How to HACK Granny Horror Game… (Granny Cheats and Hacks)

How to HACK Granny Horror Game… (Granny Cheats and Hacks)

This is how to hack Granny!
Granny keeps you locked in her house.

Welcome to Granny.

Granny keeps you locked in her house.
Now you have to try to get out of her house, but be careful and quiet. She hears everything.
If you drop something on the floor, she hears it and comes running.
You can hide in wardrobes or under beds.
You have 5 days.

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How to HACK Granny Horror Game… (Granny Cheats and Hacks)

cha-cha-cha what is up everyone welcome to dark corners Amy who's dark and today we're playing granny but not just any other ordinary version of granny if you read the title of this video then you know exactly what we're gonna do I found a hacked version of granny that lets us play with all kinds of things let's just get right into it while reloading guys make sure you follow me on instagram so you know when the next classroom will be make sure you like my pictures all that stuff check out the merch as well all the links should be down there in the description shout out nosy rep on YouTube he's the person who made this mod let's just show you guys what we can do so we can go invisible which I'm gonna enable right now this means that granny literally can't see us let's see if we can see granny granny granny the penny penny where is she oh oh I just made sound granny's gonna get me now or is she let me help you granny I'm invisible I'm invisible I can turn it off again oh I'm gonna turn it on again now how cool is that so you know exactly what this means right guys we can even cloner look clone granny oh there's two I haven't tested any of the other option so I know about clone I know about invisibility what happens if I enable can't attack then she can't attack me even if she sees me so let's see let's see what this does so now she can see me but if I'm not mistaken she she can't attack me oh my god Oh what we're gonna do this is the plan hopefully it'll work I'm gonna find all the shotgun parts I'm gonna assemble it and then hopefully what will happen is will enable the will enable the unlimited ammo cheat and we're just gonna put a blast granny is gonna bless her let's see I have never finished this game by the way so I have no idea where all the required tools are I mean is this is this something that's a part of the drawing um let me see let me see I don't want to fall down here yep it was up granny let's pop it granny are you doing granny just me just me you know what's up you know what's up me and granny we're friends now so she won't hit me me and her we go way back you know what I mean is this something that's nothing it's a melon something is inside this melon wait how do I drop this oh I need a hammer don't I and I drop this in here and thank you very much for the donation by the way Randi Kaye helped me out here hey thanks for nothing I need the hammer I need the hammer okay granny's just following me now granny how are you doing come on come on oh dude you're so annoying is there anything in here empty empty granny could you please help me search instead of just standing there stumped oh what's that aah Oh teddy what happens if I pick this up oh my god granny I'm so sorry but I'm gonna use that teddy we're gonna get slender you're not guys we're gonna find syndra now okay here's one shotgun part I'm just gonna drop all the parts that I find at the front door okay that's what I'm gonna do what's this this another shotgun part awesome awesome Oh granny opened the door for me how nice granny I freaking love you you're my favorite Grammy Grammy granny grandmother whatever we got two shotgun parts now let me to check the car that's a good idea we also got the cogwheel that might be useful granny you can't come in here this is my secret place you can find me another way this is pretty cool it's pretty cool if I do say so myself just hang out relax granny is my friend she's not she's still creepy and disgusting but oh well sometimes that's how friends are there's nothing you can do about it the garage is right here named oh oh sorry granny didn't mean to hit you garage it's our shotgun part No Oh mmm granny I don't know you like that so how about you stay there granny I'm sorry I'm not gonna get in the sauna with you that's ooh me get that is this just already work wait I thought I I was supposed to assemble this how how what guys why is the shotgun why is the shotgun already assembled I didn't I didn't mean to I didn't think that would work I'm sorry granny that was not my intention wait look there's grace this son is something isn't making sense here that shotgun is already working risk wait where's granny wait where's granny she did she just pulled a Michael Myers on me where's granny granny just disappeared yeah well granny okay now I want to test it does this work oh my god granny I'm sorry Wow granny's like a zombie you got a double tap six nine days and six nine dead okay um that was easier than I thought let me see it she's gonna be gone for about a minute MA okay we can see her disappear good radish where does where does she spawn upstairs probably enemy tank we're gonna check out some other hex flash what's what's flash boom I am too quick holy crap how am i this fast okay now we know why that's called flash okay that's cool that's cool which other cheats are there no we got flash we got giant which makes Oh granny Nana granny up here it's Ponyville okay we can clone granny you probably have to wait until she actually wakes up before we before we clone her we can kill granny I don't know what Dad does we're gonna wait that's weird though I was under dais wait what's going huh what what what's going what's going on here I can just go through everything you guys seen this yeah granny granny granny where you were is she yeah I'm too big let's turn this off you guys think I actually killed granny cuz she's not showing up anymore maybe I've gone too far granny oh there you are there you are the granny let's disable flash as well I can clone her not just to granny's we know I can oh my god oh I just got an idea if I clone granny how many grannies are there now guys watch this watch this I can kill so at least now we know how that works I can only kill one granny at a time okay so we got a bunch of grannies who can only kill one at a time which is the original guys look right here I can't kill any other granny so is there any is there any any cheat that I missed if so please let me know in the comment section and we'll make another video so yeah I think that's what this mod menu has so far once again shout out nosy rep for making this hope everybody watching enjoyed the video make sure you leave a like if you did make sure you subscribe if you want to see more let me know in the comment section what I should do next time and once again make sure you check me out on Instagram check out the merch all the links are in the description and I hope to see you next time Ark signing out you