Lattepanda Alpha Emulation Test – GameCube PS2 PSP Dreamcast Naomi

Lattepanda Alpha Emulation Test – GameCube PS2 PSP Dreamcast Naomi

In this video, I take a look at emulation performance on the Lattepanda alpha. Emulators used PS2 PCSX2 – GameCube Dolphine – PSP PPSSPP – Dream cast Redream – Naomi and Atomiswave Reicast RetroArch core.

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LattePanda Specs:
CPU:Intel 7th Gen Core m3-7y30
Core:1.6-2.6GHz Dual-Core,Four-Thread
Benchmark (PassMark): Up to 3500, double computing power compared with same price range products in the market
Graphics:Intel HD Graphics 615, 300-900MHz
RAM:8G LPDDR3 1866MHz Dual-Channel
Memory:64GB eMMC V5.0l
External Memory: 1x M.2 M Key, PCIe 4x, Supports NVMe SSD and SATA SSD 1x M.2 E Key, PCIe 2x,Supports USB2.0, UART, PCM
Connectivity: WIFI 802.11 AC, 2.4G & 5G Dual Band Bluetooth 4.2 Gigabyte Ethernet
USB Ports: 3x USB 3.0 Type A 1x USB Type C, supports PD, DP, USB 3.0
Display: HDMI Output Type-C DP Support Extendable eDP touch displays
Co-processor:Arduino Leonardo
GPIO & Other Features:2x 50p GPIOs including I2C, I2S, USB, RS232, UART, RTC,Power Management,Extendable power button,everything you need
OS Support:Windows 10 ProLinux Ubuntu

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Lattepanda Alpha Emulation Test – GameCube PS2 PSP Dreamcast Naomi

what's going on guys to CTA Prime back here again with a lot a panda alpha and I want to test out some emulation in this video I'm gonna be testing out some Dreamcast some atomiswave some Naomi's some GameCube some ps2 and PSP if you're not familiar with the lot a panda alpha it's a super small x86 single board computer with an Intel Core m37 Y 30 does turbo up to 2.6 gigahertz there's 8 gigabytes of ddr3 1867 megahertz Ram and for the GPU it's the Intel HD 615 I've made a couple other videos on this and I've even added an external GPU but in this video we're gonna be using it stock straight out of the box if you're interested in seeing some more videos I do have a playlist linked in the description so first things first I want to go ahead and start up big box this is my front-end of choice I want to see how smooth it runs on the latte panda alpha and you should see people's and by the way I am running this from an external 2 terabyte USB 3.0 drive that could slow some stuff down a little bit but so far looks pretty good I have tested this on tons of different hardware now I was worried about slowdowns with these videos and things like that but even off an external USB hard drive it seems to be handling it pretty well so it looks like it's handling big box pretty well if you want to run launch box and big box on here it's gonna work fine you could also run hyper spin or a track mode those will work on this hardware so with all my tests I'm not gonna bore you with the front end here I'm just gonna launch my first one and I'll just start cutting through we're gonna do some Dreamcast emulation and start out with Soul Calibur the emulator I'm using here is redream really awesome Dreamcast emulator it is free to use you can buy a paid version that allow you to up the internal resolution button paid will work fine on a board like this I was pretty sure was gonna handle it just fine I'm gonna go into my settings real quick video when I thought it was already at 1080p you'll see how it handles it in all the tests through this video you will see afterburner running up in the top left hand corner that will give us our CPU usage we even have the temperature reading we're running opengl here on redream 60fps we have our current FPS minimum and average so keep an eye on that it'll give you a good idea of how hard the boards working per any later so basically the retreating leaders gonna work on the lot a panda alpha even at 1080p it's a matter of if the game is compatible with the emulator and the list is pretty long so lots of stuff will be playable in Dreamcast using redream on the lot a panda alpha next up I'm gonna move over to retroarch I'm gonna run some ray casts and we're gonna test some Naomi and atomiswave games first up guilty gear like I mentioned FPS and all the information you need to know is up in the top left hand corner had to test out Metal Slug 6 we're still in retroarch using raycast and finally the Naomi arcade version of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 very solid performance now you might run into a few games that don't work well with the emulator so that they're not gonna work well on the Lotte Panda using rate cast but overall it's performing really well next up some PSP emulation using ppsspp I'm on version 1.5 4 and the reason being I don't think the God of War Chains of Olympus works well in the newer version 1.63 at least on lower-end hardware I have really good luck with 1.54 and that's why I'm using it specifically for this game the next games you see will be running in a newer version of ppsspp I do have the speed hacks on I'm using OpenGL and I'm at 3 X resolution using the same game on this hardware in version 1.6 3 either OpenGL DirectX 11 or Vulcan it doesn't perform this well I get a lot of dips especially in some cutscenes it even goes down to 40 FPS so that's why I'm on an older version for this game we're getting a really good frame right here average 60 FPS our low is 55 so it drops down every once in a while but it's fully playable and it looks great with version 1.6 3 Vulcan does work really well in some games this is Gran Turismo I'm at the highest resolution I can go I don't have any speed hacks on and as you can see the Alpha is handling it like a champ here's midnight club double dissing now it's really weird when I started the game it was like locked at 30fps and then when I took the first corner it went up to 60 and now you can see that every once in a while we get a pretty big drop but all the games I've chosen here have kind of given ppsspp trouble in the past on different systems so that's why it shows each one of these it's not bad but we are dipping down and finally Killzone liberation now this is notoriously hard to run on a lot of hardware I'm at 3x resolution with the speed hacks on and I'm also using the Vulcan back-end so pretty much seeing that the Alpha can handle all the games that I just showed you there's not many more that are harder to run than these four here so you should have really good luck with PSP on the lot a panda alpha time to test out some GameCube emulation using dolphin first game moment a test is Soulcalibur – I'm using DirectX 11 I'm at the native resolution and it works pretty good so if you've ever used off and you might notice stutters here and there that's the shader cache loading so there's really no way around that right now until you play through level and let it cache the shader here smash I'm just gonna be flipping through a few levels we have a two-player level here next up we'll go to four players running on the f0 track and here's giant link versus three other characters so the lot a Panna can do GameCube it'll also do some wii emulation using dolphin there's one more I wanted to test here Tony Hawk's Underground 2 I know it's not the best game but it did give me trouble on lower in seller odds we're averaging 57 FPS if I didn't have the FPS counter I wouldn't even notice it it's playing pretty good and the final emulator I wanted to test here was pcsx2 now this is version 1.5 0 I have it set to aggressive I'm also using the DirectX 11 back in some games aren't even gonna work well at the native resolution with the lot a Panna and this emulator it's a matter of the CPU the CPU only goes to 2.6 gigahertz most of the time it's at 2.4 this is Tekken 5 I just can't keep it at a constant 60fps so if you're thinking about playing Shadow of the Colossus on the law tape an alpha it's pretty much out of the question so Tech and fives not performing that well but there are games that are going to run perfectly with this hardware paired with pcsx2 I'm going to go to 720p and I'm going to test out Crash Bandicoot the wrath of cortex we have an average of 60 FPS where it's 720p so yeah some ps2 games are gonna work fine with this hardware but you're not going to be able to play all of them so that's it for this video guys I really appreciate you watching the lot ape in alpha can handle emulation now you didn't see in 64 in this video it's gonna handle it fine it's gonna be able to handle anything that the Raspberry Pi 3 or the X u 4 can do now when it comes to Wii U ps3 and xbox I'm not so sure but I will put out a video so if you're interested keep an eye on the channel cuz I will be putting out more on the lot a panda alpha to be honest with you this is the most fun that I've had with a single board computer since the Raspberry Pi 2 came out this is an awesome little machine it is expensive for what you're getting now if you put the money that you were gonna pay for this into a gaming machine you could have a nice little rig but you're not gonna hit this form factor and for me it's really all about tinkering I appreciate you guys watching if you could hit that like button make sure you turn notifications on and like always thanks for watching