Welcome back to The Division 2. In this video we’re taking a look at the easiest way to farm the components and hard wired tech so you can get the hard wired gear set pieces. The M, C, B, G, H and K components have to be obtained through certain missions being Grand Washington Hotel, Jefferson Trade Center, Federal Emergency Bunker, Lincoln Memorial, Air & Space Museum and Bank Headquarters.

Once you have the components and enough tech you can start crafting the pieces but remember that it’s 10 tech and a component for each craft which means it can be a bit grindy gathering all the stuff but it’s needed as the gear can craft at anything between 450-500 gear score and stat rolls will differ on each piece. Black Tusk activities can be farmed for the tech if you’re a PvE player but you can also do landmarks in the occupied DZ that will more consistently drop the tech. The occupied dark zone is one where normalization is disabled so watch your back as other players will be looking for their PvP fix and be set out to annoy other players. Tech, components and other basic materials are all you need and with these tips, I hope you have a better time getting hold of the hardwired gearset. I hope you enjoy the video 😀

Here’s the Imgur link to the image of the missions and components, credit goes to yama1291 on Reddit for the image:

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