I used the OWNER's GLITCHED SPEED ITEM to BREAK THE GAME (Roblox Speed City Simulator)

I used the OWNER's GLITCHED SPEED ITEM to BREAK THE GAME (Roblox Speed City Simulator)

Today we’re playing Roblox speed city simulator and we have the GLITCHED owner item and this thing is insane!! watch till the end because i was so shocked how it affected everything

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TITLE: “I used the OWNER’s GLITCHED SPEED ITEM to BREAK THE GAME (Roblox Speed City Simulator)”

I used the OWNER's GLITCHED SPEED ITEM to BREAK THE GAME (Roblox Speed City Simulator)

today guys I joined in a speed city and decided to use my owner only item this alerted the owner and when he joined it changed the entire game for every player you just have to watch all the way to the end because I've never seen this happen in a roblox game before today we are back for another speed Cydia video here on the channel if you guys did not catch the last episode the craziest thing had happened the owner had joined and accidentally traded me one of his rarest items not one of them the actual rarest one you can see right here it is the glitched rainbow shaggy and it gives a step multiplier of 1000 or of a multiplier of 2000 but my punishment was that he took my admin menu away I had access to it but he removed it because I was using this glitched Shaggy but we're doing something sneaky today and we're actually using this Shaggy it is going to be so so powerful so keep in mind I only have 79 thousand steps right now and I'm not very high up on the leaderboard all I'm gonna say is you have to drop a like right now because I'm about to blow your mind with how powerful this thing is alright we're gonna go ahead and point on but glitched raivo Shaggy put that on I'm at 79 thousand steps right now so let's just go ahead and start our running a little bit oh my gosh this is quite frightening how many steps we are gaining oh Jesus guys I I'm trying to control the speed but I'm just going a little too fast if I run faster it makes me gain faster which means I just started running just a second ago and I am almost at 600,000 steps oh no guys II it's just a constant loop the more I run the more I gain but see this is what happens guys if you don't take a really powerful thing away from me I'm gonna have to use it it's too bumpy so the downside of having the admin menu that I used to have is that I used to not be able to buy items with those steps but this item is glitched and I can actually permanently buy things with this so now if I buy 250,000 step crate just like this this will be permanently in my inventory but I actually notice that there was a new crate here as well the 2004 in 99 robots crate I I'm gonna go ahead and buy this see if it's worth our time that's a lot of robots but I mean we might as well see what we're gonna get it's like a rainbow one and we got rainbow appropriate it's very appropriate also because of my rainbow hair so the new item that we got is rainbow and it gives a step multiply over 32 in an or multiply of 32 but our rainbow Shaggy gives 1000 in 2000 I think that would make this item the equivalent of like an item worth like 300 thousand robots in terms of power so I'm pretty sure in this zone we get 1.5 million steps for every orb that we pick up and you can see there's hundreds in here I mean not literally hundreds I mean I'm not blind obviously there's only a couple but I mean it feels like hundreds because you're getting somebody steps yeah well this one's glowing what I get out of that two million all right don't what if I do eyes were already at 21 million steps I just started this oh my god I'm too fast guys I'm too fast this item is ope guys so I was collecting orbs and I just noticed that the owner joined again I think he knows when I log on and use this item but he found me and another server how does this keep happening what hit him he flippin find me hahaha this is a hey hey bro he said I see you still have the trail oh my god dang it he knows he knows I didn't get all this speed legit I'm gonna play I'm gonna I'm gonna play stupid though I'm gonna be like no I got all of it legit he said well today it's actually good news that you have it how does he know that I am a but I'm actually curious so white good news what does that actually mean I say aren't you mad he says I've been trying to open a portal but I need the power of the shaggy to open it what I'm gonna say okay wow that's a lot I I can help I think what do I have to do then that sounds so cool to open up a portal because keep in mind this item is so broken so he can't even create another one of these this is the only one that's why he's asking for my help he said well I don't think you'll be happy about this oh god what do I have to do drive to go to the Nickelodeon Choice Awards oh geez I'm gonna say oh gee oh where where do we go he says you'll need to sacrifice the shaggy follow me to the volcano what it's gonna get rid of it guys I'm following him out of curiosity but I don't want to get rid of this thing we literally got 28 million steps in like two minutes alright so we're here at the volcano and he wants me he says see this I see once there's literally like the tree in the shape of something um yeah what is this the portal this is nuts what even this other guy lime in a coconut is sayin a we're all trying to figure out what this is he says indeed all right so this is where the portal is it's kind of like a nether portal I don't know I don't know what he wants me to do I don't want to give up this shaggy though like whatever happens I want to keep this he says unequipped the shaggy I don't know what he said there you might said tofu or something but he says unequip the shaggy oh all right we're gonna unequipped it boys I think is I think it had a good run but there's just no way that I get I can use this all right so it's not acquits now what I do I'm literally just chilling here trying to figure out what he meant and he said this might sound a little weird when you need to jump into the volcano what do you want me to flip in Bible what is the owner trying to get me to do I I think he's pranking me I think he might be a little salty about what happened last time I feel like he's pranking me he says yeah go ahead all right geez well I thought oh jeez I could literally like fly up alright let's jump inside the volcano what's going on in here nothing it's just wait it says you dropped the glitch rainbow shagging the volcano the world is changing I just made the volcano erupt he said it worked I would say what just happened it guys that portal that he was talking about just opened into the shadow dimension event but guys you had to get rid of this super oppa shaggy I I have to ask him if I can even go in here am I gonna die I've already lost so much and I want to lose more the thing is the volcano literally just ate my glitched rainbow shaggy bro is he says hmm I've never been here before even though owners never been to this area I said maybe it's safer that you go first I'm gonna say oh wow okay let's go no let's go and check this out what is inside of this zone what the these two guys were already brave and ran in there's literally like I just kind of runs me of like the end or something like what is this these there's actually a huge crate that costs 4 million steps the other best one literally costs 250,000 so what could you get in this I'm gonna buy a dark crate the first of very many we got a Dominus Astra I don't even think domina says were in this game let me go and see how powerful this is Oh even mind the last like best items we're out of that other roebucks crate and this one is better than that here's someone who runs fast like me this is probably a great great for you I'm gonna say though like I'm still really sad about my shaggy that thing was okay because I'm actually buying another one of these I kinda want to get like a cooler I got another Dominus Astra really everybody you still give my stubs I gotta calm down the only thing cuz then were four million steps lighters so we kind of lose a lot of speed come on Alan box Walmart okay just don't get it down to sastra we got a because that's like a really iconic face I gotta like her I will put on or at least he's pretty ope she said I know you lost your shaggy alright at least he's being nice he said I have an idea though I'm just gonna put this in if the owner has had a lot of crazy ideas so far I'm asking what his idea is these the last time he said he had an idea I ended up losing my best item and now we're in literally like the end but he says as an apology I'll let you have more steps than the table player I've asked him how many steps is that I don't even know because I can only imagine considering how much people grind this game I don't even know how many steps he could be talking because I have 16 million right now I can I want to go check out in the regular zone how many steps the guy has say so table steps is is that 93 trillion I don't even know what would happen if you have 93 trillion steps wow this guy thinks so nice he says if you follow me it will make my day you made me play roblox he says I play it because of you Samuel this guy says you're my hero we're all these nice people wait a minute when I was just chatting with those people I look up what my steps I don't even know how many I have but all I see is just three zero and then a ton of zeros oh my god guys it is updated by like a whole digit would you buy a lot I honestly don't know what that level of speed would actually do if I like ran into a wall going this fast guys that's literally number one speed I guess sometimes it pays to lose it all I don't want to say the owners probably gonna remove it since everyone else actually played fairly and I probably didn't it's kind of just for me as I bet so guys it's been about 24 hours since I last played speed city and I had walked on I just wanted to look around and I noticed that I got an admin invitation and I kind of think what happened was that the owner accidentally sent me this there's no way that he would have meant to give me this because he had taken away our admin menu from before so I don't know why he'd be giving it back now but hey I'm down to use it this thing allows me to boost players in my lobby give myself an infinite amount of steps I can literally do basically anything in admin good if we open this up you can see we can set the amount of steps and if you're a fan of the series you've probably seen me use this quite a bit but then we can also do it like a rainbow floor and forced Aikens trail forsaken shells kind of funny like literally if I run it's just me behind me I mean I love myself but I don't need a trail to show how much I love myself but then this is what I never understand it's called watch from the sky and for some oh my god oh my god it literally looks like I'm a god now it does everyone see that or is that just me let's say hey guys look up this couch it is if I'm floating up there for everyone no one's looking I literally look so desperate I'm like hey guys look up at the Sun literally no one is looking up guys I'm up there I but something that maybe I could do to sweeten the pot is I can give them some orbs these are owner level orbs okay these things give a ton of steps if I spun these in much these actually give 1500 what the flip the thing is these can actually get stronger and weaker but it doesn't really matter because I can literally just spawn in as many as I want you can see these guys are constantly picking them up these those can actually range from 150 all the way to 4500 so they can get very Opie I don't know how much these guys are getting but I feel like they're gonna be pretty happy because they don't have to do anything they can literally just stand here get orbs you can literally see like the owner is coming off of these orbs I think you might only be able to get this through the admin menu I but like I'm a little curious though because you guys saw that I had some of the highest speed in the game but I think I may even be able to go higher I'm like literally just gonna hold this down for a second and like see how big how fast is that is someone down to solve that by let's set that we how do we do that guys we got so fast we're in the negative range I even move I can't even move I messed up oh yeah well we'll do something a little bit better well this out a bunch of zeroes that must be fast right five okay that's not good all right I think I know what the actual limit is I think it's something in this range which is very fast because I'm wondering how fast is it really when we start running out of walls and stuff normally I kind of just run out of the map whenever I get to his speed this good oh but I got a really good idea if you guys don't know the infinite zone you can literally just run infinitely which kind of allows you just build speed very quickly which I need considering how high mine is I here we go let's just run I feel like I'm gonna be too fast for the infinite road yeah definitely am was not an infinite road at all I ran through the infinite road in one second with the amount of steps I have let's say that one more time here we go one more time don't be faster than the TP okay I literally stopped pressing my keyboard easily 20 seconds 25 seconds ago am I ever gonna stop I still am not pressing my keyboard thank God but you can see this advant menu is still loaded full of good stuff thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed today's episode of speed city drop a like down below we'll be back for another