*NEW* Fortnite Update! | 9.20 Tomorrow, Early Changes, Polar Peak Event!

*NEW* Fortnite Update! | 9.20 Tomorrow, Early Changes, Polar Peak Event!

Fortnite New Update – 9.20 Tomorrow, Early Changes, and the Polar Peak Event is what we discuss today!

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*NEW* Fortnite Update! | 9.20 Tomorrow, Early Changes, Polar Peak Event!

hey what's up guys camp regression here welcome back everybody to the fort night video lots to talk about today and a lot of its to do with the brand new 9.2 update here's the official announcement from fortnight harness the storm the 9.2 Update releases tomorrow June 6th downtime begins at 4 a.m. Eastern so it's tonight they delayed it a day that compared to usual I will have at least two or three videos up in that first 24 hour period going over all the skins all the changes I hope there are some changes I think this meta needs a couple things including shotgun drop rate needs to be fixed hopefully at least that update reversed from last week I believe so make sure you subscribe is my point I got tons of videos I'll keep you up to date on all things fortnight there's gonna be new event leaks to do with the the polar peak event the monster new cosmetics like I said and who knows what else so I'd love to have you also if you're purchasing anything from the shop use code the camp and rusher I know some of you do I know some of you forget I even forget to type in the code sometimes so it does reset every two weeks let me know if you're using it send me a tweet send me an Instagram leave a comment down below so I can say thank you so it's gonna be a big one we know a little bit about this already and one thing comes from the the next part of that tweet I just talked about from fortnight real money purchases will be unavailable one hour before downtime begins while we perform additional maintenance and I did some digging and a couple other people started talking about this this might hint to the fact that we are finally getting the refund button in 9.2 now this isn't confirmed it's just they've never taken down real money purchases at least that I can remember on one of these update nights an hour before downtime and we know they've talked about the the refund button right you'll have five minutes if if you've made an accidental purchase you have five minutes to refund it with every item you purchase it's a great addition right it doesn't really take away from anything in my opinion it's just gonna hopefully cause them less support issues right less emails asking for refunds like I I've talked about this as being a good thing maybe it maybe it hurts revenue a little bit for them because getting rid those accidental purchases but it's gotta save time labor money when it comes to the support team so I think it's a good thing and I can't believe it's taken this long for them to add it but ya expect that that might be the first thing we know based on this that's just an assumption but I think it's a good one next up here before we'll talk some more about some nine-point-two stuff in a little bit but next up is the fortnight World Cup week ten rescheduled couple big updates here we are rescheduling the week ten fortnight World Cup online open the semi finals will now take place on Thursday June 20th the finals on Friday June 21st the start time for each region will begin one hour later than the regular scheduled tournaments of previous weeks you can expect to see the new dates and times listed in the game later this week we will also be doubling the prize pool for week nine and ten for a new total of two million for each tournament the schedule and timing for week nine will still remain the same this is your last chance to qualify for the World Cup in New York City best of luck so this is what the reason this one's a big deal is week 10 was originally supposed to happen the same day maybe same time as the fortnight pro-am tournament that's happening soon so thanks to cloak cloak tweeted this out and said can you please reschedule this so we can play in the pro-am for the people who are invited out there and we can play in the week 10 qualifiers because typhoon cloaks still haven't qualified in duo's I'm rooting for a man I'm really rooting for him but that tweet from cloak blew up pretty big and I think that's a reason this happened I'm gonna try and you guys know I've been played in the duels I've actually haven't been having a blast we place like 12 hundredths and seven hundredths in semies and finals which is pretty good Curtis my teammate has never played in any type of tournament so so he did a pretty good job that might be the game play you're seeing right now some more highlights from the semis but I think I'm gonna try solos this week if I have nothing going on Saturday I'm just gonna go for it and hopefully I can qualify in some solos you guys know I don't play a lot of solos but I like solos when it's in arena it's a bit more fun than just solo pub matches but we'll see I don't know how heads up for that if I play in it but very excited about that next up here to do with fortnight's sort of with the phase t fus stuff it's this picture looks like phase hi sky was banned on Twitch today phase hi sky is the while now we know twelve-year-old young kid who recently joined phase but when t foo filed the lawsuit against phase he mentioned in the lawsuit one of the points was that phase had pressured an eleven-year-old kid to which is hi sky at the time to lie about his age saying he was 13 so he could compete so he could stream on Twitch and of course now that t foo said that in his lawsuit it became apparent that hi sky was lying and now he's been banned and and we assumed the ban is only gonna stay until he turns 13 on twitch you aren't allowed to to stream at least without parental consent until you're 13 or 13 or older right so hopefully I mean like I understand he's done wrong he lied but again at the same time he is just a kid man and I'm sure he was being pressured by a lot of other adults to to go ahead and do this so I would never blame the kid I mean right that's how our whole legal system works really is you're kind of innocent until you and unless you do something horrible but you're innocent at those young age for a reason you're still developing you're still figured out right and wrong but I think I mean they couldn't just let him keep going right they knew he broke the rules you gotta set some sort of an example and I think I hopefully think he'll be back when when he turns 13 so that's a little update on that I wanted to take a quick second and talk about I've got a list of like all the feedback surveys that are in gaming you guys tweet these at me all the time so I do see them all and I do have a list that was updated about a week or two ago so there are some new ones but I just wanted to talk about where they're at like here I'm just gonna pick like six random ones they're doing how do you how do you feel about the addition of four port bytes to the game how motivated are you to complete the season nine battle pass how do you feel the addition of the drum gun is the tactical AR the combat shotgun they've recently done the burst SMG my vote on that would be a 1 there's too many of those freaking things drop it I just want a shotgun like I said earlier man I hope they're make sure you check out the all changes video tonight technically tomorrow morning because that's gonna be a big one I think I think there's some changes coming at least I very much hope there are mostly to spawn rates man that's all it is but yeah so these are the type of questions they're asking I have seen your tweets there's a bunch of them I'll link this down below if you want to see all the surveys that are currently in the game and yeah there's been some new ones like that first s of g1 and they've been adding things pretty regularly it seems as soon as they add an item they also add a survey getting community feedback on that item so I'm glad they're doing that because it's better than it's better than reddit it's better than YouTube videos with with guys like me say in their opinion cuz I don't represent the the majority and neither does the fortnight reddit it's good they're doing an actual community survey for it seems like everything in the game right now so they can get a real sample of what their players think so yeah this new survey system is active it's always updating and make sure you honest or answer honestly when you see these things because I think it will have an impact on the game one more thing before we go into some patch notes things from 9.2 what do you guys actually tweet it at me just the picture of part of the fork bite puzzle or some of whatever has been revealed so far and the picture that was taken slightly little quality sorry but you can see it it's kind of an image of what this monsters gonna look like in puller peak and again we should have some answers to this polar peak event once the update drops tonight tomorrow morning technically I'm just gonna say tonight stop saying tomorrow morning technically you get what I mean but for now this and I don't really know what if it helps I just kind of wanted to show you does this help you determine what this monster is like we can obviously see the eye there but the body like are those wings or those arms like I can't really make it out I mean you can kind of see a mouthpiece there if he's looking up and up into the right but other than that I don't I still don't really know what this thing is but if you have any idea I thought I'd show you this and maybe some of you that are smarter than me can converse your opinions in the comments and I'll upvotes you give you the heart if if I think it's worthwhile because I know people have people will see this picture and see it a lot differently that I will and create some bagel good old good old conclusions from this thing but still I have no idea but we are gonna know by the end of tonight which I again I'm excited for so FireMonkey tweeted here some bug fixes these are things that are happening for sure some fixes that are happening for sure in the 9.2 update tonight here they are style challenges from past and current seasons appearing even after completion fixed eliminating a player using a vending machine glitches the vending machine out making it unusable fixed turbo building stops after switching mats fixed I haven't actually noticed that one too much turbo building stops working on custom key binds with controllers fixed so those are four big bugs that they'll probably be more of course bug fixes but these are the four that are confirmed for 9.2 so far again it's coming out tonight or tomorrow morning 4:00 a.m. Eastern I'll have two videos going out right away and then a third video out probably within that 24 hours honestly I'm not allowed to post three videos on YouTube in a 24 hour span after while you're allowed to post three but that fourth one won't send out to subscribers so whenever I post this video say it's up at like 8:00 p.m. Eastern today 7 p.m. Eastern I won't post my next my fourth video technically but my third update video until 24 hours has passed since this video was posted because I want to notify you guys I don't want it to start out with a disadvantage if I have to wait an extra hour to that's just fine so hope you all enjoyed today's video everybody I uh yeah I'm gonna get this up for you I've got some golfing to do today and then I'll see a bunch of you on lately tonight for hopefully a big exciting update it should be a big one like I I have high expectations for this update so I hope you do as well I'll keep you up to date on all things fortnight thanks for watching subscribe to the channel I like button take care talk soon goodbye