Out With The OLD – In With The OLD – Do NOT Use New Mod 16 Gear In Neverwinter

Out With The OLD – In With The OLD – Do NOT Use New Mod 16 Gear In Neverwinter

In this neverwinter gameplay i explain the benefits of using the old gear still for dps classes instead of the new gear in mod 16.
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Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic PC Case
Asus Hero vii x470 Motherboard
AMD Ryzen 2700x Processor
Corsair Led RGB 16GB DDR4 Memory
Asus Strix GTX 1070TI Graphics Card
ElGato HD60 Pro Game Capture Card
Corsair 750W Power Supply
Aigo White LED Ring Fans
Samsung 970 Pro 512GB M.2 Hard Drive
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Out With The OLD – In With The OLD – Do NOT Use New Mod 16 Gear In Neverwinter

as I'm gazing around the sky in the protectors Enclave I noticed that it's changed it's dark we have this terrible celebration of Lyra event going on and yes trust me I am gonna be making a video about it but it's one of those few times Neverwinter when protectors Enclave the Sun Goes Down and it just stays dark for like ever and if you have some fireworks you can shoot them off as well and if you're watching this video man I hope you guys had a good 4th of July yesterday but we don't want to talk about inside of this video man is something that needs to be addressed and I've tried to address it in the past and I addressed it in my control wizard build video but it really really needs to be addressed and a PSA needs to come out and you guys need to help other players because it has gotten out of hand and the topic of this video is gonna be about gear it's gonna be about all the new gear that we got inside of mod 16 Neverwinter and that's why it's gonna be out with the old gear and in with the new gear and what that basically means is if you're a DPS class stop using the new gear it is not as good as the old gear so what is going on YouTube the assist man and yes I have damnit as you can tell I'm coming back at you guys with a nother Neverwinter YouTube video and inside of this video man like I just got done talking about we are going to talk about the old gear versus the new gear of Neverwinter and is it better to use the new gear or the old gear of Neverwinter because I'm seeing a lot of people running around talking a lot of big-time stuff saying that they're really really good and then I inspect them and see what they're wearing and I'm just like not that ain't gonna cut it so if you guys do enjoy this video man take a moment right now please do not forget to hit that thumbs up like button if you're one of the people that still likes to wear the new gear just for item level to increase your item level and make people think that you are better than you are then hit that dislike button and if you have not subscribed to my channel man make sure you hit that subscribe button as well because subscribing is absolutely free so let's go ahead and talk about it the new gear of Neverwinter let's go to the collection sheet I see a lot of people running around man a lot of people running around in this mod talking about in yawning portal that there if lum it's not even if guys it's not I F plumb its LF looking for not I F but they're saying that they're if Lum that's our 24 K DPS 25 k DPS and then I inspect them and I look at the gear that wearing and I'm like no that's that's not good it's not and then I call out looking for a DPS four layers of manmade and I get people that tell me to invite them that they're 24k 25k that they always finish number one in DPS and layers of the mad maids by a mile and I said okay and I invite them and then me and my buddy do like 80 million DPS and they do 30 and we're 2,000 item level lower than them and then they're like wow what happened what happened is you're using the wrong stuff now if you look at this armor of the successor that came out none of this gear is good is better than any of the old gear for DPS classes now for tanks for clerics for support a lot of this gear is best in slot because it gives you more defense more hit points and blah blah blah but for DPS classes we need to rely on a raw damage to go ahead and do damage and that is why any piece of gear that it's equipped bonus has a percent damage increase is going to always be better than any of the new gear and that's that's just it it's just a fact so if you're still running around with these you know these types of gear on you're doing yourself a discus tiss if you're using the mantled robe of the successor and you're a great weapon fighter or a trickster rogue that plays a melee class or our combat HR if you're running around using this over the fury Keano of the bear you're doing yourself a distance because the fury Keano of the bear increases your melee damage by three percent so if you're a melee class that's what you want to be using because in order to get three percent more damage that would be around eighty five hundred power if you were like over 100 and like eighty thousand power which no single piece of gear in the game is going to give to you let's take a look at my gear that I'm currently have on right now my head piece that I'm using right now is one of the new ones from the under mountain and the reason why I'm using it is because it gives me five percent more damage in the under mountain so even if I equipped a different head piece that had 7000 power on it as opposed to forty three sixty three power that this has it's not gonna be as good let's take a look at my chest piece two hags rags this is best in slot for any ranged class control wizards scourge warlocks HR is that play archery trickster rogues that play ranged classes this is best in slot yes I know it's only item level 756 but it's equipped bonus your range powers do three percent more damage none of the new gear could outperform that none of it let's look at the arms turd grips your encounter powers do three percent more damage you can even use jaw rippers gloves you can even use other things that make you do more percent more increased damage none of the new stuff is going to outdo that so stop using it yes I know that the terror grips is item level 756 as well you might be thinking well the new stuff is item level 950 its item level 1000 it's got to be better no it is not anytime you see a piece of equipment and it has an equip bonus that says your encounter powers you're at will hours or your overall damage is going to be increased by a certain percentage that is going to be better than any other thing in the game including the new item level 1000 gear so if you are a DPS class and you want to maximize your damage and you want to do the most damage you should not be using any of the new here really you shouldn't be you should still be using the old terror grips or jaw rippers gloves you should still be using the old hags rags or the fear and Keano of the bear you should still be using the heals of fury as your feet piece you know you should still be using things like that but a lot of people aren't I can't tell you how many times I go to yawning portal and I see people calling out 24k 25k DPS looking for layers in the man made if LOM and then I inspect them and they have on all of the new item level 950 here all of it and I'm like dude do you know that if you put on the chest piece that has three percent more damage the arms that have three percent more damage the feet that have three percent more damage and the head piece that has five percent more damage you would literally be doing around 14 percent more damage than what you're currently doing now I mean hell there's even rings I have one of them the ebonized rings that have the equipment snipers perk your range powers do three percent more damage but some people have worser rings on and I just don't get it so guys just to clear this up the old gear is still better than the new gear for DPS classes if you're a DPS class and you're running around thinking that you're good cuz you're 24 25k and all you're using is a new stuff of the successor and all the new higher item level stuff you're not going to be doing as much damage as if you were using the old stuff that has the percent damage increases so if you didn't know that now you know if you're watching this video and you see people running around wearing the new stuff in their DPS classes go ahead and show them this video tell them to go watch this video on you – so they can hopefully enlighten themselves and learn a little bit more about the game because all of the old gear from like Cheol and the hunts of Ravenloft and stuff like that the posters most of it is still better than all of the new gear like I said the only disclaimers if you're a support class like a cleric or a tank because a lot of that gear is best in slot because we don't do those classes don't do damage so they're looking for things like power they're looking for things like defense they're looking for things like awareness and you know critical avoidance and deflect and stuff like that as a DPS class we're not our only job is to kill things the faster we can kill things the better we are looking for ways to increase our damage and percent based equip bonuses will always be better than anything else so that is that and I want to spend a long time doing this video because more or less it's just a PSA but I know some of you guys out there are watching this video and you're probably using some of the old some of the new gear stop using it in mod 16 most of the gear that came with this mod sucks I'm sorry it really does they have already buffed some of the gear on PC which consoles will be getting a patch soon but still even though they buffed it it's still not as good as the old gear mostly all of this mod 16 gear for DPS classes is terrible and they did an extremely bad job implement and bringing it to the game the only thing that's really worth using gear wise in mod 16 is the ebonized rings and the new protege shirt and protégées pants and that's really about it and there are some other new pieces of gear for the certain pants that might be good for you as well like the one that gives you three percent more damage when your stamina is above 75% if you could stay in place and not use your stamina a lot I can't and that's why I swapped it out but moral of the story mod 16 brought DPS classes pretty much not any new gear that is good there are like one or two pieces that are item level 1000 that come from killing the Wraith bosses and Emmys and you can get from the chests under the stairs that might be better or best in slot like the headpiece and the boots but that's about it nothing else that came from this none of this item level 950 stuff none of this item level 909 stuff none of this stuff really for DPS classes is any good so if you're trying to do more damage stop using all this new gear it's not going to be helping you at all always use gear that gives you percent damage increases terror grips jaw rippers gloves hags rags fury kiya nose of the bear heels of fury all kinds of stuff like that Evon eyes the Rings rings of the shadow stalker use these things that give you percent damage not stuff that gives you item level I hope that this helped some of you guys and I truly really really help hope that if you had some of this new gear on that you take it off and go back to your old gear so you could do more damage hopefully never went to will buff the gear they put out in mod 16 to make it viable for DPS classes to actually use but until then don't use it and if they don't and they probably won't even do it we'll probably have to wait till mod 17 for better gear so anyway man I hope you guys did enjoy this video I hope it enlightens you and open up your eyes to some things and if you did don't forget to hit that thumbs up like and if you have not subscribed you know what to do so anyway YouTube this is the assist man and until next time I am out