Nintendo, The Industry, And The Attack On Emulators (The Jimquisition)


Nintendo is clamping down on emulation, causing sites like EmuParadise to cease doing business. The game industry hates emulation almost as much as contemporary piracy, so this is good news for executives.

It’s just a shame that, in a world without emulators, the industry doesn’t care at all about archival, or offering a service that could begin to compete with what ROMs were doing.
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exactly now nobody likes a custom waypoint marker on a game map that doesn't disappear when you get to the location you marked if you've marked something on the map it should stand to reason that when you're there you don't need to know where it is anymore and if you do need to know where it is the frequency that you will need to keep knowing where it is is significantly less than the frequency with which you would like the marketer disappear now that should be common knowledge it's very annoying having to go into the map to turn the marker off every time you get to somewhere you marked now this is especially annoying in we happy few but it's not so annoying that it's worth making a video about so I just had to get it off my chest here unfortunately that's the least of we happy fuse problems which we will talk about in a video coming up because we happy for you is so chuffing broken amazingly broken so broken it's funny and then it's not funny and then it's funny and then it's not funny lovely weather see you the pub [Applause] Nintendo hates feeling like shits being stolen from it which is ironic because it will happily steal money from anybody on YouTube who uploads a few seconds of a trailer for a Nintendo game regardless of fair use for years Nintendo's pushed harder than perhaps any other company against methods of obtaining games outside of the publishers control even when the publisher itself has made it quite clear it doesn't want people's money for example when entender refused to bring Animal Crossing to Europe for two years after it came out in North America it simultaneously cracked down on imports of the game actively showing contempt for anybody who wanted to play a game when said game was you know available to buy but if Nintendo hates import sin absolutely loathes emulation now more than ever since it happily sells emulated games in a little plastic box and over charges for shitty software like ice climbers on its various digital storefronts in case you didn't know emulators let you run old games on your computer for free be they for the Commodore 64 NES Sega Genesis PlayStation 2 practically every console has an emulator that can run roms of games allowing users access to an entire library of shit is it legal no have people been doing it for years regardless yes does something being done for years make the thing ok no is emulation okay regardless well sometimes but we'll get to that two months ago Nintendo put its foot down in a major way filing a 27 page lawsuit against several emulation websites including love roms and love retro the best part is where Nintendo of all companies accuses these websites of making and I quote ill-gotten gains I love roms website allow and receive 17 million visitors each month reads the lawsuit such visitors are drawn to the website by the widespread availability of free unauthorized copies of Nintendo's video games and other highly valuable intellectual property the resulting popularity and the defendants love roms and love retro websites has allowed defendants to reap substantial ill-gotten Jayne's encoding through donations and the sale of advertising on the love roms and love retro websites the crackdown against emulators has major news again this week thanks to one of the biggest websites in the seen emu paradise closing its doors to roms the website itself will remain as a retro celebration but after almost 20 years of business it will no longer provide any games in a statement emu Paradise said that the hassle did not outweigh the benefit it's not worth it for us to risk potentially disastrous consequences I cannot in good conscience risk the futures of out a members who have contributed to the site through the years we run EMU paradise with a love of retro games and for you to be able to revisit those good times unfortunately it's not possible right now to do so in a way that makes everyone happy and keeps us out of trouble so again let's admit that this shit ain't exactly legal and that a crackdown was only a matter of time the industry at large still sees emulators strictly as piracy and still sees piracy strictly as a zero-sum game where every pirated copy is a copy of the game that didn't sell fallacious beliefs on the whole but not beliefs that will ever go away by all counts emu paradise ultimately did the right thing as it's a fight your won't win against Nintendo when it decides to lawyer up nevertheless as predictable as this outcome was and as legally in the writers Nintendo is I still think it's a shame that historically everything that's happened has been boiled down to this in the past and not many game journalists out there have been allowed to so much as reference emulators in anything but negative terms but their very existence has always made the paid alternatives look wofully overpriced you can't be free after all I made a joke about ice climbers earlier but I do mean it's more than a buck for a lot of old nes games is way too much they've been found in those old 100 in one plug and play devices since forever they've been sold and resold by their publishers and they've been emulated for free for decades they have practically no value and yet routinely sell on official channels for more than many newer better games on the markets if publishers had much has tried to compete with piracy the way the music industry eventually did offering more convenient methods of obtaining games at reasonable prices I dare say emulation would have been nowhere near the problem it is today if indeed it actually is a problem and not just a case of dragons jealously hoarding their gold but that's never been the game industry's way it doesn't want to compete it would rather destroy use legislation and litigation to drag the world back to the past where it resides rather than embrace the future where we theoretically reside or say theoretically because some of us are still with Comcast it's easier to hold back progress than to make progress since the latter involves well making things in heaven forfend the game industry create anything by now we should have had an Amazon Prime or an iTunes or maybe even a Netflix for retro games that's what we would have already seen from a competitive creative market but companies like Nintendo have been too busy stamping out such ideas to think of a better one we might finally get a really shit version of this concept with the Nintendo online subscription coming up but Nintendo's ridiculous drip-feed approach to game releases won't make it particularly tantalizing this is the company that after all released Pokemon snap a beloved n64 title that people gladly wanted to pay money for on the Wii U eShop right before the Wii U officially died and one can argue the thing was dead long before them it had years prior to port the glorified rom onto the glorified emulator and chose to wait until literally the last minutes when the switch was dominating headlines to finally do it the way you was over it was done everyone had abandoned it and that Nintendo thought was primetime in the meantime it was quicker and more convenient to just emulate the bastard or if you didn't mind the inconvenience she could buy an n64 and a copy of the game on eBay which would be perfectly legal but nonetheless still won't put any money in Nintendo's pockets the stock standard response to anybody complaining about the loss of emulators is start paying for your games you parasite however when companies like Nintendo start whining about not making money while simultaneously making it hard or impossible to give them money what exactly the fuck are you to do the above example is one way in which you can legally obtain certain games and is in fact the only way to do it for many titles but as I just said that does nothing to make Nintendo any cash unless it would like to sue second-hand retailers as well not that I'd put it past them and this is just for games that are available to purchase some games are rarities in the physical world and have no digital equivalent through official channels for some games emulation is genuinely the only viable realistic way to access them take for example classic arcade games many of these especially licensed titles can be inaccessible to the public without a digital version I for example of the old aliens vs. predator arcade game the Capcom won but due to legal property rights bullshit the chances of it ever appearing on Steam PSN Xbox Live or the eShop are practically zero Fox owns the aliens and predator licenses and Sega has the rights to publish aliens games but Capcom made the aliens vs. predator arcade game and that's an example of one of the more simple legal situations for a licensed title because one company owns the IP the other has the rights to make games off set IP and another had the rights to make a game in 1994 the whole thing is a tangled bull of string it's not impossible for these games to eventually make their way to the modern world but it's highly unlikely and we've never had a clue will see a VP it might have been more likely if the game a beat them up classic I might add had ever been ported to home systems but it wasn't so so what are you to do well you could purchase the arcade cabinet itself and you can do that if you've got a little over $2,000 lying around and you have the space for an entire full-size arcade machine maybe you have one of those 2 things both of them that's a very small market and yet again a market in which the rights holders don't actually benefit then we have the gangs that shut down because the publisher decides to pull the plug on their servers and happily Jess and the whole thing or the DRM that's forcing a game to make online checkups what about when that stops working meaning the only people can play the game are fittingly enough fucking pirates as this emphatic tweet States motherfucker I bought Scott Pilgrim when it came out and I literally cannot play it in any legal capacity anymore shut up once again evidenced examples of companies not wanting your money any more or worse taking your money and rendering what you paid for unplayable all while crying and yelling about those damned dirty pirates and then their ill-gotten gains from emulator sites fuck off game industry fuck off with that Nintendo is a company that even when it does make retro games officially available does things like too liberally under stock them to drive up demand in a way that only makes money for fucking scalpers the kind that gobbled up NES classics by the boatloads and then whack Tom on eBay at an extortionate markup tell me how those gangs aren't ill-gotten Reggie you tell me that Reggie answer that and stay fashionable Reggie Reggie Reggie why yes I do have a raspberry pie with pretty much all the games on it and no I don't feel particularly bad about it I could buy a copy a Jurassic Park on the Mega Drive and if you can explain to me how that would make Sega or blue sky software any money in 2018 by all means I'll purchase a cartridge tomorrow but ultimately all this does is demonstrate once again how archival and preservation mean nothing to what should be an artistic medium an artistic medium that doesn't give a shit about art there are many games for which official obtainment is damn near impossible or at the very least highly unreasonable Hal opt there are many games that have been deliberately made unplayable by publishers and there are many games so many fucking games that have never been and will never be re-released today officially on digital storefronts therefore will not be in a position to make the creators and publishers of said games any fucking money anymore but how emu paradise won't be making any ill-gotten gains so I guess the good guys won in the end so that's what we happy for you it's a very broken game I don't know if I mentioned that earlier I did but I wanted to talk about something else I wanted to talk about what the writer and excepts team said in an interview that's been knocking about the place of it recently he said that we happy few was in spired by prescription drug culture this idea that you shouldn't have to be sad you can just pop a pill and fix it now let me speak of someone with the old clinical depression and the old anxiety who literally needs medicine to make his brain work properly and look at me this is me with my brain working properly can you imagine what it's like when it doesn't so with that in mind rather than express my disgust or the uneducated and reckless and dangerous opinion that's often bandied about this idea that all nobody needs drugs so if you're depressed just cheer up right that's bollocks this idea that as Epstein says we don't value sadness if you want to value sadness right here's a challenge and I'm being quite serious about this if they want to take me up on this take me up on it compulsion send me your writer your writer and I will spend a week together in an allocation could be a fancy hotel suite I could get us a cabin somewhere nice somewhere away from prescription drug culture I will spend a week with you and I won't bring my medication so you will enjoy enjoy a culture free of prescription drugs okay and just like me when it all goes wrong and we're staring into the fucking dirt just like me you won't be able to walk away from it and then we'll see how much you value sadness when the week is done okay so you go ahead value your sadness the rest of you thank God for me and I'll see you for that lovely week you're gonna fucking hate it mate me