NEW *EXCLUSIVE* OG Skin In Fortnite!

Today we got reboot vans and new a new OG Skin!
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all righty ladies and gentlemen welcome back to update day today we've got the reboot Vance coming to fortnight your teammate gets eliminated you can revive them but they only come back with the gray pistol it seems pretty cool I'm not really gonna be focusing on too much that today because I don't have a teammate but we do have a bunch of other awesome stuff no real gameplay changes but as I'm just about to log in for the first time here you'll notice that there it is we got some new cosmetic options and these ones I didn't see coming ok so field surgeon without the helmet that's pretty cool does the other one come without the helmet no he doesn't well this is the one I wanted to focus on anyway this is the 2.0 reflex skin obviously you guys know the reflex key and fresh uses it a lot and this was meant to be for exclusive Nvidia package and I actually gave away ten of them at one point now if you claimed it with that card I see it says here here's a variant of the counter except for the purchasing the GeForce fortnight bundle they said it was exclusive they put it out of the store everyone was mad at because they said it was exclusive and then now we get a free variant so this is like the og reflex skin and it is gonna be quite rare so I'm gonna chuck it on for today's video and hopefully get an awesome game play with it you also get the variance for all the other styles as well you get like the glider the back fling and the pickaxe yeah so that's pretty cool then moving on we've got oh yeah I believe these are new save the world rewards including the pickaxe the rose gold pickaxe which was pretty exciting what have you stuff to try out today and I think there's still more is like no pony tails oh yeah they got the Buccaneers challenge here we go yeah it's links without the ponytail so yeah effort oh no we got new skins of course if you guys are buying any skins and want to support me as a creator that's gonna be her lucky in the bottom right after the buccaneers bounty these are challenges for playing the LT M's and stuff okay apik oh and it takes the key get scammed it's pretty much to the challenge is unlock the emote the glider the spray the emblem and a thousand XP so that's cool but that's not what we're here for oh it's in its its own actual skin it's not even a style that's interesting okay that works for me I'm going to chuck on the rose glow pickaxe I want to check that out to save the world people also the galaxy llamas now out you can get it certain ways I have it you have to buy like a fern case or something oh can you now wrap other guns Oh like the bow a peg alrighty let's get on to it then sweat on some kids with our brand new og reflex skin if you guys go on to enjoyed today's video you know what to do hit that subscribe button down below and of course like today's video let's get into some solos you able still jump volcano I'm gonna find out like I don't know if people actually do it but like if they do I'm gonna find out I hate drops the dark go near like retail salty Pleasant like cuz they're just dead drops otherwise I know we'll find out okay people still do drop here user 69 like what kind of use name is as like a switch username or something like like what is that I want all these kills ready guy okay good like scuffed but we got all the kills let's three kills off the bat that's not what I clicked anyway alright we got two people over here wait the hell's going on here I know what's going on here what was going on here there's more people too I really don't have a murmur for that well like at the same time I nearly had him dead there's a guy there's a guy well this what things just get more scuffed by the minute I swear he's got impulse Nate's alright maybe the gun next time I don't know just a suggestion I want to know what was going on over there there that was so weird I don't know if I killed a streamer or something or what if I did sorry not sorry alright I gotta go find that all the guy that I had on once app it's a full-on Jersey oh you actually hit me hold on buddy I don't lose the kill no I'm not I'm still gonna die though come on and that ladies and gentlemen is why they call it the stealth reflex even though I still fall to the actual game that's why they call the stealth reflex that made me very depression all right well that were 21 goodbye but at least it was stealthy lived up to the name all right so the trick with the new update is that everybody is dropping to visit the pirate camps at the moment I don't have a gun but I will soon this is like the only guy here and he's shooting everyone and more importantly missing everyone all right someone else picked up the gun no that was rude what you did someone got in the cannon do you leave hello did you hide the candidate e fire well he's not here anymore importantly though that was three easy e limbs and now I have no gun alright let's finish our mission somewhere else shall we ah I get none of them I guess I get all the loot alright someone like get trapped did he die look at the traps how they're placed in the wall right now it's like a glitch with the new update and it's scuffed yup he died to the trap oh hey guys all my eel imps it's like no one here at all well fire going on the dip and pretty sure that shotgun is the person who just got the killing the dev oh I hit my water bottle well that was good I think some stuff fell in the lava I know there's like a thing that you can like use the hover board to get in the lava where'd my homie burger see now I lost my overboard and that's not cool what a guy I need my home reward did fall in the lava see it might've fell in the lava and then that's just a problem where you come from oh ah you'd love to see it even if it was scuffed fortnight all right it's good getting rid of the good players is always good because that means there's more bad players left simple mats all right please don't fight no what did that what so to say like why can't I see this guy we got the gold star upgrade so go minis it's all good all right he's got an actual gold sky he was shooting at somebody that was over there and I don't know where he is anymore who was the guy over here oh this guy died ah he actually died No damn cheap boss suit whoa what whoo let's take this out these got the campfire down for me I just get another one real quick no all right we're here for high high twenties of sorry high tens yo find this character just line it up some shots what's he doing that's pretty good for tonight going on right now I ain't gonna lie I would never lie to you that's pretty good to software skins at once that's why you leave a like rating on this video right now you just saw me take on and defeat to soccer skins at the same time you don't see that often about to make it three why is this thing what I added and then I went to shoot and it didn't shoot you I can take on two but give me a third sucker skin and I fall all right the target isn't Paradise Palms the target is the pirate based right off through it right there everyone seems to be going straight for it these days are trying to get this like glider from a challenge so no one's going to the actual towns anymore which is fine with me I'm down and do this talk to people just sit there and dance and let me kill them where is everyone roll up here that's not cool what it's audio on this game sometimes it's just shocking well only one person dropped here and it was a banana I just can't fire that's cute sorry I destroy your campfire I didn't mean no I didn't mean to doubt such lying I didn't mean to destroy your campfire all right well I'm gonna win fortnight yeah SAP bag boy built what the hell did gotcha all right that was scary that was very scary I'm still pissed though I'll hit the guy for so much and I didn't get his Elin only go I got three limbs there I got two eight limbs alright that's not too bad just feels like such a low kill game because it is there's a bite gotcha don't know what your plan was but it works with me four three two one there's one yikes that was way messier than it needed to be gotcha I'm boys spinning out of control I just wanted to hit the trip board because it was so low when he was in the other all right oh I didn't think we'd heard that much alright buddy I see I see you want to play the game for tonight battle royale I do too there's a big 90 goodbye sir that's what you get for trying to third party imagine if I actually like turned up to play the style of this game and I actually have decent elands probably would've got the twenty wall if I just not drop the pirate base and been a little more efficient some teamfights motsi I love that play ride then edit down play I love that it was the last one no so fight each other guys ready for the world's best monk you've ever seen boy what Oh unlucky where doll maker he's playing the old ball game which is quite frustrating to be honest because now I have to find him I found him Oh bang no I didn't want to end it there anyway I want to build a pickaxe this kid and 36:35 break the shield 21 I'm assuming he's got full it's probably one more white to it actually so I gotta try and oh oh that's cyberbullying oh that's cyberbullying but you know what you love to see a little bit of cyberbullying every on again ha ladies and gentleman that is the new stealth reflex Skinner if you guys went on to enjoy you guys did chugs like reading down below I catch you guys next time peace