OFFICIAL Watson Reveal & All Abilities Detailed Guide!! Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Charge

OFFICIAL Watson Reveal & All Abilities Detailed Guide!! Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Charge

The recent EA announcement has revealed a great deal about Season 2 which I’ll break down into a few videos involving the new weapons, new Dragons and map changes but the first video will be a thorough breakdown on the New Legend Watson! Covering every detail revealed by EA.


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OFFICIAL Watson Reveal & All Abilities Detailed Guide!! Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Charge

you got to make it stand out and it has to look like it lives in the world that she's something it's something that she can use and that lives on her body as well she's able to pull it out and she's able to bring it out and you know create a low ladies and gentlemen and welcome back I hoped you liked my little EA intro Dara can resist as soon as I saw him say that but basically the EA announcement has finally happened for apex and it literally looks like they could turn this whole thing around it they it looks like they're doing a really good job and I can't wait genuinely her but the announcement was so big I'm gonna break it down into a few different videos and this one is just it was insanely detailed on Watson or aka the static defender Natalie Watson Paquette now she's age 22 comes from solace and she is actually gonna be respawns tall to introduce this whole storyline side into the apex battle royale island but in the beginning of the video we're just gonna go over all of her abilities exactly what they do we'll get into the story a little bit later if you are interested in that now her main like little passive ability is called spark of genius now its main ability is it regenerates your ultimate a hundred percent when you use an ultimate accelerant it isn't just twenty percent it does it a hundred percent so you can stack them instantly recharge your automatics your illness now it's second passive ability is when you have your ultimate out your passive recharges your tactical is like a freeway connected ultimate passive tactical connective ability but for some reason they put it in as a passive and it will show that little hologram letting me know it's charging your tactical now that sounded so weird I know but moving on with the tactical the perimeter security and if this is what gets charged super fast by your passive when using the ultimate now you can place up to 12 of these down on the map you can stack four of them in your inventory it takes twenty-one seconds to recharge and they'll open up when teammates walk through but they will actually stun and damage enemies but we don't have a confirmation on how much damage it does yet we know it stuns you can place twelve of them down and you can stack four they create these like Electrical fences it's going to be interesting and very tactical gameplay now your ultimate is the interception pylon now this is huge this thing you can place up to three of these because you can instantly recharge your ultimate you can just place loads of Ultimates if you've stacked out no accelerants in your inventory so you they put a limit on this and you can only place free of them down at once now these block pretty much all incoming projectiles it's one of it's like one of those trophy systems from cod but super enlarged it stops to broker bombardments as you can see here in this clip you see the electricity coming from the augment and it absolutely looks insane like the lifeline down there is just reviving with no worries about that Gibraltar ultimate because protected by the Watson element their interactions between all the elements and the characters is brilliant from respawn but yet this ultimate also recharges your entire team shield for everyone that's within range so I'm wondering if that will stack if you have free Ultimates out and as you can see when it's charging your teammates you can see that like shining around their body that it's actually charging their common or rare or legendary shields now they also like kind of showed a little few character animations of like inside the little hand gestures things like that something else they also did it was a very tiny bit so I've put it on a bit of a loop was the character movement and she looks a bit like lifeline ish except for the giant salt shoulders Pathfinder shoulders and then something else that was a very tiny screen I put in super slow-mo because it was such a tiny detail was it actually showed what sands of loading screen so you see this little blue background to be a loading screen but other than that I'm gonna leave you basically with the trailer for Watson because she got her entire own little cartoon like animated cinematic thing that was really nice it's pretty touching it brings us all in and wants us to play apex err but I hope you enjoy it if you did enjoyed my little video and breaking down everything we know on what sort of sofa then hit a like button subscribe comment hit that notification belt especially you know the drill but yeah as I said peace out adios my dearest Natalie as I write this letter it's the middle of the night in late summer an hour ago you cracked the equations necessary to power the force field he showed me up tonight my magnificent daughter and I couldn't be happier or prouder of that I always knew you were special but never did I fuckin that the little girl who taught her stuffed Macy multiplication tables would grow up to master quantum laser mechanics I ever showed the syndicate that the modified containment forcefield will be operational in a month's time and it's all thanks to you and maybe just a doddering old fool trying to hold on to me by a little while longer before he loses her to adulthood but I do see I see the strong brilliant wonderful you'll know when you've become and I know when the day comes that I'm no longer with you to be just fine the games will be brilliant because you are brilliant can and we do anything she wants in his life because she's the smartest woman should end the tour girl Bonjour papa I did it papa I hope wherever you are are cheering for me

20 thoughts on “OFFICIAL Watson Reveal & All Abilities Detailed Guide!! Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Charge”

  1. Finally another character who can take advantage of Ultimate Accelerants without it feeling like a waste. Depending on the fence damage she may or may not be OP, I definitley see this getting nerfed 2 weeks after release

  2. She gets too many of those damn things (12!!) and is going to ruin entire areas like putting those fences instantly on doorways off spawn in skull town for example. She is going to really annoy aggressive play styles. Rewarding a legend to campers doesn’t make me happy, but that’s just my opinion :/

  3. She's going to be weak late game, that's her only issue, but early on and mid game in a strategic squad she'll be fine. Sadly though she doesn't beat the main three people use (Wraith/Lifeline/Pathfinder) so I'm not sure who is going to use her honestly.

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