Kid Temper Tantrum Returns To Gamestop To STEAL GTA 5

Kid Temper Tantrum Returns To Gamestop To STEAL GTA 5

kid steals gta 5 without daddy even knowing at the time. This time kid temper tantrum went too far. gamestop kid freakout temper tantrum at gamestop over wanting gta 5. Today the family took the kids to gamestop to buy a new video game. However Leland starts having a temper tantrum at gamestop because he wanted grand theft auto v. What will daddy have to do to stop this gamestop temper tantrum? Daddy doesn’t want any gamestop drama. Will it turn into a gamestop freakout? Or more like a gamestop funny? Find out…
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Our videos with tantrums are SKITS! We do these for FUN, including the kids in planning them. Safety precautions are taken and no one is ever in any danger. We all hope they make you laugh!

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Kid Temper Tantrum Returns To Gamestop To STEAL GTA 5

oh uh talking mushrooms don't poach that Oh hey what's up everybody so we all back at Gamestop and Liana and we're gonna get the new Cup head game it just recently came out not too long ago hey where you guys going the entrance is right here come on get off before guys that's fine the game that's not what we're looking for one of those little baby babies good oh sweet okay let's not forget headed cop head this is a popular game what oh not again not again you can't have everything in the whole story what's the matter what you're not having that game I told you we're not having that game so put that back hey put that back hey you guys put those back right now put those back right now put those back stop touching everything yes let's find the game and then we're gonna go no no we're just in the game okay okay what's up you think Lina should have Grand Theft Auto really bad game he's too young for it okay see Leland he says you can't he says you can't have it everything in the whole story I didn't so I guess cuphead is a digital game that we can download so they're not gonna happen here so whatever game would you like no no which besides GTA no Leland put that back I said No we have this case you don't need gift cards put those back you put those back there you know what don't need a wet controller that doesn't over you don't even know why would you want that you don't even know what it is slightly then we're not getting Grand Theft Auto oh let's go you guys come on let's go why are you guys playing best oh it's really Anna I know I know you've told me that please don't come on are you doing come on Leland come on okay we're going get out let's go hey I stopped it Liyana stop stop get in the van no story get in the story or not the store the van I momentum I meant the van what wait what is it no put it back you guys need to make a decision anything but GTA No get off the floor Leon are you gonna get stepped on stop get up alright let's just go let's let's go what there's two of them yeah okay you're not getting over them you're not getting I rule no I mean put it back put them back what are you doing what are you doing get down from there we're not playing up anyway huh okay serve you guys just get off my shoes we're not playing that game with you and I want everything in you keep saying that all right let's go you guys so we got halo for the kids oh you're having halo hi so we just got halo 5 for the kids what's so funny listen to my friends all right anyway so we got the game for the kids and we're heading home right now what are you laughing about whoa the semi-truck trailer flip it's a semi truck or trailer yeah what you do go around took the turn too fast that's something you don't see every day Oh oh that's not good for those there goes the resale value on those cause all right so that's not crazy date what what's the matter oh it doesn't we never find it we don't have grand theft auto five what the heck Leland what let me take a look at that what are you doing up grand fats out of five well how did you get that what are you kidding me I cannot believe this Leland we do not pay for that you stowed grand theft auto 5 with you're not playing that game no we're not we're taking that we're taking that back don't leave I'm I'm serious I cannot believe you stole that game now gimme a Cleveland give me that games give me that game well your video I'm gonna have to pay for it now he already opened it I'm gonna have to pay for it will you give me that game you're not playing yeah you're definitely not playing grand theft auto you're too young unbelievable cannot believe it oh he is so grounded Liana don't mind your own business okay Lila and your friends need to go home you are grounded you hear me I cannot believe you took that game how did you take is that why you were laughing in the van is that why you that's why you're laughing wondering why you were laughing no later you are grounded I am serious you are grounded you're grounded now get off the Xbox your friends need to go home you're grounded I said you're grounded you're grounded it saves I don't know