If You TOUCH The LASER You LOSE! (GTA 5 Funny Moments)

If You TOUCH The LASER You LOSE! (GTA 5 Funny Moments)

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If You TOUCH The LASER You LOSE! (GTA 5 Funny Moments)

this video is sponsored by rise of kingdom time put some more super car races me I did not get the boost I'm gonna happen in and get the boost bye guys have a nice day you know what I've realized if I don't take the boost at the start right I'll let you guys battle it out and I get the slipstream and I'm so much quicker long ago would you me not that no it was like 10 weeks ago Josh that one time please 11 and that one that wasn't an accident Jordy that was not an accident you did that on purpose and God oh hey Josh josh says hello and flies off the map butter put butter on tires when it's slippery you're like oh it's all I put butter eat a butter down like it could also be raising outside that's a bit of a turn it means you like try no green fingers you know that butter with your fingers Josh eats everything with his fingers cereal no Josh don't worry about it I think you might be fine later than a pool actually jump to the left you know I mean I probably won't make any way which left platform is he talking about I'm far in third place by the way to the left chilly why I'm going the right way it's just right I just want to win that okay guys yeah well I you're trying so hard and you're 15 seconds ahead I mean come on bro 15 seconds is all I need Jim there is no need to flex that hard so then why I didn't push to make us give him further ride if that's enough yeah now it's quiet no it makes sense what I'm saying Jodie says fake 15 seconds ahead is enough but at the same time he's lying up to us about where to go the race with him anyway we'll just do our own race dude you're right he doesn't count okay we might say he's in first wait no ladies and gentlemen it's a person MOA super car racing why do I always start in third I feel like it's unfair it's not the hair guys I know look at me no at first now that's just how it's supposed to be okay this is how life is Josh you were lucky there you add a slipstream wait and you didn't know not now either look at that now you're not in slipstream territory anymore that means I'm better right can you explain it I can 22 though that would make sense 22 Josh I'm protecting this first place from you you die how is that my own boy no yes you hit me a couple times on my back and then I lose control Josh physics you were choking twice don't choke each other guys but I wasn't choking Josh don't see each other why I hit you in the back today's video was made possible by rise of kingdoms which is my new favorite mobile game I'm currently playing it look at this oh my goodness oh this is my little town wait my warriors are sleeping I need to send them into battle so this game used to be called rise of civilizations by Lilith and now they've renamed it to rise of kingdoms they've partnered up with a world's famous musician Christoph 4/10 who has won two Grammy Awards he did like the music and stuff for the game they've added three new civilizations by xanthium Automan and arabia and alliances from different kingdoms can now fight with each other now I'm gonna create my own Alliance and I want you guys to join it Alliance tag Joey without an e name Joey's army whoa Oh announcement the greatest alliance of all alliances anybody can join as long as you speak English excellent job governor that's me so please support my channel to join my alliance the link to download this game is in the description of this video right so yeah okay well I'll let you know but I'll let you know now please don't ever do that again mate jelly choked so Holly with me and that's why I was helping him what's this oh I thought that was gonna be a gap in the bottom but we're lucky where the gap when to do orthodontic [Laughter] on topic yeah racist braces I see the hole I see it I see it I see wait wait let me see if I can make a hole in your tires all right there's a full team or what do you mean with that all the footballs Oh Josh Josh I kind of flew over you there I got lucky playing football I will I will it's it's gone mate it's gone wait I mean that's pretty massive but I've seen yeah you got a mini slipstream just like me now thanks for letting me just catch up there I was having a good time I don't want him to be in first place ladies and gentlemen we're back with some all right yeah okay really guys what is going on I tried to dodge you and actually I actually tried to dodge you guys there but it didn't work okay I'm sorry wait losers Rockets because rocket boosters oh I thought rockets or boosters I'm sofa man who's this guy but it's definitely upset I mean are they I feel like an adder flies further if we're talking about flight listen to me oh I thought you said is the best of the sky I didn't hear the word not okay well something that's for sure is that you guys are not the best racers in the sky was it funny though I wasn't really trying to be very funny if he's in first place now yeah about to get hit with a slipstream this is so dangerous oh yes that's what I'm talking about I mean Josh did that say it was dangerous why don't you just hold back like you knew exactly the situation you were in and you took the risk so you deserve it you said it's dangerous I am right you took the risk of being in that slipstream you know how are you less grip with MA more speed why did I scratch there what I have no idea I hit a little edge but for what is but I'm still first place dude I have no idea either man it was rather let's let's just say it wasn't supposed to be there was it Jordan whoa Josh that one was ruling out for me thank you all right you all know you are supposed to be my dirt place so I'm not gonna have to roast you for that one fact the edge of a job like the landing Josh landing see and now I'm like pretty far ahead of joy Oh throat you might I was about a game or anything no I am pretty far ahead of you Josh so you're not gonna get me anytime soon oh look at this this is a big drop it's the biggest drop in the world no no I crashed on the landing I don't know why it's just bad luck no do not deserve that No thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly army t-shirts on jelly store.com