Fortnite Reboot Van Gameplay! New Buccaneer’s Bounty Rewards in Fortnite! New Fortnite Update! Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Video Owned & Uploaded by GhostNinja (PG, Family Friendly Content & No Swearing)

as you guys can see we have some brand new skins in the item shop also we have the new Buccaneers bounty limited time el TMS and also challenges ooh as you guys can see we have a brand new field a surgeon um unmasking essentially this is pretty cool so that is the very first one and then oh we also have brand new rewards brand new free rewards for the founders a dish if you guys own save the world you will get these brand new free rewards in for night this is insane as you can see we got the rose glow pickaxe that is such a sick reward right there so there you guys have mostly and we got the special event challenges complete the challenges before they end the buccaneers bounty challenges and on top of that we have new links styles ponytail Wow okay there's a lot of stuff going on here you guys that is insane uh oh here are the all free emote free emote oh my god oh my god did you guys just see that emo hold up oh that is literally the best emote in four nights for sure yo GG's so complete all four challenges to earn the reward item so whenever we complete so so okay we get the glider so visit a pirate camp in different matches so we'll bust that off for today and then tomorrow we get the next reward two days we get the next one and then whenever I complete this one so in like four so what's today let me see through that is such a sick emote dude I am done wait what what a would we be able to unlock the emo let's see here so today's Wednesday that would be Thursday that beef rice aturday so Saturday morning you guys I should have a video on that on that on that emote Saturday morning I will have a video for you guys on on unlocking this sometime very early in the morning that is so sick dude that is awesome bro that is literally awesome oh we got to check out the item shop – the item shop all right let's do it boys item shop oh the sea wolf skin is now in the game as you can see it comes with a BAC bling the skin and then we have the Buccaneer skin aren't you guys just because I'm feeling good right now I'm gonna gift one random subscriber that I've added art I can't see boom I'm gifting SG Italy I am giving him a brand new gift if you guys want to win make sure to LIKE subscribe turn the notification bell on we're gonna be gifting a bunch of subscribers brand new gifts you guys so you guys can get the new skins and all the acts I know a lot of you do want these new skins and four nights so purchase this item as you can see let's see wolf skin and then we also got the Buccaneer skin which is definitely pretty sick I got to stock up on them B bucks I'm slacking right now I know I'll get them don't worry let me know what you guys think of the item shop use code ghost engine if you haven't already as well will greatly appreciate it alright we got to run over there boys what is this man sayin dude alright just because I can't understand them oh oh okay this is the reboot van alright we gotta go get his card come on we got to go get his card we have we have 70 seconds come on oh and there's a respawn man right here alright I'm going in form boys will I save rated cruise 21 let me know in the chat yes or no coming in boy I got you let's go baby I got you dog come on come on come on will I save them ladies and gentle fish no leave me alone leave me alone oh my god oh my god all right hurry up come on leave me alone let me get him this is our very first man we're saving today from the reef where is he here he is boys raided I got you brother I got you homie I got you don't fear ghosts ninja is here I got you raided let's make it happen baby let's make some dubs oh so then there's like oh yeah he threw the heart emote I got you bro all there's a guy down here nice so guys there you have the respawn man pretty cool dude pretty cool stuff dude how did that not blow him up what I hit one for 115 this man is crying over here he's in my game boom baby haha I get here and watching my stream haha turn this man is just watching my stream location yo rated cruise I saved your life did you see that you were the first person I ever saved in the okay okay so somebody I had texted me on xbox that you're playing with ghost ninja I was like no actual way and I checked your stream and I was on your thing no I did not know what up max random yeah I did win the scuff competent yo there's a fifty shield over here and I got minis and there's yo come along come over here if we win this game dude I got you here take this and there's a wait for an expert just take that slurp and give it to Ray did that filler for the chest I think there's two people over here all these people over here I hit one for 115 dude I do die just got a friend request them somebody oh no here come in the friend request got a black eye their own no quick ones on me if you don't want them to message you don't keep saying it'll keep messaging you okay hey one for 112 in there nice dude I'm getting spammed I got you bro I got oh my god notice he's shooting at I died no that's a quad-core motion nice wait we could still get you here perfect yeah and you're Lutz right here I'll bring you back to life yo raided here take these minis in case we get I'm going for you bro I got you wait do you have full health when you reboot no you get you get a hundred health 100 mats common pistol but IRA see there we go there we go here you are it's like that I'm like this guy's inside I smoked away that I woke up this morning no knocked one over here oh he's in that box he's in that box boys let's go to t1 teamwork so far let's get it boys get a victory four people left Oh everyone can get it Jeff hi dude this game modes actually anybody's talk to me yeah same with me so annoying okay I know I can't not see my health at all my god boom tax just look at the table bar I gotta wait ohh all right guys first game are you all dude do I even have gameplay audio dude over here hi Josh yeah I just gave one cuz I'm using this oh dude I I'm I'm using the new pickaxe in the new glider yeah it's gross team leader yeah dude this one guy sending me to a friend request and also send me there might be guys over there I don't know okay no I'm just saying if you guys don't want to get sent just don't mention it because if you keep saying it they're gonna keep doing it haven't seen you guys way over there keep matching if you're booked oh that's a good idea let me do that you know well there's one guy over there alright there's a couple people dude honestly it just that's not even full kiddin just give us a boner either Oh what the heck skin is hot I'm like this kid want um yo yo this people why not oh my god dude they like made a base in here I can download there's another one in there next to the stairs there's a trap oh my god I'm going behind us nice all right that's it like every more people left three more people bro let's get this dog I want to say to my friends I was in the game with a ghost ninja oh yeah yeah dude dude literally all my friends are gonna say no way there's no way home to watch the stream bro I mean right now I'm just gonna do random squads yeah this people over here I'm healing one guy went down hi nice alright one guy laughs oh wait no he's up top he's up top oh well I got a blanket marker again yeah so hard again you got me you made you make eye roll are we able to get no honestly just kill them I don't care right y'all raided come here okay I've 38 messages I just played why yeah probably cause of autopsies I'm on top I'm just not wearing my soccer skin Oh I hit up for a hundred oh he's alone bro I'm she tryna sir God 1v1 oh I'm watch out for the I jet back yeah I didn't have an object Pat field rack see ya oh I go to school let's get it yo have fun at school bro tell all your boys they played with me JJ's in the Chad drop like if you guys that enjoy yo 30,000 people just saw you guys win I gotcha