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1. Restart Fortnite
2. Wait for the blue loading screen to appear and then turn off your phone for 15 seconds
3. Turn it back on and wait till the loading bar is almost full then turn it off and wait 10 seconds
4. Turn it back on and you should have 60fps!

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yo what is going on guys it is your boy duck at the gamer back again with another video and now the title of this video is not clickbait it is not some scammed or something gift to buy or download it is a legitimate method in which any device to my knowledge can get 60fps and for 9 mobiles so a few days ago a subscriber reach out to me and told me about a method that doesn't include any software any apps you'll have to connect your phone to your computer Lilley all you need is your phone and like 45 seconds and you'll get 60fps on any device now of course this seems too good to be true and it is the drawback to this method is that your phone becomes extremely hot the reason epic games doesn't natively give everyone access to 60fps is because the you know I did this for a few minutes on my phone it worked I did it a few times and every time I did it my phone would basically just turn into a stove it got super hot and uncomfortable to hold so that's really the only downside and overheating your phone can over time you know caused your battery to become worse and also actually caused your phone to perform worse so over time it's not recommended that you guys do this because like I said overheating your phone for a long period of time just isn't good friend and it could really degrade the lifespan of your phone but just for a quick game or two of four night probably won't hurt it I'm not sure so if if anything happens your phone you can't blame me I told you so I warned you I'm not liable for anything legally you can't sue me and one last thing as well you guys might be thinking well because I'm making this video epic game she's gonna find out about this glitch and patch it in a few days that's not true because epic games already knows about this glitch before I even came to them but they're already aware of the glitch so it's not like me making this video is gonna ruin this method for everyone so as you guys can see in the top right hand corner I'm rocking a 30fps if I go I'm on my iPhone 7 plus for now I have 20 in 30 FPS a medium low graphics I'm just gonna put on low because like I said I'm I phone 7 plus came out I think 2016 or 2017 does not have 60fps support natively but one thing you guys should do to make sure this method works for you is to go and actually turn on show fps this will allow you guys to be able to tell if it actually does work or for at least gives you more than 30 frames as you see I'm still at the 30 fps the first step in this entire process is actually closing out the apps you close out the app you reopen it so once you've reopen the app you have to be pretty aware of what's going on so as soon as the blue loading screen pops up you're gonna want to lock your phone not turn it off all the way just simply press the power button so boom four nice screen pops up you press the power button you wait 15 seconds for the first time you do this I'm not sure why it's exactly 15 seconds so boom that was 15 seconds you turn on and unlock your device now as soon as the loading bar at the very bottom gets to the towards the end you're gonna want to turn off your phone once again it for around 10 seconds this time so boom there it is 10 seconds alright so there is the 10 second period now I've tried this a few times and it hasn't worked the first time I ever tried it it did end up working so this method might take a few tries to get but once you do this method successfully as long as you don't close your game you will have 60 FPS as soon as you close out of your game you will lose it and because you guys turn on the FPS counter before going and doing this method you will know right off the bat any lobby if this does work you don't have to go into creative to see if it works your FPS counter in the lobby for me on my iPad I'd say the 6 FPS so all my fellow when I first tried it was at 60fps so we're gonna be seeing did it work this time around yes it did let's go guys so as you can see top right corner 60 FPS and just to prove you open up the menu scroll down it's absolutely smooth so we're actually gonna go to creative and I will prove to you guys that this is 60 FPS I think this was my third or fourth try recording this together right so it's 15 seconds on the first close and then 10 seconds on the second close it might take a few times but it definitely is worth that even if you guys aren't allowed to play 60fps you know for a while judges you can see we're still in the game or getting 59 frames so it's not a constant 60 you know if I move or look around a lot you will get a little bit lower so if I go to my settings lower my to 3d res that should actually you know make my phone not overheat as much and give me a little more frame as while we're at it so 60 FPS it's legit this is an iPhone 7 plus if I go to my settings as you can see 20 and 30 I'm actually gonna back out so it'll do anything don't save so still 60fps it's here it's not clickbait like I'm talking about though my phone is getting a little bit spicy just while talking about this now obviously this is the default HUD so my building is gonna be absolutely garbage but you guys you Pro I put players out there Pro you know Android players who on phones can go crank some crisp 60fps 90s or at least above 30 right now I'm rockin around 40 to 50 so anything more than 30 FPS is absolutely amazing to plan so I think I've only had 60 FPS for like a few minutes and my phone is isn't even comfortable to hold at the moment I'm setting it on my table I would highly recommend to not let your phone get just insanely hot I'm making this video for the purposes of you know educational entertainment value we're still around 60 FPS on Lobby I'm gonna hop into solo game see how far I can get into it see how long 60 FPS lasts as you can see I've actually below the 30fps mark I mean this this method is cool at all but the older your device the worse this method is gonna actually run because it's gonna be trying to push 60 FPS the entire time so it's gonna overwork your phone and it just I don't know I really don't know the effects of this long-term because I don't plan a phone I plan a you know device has native 60 FPS so like I said I would highly recommend you guys to not use this full-time because I don't think it's good for your device it's uncomfortable to hold to use but I'm already getting some pretty nasty framedrops just uh just running around looting up and like I said my phone it's blazing to say it to say the least it's actually blazing so I'm just going on farming with Tio's and I'm actually like I said lower than 30fps so it might if you're on like an iPhone 7 plus or below like I might not even be worth billion is only gonna truly benefit the people who can actually like 50 to 60 FPS because other night you're just gonna be causing your device to lag a bunch which is exactly what's happening to my device right now oh crap rom I actually like it so hard dude this this Hut is also very trashed this is my iPad HUD on my iPhone not optimized at all oh okay alright so that's probably gonna be it for the video considering I can't even hold my phone anymore to get gameplay this method is good for phones that can run it if they can't run it that it she's gonna stress your device how it's gonna overheat it it probably won't even give you a better gaming experience but this is also a good thing because you know a lot of people want 60fps a lot of people say oh my iPhone 6s needs 60 fps it can't handle it like this is an iPhone 7 plus and it can't handle it so I think a lot of people in the community assume 60fps is something that every device can run it would be awesome if every device could use it but realistically and technologically just some devices cannot run 60fps because of how hard and straining it is on the device so I think it'll be good to open some of the eyes of the community and maybe make them realize that yes 60fps is amazing but at the same time unfortunately my device can't run it because of how old it is but that being said I hope you guys did enjoy this video epic games already knows about this I'm not ruining this glitch I'm not ruining this method for everyone to call it I'm just trying to inform you guys let the people know what's going on so if you do end up using this glitch or if this video didn't help you in any way feel free to drop a like and also subscribe to the channel if you guys are new but yeah other than that guys hopefully you've enjoyed the video spitted bored duck at the gamer and I will see you guys the next one peace