Mozambique Guide – (Apex Legends Tips & Tricks)

Mozambique Guide – (Apex Legends Tips & Tricks)

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Apex Legends little Mozambique shotgun is the biggest joke in the game. It is by no means good, but can be usuable in the right circumstance. Today’s Mozambique guide is going to give the best tips & tricks to survive a hot drop with only this weapon.

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Mozambique Guide – (Apex Legends Tips & Tricks)

hey guys drifter here do you ever land and find yourself with a very little more than alternator and Mozambique and maybe a couple of grenades you're stuck in the tunnels you have to fight caustic and all of his friends and you're just gonna have to make this work well today I'm gonna show you how to get the absolute most out of your Mozambique which is a weapon that's so bad if I shoot somebody in the head twice while they're not even moving they'll still beat you down just because the game gives you a penalty for holding the Mozambique it's not the greatest weapon by any measure so for today's guide we're gonna do some Theory crafting on it we're gonna take a look at some of the numbers and stats and see if we can get a little bit more out of this weapon because when you have the Mozambique in your hands I don't want you to feel Mozambique about your future like it's hopeless like you can't do anything and hopefully by the end of today's guides we elevate you up to some sort of pros ambach plays because it has a mathematically high dps and some interesting handling attributes that no other weapon in the game has so for a guy who does stat videos and gets nerdy about this kind of thing it's probably the most Theory craftable weapon in the entire game even more so than the havoc that can take multiple attachments so when you land and only find a Mozambique and everybody's flooding into you and things get scary I just want you to know that there's hope you don't have to quit the game you don't have to kill yourself you don't have to just turn off your whole computer and uninstall apex legends there is a way to win this fight this weapon is a three pellet shotgun firing three pellets at a time with three shells in the mag each one deals 15 damage which will be 45 to the body or 66 to the head with a little multiplier right there do a little bit less if you shoot them in the legs but that's enough to three shot anybody that's not wearing purple armor no range drop off and interestingly this weapon handles differently whether you hipfire it or when you aim down sights so I shot one target hipfire and one aim down sights on the hipfire target you can see that all of my bullets essentially went around the center point when I aim down sights it tighten them up so that every single one actually hit the target and this is a colossal improvement for the gun and it allows you to get much more accurate shots at range than you would think possible very long range headshots and it gives you a better chance of getting a high dead which hits so I think you should aim down sights as much as possible unless of course you're like point-blank point-blank then it's not necessary and the Mozambique fire is relatively quickly even without a shotgun bolt but you've only got three shots and the reload is slow so I wouldn't go around spamming it everywhere so now that these stats and handling is out of the way you can see why the Mozambique is so interesting for Theory crafting because it has two fire modes whether you aim down sights or hipfire you can put shotgun bolts on it to modify the rate and it's very headshot dependant weapon with a theoretically high DPS if you're just churning out those headshots it can deal very significant damage and has a reasonable pick potential you can three shot anybody in the game that's not wearing purple armor or three shots in a punch you'll send them back to Mozambique that being said my basic advice for this weapon is to get a new weapon as soon as possible seriously I'm doing the Mozambique guide today kind of as a joke and to help people that are absolutely desperate this guide is for you in your darkest hour it is not something that you should have to rely on on a consistent basis and don't bother trying to kit out the Mozambique oh it'll be better for put a purple bolt on it it'll be better the optics no it won't it's still not a good gun get a P 20/20 get an alternator get a g7 almost anything is going to be better and more reliable that being said let's move on to some intermediate advice the best way to use this weapon is it what I would describe as close to medium range something about 10 to 15 meters not point-blank because it's a little bit more difficult to track people that are jumping around you like a rabbit and they can punch you to death faster than you can kill them with the Mozambique especially if you're missing however if you fight them at medium range preferably in a place where you can pick a corner or close the door and get some guaranteed good trades when they can't shoot you back around the corner you can do really good damage and get some favorable trades because you could be dealing up to 66 damage per shot you want to aim down sights for every single shot at this range an aim for the head as much as possible obviously if they're up in your face you can point you can you know hipfire them but try to avoid it and most importantly don't spam your shots don't miss a single shot because when you start reloading the Mozambique everybody they know you've fired in Mozambique they know what the gun sounds like they see it in your hands they know you're reloading it they know you're helpless that's when they're gonna push super hard it's gonna be really really bad so try super hard not to miss and I know this seems like silly advice like oh yeah just fighted optimal range aim for the head and don't miss perfect great awesome advice Drifter well if you want to get a little bit more advanced with it if you have super good aim like some endo dizzy shroud level aim you can snipe people with this gun in a way the shotgun spread is incredibly tight and even at 20 to 25 meters you can pop people in the head relatively consistently it's just that it's difficult and I can do it in the practice range over and over again because I'm shooting dummies that aren't standing still but in the real game with people that have goofy hitboxes and Wraith players running around like a bunch of adderall addicted rabbits thinking that their shroud it's much harder to do it consistently and I don't think it's a good idea so hopefully and by the end of this video you learned something about the Mozambique and hopefully when you have your next scrappy landing at skull town and you're desperate and the Mozambique is the only weapon that you can find you'll think back to this video and you'll know what to do to optimize your chances of winning guys that's all for this video hope you enjoyed it and hope you learned something useful if you did don't forget to Like favorite and subscribe drift her out