Jtag Tutorials #7 Installing Emulators (Snes360 Mame360)

Jtag Tutorials #7 Installing Emulators (Snes360 Mame360)

This tutorial will show you how to install emulators so that you can play all the old Arcade, Nintendo and Sega games from the late 80s to early 2000 on your Jtag/RGH console.

PS1 and Nintendo64 emulator videos:



Download Links:



Huge Collection of Emulators for the Xbox:

NOTE: Do not download Mame360 from the Emulator Collection on Xbox360iso.com use the mediafire link I provided!

Individual Roms can be downloaded at: and

Jtag Tutorials #7 Installing Emulators (Snes360 Mame360)

here what's up guys its mortal warfare eat a bunch of chicken here and welcome to j-type tutorials episode 7 now in this tutorial be showing you how to setup air emulators on your JTAG so you can play all the old original Mario you know Nintendo games Sega games and of course our kid games so for this tutorial was only going to show you how to install snez 360 which i think is pretty much the most common emulator it's been around for quite a while on the JTAG but i have had a few requests to do MAME 360 as well so I'll be doing that in this tutorial also so first of all you can have to download the emulator again all the links you'll need for everything will be in the description of this video so just go and click it now MAME 360 allows you to play all the old arcade games like the old you know big machines that you'd normally find in an arcade say 10 20 years ago probably longer than 10 years ago but you know all the old machines we have to like insert coin and all that so that's main 360 and snatch 360 allows you to play all the old Sega games and Nintendo games from like the 1980s to early 2000 so basically we're showing you how to install those they just run off an XCX so you can launch them through XCX menu or freestyle – there's also a PlayStation 1 emulator and a Nintendo 64 emulator which run on sale I won't be showing you that in this tutorial already made a tutorial about that – quite a long time ago so I'll link that in the description as well if you want to find out more about that but for this video we'll just be doing MAME 360 and snares 360 so basically all the links that you'll need will be in here for the different emulators there's a ton of different types of emulators in here we're going to be using snares so find snares and copy this link and download that I might just put now I'll put I'll put the link to this whole post in the description because there's lots of emulators in here you can also download big rom packs that have like they of games on them like this one here I'll link this in the description and it's literally thousands and thousands of games for snares 360 and you can also download the roms individually if it's just one game you're after you can just download them individually from cool roms calm or free realms calm places like that will also be linked in the description so and also of course MAME 360 download here so once you have everything downloaded we'll start off with snatch 360 to begin with this is the easiest thing to do create a new folder on your desktop call it snares 360 and extract everything from the window archive into the folder now for games you put all your game files that you download from cool roms column or wherever yeah you put them in the roms folder so I've got a bunch of Mario Kart Super Mario Kart roms here so just going to copy all those in so there we go and we can now transfer this over to the JTAG before we do that I'll show you how to install a MAME 360 so download mein 360 from like in the description open up this you get these two folders extract them both to the desktop alright so maybe 360 folder and here's the emulator that will go on your hard drive this folder here goes in the root of a USB stick and all your roms go in here they go in a muse name and then roms and your roms go in here and let me find a ROM that I downloaded ok so i've downloaded to a rom so just going to extract this to the desktop so with MAME 360 the roms that you download will be in zip files do not extract them just put the zip files in the roms folder and what you want to do is gonna have to put this on a USB stick this folder it has to be in the root of the fat32 for my device so that's a USB stick copy place the house are doing right okay so once you have the Amu's folder in the root of a USB stick or a fat32 formatted external device of some kind you want to then transfer the MAME 360 in this nephew 60 over to your hard drive normally I would use FTP for this but since we have to do the Amu's folder anyway it has to be on a USB stick I'm just going to transfer these over to a USB stick instead but obviously if you've been watching episode 6 then FTP would be the preferred choice unless you've got a hell of a lot of games and stuff which are over a gigabyte then it's probably faster using a USB stick in those certain conditions so now we'll go over to the goop on the computer well now go over to the Xbox and show you what you have to do from there okay so once you are on the Xbox what you want to do is go over to XCX menu and copy the MAME 360 folder onto your hard drive you can leave it on your USB stick if you want to run it off the USB it's up to you but I always copy over to the hard drive and I've created our folder called emulators where I'm going to put all my emulators in and copy snez emulator over as well okay Stan and we leave at the emu's folder on your USB stick in the root don't touch that folder leave it where it is if you move it anywhere it's not going to work so you can now literally just start the emulators from xx menu but I like to show you how to add it into freestyle – because it looks better and seeing as how we automatically put our console up into freestyle – anyway it's more convenient for it for to be able to just launch it from freestyle – in the emulators section because at the moment nothing shows up so what we need to do is add a game path so we go to settings content settings manage game paths press Y to add a game path choose emulator underneath homebrew and then change path locate where you put the emulator sign so promise emulators dumain 360 first press y in the directory you can also just press Y here and it will do both for them rather than doing them each individually but if you have loads and loads and loads and loads of like emulators which probably won't and but if you do sometimes it can cause freestyle – to crash but just two should be okay so once we've done that we put the scan depth what it is so we put it on three because it has to go in three folders to access the contents of the eh emulator so scan depth on three press X to save and now when we go to emulators we have main 360 and of course snatch 360 so I'll show you meme 360 first just to prove that the I can load up roms so play game get this nice little menu and there's my rom that I put on and spider-man the video game world so just start that up to show you quickly to do just put the left joystick left and right and here we go please spider-man insert coin so there you go that proves that that spewing up fine I can run old games can run the old arcade games so now I'll show you snares 360 hopefully load up a rom on that so back on freestyle – emulators choose snares and go it's a nice cover on there games music okay we've got three value cards for somebody's let's launch up pile car launch Super Mario Kart that's pretty good this is just hilarious anyway what a sweet octave yeah you can on snare 360 you can sweetheart quietly then the right trigger everything else is crazy anyway this musics driving me nuts ah my ears are safe anyway so that's basically how you install emulators on your JTAG or a secre chat console it's pretty fun and there's loads of emulators out there now including the PlayStation one a Nintendo 64 1 which will be liked in the description if you wanna check those out so thanks for watching GHI tutorials episode 7 and please please stay tuned to episode 8 where I'll be showing you how to configure freestyle – so that you can add skins add game paths to use all the functions like setup weather function and download covers and get link setup for connecting online so please stay tuned for that and the tutorial after that we'll finally get on to unlocking DLC getting DLC working on your RGH or recycled chat console so thanks for watching and please stay tuned in to my next video this is really how we live you