How We Won $$$ Playing Fortnite… (World Cup)

How We Won $$$ Playing Fortnite… (World Cup)

Today myself and Fresh compete in the World Cup Warmup!
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How We Won $$$ Playing Fortnite… (World Cup)

I'm trying to snipe this guy over there lucky lucky just come oh my god alrighty so it is another weekend that means that there is another Cup on and this week it is the World Cup warm-up now the cool thing about this Cup is that normally there are a hundred thousand dolls but this one is five hundred thousand dollars except my region is so small that we only get five percent of that which you know it's better than nothing but and it gets to compete for hundreds of thousands so as you guys there last weekend myself and fresh competed in the lux Cup we ended up taking 20th position on the leaderboards which was pretty good that's the first time I've ever done any competitive fortnight or at least I've ever done the competitive fortnight that's first time he's done it with me I mean obviously he was at one point a prayer for tonight's player but it was great ground what we've been practicing throughout the week and today we're gonna try and see if we can bring home some cash money because the top 100 spots this time take money lost because top eight now it's top 100 so I hope you guys going to enjoy this this is our road to the World Cup all right this is the warm-up and you guys going to enjoy make sure to subscribe to the channel and of course like the video as well make sure to check out my boy fresh and it boasts like always if you guys want to support me in the fortnight items show up that's gonna be code lucky welcome to the fortnight World Cup warm-ups OCE I can only see one of them yeah they're like over there there I'm shooting them Sheldon wants 26 what he actually hit me I tagged 99 I'm going in I'm going in yeah yeah and I'm alone so they're just gonna try monk me yeah they're not phenomenal I'm I'm pushing up links is trying to hurt me I'm coming up coming it's only what to 1v1 still good the renegade got the red nice that's nice that's nice pushing here what you go you see that blue got her cheese I bought it out there I thought I had an SMG oh all right can we push to the next we split minis oh yeah oh it's the default here minis are split minis are split Musa split they're waiting to throw it they just threw it it's a boogie your boogie boogie dump again you're gonna Bluff me in yeah step on in the fighting party is try the shotgun him try to cook him nice hear it oh my god in bouncing Shh oh my god no oh storm surge watching jeez yep huge the FPS all the crab ripped yeah oh my god oh my god dude that's a five language leave it leave Leave leave of getting next end that was incredible oh my god dude that was insane that was actual insanity you've motivated me to play better they're inside yep how do you undo it I finally had the boogie that you could try I do have the boogie site just get ready to throw it you take 31 while it's dead there's people at Stella get can we go to dog house and just play sneaky okay I'm taking some shots and taking three shots I gotta borrow some some poor man's been hit 30 mom has been hit 30 they're both they're both shooting me that I need you yeah 31 31 the one I need to tag 31 shield mama 27 kilometres shield tag 50 mama also here for no 27 rush a case that llamas solo yeah my baby's too light yeah feel like it's just a little off no he's on hey I'll get the guy on this guy stop dodging dude am i a single hairs horrible good stuff well just that you don't have that boogie anymore don't you no no I don't don't make noise don't make noise we wanted to come up here take it out take it out tell you now I can do the line yeah here cut it cut it cut it cut it cut it it's caught it's got what do you want hit I'm on top on the top yep tag hundred nice could stop I had the other side where'd he go guy guy yep with you a lot of Dynamite's Gary there monk disc on the Left I can't have him up he was ready for it yeah I'm finally my drift yeah I didn't hit they're following us they're following us yep it's trying to shoot me I'm gonna rip them Gareth's yeah yeah nice trip not really ready to you know thought a Vermonter ah we're gonna hope for a spot where we can get sauce just like a mid ground mid ground and we have another rift all right my mouth on ya yo it is lagging we got split we got split we're back together we're back together I'm not gonna I'm gonna riff to getting it yeah you want me free free free perfect oh I could maybe go down there yeah we got a top 12 just hope for top 10 top 10 5 top I've talked go down a little go down oh yeah water falling wall this lag I just felt like I just fell I was water falling and it skipped the frame and I fell down all the way your kit you come serious hey you shot a free kill it's all looking and go for kills whites he's on a trap no no that's we got some 500 but if not knocked down run run run run around alright just put it go for blue is that blue move over run blue he's going for you lucky yeah I'm Karen Sakon 46.6 down let's go and my monkeys cuz they know him what's your Lowe's is there anything that you have is that's really helpful what do you have what yeah oh oh oh we gotta lift it is this fun that's fun I would I just hold it there's a lot of loot there do you want to drive type on that loot dive bomb that loot I mean it might be best for you together I'm dive-bombing it I don't care if I die I die yeah cuz you already lost I literally laid out by a shotgun from midair he just got a 6 HP e limp Mike you're welcome back 12 Oh Wow oh my god you're insane and go you're insane you're you're you you are insane I will have a Greg there right there right there wait what okay good oh my god I'm here Tyco dirty tag got him let's go nice okay Oh friends here ah friends their friends on top on top on top she's rushing now oh he's not eliminating me okay oh that was toxic Wow you're insane these are mad whoa knew he would do that oh my god oh that is nice truck there we go a to him sir yep we've literally read stuff alright let's do this let's get another five good games five games left we can fit all really good ones Oh Slayer is in our game I'm gonna go for the doghouse part another doghouse part he's gotta make it he's gonna make it I've got attack on a Russian over here lucky to somebody huh I'm rushing this guy he got a hunter rifle got him his friends low and running yeah she's already tagged half else half health oh she's got an easy to easy finish on a throne now sorry no it's fine it's fine it's fine give me get the pump here take the pump head up to the pump whereas where's the second person I don't know this one there that's all I know no person only for my work the other person's in he's one by one we care I need you to help me I need ya I'm dressing up with you is built up towards me yeah for lucky do sky up stops gonna shoot you yeah oh he's slow he's solo yeah solo like goddamn God we got him he's down he's down he's down we've got some people coming up I finished him I'm not I'm dizzy what how do you connect up I'm down I'm down good Oh yikes oh jeez they're moving to blue yeah I'm even oh yeah don't sure yet don't sure yeah he's standing still oh no way he's wrong he's running he's running yeah yeah time to 26 but that's sniper shit up here trying to yank oh he's so low people on top there's people yeah yeah I think I'm dead down here here 86 mini gunner is white oh yeah actually getting sticky I'm pushing is if either the guys up here this guy's won now discuss one tab in this thing Vince Vince Vince Vince Vince I'm pinching their boats in there though they're rushing at my side yeah the rushing are mine coming back on one tap tag just showed up don't wanna go on go on boys in the poison yeah I miss the poison ah God I'm gonna go good cuz I'm running around circuited Sabo go him for riffs really where yeah he's gonna try and shoot me cuz he saw my llama tag two hundred tag hundred yeah honestly my just drift drift up to them okay all goodnight won't you their course of course of course they're trying to like just wrecked me it one's on me one's on me yeah one's on me oh my god I got sniped there boy told me it's coming out yeah yeah sagging 50 David fire chick I'm haha careful you're behind no I'm dead I'm dead no no I am no I I got I had had low ground I had stinks on me Wow epic games play for place man I don't have to go for placement yeah it's a boy it's a boy oh my god a lot of people are getting knocked right now so hopefully we get Jagger top ten let's top 12 let's talk to any time 15 no that's not why this is more jurors to my jaws need ago someone just died try to play really safe give me that top five no bigger five to five oh my god return we got the points that's huge that's huge that's so huge nice war people yeah people here I'm far behind I can pistol to get there a little bitty problem I'm coming oh wow I just pistol dry into a tree it's a button okay two boats or one block on me I'm in it yeah I'm still coming you can hold I'm here now hold a little bit I'm here okay it's a bull by himself he'll yeah that's the ball yeah yeah get him take ninety four balls broken bones broken I'm getting shot from other parties I'm getting my ball this guy's lost his shield yeah pretty much showing with you Ronna he's on the ball friends here I'm knocking him down he's falling he ripped it he ripped it just get back in yeah you say was Lois shield yeah I take the 94 damn what that was almost confirmed she's got out of your bull halfway at the cliff I get out of it now they both fell through the bill friends job lucky they built and they fit fresh it's 90 minutes present poles are falling down here you can take my ball from now on I'll just talk about that I've got the pistol what shows do you have two slopes let me take it slow let me take one slow yep on the floor the enemy I added me out guard there's people right there I'm gonna get that pack hey guys yeah oh it's a it's a it's a bad pad this is insane the FPS right now is not nice oh dude come on I wanted that so bad yeah King horrible there's top 12 all right just to Mojo's die watch it watch it give us a top 10 we should be top 10 now no we should definitely have top 10 now yeah shades s all these guys are just what is going nice get me this is it mate let me out for nine the same was before biker chick all right I do know when to give it up top five someone just died thank you yep you got it there's a high chance we've got top five here he's booking actually insane Oh God quickly leave oh my god what did I just watch sir do you want to literally just drop on kids like see where they're going and try to cut their drop pick up a gun and just that's what I'm now yeah we'll probably do a split drop well we can both to d1 like like this this guy on my left this crimson script Swift guy see where he goes go modern and cellar and then just rush this house right away oh I want to rush the same house like orangey no yeah it's just those guys got attacked yeah I'm going somewhere mansion by someone landed on me really okay I don't have anything I got him I got him nice good stuff yeah look at that everyone's monk and everyone on this game you might even be easy placements no I yeah let's keep moving Tory watch my house yeah well as you get a pump a great house what's guy one's own real bummer okay I'm gonna go route I'm taxes should he's white he's White's guys on roots wife whites I'm just forgetting Minnie real quick aash um oh he double he cleaned me but he's like he's low there yeah I keep she might have still watts oh wow are you kidding me hit her 47 whites and she a k sprayed me twice so it's like try not to monks I mean they see I'm see I'm trying her for side angle to get a snipe get an angle on them yeah yeah missed take them whites yeah I'm pushing up got him nice on the hill I on the flute Oh getting on this guy you ready yeah yeah go go go knock whose ramp forty forty was hit double forty I'm getting hit in the back actually I think I got in the back I hit him twice forty I need you to come with me I'm coming okay I got no close range I'm coming hey job job job job job job don't dynamite he's low why slow ice got it wow what a shot I'm gonna try and get a drift born in quickly check the Bulls yeah I'm at pirate now I think it's been touched one ball one ball one ball don't know about inside it hasn't been touched I just took my bulls pray for the ball yep two balls two balls get erased have two balls still bit behind be careful there's like an absolute ball behind us all the moving just be moving solo keep moving what you just need to keep you on lucky oh they just got it it's all right just keep going if you can't describe to Disney movie I'm trying to snipe the Scout in midair lucky lucky just come oh my god no way actually actually who's attack no it's a tag I hit him in midair oh my god gum just come I'm listening well it was in the middle activity landed oh my god dude it kind of looked like he fell I actually can't believe I hit that it was a mid-air of the Canada it was a bad angle it's just so I guess soon as I've been a first shot that I can hit us just jump away yeah yep yeah I don't know about this chief those better options for sure northeast we are cocked well there you go you can hike we can hide in that place we got the car yeah oh my god yeah yeah yeah far out he hit my ball yep as the same I am in a rough pickle here balls are not looking healthy uh I'm max for max I'm good now yeah but mine's a perky little dude you've got me stuffed right now yeah yeah I have no balls trying to get to me roughly so he can whoa this guy's trying to try to get me right here front in front of me he's tagged 100 no show no shield monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey oh come on I've no Matt I have no straps I got a heavy ball monks Jesus yeah you're gonna get out oh yeah no we bought it out I should have just rifted but I think 15 the frozen dish got 15 Oh with Jessica placement just place but that's so unlucky that's so much worse rocket down number 11 11th place that's pretty good that's pretty epic we each take home 150 dollars but I think I'm gonna let you keep it because let's be honest because let's be honest I don't think art alrighty then and that is a wrap super unfortunate ending there with the ball and you know I've got heavy ball rushed but hey it happens if I just had a trap I wouldn't be able to place it on the wall because that's instinctively what I went to Dubai didn't have any traps because it's rough get loot out there and then they're super happy we put on fifty more points this time around and closed it out at number 13 which the way the prize pool works we really want it to hold top ten because they keep like individual prize amounts then out to ten eleven until 20th all get paid out the same so all these players here get paid out the same way we all get 200 each but in conclusion I am now professional fortnight player right I have prize winnings now I am professional professional gamers generally play video games for prize money or salaries I'm a pro gamer hope you guys enjoyed see you guys next time for hopefully the fort and I woke up qualifiers will be ready