IOS 12 Hack Any Game YOU want with Unc0ver Jailbreak

IOS 12 Hack Any Game YOU want with Unc0ver Jailbreak

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IOS 12 Hack Any Game YOU want with Unc0ver Jailbreak

alright hey guys what is up Tony killer here with another video I didn't mention yesterday if you guys do follow my Instagram or my Twitter I did mention I was going to go ahead and make this video and post it up by about 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern Time later today but woke up a little bit early as you can see it's 841 so I have nothing to do right now I not I don't have anything to do till later so I figured I would go ahead and make the video now just get out of the waist before I forget or something else pops up so today we are doing the Iowa iOS jailbreak we are gonna be hanging like you can hack any game you want as long as the website supports it I was talking to another youtuber TSG acid which I will go ahead and put his link in the description below because we were me and him and we're talking and I didn't saw his video he said that this only works for iOS 11 but I managed to figure out on how to get it on I was 12 I don't know if there is any videos posted on YouTube or anything on how to do this but I watched how he did it and I did it in kind of similar way so if you guys don't obviously you guys are gonna have your iOS jailbroken go ahead and I will go ahead and put the repository down and the or the repo down in the description as well and what you're basically gonna need is when you go to Cydia just go ahead and type in Safari plus and it'll be right there I will go ahead actually it is by big boss so you don't even have to we have to put the repo in just go ahead search Safari + download that and then you will see like a download button on the bottom let's go ahead and clear the clear download history you'll get like a download symbol down here in the bottom corner next to the tabs button it's pretty neat you can download videos download music anything you want on Safari you know so just go ahead and download Safari plus that's how I did and was able to do it next thing you will need is fills a I believe that fills uh is also with big boss let's just go ahead and double check fills uh yes it is it is also with big boss if you look down here at the way bottom and then you're obviously gonna need the game that you're going to run a hack and I'm going to be doing it CSR to as you can see in the top right corner I do have eight thousand nine hundred sixty-five dollars and twenty gold coins so let's just go ahead and close everything out I will also be going ahead and put Iowa's guys in the description below like I said as GSG asset he was the one that showed me how to do this we talked I told him how it works on iOS 12 he did not he mentioned that you he doesn't know if it works and I was twelve or nuts and I comment under this video that does so I'm here to show everyone that it does work on iOS 12 I will go ahead and go to my settings and I will show you that it does still go down to general go to a bell and as you can see I'm on the twelve point one point one I'm on the beta three but as you can see it's on iOS twelve so let's just go ahead and get started so then what you're gonna need to do is go to Iowa's guides the link will will be down in the description and then you're going to want to search the game that you are going to be hacking so when we're doing CSR to search there we go you will see right here that it will pop up mod menu hack those are the ones that you're going to want to look for you don't want to look for the ones that say ap can't mod or a DIY hack or tutorial or anything like that you want to look for mod menu heck so when you go ahead and search for CSR just go ahead and click on the link and then you will get this right here oh say hitting content so what you're going to do is you're going to want to scroll down and okay I remember that this was the one I couldn't actually heck because I had to be subscribed to that person oh here we go see us our first thing – if you were if you guys are going through hack CSR racing I'll go ahead and put the link down here just so you don't be confused or anything you can see that it is not hidden for me because I had already come in and down on it but just want to scroll down more click on reply to this post and just type in some random I always say nice so once you do that just go ahead and click the link it will send you to another ill open up another tab and send you to this URL scroll down you'll see right here where it says download now we're going to follow Iowa's guides it will say we gotta wait five seconds or whatever just wait until it will say download now then just hit that now with Safari + don't-don't-don't click download – because I I steer yeah I see SAS GS it kind of glitches out so we read there's a wait five more seconds so don't don't click download – just click download I already have it downloaded so I'm just going to click replace file and you'll see at the top it will say download starter and download succeeding so then when you get done with that or when you see a download succeeded just close house afire you don't need that no more now when you get to Phil's a that I'm gonna back it up this is where you should be seen is once you open up fills up for the first time or whatever just head to the main screen and you want to go to right here down to user and go to downloads and then you'll see it right here CSR to two point two point zero iPhone whatever so when you just want to do is click on that give it a second to load it will say extract don't click extract it's just gonna make a new folder like that so you don't even need that just go ahead and click that and then it top here it will say install and just give it a second once you don't after a few seconds if nothing else pops up 10 and it means it is done because I am using the iPhone recorder it once I respring it will end the recording so just go ahead and click respring rehear and oh okay guys we are back I just read sprung my any device so then what you want to do once you get to this thing obviously unlock it and once you do that you it's already downloaded so just go ahead and open up the game that you did download it with you will get this notification I don't know why it's coaching out like that but just click thank you and it's gonna have you sign in so just go ahead sign in