Nvidia Shield TV: How To Install Emulators & Roms (2018)

Nvidia Shield TV: How To Install Emulators & Roms (2018)

Nvidia Shield TV is a beast! Here I show you step by step how to install emulators and roms on your shield or any android device! Install ClassicBoy Emulator on your Nvidia Shield TV and play your favorite games from Playstation, NES, Sega , Nintendo 64 and More!

Classic Boy is a powerful all in one emulator that let’s you play

PlayStation 1 ( PS1 )
Nintendo 64 ( N64 )
GameBoy Advance ( GBA )
GameBoy Classic ( GB )
GameBoy Color ( GBC )
Sega Genesis
SNK NeoGeo

Learn, how to install roms on nvidia shield with the largest library of roms which can be found at

ClassicBoy ranks among the best Android gaming emulators for the Nvidia Shield TV. Onboard you’ll find support for classic systems, that have bred a generation of gamers!

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Nvidia Shield TV: How To Install Emulators & Roms (2018)

what is going on guys Gabe here with review Doric and we have a tutorial you guys have asked for it you want to know how to install roms on an Nvidia shield and so here we go first of foremost we want to connect the controller and I am using my xbox wireless controller maybe you have a shield controller otherwise you would click at accessory and put your xbox wireless controller into pairing mode now once we do that if we want to go into the Google Play Store and install TV apropos and ES File Explorer great so I'll explain what TV app repo does in a second but you could find both of these in the Google Play Store so make sure you do a search for ES File Explorer and TV I prepared there 8 let's open up is File Explorer and what we want to do is once we're in you may see the shirt and many we want to expand on favorite but we want to hit add to the path we want to enter is HTTP colon slash slash bit dot Lee slash dork box we then go ahead and hit next year and we enter a name we are going to call this dork app by yours truly array okay once we have that there we hit the B button if you are using a controller to close out the keyboard and we hit add so bookmark has been successfully created we then scroll down and we see door cap we click that and we want to open the door box apk file and we then want to install as you can see here it's going to ask to install we simply do that then what we want to do is hit open now once you are in dork box and after it opens I want you to go all the way down to the bottom and not only are you getting roms on your invidious shield but you're also going to get a browser right and so we then click this here says downloading file awesome we hit the B button the way the back button are you sure you want to exit click OK now what we can do is go back to is file explorer and we see the two apks great we have dork box installed we just downloaded google chrome so we click on this and we click install and it is installing once the app is installed we hit done and what we want to do is go back to our home screen and as you can see we do not have any of the icons here however if you go on over to settings you will see apps and you'll see chrome and dork box what we want to do is use the TV app repo and create lien backs so what we want to do is create a Leanback dork box create the shortcut and what this will do is put dork box on your home screen so that you could install a terrarium TV or all the other apks that I'm going to be updating dork box with and once that is done and we will get the prompt once it done we can then go back to the home screen and we are going to do the same thing with chrome we are going to create shortcut this may take up to 20 seconds and we got download complete okay now we're gonna get the prompt for both of them to install all right app installed and we should wait for google chrome we should get that prompt as well download complete and yep now we click install all right we hit done now we can get out of here and as you can see we have chrome and dork box installed right so what we want to do is open up chrome and we will accept the Terms of Service we hit accept to continue yes continue okay got it so what we want to do is use our right thumb joystick on our controller to navigate or do a search for classic boy once we do that we click go and it's going to be the first thing see here again we are going to use the right thumb on a controller we're going to hit install and we accept the permissions it is now installed now the link back for classic blade does not exist alright let's go ahead and open this and as you can see here is extracting the assets it's letting us know or the app fixes etc cool we get out of there and we could see we have n64 PlayStation 1 game Boy Advance game boy NES Sega Neo Geo so we have a create variety of games here alright so after we've installed classic boy what we want to do is go to Google Chrome and we want to go to this website love roms calm you can add it as a favorite by clicking the star here so it becomes a favorite and now that we are on the website we want to browse all councils and in all councils let's go down to a Nintendo and we have Nintendo here you might get some pop-ups if you do make sure you close out one of the windows here you'll see that number turn into two anyways what we want to do is download Super Mario Brothers click download now now once we hit download it will bring you this prompt we want to open folder and as you can see I've downloaded it already but let's navigate to the file and essentially what we want to do is long click it and we want to copy once we have that copied we then want to go to the folder that has our emulator so we are then gonna go to classic boy we are then gonna go to any US then we go to roms and then we hit paste and there you go Super Mario Brothers is now in its corresponding folder so let's see what that looks like in mind you you want to put the games in their corresponding folders if we go back to classic boy you can see we have Game Boy Advance Nintendo 64 Neo Geo NES you want to put them in to respect the folders PlayStation etc so now what we want to do because there is not a link back launcher for the application we want to go to downloaded apps and we want to go to classic boy we click this we click open there we go and what we want to do is go to any yes and then select a game and here we have Super Mario Brothers we click this here and then we would hit new game before we begin the game we want to go to advance emulator custom settings and we want to go to NES player one we select unmapped all with the little menu icon there and we click ok then what we do is we map this accordingly so you would go to directional or a digital direction up press a and then press up digital Direction down press a press down press a plus left press a press right to start button the select button the ape and to be buying that saved we hit the back button we then want to enable this arrey and then from there what we want to do is start a new game and here we go as you can see I am now playing Super Mario let me just jump on this Goomba here never mind let me just make some money here and there guys have a guys this is how you get roms installed on your Nvidia shield if you have any questions leave them in the comment section below and that is all hope you guys enjoyed this video this is gabe with over you dork i am signing out peace