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Today I take a look at my Gameboy stuff and, talk about the Gameboy’s and the game’s Ive played and how much fun Ive had with them. ( now talk about a lot of used up AA batteries 😛 )

I just do a general review / overview on the Gameboy’s I still have ( Gameboy color, Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy Advanced SP, and, the Gameboy DS lite).

I also talk about the Gameboy that came before the Gameboy’s I have just as a little bit of history. And I mention the original Gameboy out of respect.

I just felt like talking about the system I loved when I was a kid and sharing my experiences and joy with you!

These hand held systems are my favorite portable systems of all time :D.

Pokemon Blue my favorite portable game ever!!! 😀

I hope you enjoy this video of me rambling about my Gameboy’s and the games I enjoy. I had fun making it I hope you have fun watching it!!

–Let me know your favorite game in the comments if you would like!!

Thanks for stopping by! And have a wonderful day !!! 😀

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alright guys I hope you're all having a wonderful day today I just feel like talking about my favorite handheld system of all time the Gameboy but to start it off we got to start at the beginning so let's get this all out of the way sadly I don't have the original Gameboy but I do this was the first one that I have had the Gameboy Color and let's just go over I guess the features of it this is an old system I don't remember when they were released should say a date 1998 I believe I believe that's right it's quite all you could see as quite used and this is it like the standard purple and yes this thing takes double-a batteries so many so many double-a batteries and the only inputs on this game system are the B button the a button the up right down left and a select and start there is a volume control it's just like a cylinder and you scroll down for volume down scroll up for volume up and there is an input for communicating with other game boys which you use this cord into the scene and then you could actually like battle if it was the correct game like Pokemon or something or trade and all that stuff and is very cool and then also has the power switch the slot for the actual game that would slide in and locks into place and yeah it's a pretty simple device and it also has right here I believe in infrared sensor except I really don't know of any games that used it and I think it was just not the best I like not the best like idea they had and also on the bottom there is I think an audio out but it is I think a standard 3.5 millimeter why can't I get it to focus and then right next to it it says a 3 DC 3 volt in so that's a very small in charge so I guess probably buy an adapter and play this by a wall if you wanted to but let's go ahead and turn it on now first without a game and see what happens the nice little thing and then it just stays on the gaming boy screen you got the red light left you know it's on and then yeah very cool game boy and I'm gonna throw on my favorite game Pokemon definitely my most favorite mobile game ever made I've put so many hours on the system and it was great one thing you can see right away the screen is very reflective and it's not the best to see that is one of the major flaws of the system and also it only has one speaker in the bottom right and you can see I'm just adjusting the volume up and down up and down anyways let's just see what it looks like and they're really this found this game it is an older one you can tell because all of the older games for the original Gameboy have these slits in the corner because the power button used to be up top right here and you'd slip it and then a piece of plastic would lock it into place so you couldn't remove it during gameplay and but then they stopped that for the new gameboy color just because the gameboy color cartridges I only have one don't have it just so even if you put it inside the old Gameboy you won't be able to turn it on so it won't work so this is what it looks like it's almost like just a few colors not that much but still it's still pretty cool and then I'll check it out later again and then this is a gameboy color game made for it and it doesn't have these little notches in it and also well these two a little bit special and I'll turn on the gameboy color game we'll see if we notice any difference definitely looks darker and this is like a spongebob game you can definitely see that orange is very orange definitely see the right in the THQ yeah it definitely looks pretty colorful definitely very colorful very cool so it does live up to his name gameboy color and yeah the screen was always a problem and you could always buy adapters with lights that would shine on it but usually it would end up just like I'll shine it like if I shine a light on it you see that reflection it would just be pretty much you'd be staring right at the light bulb like that lamp right now that's what it looked like you just see the light and you wouldn't see the screen itself so that was pretty bad and yeah so this is the only Game Boy Color game I own I really only use this to play the other Game Boy games this is really quite fun and I'm these are a little bit different as you can tell there is a battery in these and you might be thinking why is there a battery on this and that is because I'll show you in the clear version luckily it's clear there's a little electric motor and on the I guess this the the rod that spins there's a weight on one side so it rumbles and this is like a fishing game so and this is a pinball game so it should Rumble on on certain movements and you can tell it fits in just perfectly it's a little bit larger definitely a bigger compare it to the regular game very interesting but yeah this was cool just adds another dimension kind of like the n64 rumblepack and does it not want to load there we go I just want to see if it rumbles and this does look quite colorful I'm not sure if this is a gameboy color game or not but I don't think so what does this say game start this these screens are notorious for just being awful yeah there should have been a rumble there I really like this pokemon pinball yeah there's no Rumble it's a shame the battery must have died but you can easily just open it and then replace it and yeah you're good to go and I also have this and then after the Game Boy Color came out the next system was I'm gonna take out some batteries let's do some swapping was the Gameboy advanced I personally never bought it so I'm gonna be borrowing my brothers and this is what it looked like it also did run on double-a batteries again a little bit different looking and it looks a lot more ergonomic to the hand let me just close this up and yeah it's pretty much the same except they introduced two new buttons the left and a right trigger and this is the input for like the trays and like light accessories and stuff I'm very cool and um they're games also began to come in smaller sizes pretty much I'll set this down for now pretty much about half the size of regular game so that was pretty cool it made the advancements and um there is still a single speaker a bead a button the joypad it's a little bit nicer and some soft plastics start and select buttons and on there's a regular audio jack the volume control I can get to focus if I can get it to focus it's right here and should still a scroll wheel again and then this is the power button and it looks like you could have thread a key in there a keychain and then you turn it on it's a green power light instead of a red one it's a little bit more pleasing on the eye makes you think you're and have a good time instead of seeing the red light and think oh no bad so that's what happens you just turn it on shows the same exact screen I believe the screen is just a tiny bit wider and yeah so let's go ahead and try Pokemon it is backwards compatible even the game sticks out quite a bit but that's perfectly fine and then I'll turn it on and then you can see that um this is the normal size of the Gameboy screen and I'm pretty sure if I left click yeah you see that it fills it up to the normal size it just uh it stretches it but this screen is also notorious for shining light so it's hard to tell like if I shine one of those lamps at it you can barely tell what's going on it's just the way that they make these and I'm they pick up scratches and it's just no fun but still it's a great system just the volume and stuff have just so much fun with it and now let's try a Game Boy Advance game now pokemon emerald and if you can see with this if it's in there quite flush very nice right on the system just throw it in your pocket and go and turn it on and let's just see let's just see see if it looks upgraded or anything different and maybe it didn't want to load mm-hmm bang so give a little blow away possibly there we go sometimes you do have to blow out the cartridges because they are pin connectors and you have to make sure they have good contact it does look like a lot of better quality it looks like more pixels and just lot is blocky so it is improved quality with these smaller cartridges and also this game came with like a wireless adapter which would plug in like so and I'm not sure if it emitted Bluetooth or like infrared or something like that kind of an upgrade to this thing and I'm not sure what or what it connected to or Wireless but um somehow it was incorporated with some games and it was an interesting thing to include all right and then now that I went over the Game Boy Advance we are done with the double-a batteries many many double-a batteries perished underneath the arms of myself playing these games and then next we get to the Gameboy Advance SP when this came out I jumped at it like I said I never purchased this to my brother did but when this came out boom right away I bought this and the reason is why is because is the first system with a backlight you can clearly tell that it is like a thousand times better to see very nice so let's do a quick little inspection it is like a little shine here and it lost uh the purple color that um this has well I guess purpley a little less purpley and blue pretty much but it yeah and it folds in half kind of like a cell phone thing it does have the bumpers left bumper right bumper this is the power cord I will show you that now because this no more double-a batteries for this one it actually comes with chargeable battery good for them here's the power cord it folds out I always like to say use um a grounded cord when you're using electronics you like actually this is the wrong one this is for the D S this is the correct one but I like to say always use a grounded cord but clearly these not a ground in here but it won't be a problem I'll go ahead and try not to tip the camera and plug it in and show what happens and it's a very interesting power cord definitely have to buy it from them it's proprietary to them and it shows it's charging and right here is the cartridge slot and it is also backwards compatible with the original Game Boy games and Game Boy Color game which is awesome that's the reason I bought it so I could play my pokemon blue on a backlit screen without having to worry about night because when it came nighttime you really couldn't play these it was like game over and this time the volume is not a scroll button it is like a nice slider with a very nice smooth action and yeah and also the buttons are a little bit indented just so it is flush with the machine and like it won't rub aggressively on the screen it's very nice little pads here to cushion the impact and um it just has the left upper right bumper at the b8 the d-pad selectins art and the only new addition is that button the back leg button let me go ahead and plug in the Pokemon and turn it on and you can see it is this is the original size and this is the stretch size kind of like the advanced and it is quite maybe about the same size as the advance but it folds in half but when it folds in half it still plays dumb no matter what and it's very nice so I'm gonna just check out I guess I'm gonna just check out what my Pokemon are doing like then it continued since I have a hundred and sixty five hours on this thing a lot of hours and a lot of childhood and the Pokemon I have is Mewtwo mu mu Articuno ultrason electro buzz so I did do the Mew glitch where you can catch him you and I also did catch missing go I'm not sure on this cartridge or this one and it does duplicate your item so that was a lot of fun too and this is honestly my favorite handheld game I've ever had and it's just beautiful and I wanted to be able to play it and I lighted screen so that's why I bought the system right away very cool awesome so I'll go ahead and just shut that off and then the next system that I'm gonna talk about is the next one in line the Nintendo DS but I personally didn't get the first Nintendo DS because I had no reason to get it but then something happens I heard of a new game was coming out pokemon diamond the thing was I really only played two Pokemon games I've only played this one a lot this one I beat it a few times and then I skipped all the way to this so I skipped silver and all those in between and this I actually bought recently last year so I haven't even begun to play it yet but yeah so then I got the DES light because I decided I needed to get it for Pokemon Diamond when it came out I also got pokemon mystery dungeon it's a different kind of game but um yeah it's interesting it's alright but this game I really dig live and this system is quite different from all the others it does have the flip design but first let's go over the exterior it's very shiny and it will pick up smudges and probably scratches if if you're not careful it does have a left and right bumper this charger I will show you I was showing you before it looks very similar and I'll go ahead and plug this and then I will plug it into the power and there we go it's charging this does look like you might think it's the microUSB but it is not a microUSB it's a little bit bigger and I think these came out before micro USB or even around and the games itself are quite small they almost look like a flash card for like a digital camera and they just slide in the top this here I believe is for attachments maybe or you put a lanyard through it this right here is the audio out and let's get to focus come on is the audio out and a mic in for some device it looks like it would fit for both some sort of mic device and this bass part right here actually comes out and it is compatible but only with Game Boy Advance games as you can see the Game Boy Advance there's these little cutouts right here compare it to a Game Boy game there is no cutouts there so sadly these won't fit in but Game Boy Advance game will fit in it does protrude out a little bit that's really not that big of a deal and this is the volume button it is a nice little slider and yeah I'm gonna go ahead and power it on and see what it's all about and it does come with a stylus because I will show you one because I've never opened it yet that this is a Y X on these are new buttons they added and they also have the original DNA and then the same d-pad with a really nice action to it and as a start in this like button and then then instead of one screen that has two screens instead of one speaker it now has two speakers so it is a big upgrade and that this one is actually a touch screen and on this right here is a little bit of a little microphone so let's go ahead and turn it on and see what it's all about a Nintendo DS yes you can sell right away that the screen is quite brighter and quite nicer very cool gotta love it and it just shows the date and the time and a I believe that's correct actually very cool and right here since I have a game inserted it says play start GBA game or play on pokemon diamond so let's just try what happens when I try to play a Nintendo game I mean the game or game it plays on the screen very nice it's just like the brightest best screen that you have so far and this is the Nintendo DS Lite I never got into the 3d and you can really see it clearly now in the camera ten times better than even the SP but I still usually use the SP for those sort of things and yeah very cool I've nineteen hours on this game very good game and you know don't want to mess up anything but yeah very cool then I'll just power it up I'll remove this cartridge and I'll replace it with this there is some sort of circuit board in here but I don't think it does anything I just think it keeps the pins clean I'll go ahead and power down and then I will try to see what pokemon diamond looks like the reason why I bought this nice system and then I'll click go so this was a very interesting thing they added um a touchpad and this also has Wireless so like you don't need the cord anymore to the court anymore to trade or play with your friends it's all Wireless was very cool uses dual screens and now for the DS game that's perfectly fine and if you can see I've played quite a bit on this to 169 hours go ahead and select it and just see what's up actually let's see how I remember how to play I just want to check out my Pokemon I even work this oh come on soup Pokemon I got a Mewtwo a Charizard rakia oh man I forgot I do the glitch to get in a plaster is a pidgeotto and just other like mythic Pokemon or something now it's called but um actually to get that one dark here Pokemon I'll explain that real quick I had to UM put and first you can tell right away that um it looks very nice and then they also integrate this like like this is your like pokedex or something at I don't know you can like scribble on here and do whatever very interesting and just the game itself there's like three dimensions instead of flat but um the trick I did to get that one dark here Pokemon still not used to lose controls don't haven't I didn't want to get this guy was actually this thing called like tweaking I believe it was and there was um when you would equipped your bicycle well I'm sure I won't get it onto it the first time and I'm you have to find an area where it changes okay right here you see how it changed from route 202 to jubilife city 202 jubilife city so like right here is a loading point for the game and once you pass it it starts to load that so what you do is you try to make it that you try to make the bike go crazy input and spitting it in every direction to overload the system and then but when you cross over hopefully you cross over when spinning enough that it fails to load the whole section correctly sometimes it will work and usually honestly took me hours but sometimes like just the trees will be there sometimes the people will be gone sometimes just the grass will be there but if you do it correctly you're just like you crazy movements and then you show up and then usually it's like white area maybe there'll be a person or a sign and then what you do is you follow an online guide there's like a step counter in here I think remember and then it's like a white area and you can actually walk through the walls and you go like a hundred steps south and like 200 steps west and then like 10 steps north and then you like turn it off save it and then restart it and you like end up on the island to get that Pokemon it was a very interesting thing it took quite a while no no I just felt like talking about that yeah so I'll go ahead and turn off the system oh yeah and another thing with this system no I should have done that but like when you close it it goes into like a hibernate mode like if you turn this one on and close it the game plays no matter what and you open it up and it just resumed exactly right where it was so that was very cool and you could just like you didn't have to worry about having to save it you could just like stop it and it would hibernate and it'll be very nice very cool so overall I just felt like talking about my favorite handheld systems and I really enjoyed that a lot I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you had any favorite Game Boy games I'd love to hear about it or any experiences with Game Boy also loved the airbrush hope you're having a wonderful day and take it easy