Madden 18 – The Game Cheats You, But You Cant Cheat It?

what is going on guys welcome back some comments here before you do me a favor take a moment hit that like button subscribe button criticism in the comment section Twitter shut down safety is my username I want to talk about ways Madden has been cheating us in my opinion this year worse than any other year I mean you've got a minute 30 seconds on the clock am trying to run the no-huddle and as a user in this game you can't snap the ball here until the defense is set I'm not doing any adjustments we're in real life you'd have an opportunity for the defense to swap out a need to get set I'm simply doing a no huddle now in this situation I get it I'm up by 31 points I've got all my timeouts but the game remains the same this defensive tackle here takes so long to get back that I have time to change the play now the next play it's gonna be another pass and just tons of time in the pocket horrible zone coverage here Moss gets the ball goes up breaks a couple tacks and goes down 50 seconds left in the game if this was you trying to win the game you're in no huddle I'm trying to snap the ball and it's not letting me because that defensive tackle is not in place that's not my problem that shouldn't impact my game and look at how that lineman reacted there obviously I still get a touchdown but that's not the point the point of this is on the other side take a look at this play this is when I was on defense now you're gonna notice that my cornerback on the left side of your screen was not a position and gives up a huge pass because he wasn't in position how is it fair that when I'm controlling the offense I have to wait for the defense to get in position but when I'm on defense the computer can snap it you can see my corner was clearly running to get back into position but the computer can snap it before my guys are in position that's just cheating and there's no point in that in the game love you know your thoughts on this appreciate you checking it out back in the week with more commentary