*NEW* 50 v 50 v2 EPIC WIN in Fortnite: Battle Royale

*NEW* 50 v 50 v2 EPIC WIN in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite: Battle Royale – EPIC WIN in new 50 v 50 Game Mode



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*NEW* 50 v 50 v2 EPIC WIN in Fortnite: Battle Royale

these behind us get him get him get him he's behind you get him get him nice come on oh my god this has to be the easiest win come on okay where we landing boys kill it all right let's go tell it boys anyone has a mic all right no one this is gonna be tough I gotta find something for my defense really quick I'm not sure if enemies around or not well I found this club this is gonna help I got this let's look for some more items really quick oh another one a blue one wait whistle for this could you pick it up I think it's that bad I can't pick it up damn come pick it up what is happening yeah I don't know man I guess try again I don't know matter oh yeah let's push let's push oh wait there's someone behind this get him get him get him he's not looking get him come on nice come on let's go you pick it up good job good job dude thanks van it's a team game I'll pick up its material yeah get it get it no I'll take this yeah what items you have got 18 see force that's gonna be great wait look at South look at South really quick oh yeah I see him I see him wait he's getting out get him get him get him oh no use his jump pad where did he go though maybe he's above us I don't know let's go check it out let's go up look at the high grounds come on guys we can win yeah we're gonna win this game he'll do it yeah we gotta go to a show at least 75 35 just stop jump oh shit wait wait at south south south south south south come come come come come ok be careful ok East 105 105 you see him he's building up I just try to destroy it oh it has the range oh that shot was so close man oh he's going down he's going down East oh shit South's out oh I just got lucky oh my God look at Sal guys and good self weight is that a dog then make a dog over there I don't know it looks like a tog go that's funny okay do you want to go down the lake only four people left right now and what is that salt that's for sure cuz I see someone building over there wait there's only one guy laughs um I was thinking that he should definitely check out the bushes the storm is closing in could you check near the riverbank cuz you're nearby I'll check the bushes all right that sounds good man that sounds good that sounds good I'll be on the other side of the hill he's hiding inside that bush I don't know oh my god was this oh my god you should come in check this out oh my god we tell me what's happening I kind of created man just come and check it out it sounds like fun I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming down I'll do my best to get there as fast as possible this game is so fun I mean it's better than squads you know wait what's happening oh he's only one guy left and we can't find him Wow oh there we go an easy win and the game up for tonight battle royale let's go let's find another game I'm gonna get this raven with the AFK strat and down we go I'm gonna hit him like nine times and then who does not wait and I'm gonna see his reaction how weary actually when you save me I'm just gonna dance in front of him I'm gonna do this till he comes back I really wanna see his reaction though oh he's back I got a good feeling about this we can be good friends you know oh oh you know what follow me hey no don't dance just follow me hey follow me man hey follow me come on come in yes yes come come come come hey hey no no no no no no no no no no wait no you're not doing this oh no I knew what you are up to okay okay I've got some company so I'll land right over here and these houses cuz I want to play safe okay someone's definitely in here oh shit no no wait you can see me oh wow a porta fold nice well if you're watching this video right now I really appreciate your Porter phone I'm inside the circle – yeah I'll just camp in here and take this blue er and this and this and I'm done wait I can hear some footsteps oh I see him I see him this wait wait what that big shot come on no no that was a head shot you know what screw this I'm going in Oh No panic mode no no wait what what you do oh wait wait what he doesn't have a possible okay well he gave me all this wood and the songs coming in in like 30 seconds so I'll just go up really quick cuz I know there's someone definitely in here they're like seventeen people live yeah I'm all good I just can't in here oh I knew it someone's trying to get me with the crossbow I'll just go in I need to get the high runs really quick oh not like this come on no no that's better okay now I gotta find him really quick okay wait I had some footsteps oh well that was easy I just have to figure out how should I get down ah there you go Oh is he a crossbow now I know who's trying to get me I'll just take a stuff really quick ah more bunches wait wait how do you build up again ah there you go oh you know what I got an idea I'm just gonna do this and it's gonna prevent all the noobs so I'm coming in because I know this works and it happened to me trust me it's gonna work okay I can hear some footsteps oh shit No Oh No ah my him suck so bad oh oh oh shit wait it's someone else's Oh Oh Alisa nice a few oh well never mind I'm good he's so what's up guys this has got to and I hope you guys enjoyed this video so let's aim for 1000 likes cuz this is my third fortnight video and also if you anywhere hit that subscribe button and click on that notification we're right next to it if you have more videos like this daily and also if you want this awesome urge that I'm wearing right now you can check the link in the description or you can check them out right now

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