YOU GUYS. I was hearing a ton of rumors of the person who is behind the BOTTING EPIDEMIC IN ROBLOX. Today we try and hunt this guy down to stop him from botting and save Roblox! Watch till the end because I end up confronting this BOSS HACKER…

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TITLE: I found the HACKER BOSS who BOTTED ROBLOX… So I confronted him..


in today's video guys I uncover one of roblox's biggest secrets with the whole body epidemic I actually got in contact with someone who was responsible for all the botting be sure you watch all the way to the end when we confront this guy is this think it's crazy guys so today I think I might have uncovered one of the biggest roblox secrets but honestly I don't know if I should tell this secret it might be a bad idea maybe drop a like down below and I guess I'll have to unveil this secret you guys have been playing roblox in the past week or you've been looking at the game you notice that there is a lot of botted games that have been popping up to number one number two number three number sixteen tons of popular games are botted right now bought it of course meaning that the game has artificial players not real people are playing this they're just boosting it to the top of the leaderboards I made a video playing some of these games a couple of days ago but then I started getting some notes from some commenters I've heard rumors that someone is actually in charge of bahding every single one of these games and so today I'm gonna hunt him down and get him banned do you really think I can do that in my normal outfit nah time to go into police mode and I'm now a cop now I'm ready to go and find this hacker so there's been several comments from viewers and I'm gonna go and check these out so the person's name is apparently Nexus but it's Nexus zero zero zero zero three and that's apparently this guy who's in charge of the whole body epidemic and it's good to see we're just made as they all right so there is no ice no matches available for him I guess we solved the botting epidemic Oh God actually I don't think we did oh well this was the username that was left so it's possible that this is just not right so maybe I have to go find another comment I just found a new comment literally from an hour ago and he said it was Nexus he posted about it and so I'm starting to wonder if this guy might also have a YouTube channel not a hundred percent sure but I'm kind of wondering if maybe we remove the that and just go to Nexus and see if we can find this guy cuz I mean it's possible that the person who wrote the actual username didn't know the number or maybe that number was even in his name so maybe we'll have to look through these accounts and see if there's anything suspicious so this is the actual Nexus account but he hasn't been online in two years I obviously doubt that that's him unless this is his main and he doesn't use it Nexus oh okay that's much more in like the range of what it looked like the comment he left this joint date was also two years ago and this is such a weird account this is actually creepy there is a lot of accounts with like Nexus underscore something there's Nexus clan Nexus barrage there's literally Nexus good Nexus emerald alright so I'm gonna want to find the real account though the Nexus underscore maybe that's gonna help us oh my god that definitely trended down there you see a thousand results now there's a hundred and sixty eight I think we might be getting closer Nexus billed Nexus 15 Nexus spark Nexus haxor this is obviously a bacon account but I got a check he is one follower and he was last on line two years ago they've all been last on line exactly two years ago next is pro Nexus HD I don't know no these guys look like hackers whoa this guy does Nexus United who the flip is this so I kept looking for quite a while and I had found several accounts that I thought looked suspicious and then that we went over them and it looks like we found luck on one of them right so I found a few accounts so this was Nexus hax I don't really think this is anything was last online 3 years ago I think this guy probably coincidentally just had a similar name this guy though Nexus 6 lasts online two years ago and he just kind of seemed suspicious it's like he was trying to not sound like a villain I am trustworthy like to play video games and I'm a good friend I'm watching you Nexus baikinman but honestly this was the one that I wanted to talk about because this was actually the only Nexus count that had even been online in a very long time he has nothing on this account and he joined today so I'm trying to figure out if this is anything I should worry about because the only reason I actually look at this account is cuz the username was similar to what I was told early on and I feel like oh it literally says last account was deleted be sure to reef all o wall oh my god his last account was deleted this is actually my baby account he was last on line 34 minutes ago and he has nothing but a beekeeper hat so I'm gonna send him a friend request I'm actually gonna see if he comes online throughout today and maybe see if we can join him and we're gonna confront him about the bahding epidemic guys it's been probably around an hour and he's online now and he accepted my friend request which is absolutely perfect since he was last online right now that's not good and it says to join his game right over here it says he's playing family vacation beta and I actually wanted to go in check and see if this was a bodied game or not that's what I was a little bit curious about so they're definitely still is some really naughty ones up here that weren't good it is it's right here okay this is what he's playing I'm gonna join him see what this guy is doing and see if this is even the account it's possible it could be like a fake fan account I don't know I really don't know whose guy is family vacation beta oh gosh and we're back in another really badly modded game so this is supposed to be one of those camp games but it's actually tycoon that's really awesome so I don't think he was supposed to be in the server I can't check the server list it seems broken honestly that's expected of abouted game Hollis police officers have to keep it smart alright so we just have to actually look around for him this guy is 2a Myron gold or it's Tom iron Gold I'm not too sure maybe one of the two hey there's only one other building here and I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be mine over there by this guy over here is this him uno momento come on and then there's Batman mobile we're really not finding anything over here is nobody in Nexus he's right here this guy looks suspicious I wait it I don't know if I can go in through his door I die if I try to go in through his door why did I just go to the of it we're gonna ask him about all of these rumors that surround his name I'm going to say hey are you responsible for the body okay that's straight to the point he actually is there he's not afk or anything he's moving around seems like he's actually just playing the game at this point just said dot that dot well why'd he leave bro uh-huh why would he leave after I decide that okay I thought this guy was literally flaunting his name that's how it seemed from the commentary so that's not expected thing his guys I just realized I'm dressed as a police officer he might have thought that I was a roblox admin if you're in the video star creator program you get a star next to your name which extra makes it seem like I'm a moderator not god I but I'm a little bit curious though if he's gonna join another game I want to refresh his profile he hasn't been on another game yet but he was last seen online now so I'm gonna keep waiting if he joins another game we're gonna join him but he added me as a friend so I feel like he wants me to join his game I'm not sure though is he actually just one follower de nulled the king who is this guy this guy's bio is go away and he's following 50 people he's friends with 50 people and he's only following five huh guys and I'm just saying who's my friend but he deleted me oh you follow him now alright this just got a lot more difficult who is this guy it's only been about four or five minutes but something has changed on his profile since I was last on here he actually changed his settings and I think he wants me to follow him so I think what also I could do is message him because he turned on his messages so if he doesn't tell us I could send him a very strongly worded letter but it says join game it's indeed a life in paradise I've never actually really played this game so I don't know what's in there but it says he's in there I'm just gonna go and confront him again there's literally you catch up on his shirt now man why did he do that now we're gonna load in and see what our man is doing so shout out to dekabox the creator of this game I actually have an admin on here so this be helpful for if I need to find him and it says he's right here Nexus zero zero zero five he's a baby he's a baby so I mean straight fax we could actually follow his same exact route if he went through be a baby that means he went this way but to save myself some time I'm gonna see if I can just teleport to him that would be very helpful um so I literally don't know how to do admin commands I hardly ever do them so I'm gonna do teepee me and then Nexus and see what the sky is all right well that worked immediately and we're where are we we're inside a burger burger place burger dice just standing here and there's just dead people on the ground there's just different these are youtubers I think these are all youtubers I'm gonna say what are you doing are you behind the botting I gotta know how he's just gonna flip and leave again he just said dot dot dot wait he said I could tell you you could tell me what Nexus but I know you're recording no I'm not he said so I won't I'm not recording I'm what I just gonna say that I mean he there's no way he could technically prove that I'm recording he said okay follow me into this game it's really easy I believe that pretty quickly I'm not gonna lie why is this girl coming and taking me from this very dramatic situation kid god this is not the time I see just said you won't be able to record it there and this girl came in and took me lose a hold on I let it have to get all the way back there I really hope he doesn't leave I mean I don't know what kinis talking about I've no flippin idea I just don't want to believe but I gotta ask him what game he laughs literally scavenger on who what game drive the joint he said I couldn't record it highway he said actually to be exact he said follow me into this game you won't be able to record in it I don't know what the flip that means but we're gonna see what game he joins he's probably meaning for me to join in on him I don't know this could be the true unveiling all right I've been flipping waiting here for a little while it took him about 20 minutes to get into a game but he joined a game called forest and I thought we'd follow him in here and he still has the joint game option on so we can what is this game though I've never even seen this forest one time in the forest playing zero it says he's not even in here it was last updated two years ago guys why is everything happening two years ago what's going on I but his game is actually right here I wouldn't even have to have known his profile I can join right here alright so let's see what's going on inside forest right he said welcome and this actually TWiki as flip this really reminds me of like old-school roblox horror games I'm gonna say hi because remember he actually wanted me to follow him so I'm expecting him to kind of be here this is such a flippin scary map what is going on here but he said over here what direction does he want me to go I'm just an ugly cop there's a barn over here he might be inside of here I actually do have a lantern oh that makes a little bit better I'm not as scared anymore where is what the flip what the flip come on stop stop oh god what is going on I don't like this I just want to know who this guy is stop is oh god he's flipping behind me okay I think those artifacts are coming from him but I don't know what's going on right now alright he's right there so you ain't come here this is say what is going on i'ma say is this your game said I knew you wouldn't be able to record in here Oh flip I forgot I'm supposed to be acting like I'm not recording that's not good he said it will get demonetized I'm actually not sure why it would it's very possible actually he's gonna try to show me something that might demonetized so he knows that I won't film all right so I just need to quickly get to this then all right I'm gonna say okay I have one question are you responsible for the body that's literally all I want to know I want to know what the commenters have been saying and if this is real said yes you are he said I can prove it to once um okay show me the proof I can't believe to go to my website and then if flippin scary monster is is coming around when he says the name of his website what is going on I'm gonna say I can't see that send it again I just want to know what his website is and what proof it has to show that he bought it all of these games guys this is literally flippin stupid every time he's saying this it gets more scary and it's not coming through I'm gonna say send me a separate message I'm trying to check out his website I'm gonna say add add me on discord if I can literally type I love how he's got my message across very hard but I think he already knows what I'm talking about he said DC and I think he already knows what I'm talking about now I got to get my name across all right guys I sent him my username and we're gonna see if he adds me back and what his website is he says you will see soon I knew he's gonna leave the game I literally had that same flippin feeling that he was gonna leave the game guys well I'm gonna wait for him to add me back on discord I'm hoping that will be soon otherwise this is the end I'll see you guys soon