How To UNLOCK the RUIN Skin EVENT KEY LOCATION in Fortnite..

How To UNLOCK the RUIN Skin EVENT KEY LOCATION in Fortnite..

How To UNLOCK the RUIN Skin EVENT KEY LOCATION in Fortnite. The new Ruin in Fortnite Battle Royale event in Season 8 is here!

This video is about how to unlock the ruin skin event key location in Fortnite. The new Fortnite Ruin event challenges will reveal with the new Loot Lake dig site, leaving the players with the Ruin location event rewards. This ruin event could see a return of the cube or Fortnite volcano lava at Loot Lake. This video also talks about the Fortnite Discovery skin location and more key locations found in Fortnite battle royale. Thanks for watching today’s video about the Ruin skin key location event in Fortnite Battle Royale. Players are asking how to unlock the ruin key location and hopefully this educational Fortnite video teaches you how to find the ruin key location for Fortnite Battle Royale. We could also unlock ruin event challenges that could give us ruin rewards for playing the Fortnite Ruin event! Thanks for watching this funny Fortnite video.

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How To UNLOCK the RUIN Skin EVENT KEY LOCATION in Fortnite..

for to the video the brand-new gifting system has returned into the game so if of course you guys want me to send you guys a gift make sure you guys comment below in the comment section your epic username makes you guys spell it correctly of course but you guys need to force hit the like button on this video make sure you guys keep the like point on the video I'll be helping people out that of course like this video go ahead and comment below your epic username but most importantly you guys need to be a subscriber on the channel once you guys go ahead and do so I'm gonna be going ahead and selecting a couple of you guys to go ahead and give skins to of course if I go ahead and gift you guys a skin make sure of course you guys let me know what you guys want whatever in the item shop and once again though – thank you so much everyone using the support of credit code trees bear thank you guys I really do appreciate it obviously everything made from supportive creative code goes back to you guys the community and I'm able to actually give skins because of you guys that actually use the code so thank you guys so much everyone using supporter credit code I really appreciate it if you guys do not use the support code highly recommend you guys to go ahead try mine out and mine does refresh every two weeks so every two weeks keep trying looking for the support of credit code and entering in support of credit code at trees bear I really do appreciate it and like I said before everything goes back to you guys so I'm able to actually go ahead and gift and send skins and do other awesome giveaways so thank you guys so much but anyway so today is literally insane we log onto fortnight today and there's a brand new new section that tells us that the rune is coming what is the rune where can we find it where's the location today I'm gonna be explaining everything you guys need to know about the rune and where to actually find some of the key interest point locations so make sure you guys keep watching the video so this last week has been absolutely insane there's been some back-to-back fortnight email events I should say community events that have been happening obviously the most memorable one was of course the dusty divot getting this brand-new lava in the middle of it then of course the first-ever community event of this season was actually a little bit close to the Paradise Palms if you guys remember this event this of course happened about a week ago depending on when you guys are watching the video and this was the first ever dig site this dig site of course has some very interesting bones in it of course the brand-new dinosaur bones that were once in moisty Meier as well as a really interesting I guess toilet you might be thinking why is the toilet kind of interesting well everything does make sense actually now that the rune has been introduced to us so I'm gonna explain a lot more so keep watching the video to find out exactly what I'm talking about so with all these random changes that are happening to the map you're probably wondering what is this leading up to well that of course is the brand-new rune skin event this is gonna be absolutely crazy so what I'm about to tell you guys sit down brace yourselves because this is about to get super interesting so not only are we going to be getting at those two dig sites however though there's gonna be another dig site that is gonna pop up right about here right about this location right above loot Lake and you're probably wondering what is this location going to actually do what is it going to introduce us to the game well if you guys don't know obviously a couple of seasons ago we actually had the big old cube loot Lake event that really caused a lot of havoc over in the fort night universe one of them of course was having Kevin the cube get introduced to us and actually getting dumped inside of the lake and the only remains that we can see of Kevin keep the cube and these like random particles of course land right inside of loot Lake which of course are these like purple big rock things if you would say if you guys do look closely there is still some like random dust that does appear from them it's like a purple glow you guess in see it hopefully from this game but of course what is about to happen is gonna be absolutely crazy so now we obviously know that there's gonna be another dig site by loot lake what we do know is of course the cube is somewhat in the ground of loot lake right now currently so if you guys go ahead and dig up to it there's going to be some type of particles that should be appearing close to loot lake around the dig site the dig site actually got leaked to us some people were randomly in creative mode and they found some glitches these glitches actually show us a small piece of like heaven the cube it's a white cube but obviously that does resemble the cube itself so that is super interesting of course and there's been multiple people that have been actually doing this glitch and seeing the cube so I'm not like telling you guys to do it with that being said we can only assume that the Kevin the cube is gonna have some type of impact with a brand new dig site then of course it's been assumed that the actual fortnight season 8 character or like the discovery skin if you would say is related to the visitor the visitor was the actual like the I guess the skin that was unlocked in dusty when we actually had like the big spaceship coming crash into there the visitor came out of the spaceship well with that being said there's been a very interesting similar things that have been happening to the game that the actual the same people that were looking for the visitors are in that helicopter flying around the map obviously you guys know there's been a black helicopter that's been I guess flying around in landing different locations in the fort night world and well of course apparently it's related to the visitor but this is where it gets even more insanely incredible so make sure you guys are still watching this so with the rune skin obviously you guys know there's gonna be some weird way how we're actually gonna have to go ahead and find him and unlock the room skin or the rune event if you guys do remember I made a video a couple of weeks ago talking you guys about the master key and nick master key location the master key location of course was found in the next week these next week challenges of course will be unlocked next week Thursday where of course you guys can actually see the master key skin is going ahead and getting his keys taken these skeleton keys are getting taken from him we all thought of course it's going to be for the luxe like the locks Marian was actually unlocked well of course now that we have to see like the rune this actually makes us wonder if the actual key location or the skeleton keys are going to be unlocking the rune skin in not the lock skin another absolutely crazy thing in this video I do want to share with you guys is of course for Tori I went ahead and showed us what the bottom of the actual dig site is going to look like and on the bottom of it there looks like there's like a metal plate or some type of metal frame of some sort and people been saying that's actually a rocket ship very similar to the visitor however though what is underneath this rocket ship was underneath this metal like sheet well people are saying that the actual rune is going to be underneath that rocket or underneath that metal sheet so if that's true if the the actual rune does appear once we actually break that metal that would be legendary and people are saying what will the room look like well it makes complete sense if the keys would unlock the rune maybe we have to go ahead and unlock it out of like the rocket or that metal frame then of course it looks very similar to like a skeleton not like the black hard skin but it'd be something completely different but pretty awesome obviously there's a ton of Secrets because of course we go in and we break that metal sheet that's in the final dig zone over my loot lake we could be some we should be seeing like some type of a weird event like who expected the lava to rise up and flow up on dusty honestly I was not expecting lava to rise and with the lava rising once we broke with the last rock that was like I guess a big big point here that something actually super epic is gonna be happening with this rune skin and the final dig site so if something weird happens something crazy is going to have and I'll be sure to cover all that on my channel I'll be either live-streaming or making a video so make sure you guys are subscribed so you guys do not miss any information on what's about to happen with this room skin so anyways to sum things up of course we are really pumped and excited to see what's gonna be coming about with his rune skin the actual location of the rune scanner we believe is going to be in the metal underneath the metal in the final dig site well of course if we actually get there pretty fast I'm pretty sure the entire community will want to be going ahead and seeing what's inside of it and the actual key location could potentially be over by the actual like temples so if that's the case if we need a key to unlock it the key location will be over there but of course if there's no key and the only way for us to actually get the rune is to break that metal that's what we're actually all assuming it's gonna actually happen so when is this going to happen they wouldn't release this news article if it wasn't gonna happen soon so I'm assuming this can be happening within the next couple of hours of course so keep an eye out on my channel so whenever there's actually a change or an update and the actual dig location actually comes and occurs or the rune appears I'll be the first person to tell you guys about that so keep an eye out make sure you guys have notifications on my channel so you guys do not miss any information about that once again guys I'm gonna be gifting some skins over the next couple of days and on stream as well too so make sure if you guys have not read you guys want to help me out and I'm gonna be gifting a ton of people but if you guys have never read make sure as you support a credit code tree is a bear in the item shop everything earned from this does go back to my giveaway so I really do appreciate that and my gifting so even if you guys can't and you guys don't have any bucks I think that still put it in let me know you guys support me to the Creator I do appreciate that even like a picture a video really means the world to me so anyways guys we'll catch you guys later have an awesome day all until next time stay true peace remember use code trees bear in the item shop and take a picture thank you