Next Car Game – Tech Demo – SO MUCH FUN (Part 3)

Looking at the Next Car Game. Which is available on Early Access at the moment

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hello and welcome to part three of the next car game and this is the tech demo Oh My Jesus so look what we got ad over here can tell it's gonna be absolutely mental what kind of evidence explore over here oh it's a little bit of a mincemeat er should we go into it oh my god chucked at your end oh yeah I'm still moving though I don't care about anything all right it's gonna scannin tree my cousin give up after this one surely the rest of this is a this was a tech demo showed up the game eight years ago and it's now but whoa oh my god so basically get the game you get this for free basically it comes with it in the photos I just shows up all the parkour effects and damages I found go straight now we can't repair it there we go I have automatically repaired it it's nice and perfect smash through stuff oh nice it's so cool is the Laureus so I'm using the extra keyboard apologize if I'd give my driving is a little bit bad I will do my best right tires oh Jesus surprisingly slowed you down all that hammer looks fun one second one second Oh God Oh Oh then what power and I'm what the hell is a big goddamn ham anyway I see my engine just spurting out the car look at weddings I go just given up on life is going to circles what's this oh my god pretty simple to level one I'll just minced us into little tiny pieces rough free was like oh yes Express X this just all got cannons it's like a mess a cannonball just got fun some AI to a fun with hazel a eyelet I just drop down with the who where'd you go oh Jesus at this father Canon now oh so good any cool so increase the power so blow that fire the moment now it's on 10 this flies it's just crazy it's absolutely mental as the lows down here oh there is this guy look Oh oh my god this guy sings we start they sell coming up hey man need some herb energy the power and this is unreal I've got fear Oh rough landing what money but ain't it it's just so funny good you can literally spend hours on this thing just doing random stuff whoa go so much these keyboardist I'm using anyway as a boat what the hell with that but not by that I could like uh a sparkle you see FIU castle jump cannonball a fight interesting it just stays in the environment you've got a wall rockets as well don't just fling DUP rockets do Rockets flying on my car look at some of these cars gonna really because we'll just Royce me as well I don't see close Oh God who's too fun cannonball Oh hit himself some help where's my cat where's there's one of them so it's got ten strengths which I'm power for your slot bring all the barrels over Wilson buy some of that spy lux's even for me spider you're gonna die it over top of them oh my got squished he's punished me again my size think I'm pretty buckled right it's trying to a really high jump on this thing up here so you can try and reach the top don't mind me here we go using all my power nice to a fool of stuff yeah now no leather breed dodgy position oh oh go ahead why the top this split my car in half there we go for Helena as well a little bit wrong let's reset my car as well it's go through some of these wonderful sheds very slowly alright something it's a cannon Ilyich attacks oh my gosh Rip's come down oh look at that so the destruction escape is unreal and the frames don't ever drop for me it's just it's just mental actually mental I look at that very nice very very nice okay British cannon again hell out his cannons hope it to go for again power back whoa oh my god Oh just on one side building Jesus what canister it is like a just a prop these are the prop and now it's not crop I just destroyed anyone here and the cannibals so fun I'm happy they actually stay in the environment so I don't disappear like most games hmm knocking him down oh the destruction is unbelievable what was this massive jump I've just seen what's that like a massive hill absolute doing all right there's some more random stuff over here you got to squish ourselves just do oh Jesus sort of back to me a little bit this thing's repair my car not reset it repair it little jumpy things springy things oh Jesus please make me fly whoa Jesus I'm flying I will see from them I'm like I'm like Superman just shy of the destruction hello oh god here I go oh ouch ouch Oh bang oh Jesus Oh bang oh god oh okay that wasn't a rape there's an experience because I've got barely a living just flapping about I'm damaged I'm going to take revenge and a hammer again that Hamel is particularly fun oh hello make me fly oh it's got five everyone prepare as I land exactly the same place as a miracle that's the moon for me the fingernail we done that one twice hammer again Oh what help damn hit me so I didn't even hit me Oh My gods pick my drivers dead followed it in itself Oh engine just flung pancake I pick pancake or sister just a little baby what's this dear oh Jesus that's way does I can't feel my legs are loads of them what the hell I'm stuck Oh first bit oh hello she's bringing backup I have my front the car Oh lens look at what I have left ah the ball of carnage it's got this thing and let's see what these motorbikes guys do isn't it the dirtbike guys just go in this circle flat et's looks so tricky and I just take on forever are you there nope you got quick enough I should be fine no no I landed a bit rough Euler how comes cannonballs fight a cannonball in here and another one Oh No Oh slam right into it I mean it does literally it's literally like having a cannonball is crazy I resent myself what is this place what is this place what you see it like it's like it's like hell for a car blooney just drop down here obviously obviously cool cool for me to explore and I drop down to say give it oh my god oh it's not gonna be good oh my god it is Lucci like hell for a car and it keeps being in Ben oh my it's not good I'm stuck here forever oh I'm stuck in hell forever okay lose interest nowadays all the technic are still there I mean look she's like it barely exists anymore and see one wheel and a bit of a bit of Mel and as it and I'll see I'd be a black male or knows guys dead it's completely money dead I repaired it destroyed up to seconds that is a interesting say the least messy but mess if he'll osco here oh geez okay I'm just smoking it I don't know why I like being so much but ah look at you just scoot along the whole met right it's a little I'm not very quick though gonna try anyway go for it let's see what happens Norma cannibal just a good I can up there I'll destroy the ones in front of me yes yes no no that time can we get on that down what the hell it's not good it's not good I can't keep on a strike Oh less stylish stylish so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I've had a lot of fun recording it's been one of my funniest videos I've ever recorded this game is unbelievably fun the destruction is unreal I said so many times but it's poor little Paulo AI car all lost and destroyed Oh oops hope you guys enjoyed it smash it over like you guys enjoyed it takes two seconds to like hit subscribe if you knew I see you guys soon bye bye thanks for watching