutely zero care for each other looting I dare you it's tough when shopping for toys easy to land they go you've got a devotion to yeah we're gonna shield though I have no shield batteries that sucks that's two down on this guy's purple shield someone finish our league oh nice job teammate oh my god B squared that'll int gets got a turbocharger for me he had a devotion with the turbocharger he had of God backpack and purple shield where did you lose maybe they've won school town which I don't know how they did that because they weren't the greatest players I don't mean but you know it wasn't shrouding disease we were coming across was he I can't believe that teammate one left our lifeline alone to die and then completely and then and then their lifeline decided that he was going to loop my kills for half an hour whilst I tried to fight a team of three I mean aren't you guys do we help you boy out over here I'm trying my best I mean the right there's only left so I mean that's done for that one's that one's a goner I'm still trying the old backpack I mean I just don't really seem nice nice name otherwise too many of these put it at this range you can easily run through too many too many shots is what you seem like some of these are my gold backpack of justice today once day one sector drew from donation are you absolute monarch you're a maniac I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing I swear it official battery I swear II there is definitely skill based matchmaking on this game I know I've got I know that I've got stuff that I don't need but I want to keep it just in case I do find a knife in fact I won't use the I throw one will I so I don't need that shield cells I don't need that I need the fence kit before this guy there we go and then I can just this is bit less lower-priority so can leaving in the bag I mean I've got tanked us it 100% I play two games today and in both games the squads that I've been in has at a combined level of about twelve seems it won't be too far off twelve so maybe I saw skill basis maybe sitting a little bit level base but it's not a problem not complaining about it cuz I don't think the games are too difficult on my on my main account even though I play server I think it's actually kind of a good thing that if you're brand new to the game you don't just join a game where you know everyone's game demolished however I'm not brand new to the game and I can get into these lobbies just by making a new account which is not why I did it you all know I definitely think there is something going on with it this guy's actually got a pretty good shot you know he's taking that quite a few people it's pretty new to that it's find new to the game in terms of just like level but in terms of FPS ease I reckon he's pretty good good Java sod what'd you get French up Lana nice what's this shotgun bolt don't need that I do need that oh if you have a school piece or I'll come across one oh he's like an easel agony flagging your batteries oh no having to my voice it's your batteries and I go back back it's a name a more iconic ado up you won't be able to so don't even don't even try I think it was further away than these by just wants to be up top whoa I did feel threat I got the Lucas game this is iconic wait I'll be careful here I need them to properly engage in that team because it's two people there and it's one person up top there you go so soon is like push-ups that team then I can get behind them in fact I'll just do you know check out if I get high ground on this guy I'll be able to shredding without him broody realizing what's going on let me throw in a two bees friend and that way and they and that way oh you're lagging friends friends friends lots of all the connection shoes sorry next to me didn't mean to do that teammate please honestly there's a level based matchmaking on least 100% did you take the portal no right well unless these framed up if you remember make the sky so creamy where you can under where you run off to he's one shot please Dante might kill that's fine watch out though cuz that thing's gonna drop down in a second oh okay for your friends get it quick oh it's thinking come down thanks not know who he's and the good news ease he's a lifeline so it's gonna be even quicker all right be there's 100 percent 100 percent level based matchmaking I this never happens I swear give me some of these there's only one Scott left so I don't need probably don't need more than that right if I if I'd need more than 200 rooms to kill a team then I'm doing something wrong I think I literally just got a quad feed in that in that gunfight as well i down some of the arc star I was loving aids for days I killed someone that we know because he was done about for health my grapples have been absolutely tragic this game absolutely horrendous well here we go oh I thought my Scalia touched never mind he would have been call well you got to watch out for that because whenever diving board is safe there are always people around hold on am I got to get all that time free to do the ones in gold we're top team I can weave a line here now you go first you'd be the Buddha sponge I'll come I can right behind and I'll just zoom up like this with with a turbocharger devotion oh it's all the white slum lakes that's fine we got some high ground here I mean I'm gonna camp up here because that means that they're not tempting appear so that's a good thing all right we should get out of here then I guess we should its insulin Lakes if we go over to the right come this way friends wait let me so I come this way it forgot to the rice I didn't realize this before until I played I think I was doing it no you see I was I thinking two pair of happy trapping in the distance you can get up top like through this way I think if this is indeed verities if not then on the fall I may be a fool I've done east past all right here you know in my other goal knock down he doesn't it's almost down there I messed him up I think he's got a devotion as well just so didn't get her a vibe from anyone down this way down this way oh my god I mean he doesn't even know what's going on here he doesn't he's tonight's end there too it wasn't even impressive I think I lost 17 kills like 15 down into that fight I 17 kills I don't think I came across anyone that was half as good as I would on my on my main account the difference is unbelievable 17 kills 2072 damage good great friends I mean it was a really fun game I'll say that much about it the cod feed was great that was that was a highlight