*NEW* Fortnite Update! | 14 Free Items, All Skins, and Military Location Confirmed!

*NEW* Fortnite Update! | 14 Free Items, All Skins, and Military Location Confirmed!

Fortnite New Update – 14 Free Items, All Skins, and the Military Location is what we discuss today!

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*NEW* Fortnite Update! | 14 Free Items, All Skins, and Military Location Confirmed!

hey what's up guys camper Russia here welcome back and read each other for tonight video first off this is water this is not drool nothing like that usually I'd wait for it to dry just built on myself while I was drinking but it's 4:30 in the morning man I gotta get this video for you guys cuz I gotta wake up for class and like six and a half hours man so ignore that sorry I guess I could change shirts but I love this shirt first off we're doing it a little different today I'm going to show you all the new cosmetics but because there weren't a too many cosmetics and there's so much other info out this is gonna be a normal video probably a bit longer than usual because there's so much news so if you're new around here subscribe I keep you up to date on all things fortnight and just one more reminder I'm doing a giveaway through all the videos tonight so leave a comment you got to be using code the camp and rusher you can enter on Twitter Instagram and here in the video comments section and you can enter on all three I'll just yeah thanks thanks for support and thanks for using code the camp Russia and you win a gift of your choice if you're chosen first off here's the item shop it was updated right when the update went live which I believe down time just ended when I'm filming this so you got a couple couple skins there and then with with editable Styles we got the super striker and then we got some some good wraps in there as well so excited about the new items and let me show you some of the items so first one is the ruin skin very cool looking skin this is the discovery skin of course but we already knew about this because they revealed it early which I'm kind of glad they did they hyped it up a little bit more than usual rather than just seeing it in the files right and this skin looks really good back leg looks awesome as well that goes with it so excited to try that out myself next up here we've got the banana pickaxe I don't actually know the name of it again there's not too much today or today but there's this pickaxe as well looking good and I may show you guys some of this stuff again cuz there's all actually a lot of free items to talk about today and some of them are mixed in I'm trying not to show you the free items just yet and there's this pickaxe don't know the name of it and we've got a few new raps though three new raps and they're quite exciting first one is this one everyone's calling it the Minecraft ghast rap which is yeah I'm sure that's what they intended we got this rap here looking good and this rap here again I don't have the names or rarities or anything at this point but at least you get a look and we have this emote right here awesome ready to go all right moving on to some of the dish the news right goodbye so that's why I couldn't do a full video on the leaks there's just not enough new skins as I kind of assumed because they didn't release a lot of new skins this past week so they've got a lot saved up including the ones that are out in the shop right now so I just the numbers didn't make sense and there's also that infernal skin come and remember very cool there's some good skins coming this week all right from skin tracker new kill feed messages and new death feed messages one of them says unleashed an inferno on and then one of them also says yielded to the power of Thanos a good chance that then I mean we've said there's so many times but Thanos I think is eventually gonna come back but yeah hinting at the the possible return of this guy obviously in an El TM and I'd like to see it man I died I didn't mind playing it was kind of like the first crazy game-changing LTM and sorry if I'm looking at my phone I don't mean to be rude but we are in update like I could get new news jazz as we're filming here so I want to get as much new stuff as I can before I go to bed next up here though is planes from hype X according to the files planes will be back very soon this or next week so like very very quickly and I took I mean we've talked about it there's there's an LTM and the files reference to it a plane's LTM dogfight LTM so I feel like they would add planes in an LT M format and possibly this week right with the check out my recent video I talked about all the 8.3 changes and part of that is a new event called the bounty event and there's a new LTM every single day I know I don't think it's an actual brand new one I didn't take it that way it might be we started off with the fly explosives which isn't brand new but something swapping in everyday maybe a new one at some point so maybe planes maybe Thanos I got no idea I'm just shooting it shooting it out there shooting out some guesses let me know what you think's coming in the next five days LTM wise next up it looks like four nights gonna receive a military-style point of interest soon and that is based off the patch notes in the recent patch notes fortnight announced the new military style buildings that are arriving and creative and they're premiering in the creative mode before coming to Battle Royale essentially confirming that battle Royales map will receive a military style point of interest soon featuring military buildings again I don't have pictures just yet but I'm sure they're about to come up cuz creative so if I get some while I'm editing I'll throw them in here but in creative you can go in and test what some of these buildings will look like and get an idea of what the new military pio I will be like as well so excited for that next up in game you should notice now there's a new option for miscellaneous weapon wraps so basically miscellaneous weapons such as the the bowl I don't know what else is there but just another option for you to add some of these wraps as you are collecting more of them because there's a bunch of them coming this week as we know all right let's talk about all the free items ban and take a sip of water without spilling I got a pink water bottle because I lose all my water bottles my roommate bought me a pink one so his model is theory is I can't bring it out of the house cuz I just don't really I bring in the pink water bottle the GM I don't know I don't know if it's something I would do so but then I can't lose it cuz I never take it out of the house so if you're wondering that's that's why I've got a pink water bottle okay moving on here are all the free items there are a lot of them and they come in different forms first off the Buccaneers bounty event here are the challenges you've got the each one for each day the first one here that you could do is visit a pirate camp and different matches you get a free glider right off the bat free glider and next day whatever the challenge will be it's a free spray free one of those things called logo banner whatever it is and then you get a thousand XP as well and then if you complete all four you get a free emote and booby-trapped I believe yeah that's that's the emote right there so right there for free items just by completing challenges over the next few days next up here save the world owners have now been given a free glider and a free pickaxe there they are for you so if you only save the world if you're a founder I should say finally you've got some some more items and I'm glad they're doing that cuz that was a STW save the world is a big part before battle royale even launched right things were things started there so people who supported they deserve to be compensated a little bit so there's a couple more and here is the new reflex variant that I talked about weeks ago they mentioned they were gonna come I don't know if they mention it or if we found out through leaks but I reported in the videos that there was a reflex set for the people who actually bought the g-force fortnight bundle because they released the the reflex into the shop which was super weird really glad they did this so for you who already owned it did it the the proper way I should say you get for free items it's not even just a new editable style at stealth reflex and then a back bling a glider and a pickaxe I like I almost like this one better than the other one so so it worked out for more free items technically if you already had it and finally links there's two new options or an extra style option here for links I don't know if it's one or two I think it's two but there's a picture for you so anyone who's got the Battle Pass which again a lot of us haven't got it for free right based on the the setup they did last season with the challenges more free items so this is just free free item update man and I don't think anyone could play it can complain about that I don't know how many total there were but I'm sure I'm not gonna count Matt's too it's too late for that I've done my part I shared the news and I'm just double-checking if there's anything else but I think that's all I got for you ladies and gentlemen no revert remember this people are saying like people are commenting on that planes post like no reefer epic instead decides to do with the planes although I they're not gonna come back to the main mode I don't think but we'll see let me know what you think in the new update and some of these free items are you a fan what do you wish they bring next there's also actually one more thing I missed and that is a free editable style for the medic the female medic skinned she now has her helmet off so I almost forgot about that one so there's one more item again just a bunch of stuff being added and we appreciate it I don't know I'm a fan thanks for watching everybody that's all I got for you today if you enjoyed touch that like button subscribe to the channel if you're new around here or if you just haven't already and code the camp and rusher and shop helps me out a lot and make sure to let me know in the comments Instagram Twitter to enter into that giveaway for the for the gift of your choice if you're the winner thanks take care til one on me