MEGA EVOLUTION FINALLY! | Pokemon Empyrean w/ SacredAlmighty! Episode 17

MEGA EVOLUTION FINALLY! | Pokemon Empyrean w/ SacredAlmighty! Episode 17

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MEGA EVOLUTION FINALLY! | Pokemon Empyrean w/ SacredAlmighty! Episode 17

[Laughter] yes haha he a sturdy alright so I just gotta say I apologize for the last like couple of episodes not really having like any like background music I turn it off every time me and Nexus record the sole link that way like our audios don't overlap each other and we were recording the X&Y so link that day which you should probably go check it out and I said absolutely 8:00 I apologize for all those people who are like oh where is the music and then I put like the persona 5 music in there because I wanted to be like empty air but with that being said welcome back to more Pokemon Imperia and I hope you guys are enjoying the series still if you guys are I definitely shouldn't leave a like on the video as well as subscribe if you guys are new let's get back up into this jam cuz we back we back me back we back it's been actually a break since I've recorded this obviously for you all you know you all have the luxury of having stuff scheduled elite like scheduled for me I know I record like maybe two or three two or three of these things at a time and I just edit everything out do all my little edits or whatever to them and it just kind of schedule them for the days but I do go up which is Monday Wednesday Friday for those who are looking for the schedule last episode if you guys missed it we did the infiltration of the silent court we obviously got our red card and now it's time to go and see where we put the artwork in the library the red card is supposed to take us to and I guess we saw that guy that destroyed it's like the level 80 something Pokemon or whatever and I was really really really really really really really really scared cuz I was like oh I didn't know he was like attached to that but it makes sense because I like the name to corporation trying to find his library it's over here it makes sense but I really just want to see where this book is at personally like this book it's so important to like our journey honestly that I really really just want to see like what comes up of it honestly let me see let me see let me see so now we can go down here who is that hello okay yeah a monk I don't know you looking for a book oh I know you've been here before have it – that book you were looking for is probably in the white room it's at the end how do you know I've been here before I feel like you know why I don't know the white room I'm a good feet game it's probably over here yeah oh yeah it's definitely over here I guessing it's up in here maybe now no okay wait hold on this is it the dates out okay what I do to win it now talking to professor over there or no secure the door whose voice is that oh god damn it all right you again I do not forget faces too bad you won't be remembering mine what do you want who are you now before we do this procedure again you will tell me what exactly are you doing here there's no way a child would have a read pass it must have been you who broke in last night I'm here because I'm lost at least make a little less blatant lie what is this you're hiding behind your back the book give me that book now please I hate this book is that day teen horizon my mind you're a far more dangerous element than I originally anticipated grunts subdue them whoa hold me down up in fairness device no stop yes that's it we're ready open up Pokemon agents you have three seconds to comply or we're breaking in what a predicament three I'm gonna say I'm gonna side of here two one hands in the oh they are the escape ain't in Jenin it's good to see you again rush Glenn I got here in time how did you know the truth is I've been telling that man you met for some time secretly of course though he is a very Chum Chum with our president I'm very suspicious of his motives and so our secretary Kerry our security camera secretary cameras Oguz out yo yeah yeah yeah I'm not I'm not here right now I apologized video I'm bigger than secretary yo tengo ja y'all be flaming me in the comment sections I'm like look everybody's not perfect leave me alone they've like knob right no I said oh you got a take and I'm like you know what I'm fine whatever sorry security cameras picked up his movements last night in offices and lo and behold I saw you there as well usually breaking in into silence it would be a serious offence but I realized why you did it you eat at the read past acts just as part of the library because that's where the book is I arranged Saturday's log so don't worry about that finding Hal is much more important right now than doing things by the book say Russ what did you win it mister a star won the book mr. star I think so he asked me for the blinking device in his hand I don't know when he wanted to do with it but I'm glad you came and stopped him oh no rush have you ever met mr. star before or better to say do you remember meeting him he does seem familiar but I think this is the first time I've met him quite concerning in situations like these rush it would be excellent if you were proficient at polka kata but I assume you got a hold of a book may I see it poki cata so we gotta act we should probably start to actually like take advantage of all that then I would assume so right got an audio just press X to do that when you get into a battle I mean I don't mind doing that but I feel like it's just okay whatever it's quite an ancient book okay excellent I think we'll be able to do something now let's meet upstairs I will come professor almond here too let's all sit down and try to analyze this okay let me see what look took me on there's a polka kind of spot dojo that's like in the town so I might I might go and put that level too obviously maybe you never know where you're gonna call professors would I go to that go up here like weird like a table at maybe I don't know like I'm guessing not over here okay like where is where is it at oh it's right here yo professor Blair it was pop with you ah right come and join us hello okay look at this listen chapters we found one name twat twines with destiny chapter 15 now let's see if we can find a sentence for your – letter by the son of it I would say that this sentence marks it into something maybe even the end of a chapter chapter might be with chapter yeah good job Nick so let's start from the end here it is it is the last end to this chapter what up okay that's 7815 and 78 is there something else in there let's examine the print penultimate sensitive chapter and a wave of pure fire delenn was engulfed and not a soul not its way remained nothing but ashes for eyes to see purifier the Imperium Pokemon empyrion hahahahahaha yeah I see it what is it rush I don't think I heard that word before but it made me remember something for some reason this dream I had in his dream I found myself in a weird glitch the world and there was a white figure telling me something about the turning time and I can't remember much that can be possibly related to any of this rush now hold on professor I know it doesn't sound scientifically right but I am curious the rest can you remember any other feature the glitch world anything at all I think there was a block in the white floor maybe like a chess board a chess board rest I believe what Junior is very important if you have another one of those dreams remember it remember it very well I have a feeling we're getting sidetracked so I returned to the book it could be connected professor don't be so quick to judge okay Rush's dream in the mention of pure fire here there's an ancient myth about empyrion which is said to be the highest place in heaven occupied by the element of fire or just pure fire highest place occupied by fire this could refer to the Mesmer Mountain it was an active volcano once and I believe there is still lava within the score well obviously it's a lava which that means it's a volcano like a it's a dormant volcano I mean obviously I don't know – we're going on here but sure that's a bit of a stretch and if we take our numbers from 78 and 15 perhaps as coordinates yeah y'all way too smart for this whoa hold on I know you okay hold on wait a minute I know you're gum like that you're coming hard how long what this point just above Mesmer town atop Mount mesma it really sounds like stringing together random data now ain't in Jenin are you saying dad might be there at top of mount mess man that might be right rush I think it's the best shot we've got you're heading there anyways yes I remember your next badge is held by the snow twins that's not us at then rust carry on with your adventure I'll catch out so you got to you in a few in a few days Wow Oh then we'll investigate if nothing is found we'll go back to the book rush you're going to need this I need some winter clothes for going to the mountain I'm not sure to get some no no actually I maybe I do do you remember who taught dr. Tosi at the lab I heard him mention but when I went to close for his nephew so maybe he'll know something we have a deal then rush let's me again there okay all right so we have to go find Mount Tulsa at the lab and then go grab our winter clothes for the investigation this story is kind of its it only the story itself is so hard to keep up with because it's so much more that this is like game ad soand this again with a lot of content now that I'm looking at it and like the story itself is kind of interesting really really vague in the mystery and we're only like maybe like what four gym badges in the beta itself or things like ends like six gym badges maybe so it's really really like not weird but it's really really different that like a game like this has like a lot of like off random stuff that I I'm just like it's so hard to keep up with like that's why like I stumbled over where it's a lot cuz I'm like what it like what like houses connecting to the overarching story because one of those things where it's like we've been introduced to so many characters now we know and all it's all connected somehow like so blitz and his sister our arrival that we've met like since the first episode or whatever he is I'm guessing the child of the president of Silencio Corp right so let your Corp just so happens to be the organization that Jeanine and our dad worked for and for some reason the corporation isn't going to go and get our Father back coincidentally enough meanwhile there's somebody with the memory erasing device that's like apparently a shady guy that Jeanine is very like paranoid of and he just so happens to have some type of relationship to the president who just happens to be blitz father or mother you don't know who the president says you know maybe I'll one be a woman might be a guy or whatever and then not only that we're a regular as trainer uh who who just so happens to be getting like called upon by these random berserk pokemons that for whatever reason there's somebody some scientist who's like just so happens to always be in that situation like every like he always there and it just so happens that this guy is nowhere to be found most of the time then you find out the scientists in the lab we're a part of some other scheme because the overwrote like they over they fed too much data or too much energy to that thing that made it explode so never there was no data to analyze afterwards so a lot of shady stuff is going on right now and it's all connected like at first it's hard to keep up with but it's all connected somehow you just have to sit down and actually pay attention to it I think that's what I'm doing a low key like I'm like paying attention to it while I'm like reading so it's kind of hard to like to like pay attention and just act all commentary is cuz I don't know I'm a fiend for this type of stuff dawg you know I you know I'm me I'm a I'm a I'm a lawyer guy which is why I like games like we're boring and rejuvenation and stuff like that because I just were really really good I wonder where Tulsa's at loci I want to know where is it and I feel like I feel like hold on not to not to not obvious now having a new pokeballs whoa wait a minute whoa level boss thank you wait what'd you say I've never had a dream of catching a human in the pokeball with pokey science might become possible yeah go away weirdo yo y'all just give it away balls now this is why you talk to everybody in the area by the way exactly what I talk to everybody I'm guessing I just gotta go down here huh okay so I might have an idea where I gotta go and I'm pretty sure it's kind of random cuz they told us to go to find somebody in the lab but apparently where we have to go is not in the lab at all which is kind of weird but I don't make the rules I just I just played a game honestly we're supposed to go over here hello what I knew you would have no problem controlling this power I won't hold you any longer then oh right how long have you been standing there the truth is I was looking for you in blitz the special item that I was planning to give you two that will enable your Pokemon I reach new heights in terms of power yo get the mecha ring yo all right with that mega ring you'll be able to mega evolve your pokemon in battle unfortunately I had only one mega stone I gave that one to blitz but I'm sure you'll be able to find some in the wild well then all right I can only help give advance okay Foam anything anything yo so speaking about mega stones right if you remember a couple episodes back that's the have it on you I do yo we got mega evolution dude hold on bro yo wait a moment are you a trainer yo years I just voiced cry like a bitch okay say less yes ah yeah sturdy no no we got mega evolution do this lynnie do this little ously oh you're so late bro we got mega evolution but that's all that matters bro we got mega evolution that's all that matters to me now it's all that matters to me now listen as a goddess she should always have been I'm a goddess of course wait what did I just say oh my god Meg evolve again let these peons know what's going on let's say let these niggas know let these try man yay yay hypnosis not this one get him out get him out let you so I should probably try and see what's up in this grass only just to see what's in this grass I kinda just wanna see what's in this guy's a ponytail I could literally saw that coming speaking of Ponyta there was one I was just bad at it was a berserk Pokemon there's a Deerling let the autumn Deerling I thought that is the autumn new lane I think I got it right the first time blitz oh okay Mons that I will never use in my life because keep going little all right never mind okay I'm out I'm come honey like ten of these ooh honey okay okay okay okay I'm with the walk am with the way I'm not going the right way I have no idea what do you want to do for me just get okay one of the siblings returned from if your interests I can't say you milk for 600 yeah what that's go okay so now my question is well oh okay I have no idea we're if I'm wondering I we're not I'm thinking as a musical eats because East is where the only place we can actually go that's not blocked out because lonely places other than that is up north with the train tracks but they still have that block so we can't go that way if we go back down south take us back to where we had to that's not we gotta go I don't know I'm guessing she's gotta keep looking around I guess huh now we don't have a choice here but to do that honestly you're trying to see right now I guess we just go up ease bro I guess we just go up north now honest I don't I don't know like I'm so lost now I don't know I'm pretty sure just gotta keep moving honestly I'll just keep it this far I'm pretty sure I'm gonna right away anyway so I mean I'll be around whoa all these changes here I'm definitely going to consider battling these chinna's off-screen though definitely because I kind of want I know there's there's something coming there's always something coming like a random like level butyou're level little spike or whatever so I mean I don't mind battling whatever trainers uh whatever trainers I have to fight honestly cuz riding in this game isn't that bad I know a lot of you are like Oh Nick how are you grinding so like that well if you guys paid attention when we did the little tournament thing a tournament that was actually like an optional digging school and as do yourself and I've just been going in there and just been battling a lot of chances to get levels and experience off that as well you also get a lot of money as well when you like win first so I guess that's another thing people should probably keep keep in mind or whatever and plus was like hella traders that I've skipped around or whatever just sort of take a progression I mean just go back and better those trainers you know that's pretty much how I I made I made the the climb honestly I feel like I'm going the wrong way you know what hold on I'm about to just pop this rappel where is it at popping this rappel yeah I got any messed up in here I'm not about to say I keep doing this I think Roosevelt Mesmer here you go all right so with that being said that's quiet quiet over here okay I like that okay Lola wait oh no they got the bird stripping in the back dog or nah I'm about to get votes tond I grew a rat you look very close to talking about I don't know you tell me you're gonna find out soon and lighter eye man this stuff right here though cuz I kind of I know I said a hyper potion on that but I'm minutes off right here though we'll come back next episode I want to see what the road to mount Mesmer entails and I guess just go up there as well but would that be sorry I enjoyed myself guys did bye