HOW MANY PLAYERS Can 1 SHOT Eliminate in Fortnite Battle Royale (Season 9)

HOW MANY PLAYERS Can 1 SHOT Eliminate in Fortnite Battle Royale (Season 9)

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HOW MANY PLAYERS Can 1 SHOT Eliminate in Fortnite Battle Royale (Season 9)

Welcome to another Fortnite video, where today in fortnite season 9 we’re testing out the new guns and seeing how many players can 1 shot eliminate in Fortnite battle royale season 9!!




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HOW MANY PLAYERS Can 1 SHOT Eliminate in Fortnite Battle Royale (Season 9)

how many players can you eliminate with one bullet in fortnight season 9 we're gonna go over all the weapons starting off with the pistol oh boy the pistol can only eliminate one person alright the next gun is the submachine gun also only one bullet per person it's up the assault rifle does the same thing we're gonna start off with common weapons infantry rifle also just one and we're gonna work our way up to legendary you ready for this this is actually an interesting one so from the front we only get one but if we position it properly from the side you should be able to get three obviously we're gonna be testing at the brand-new shotgun today – but first stake out some more people like this next up the a kay I love this gun it's so bad it only just add one you only took out one mix-up the flink nuk pistol well I mean I kind of shot myself into this guy and didn't really take anybody else out put one guy what if we do it's a little bit sideways nope still only one person it's up the revolver yep now that died was horrible now this is an interesting one we have to burst AR it shoots three bullets and it takes out three people mix up submachine gun the only one time to open the next chest oh it's time for all these green weapons first thing we're gonna start off with a sniper rifle a male only killed one on to the shotgun first we're gonna do a frontal attack you only got one but next up we're gonna do is sideways and we might be able to just take four people out pretty sure that was for next up from the front doesn't do anything these some of these guns are just so bad we can just skip over them but here look at it these shotguns can take out multiple people and so I'm so interested to test out the brand new shotgun and even from the side look at this all right next up AR takes out three people as before but it shoots multiple bullets to scope they are only does one regular AR only this one submachine gun only does one this gun only does one but we can shoot multiple times so in a in F course a day that's multiple today that doesn't count right next up another SMG only does one but what about the drum gun what but everybody finds overpowered you see it can only eliminate one person what do you mean mix up infantry rifle green so clean up rifle green up no pistol I mean top that also does a new and submachine gun these guns are trash which weapons can eliminate multiple people with one bullet and the pistol do it no it cannot end this one can also not these weapons but we're just gonna move on to the blue weapons sniper has anything changed I'm sorry my lady but it hasn't let's go for this one Oh hunting rifle also only did one and not our drum drum drum just only does one and then we have the triple bullets but it shoots multiple bullets so it doesn't count because it's time for yet another shotgun I'm excited when the shotguns come by if we aim right over here and shoot we get one but if we go to the side we can get four yeah we just did that alright guys next up submachine gun doesn't do anything scope they are doesn't do anything infantry rifle doesn't do anything 8k only takes out one sniper also only one all of these guns only eliminate one person with one shot mix up another SMG only does one an LMG only does one an AR only one shot there let's keep it for a second and that is it it's all these weapons except for the shotgun seem to follow the same principle yep you see if that from the front shotgun doesn't do much but the moment you tilt it just a little bit I'm gonna aim for people's legs over here see how many we can get and wait what we just took out seven people with this shotgun this is insane you know what's also insane using coke cups in the item shop and here it is finally the brand new shotgun I'm really curious to see how many people we can eliminate with just one shot but first let's check out this weapon it only does one that does what's that – yeah that was – but then again you shoot ones with every gun you know what I mean I mean I'll count it I guess no I won't I want cuz it's two weapons technically two weapons so time to test out the brand new shotgun the combat shotgun is very cool in the sense that it shoots really fast this is just shotgun guys look at this look at this also looking at the ground it seems to shoot in a little you know pallet formation I'm pretty sure we can take out multiple people alright let's do a friendship first in three two one only one person which kind of makes it very similar to the pump and know that the other shotgun what about it sideways well first let's figure out the distance okay that still works that also still works wait did I accidentally just take out multiple people oh my goodness so from a distance I assume the pilots fly outwards I just took have three people from like a mile away how far can we actually go oh my goodness we just got four people this isn't a shotgun this is arrival oh my god we just check out five people like that let's go oh my goodness that was six people it's sixty meters this shotgun is insane but even get a little bit closer it still does it this weapon is crazy and this is only the blue version the only problem is though that if it's a dirt it only does 73 damage whereas a headshot 125 so you cannot take anybody out in one shot unless they're in low HP like right over here bonus round let's go the brand-new pickaxes are amazing I love this look at this bonus round we're one inning everybody that was about it but there is more Cup so we still have the purple rifles let's check him out sniper rifles are fun in this game they can only take out one person look at all these sniper rifles only taking out one person yep now we only took out one person I wasn't sure boots because somebody accidentally died their minigun is the same thing same thing just one shot won't kill me the guns the same thing one shot one elimination I'm right over here you know we have the Silas and these weapons no this is round I just send love to him these weapons all of them can only do one person except for the shotgun we haven't tested that out yet here's another one for you if you don't believe me you know I'm a hundred percent sure that these weapons they shoot one bullet in one bullet cannoli but wait this weapon on the other hand shoots multiple bullets and therefore it shouldn't you be able to take out multiple people hey just I've got three people in it use three bullets as you can see one two picks up the purple infantry rifle only takes a one person at a time it's trash the pump shotgun recently faulted how many can I take out frontal attack only one what about his sideways sideways attack let's go for people oh wow okay can we beat more can we do more than four six people we just did it this is insane all the shotguns in fortnight's seem to be able to follow the exact same pattern you take out multiple people with it so here's another example Deedle only does one scope revolver only does one revolver only does one missile it does – it any shoots – pulled bullets after all this missile only does one but I'll let you cops aside in the comments should we count those weapons that shoot multiple bullets also as they can take on multiple people with one bullet let me know in the comments right over here we have three very interesting shotguns first of all we have this shotgun which we've tested out already and we should be able to do a pretty much take everybody out six six people we eliminated that's nasty stuff we have the double-barrel shotgun which should be able to do the same thing as all the other shotguns from the side right over here we're gonna wait because I really curious to see how many people exactly we can take out the position is correctly you should be able to take go that was quite a lot of people it's very nice double-barrel shotgun full is the same from the front however it only does one and that's because all the pallets come out at the same time I will we discovered with a heavy shotgun is that it is one of the only weapons permit actually the only weapon that does it differently pretty much everybody that's insane we just took out nine people but it's for a different reason than what you're expecting so the heavy shotgun shoots all its bullets in you know pretty much the same pattern as any other shotgun however these bullets are strong and they go through everything when I say everything I mean everything do you see people who are alive over here right now let's take them all out literally we literally just took out 12 people in time for the final round the llama full of legendary weapons let's filter the poop first so first of all minigun I mean we shot two bullets we have a silenced AR we have a diesel we have a p90 and even hit somebody and then we have the AR that shoots three bullets none of them count none of them can do it we tested you guys out that you guys feel does all of you go up the revolver only one scoped AR only one this one too and the sniper rifle – if you think I'm messing up over there I'm not I know it's not working that's why were throwing them away even the most powerful weapon in the game only does one and then this this infantry rifle also only does one which leaves us with these four weapons the four most powerful weapons I'm pretty sure this is a strongest we're gonna test this out first the heavy shotgun we should be able to take out everybody straight up I'm not joking we're gonna do that right now everybody's gone this gun is insane it still is none of the other shotguns can do what this gun just did we kind of just shot two people okay okay but it cannot take out 12 people so let's do a frontal comparison one person three people okay one person well let's take out this gun literally everybody is gone anyways cups we pretty much have a winner it's heavy shotgun however all of these guns over here which are them pump shotgun double-barrel shotgun two combat shotgun two tactical shotgun all the shotguns can take out multiple people in one shot all these other guns they feel this thank you for watching cops please use code cops in the item shop and if you don't I'll see you in fortnight and use that have each job double shotgun pump yeah avocado is out now with thousands of players all over the world have okano is bigger than ever are you looking for a fun game to play with friends get avocado today check out the link in the video description avocado is made by me and the very people at level gangs so what are you waiting for get hava kado today like seriously it's amazing