LEGO Marvel Superheroes – CHEATS

LEGO Marvel Superheroes – CHEATS

Beetle — KXFQ87
Black Cat — P9OWL0
Captain America (Classic) — 7HWU4L
Carnage — AA0Z50
Howard the Duck — J58RSS
Hydra Agent AKA Hydra Goon/Soldier — B7AA3K
Iron Man (Mark 17 “Heart Breaker”) — 2NGSRZ
Iron Man (Mark 38 “Hulkbuster”) — CK7SDS — Warning: Do NOT use the Hulkbuster cheat if you want to get 100%. Hulkbuster needs to be earned and bought through a story mission. This cheat code prevents one of the custom figures from being unlocked thus blocking a true 100%. You will be stuck at 99.9%. It’s a glitch.
Iron Patriot — Q5X1J5
Spider-Man (Future Foundation) — WFOZXQ
Thor (Classic) — H8CSE6
War Machine AKA Iron Man Mark II — TQ4C57
Wolverine (With Hood “Cowl”) — OAW2LB
*** Iron Man (Mark 38 “Hulkbuster”) — CK7SDS — WARNING: You will be stuck at 99.9%. It’s a glitch.

Vehicle CHEATS-
Avenging Cycle — 5T3CQU
Pumpkin Chopper — 35E41W
SHIELD Staff Car — D5B7O3
Spider Bike — SH9MZQ

Red Deadpool Brick-
Studs Multiplier x 2 Red Brick — UZFBG4

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LEGO Marvel Superheroes – CHEATS

all righty but it's going on cheater McGee derson of course how's it going guys my name is ba that's why you're and of course welcome back to another Lego Marvel superheros video today we're gonna be taking a look at the sheets yes for you cheater make cheaters and I'm looking at you yes the one eating the fried chicken or something else but unless of course you guys are here to find out some cheats right that's what we're all here for so of course just like any other Lego game there are some awesome cheats that you can take advantage of in Lego Marvel Super Heroes now the main reason why I'm making this video well first of all is because you guys asked me to make one second of all is because I wanted to notify you of one particular important thing that you should keep in mind while you are searching for cheats and the cheats that you use here so first of all the first thing is how you go about actually entering the cheats so the there are really two main ways to go about them first of which is to just pause the game go into the extras and then you just press enter code just as simple as that so that allows you to enter cheat anywhere you are which is really really handy but if let's say you are wanting another method of administrating the cheat then all you do is you go to Deadpool's room in the Helicarrier and you walk up to this creepy looking machine right here that looks kind of like the matrix code and then you can enter your codes here as well so in order to exemplify how this works unfortunately all the codes that are available right now I cannot use anymore because I've already unlocked it fairly in the game but I'm just going to go ahead and show you how this works so for example this is the code for the x – multiplier which is really really handy if you can get this early on you could gather up your studs very quickly allowing you to quickly purchase your multipliers so this would be something that you should definitely consider if you want to speed up your process a wee bit which come on that's really what cheating is all about right it's just speeding up the process at least in video games it is so we're going to go ahead and enter you Z FB then we've got a G after that and it will be concluded with a four what did I did I'm just type this use the F bg4 hmm I think maybe it's not coming up because of the fact that I've already got it let's try it here maybe it will come up if it doesn't say anything here either then I think you're gonna have to tribute that to the fact that we've already got it unlocked so the system can't detect it again and say hey you've already got this why are you trying to get it again you know so let's see we're going to code down here yeah it's just making a bit of a weird noise so I'm assuming it's because there it is we've already purchased it before so we can't really repurchase it or get it again but that being said the other thing with that I wanted to bring up particularly on this video was the fact that there is a cheat code for the Ironman mark 38 which is also the Hulkbuster armor this armor right down here right there now you can get it with a cheat code however don't because if you do that what happens is the game has a glitch whereby you will never ever be able to complete the game 100% because it will always be stuck at 99.9 percent because you have to get the Hulkbuster armor in a fair way which is why I'm not even going to post or you know what now I'll post the code in the description box but I'll post it last and I'll put a warning around it again just for you guys to keep that in mind and just make sure that again unless if you are not planning to 100% the game then don't worry about it just use the code I guess so that for those people it would be handy but if you're planning to 100% the game and you don't want to be in a situation where you're 99.9 and you're like what's going on why can't I complete this well if you want to avoid that then obviously don't use the code for the Hulkbuster armor but other than that there are cheat codes available for the following things so we've got one read Deadpool brick which is of course going to be the stun multiplier times two so again as I explained before you would go in here and you just enter the code all the codes are in the description box below so check it out if you want to see specific of course codes which you would I would assume so of course we've got the x 2 multiplier then there are also 5 and I repeat sorry now and I repeat for and it just keeps disappearing the cheat codes are disappearing sorry but we've got actually four awesome vehicle cheat codes first of which is the avenging cycle the pumpkin / the shield staff car and finally the spider bike so a nice little variety of vehicles there indeed and honestly this is really handy for the early on as you're starting to play if you don't have a lot of studs and you're trying to get get some new character some new vehicles and such and you want to save up your studs then you could definitely turn to this I guess now of course some of the characters which is really where you get majority of the cheat codes available are the following we've got beetle black can't Captain America and his classic outfit carnage which is an awesome one I would definitely recommend to try to get that character as fast as possible we've got Howard the Duck same with him but then again most of them are awesome we've got the Hydra agent or the Hydra soldier it's the same name I think it's called don't they call them Hydra soldier in the game I can't quite recall uh where are you at oh no they do call them Hydra agent okay yep Hydra agent there so then after that we've got the Iron Man heartbreaker armor that one you can use the cheat code for and not be concerned about the glitch at least that's the so far information that is available to us and then after that you've got the iron patriot MODOK spider-man in his future foundation outfit which is the white suit spider-man which is really cool and awesome looking we've got MODOK of course as I mentioned before already we've got Thor in his classic outfit so you could have cap and classic Thorin classic kind of have the classic Avengers feel going on we've got war machine who's really really cool of course and Wolverine with his hooded or his cowl on which is really neat though as well and of course as I mentioned before the Iron Man mark 38 but that's a big risk so just keep that in mind so that being said that is pretty much all I wanted to show you guys and then one thing that I found a little bit goofy and that's why I'm showing it all the way and because I know some people are not going to find it goofy was this thing where if you press the trigger button you could have Iron Man going backwards and I've literally spent like countless minutes just going like this I'm like a look I need to get past this lamp but dammit dammit dammit mmm damn it six something's pushing them off and trust me it's not funny at first but you do it for a long while you're starting to kind of smirk then you start smiling and then you start laughing it's really really bizarre especially if you come up with like Tony being drunk or something and he's trying to get past this lamp and he's having a really hard time doing so so that being said there you have it guys that is the marble or Lego Marvel superheroes of course cheat codes video if you guys enjoyed the video smash that like button you share the videos with your family and friends favorite videos as well and of course stay tuned for plenty more content coming your way thank you so much for watching hope you guys have a fantastic day I'll catch you guys next time peace out see you laters alligators thanks for watching guys I hope I helped you out a little bit cheater magician or cheater pants with cheater mcteer's and pants something like that alrighty peace out your letters are good gosh