GTA 5 – The ULTIMATE Tsunami in Los Santos!

GTA 5 – The ULTIMATE Tsunami in Los Santos!

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GTA 5 – The ULTIMATE Tsunami in Los Santos!

hey what's going on guys my name is naught we are back in GTA 5 with another tsunami it's been such a long time since we did an episode in this series but I promise you guys I'm working as hard as I can to get these episodes out but if you guys watch the previous episode you will know that we discovered quite a few crazy things going on in fact this entire base basically has every single person who is behind this tsunami in GTA 5 and how do we know this well guys Trevor and Ron already stron was behind a story in which he was uncovering a few details about how the people of fort Zancudo could kind of control the weather it's pretty crazy stuff it's in the game files you can listen to it on the radio as well and Trevor sent as a video of someone being interviewed by Ron in GTA 5 talking about this and it's a pretty crazy video we saw it in yesterday's video and it made me realize that everyone inside this base has something to do with this crazy tsunami outside and let's just quickly take a look outside to see if we can see this tsunami I want to see how big it is I'm not too sure if it's gotten worse or better it's still thunder and lightning though so I'm not too sure but let's go and take a look oh wait why is everyone looking at me okay I don't like this everyone is just looking at me I did say yesterday that I would keep my mouth closed and I would stay very very quiet about what's going on is this guy looking at me why is everyone looking at me I don't think this guy looks at me yeah this guy doesn't know okay cool he's fine he's chill a few people aren't sure though a few people are just looking at me making sure I don't do anything what's going on these guys know something's up I'm not too sure I might need to keep my head down or something I don't like this guys I do not like this at all but let's take a look down yes the tsunami is still there oh dear the tsunami is still there it doesn't look too good I'm not too sure what's going on because a few people are looking at me how about this guy now this guy seems pretty chill as well I'm not too sure what's going on but as you guys can see there's so many things around this base which have so much importance to lo santos and once this tsunami has gone every single person in lo santos in san andreas will have been wiped out leaving these guys behind to rebuild everything and take power and control of every in San Andreas really really scary stuff I'm not too sure what we're going to do but something I know we have to do is find Trevor because we found him in yesterday's episode and I'm not too sure where he went to I guess there's very few places he can go back to so shall I take their helicopter no I'm not taking that one idea I'm worried if I take that then they're going to take me out maybe it's because I crashed their helicopter or something okay I'm taking this jet I don't care we're taking this jet I need to find Trevor but once these guys to get a whiff that I know what they know because I mean it's a pretty big secret these guys have literally controlled the weather built this tsunami and taken every single person out so if they find out that we know and it's not going to be good for any of us so I'm going to quickly take this jet these guys seems pretty chill this guy doesn't look too happy though and he's got a homing launcher oh dear okay I'm not too I'm not too happy about that I need to find Trevor though I need to get Trevor need to ask him some questions because he knows some stuff and we need to find out what he knows are we good are we good yes we're good we're good okay just go down go down perfect okay we're taking your jet I promise you I will bring it back in one piece this time I decided to go kind of close to the ocean and look at this guys I think it's actually gotten worse because I can't see any of lo Santos whatsoever and if you guys watch the previous episode you could see parts of lo Santos so whatever these guys are doing on Mount chiliad it's definitely working but let's take a look at this okay you can see the boat let's take a look over there yes you can see Trevor's bode I think I can see someone on there as well as expected guys it looks like Trevor went all the way back over to this island or at least this mountain we're gonna call it this island though because it's literally in islands now but look at this you can see his boat so at least we do have a way of getting off this place and you can also see let's take a look is Trevor there let's take a look yes Trevor is right there you can literally see him right there and it looks like whatever is inside those boxes are incredibly important to Trevor so I'm not too sure what we're going to do because I have no way of getting those boxes out of this island I'm going to land this jet here and find out exactly what Trevor knows because whatever it is it seems pretty important just don't destroy the jet please okay down there we go landed landed yes I think we're good no don't fall don't fall don't fall yes okay we're good we got it that was so close we almost lost the jet and I do not want to lose it because I don't want those guys getting their suspicions too soon but let's go and see exactly what Trevor is doing I don't think they can see us on here we did try and look on this hill from the mountain and we couldn't see anything apart from Trevor's car so I think we'll be okay up here let's go and take a look and see exactly what Trevor is hiding because there has to be something inside those boxes which might give us an answer to why this tsunami is happening and what these guys are doing on the mountain there it is guys there's the bodhi the boxes are still there and there's Trevor just standing there waiting for us so what do you want buddy what do you want why did you run away from me I think my first question Trevor because I've got a lot of questions to ask you dude why did he run away in the first place I mean there has to be a reason behind that and that video you just sent me I mean I'm not too sure if you think the same way but it was definitely really interesting it so I would love to know your thoughts behind that so there's a lot of stuff to look through here and there's no chance I'm gonna take that over to Mount chiliad because if we do they're gonna be all over this and once they realize what we're doing we're not gonna have anywhere to go apart from this island and I do not like the looks of those guys coming after us considering they're armed with pretty much everything in San Andreas so I think the only opportunity here Trevor and I know you're not gonna like this but we're gonna have to take a look at it right here in the rain I know you're not gonna like this because it's raining and if there's paper inside there then I mean it's gonna get completely ruined but if you want to show me what's inside you need to do it now dude because there's no chance I'm taking you to Mount chiliad with that stuff and there's no other way we can get this stuff over to Mount chiliad either so if you want to show me what's inside you need to show me now and then we can finally do something about this and hopefully find out exactly what is going on ok cool now what we'll start with a few of these boxes in fact no we'll start with these boxes first and and see what's inside so I can tell this will be a long night or a long day what time is it let's see it's currently 2 p.m. I don't even know the time it's that crazy so yeah it's gonna be a long day but I'm sure we'll get through this so come on T let's see what we can find you're not gonna believe this guy's like just hands down you're not gonna believe this we've just been through two boxes and what trevor is suggesting is that there's some sort of machine which ron knows about like he's been investigating with his crew on his podcast hence the video but there's some sort of machine or device or something in Mount chiliad which the fort Zancudo crew hold which will essentially allow them to do anything with the weather that's what we've been taking a look at we've been looking at all of these newspapers as well as well as all of these documents which are currently getting ruined and stuff like I mean I can barely read half of these things anymore which which isn't good so there's still a few more boxes to go through what time is it now it's almost 6 p.m. so that took us a total of four hours to go through maybe just over three but we're gonna go through all of this Trevor I don't care we're doing everything we can do and we're gonna find out everything we need to know about what is going on on Mount chiliad because I'm convinced they are doing something up there I mean they're they were so prepared they literally have trees up there they have concrete walls they have all the gold from lo Santos which they took from lo Santos and put onto Mount chiliad they must have known something like this was going to happen and there's just so many things going on right now let's go through these boxes and see what else Trevor has guys I don't know about you T but you're really onto some stuff look at all of this paper I mean I have no idea how wrong is collected so many of these things Trevor but there's so many things going on I don't know what he's done I'm not too sure how he's found this stuff but whatever is happening up there it is crazy there is some sort of device on Mount chiliad I've read through almost all of the boxes there's still five more to go but I've kept everything inside the boxes or as much as possible there's newspapers there's documents this files as even boxes of paper in there as well which ron has collected over the past few years and maybe even decades you never know guys and it's basically all about this mysterious weather controlling device which was supposed to kind of be used one day to control the weather and do catastrophic and devastating events like these and look at this guy's the water I'm not even sure if it's rising I hope it's not because if it is then that does not look good for us but whatever is happening it is coming from up there and I mean you can see the satellites how is there's also lights going all the way up but it's almost as if these guys were prepared in advance which is something no one could've ever prepared for or else everyone would be on Mount chiliad right now and something is going on I'm not too sure what's happening but everything is being linked up we'll go through the last few boxes and then we're going to have to leave everything right here I'm sorry Trevor we are I've done my best to pack everything important up in those boxes again but with the rain and everything else like that I mean I can't guarantee anything so let's just go through the last few boxes and see what else is going on Oh Trevor Trevor Trevor Trevor I'm so glad that's done I am so glad we've gone through everything what time is it it's currently 10:00 to 10:00 I'm not even sure if I slept I might have had an hours an apple something I'm not too sure about Trevor but we finally gone through every single one of these boxes we've screwed up so many Bulls of paper like we're having a competition to see who could throw the paper that are furthest away and stuff and you can see is paper over here and stuff but we have to do something to entertain ourselves but we've gone through every single one of these boxes and it's fair to say there's something up there on Mount chiliad guys there's a device there's a machine and Trevor's shown us a few photos a few images Ron's found a few things on what it may look like but from what we know we're still going in there blind we don't know if they've changed the looks of this machine or something like that but either way there's something on Mount chiliad controlling this weather and in order to save lo santos and to make sure these guys don't get control and do something catastrophic to san andreas i'm not too sure what they're planning but whatever it is it's worth taking out every single person in san andreas to do it so we need to try and find that machine and see what's going on up there so i guess this will be our first ever mission together I mean I'm not too sure if Trevor's gonna ditch us when we get there hopefully he doesn't but I guess we're going to have to find out guys and I'm not looking forward to this I'm really I hope Trevor's okay I really do but we've gone through every single one of these boxes and there's some crazy stuff going on our jet is still down there there's gonna be no chance we can take that jet back hopefully I can explain to them what's happened maybe I can say I left on a mountain I'll bring it back or something like that because we can't take the jet and Trevor back so I hope they understand at least it's still there though at least I can bring it back to them when I need to it doesn't look too good it looks like one knock will push this jet into the waters so yeah hopefully Trevor doesn't knock yet we can do this are you ready tea oh yes okay we've just got pushed in okay awesome and now I don't even know where we're going I have no idea where's Mount chiliad mount chileo I can't even go up this wave it's that big oh my days this tsunami has gotten 10 times worse like before we could sail on the waves but now I don't even think we can go up there let's see come on it's close it's really difficult but looking at this you can see Mount chiliad just over there so if we just keep going forward and keep going through these waves hopefully we'll get there soon enough oh my days I can't believe we're doing this I really hope they're gonna be cool with us I hope they don't suspect a thing they're already looking at me though which I don't like like they're literally looking at me and watching me to see what I'm doing which I don't like whatsoever so I'm not too sure if they will accept me back hopefully they do whatever we're looking for it's controlling the weather and we need to destroy that guys we need to destroy it because once it's destroyed maybe this tsunami will disappear and maybe everything will go back to normal I'm not too sure Trevor I hope you're ready for this dude I know you haven't really been up there so I'm just gonna tell you that every single person on Mount chiliad right now they have everything you can ever imagine so we're definitely not in a good place right now so we just have to keep our heads down and make sure they don't suspect a thing they're already onto us so as long as we don't make them think we know something we'll be okay we got this we got this just or yes on this path okay perfect and just push okay perfect we're now on the path get out to ever get out dude come on dude get out get out it's gonna be okay and we're gonna walk up this path come on come on T come on come on do all that was close we almost lost T we almost lost him for a moment I thought that was it I thought Trevor was gone okay even if they're not on to us now I know for a fact if we get close to that machine or do anything to it then they're going to be on to us straight away and it's gonna be like a few seconds to exit or else we're just gonna be taken out straight away on the spot and I'm not looking forward to this I'm really not obliged Trevor is here with us though because Trevor is kind of like our backup because look at this guy's the moment we hold something Trevor also holds something as well so we got some backup here we need to put an end to this though guys because the entire of San Andreas has just been taken out all because of these guys and the stuff Trevor was hiding it's some crazy stuff and once again if you do try and take a look over there I don't think you can see anything you can see his car and that's it you you can't see anything so I think we'll be okay I think we'll be okay with this okay Trevor starting to get in front of me like are you sure you want to do this Trevor we're doing this we are doing this 100% you are not leaving me this time we're going inside and we're doing this together there's cameras everywhere that sign is telling us that these guys are watching us oh dear okay Trevor you are not leaving me I don't care what you say you're not to leave me we're going inside look these guys they're not doing anything to us the chill they're not looking at us they're not doing anything it doesn't look like they wanted to anything to us if they wanted to do something they would do it by now so come on T don't stand there don't just stand there don't just Trevor don't just stand there please please Trevor you're coming inside come inside with me Trevor look I know you don't want to go inside but you're just gonna have to trust me and you're gonna have to come inside okay come on finally we got Trevor inside but it doesn't look like he wants to move he's doing this reluctantly like he really doesn't want to move and he's starting to shout to me oh wait he's moving again okay good now he's moving oh okay Trevor someone's looking at us someone is looking at us at the top of here don't worry put it down just put it down they're not they're not doing anything to us they're just taking precaution wait where's Trevor gone Trevor don't leave me look I know I know everyone's looking at his no Trevor don't walk away don't walk away dude don't you dare I know no no don't run don't run Travon no no no okay wait Trevor don't run it's only going to get worse if you run they're just taking caution okay it's just gonna be okay they don't know anything is up yet they're just taking caution but don't run that's the worst thing you can do what we need to do together right now is find out exactly what's going on there that's the most important thing and we need to find this machine so according to the documents the machine must be outside in order to connect to the weather so it's not gonna be inside whatsoever so we need to keep exploring this place and see if we can find anything you know what really gets to me guys is the fact that Trevor ran off like we got him inside the base he was really reluctant but he literally just ran away from me and that I mean he has this amazing kind of personality that Trevor is just the beast like when you see Trevor he's gonna go nothing gets in his way but when he look at this Trevor just he can't uphold that he's literally met his match and he does not want to be a part of this he knows all the information he knows everything going on but he doesn't want to go inside this base I'm not too sure why I mean he was causing too much of a disturbance inside this base just by running around in fact we were getting hit people were shouting at us and they're still shouting at me but they're not doing anything to me because it looks like these guys don't know exactly what we know yet which is good but Trevor's run off I mean he's just gonna hide on that hill I really hope that he only gets flooded so Trevor can come back over here all my days what is that what do you what have you got there oh my days okay yeah these guys have definitely prepared for something but as you guys can see something I noticed and we did take a look at this earlier on is that there is actually an upstairs like like a roof or something with no access to I have no idea how to get up there so what we're going to do is I'm going to grab one of these helicopters and I'm not too sure how we're gonna do this I might try and parachute on top because if they see me fly up there they're all going to follow me especially if that device is really up there I mean they're going to be on my tail straight away so I need to wait until nighttime I'm going to use the helicopter and we're going to jump out and parachute on top of that hill and see exactly what is on that hill and we can't mess up because if we do mess up then they're definitely gonna kick us off this mountain because we would have taken out both of their air vehicles which isn't good so there is actually a cargobob over there do we take that all right I'm gonna stay here I mean this place it's not really the most private place but it's pretty good so I'm gonna stay here and wait for the Sun to go down and I'll see you guys when the darkness comes come on Franklin let's get some rest okay what time is it I set an alarm for midnight it's 20 past 12:00 perfect and now we need to take this cargobob but I don't want to raise any suspicions so what we're going to do is make sure we have a suppressor I'm just going to use this I'm going to take every single person out around here oh dear oh dear okay three people looking at me already we're gonna do this fast and slowly alright get this guy this guy as well quickly and this guy okay good and this guy and this guy oh I hear something someone is doing something I think we're okay I don't think anyone was alerted there's someone in there let's see is he looking at me okay there we go that's it one more person oh no he didn't see anything perfect he didn't see anything the people over there they're looking in the other direction so we don't have to long to get in this car gabab I can already hear people shouting they're on their way let's just grab this car gabab and fly up the sky away from everyone just keep going go up go up go up go up you can see there's the top all okay there's something on there there is something on there and it's the highest point in the map as well it's interesting how they built that like right at the highest point they have a tower a communications tower and it looks like there's something on that tower three two one I'm gonna do this let's jump let's do it let's do it let's do it Franklin come on buddy oh it's cold it is so cold okay let's just try and land on this tower don't mess this up whatever you do you can't mess this up okay there's the tower over there just land on this tower don't mess this up no one can see us no one can see us Franklin it's okay it's okay just land land land land oh oh I think we're good I think we're good even though we just completely went straight into the tower I think we're okay Franklin's okay that was close we almost took ourselves out doing that oh dear okay I have a wanted level 1 star 1 star guys 1 star oh no no no no no these guys these guys know we're up here they know up here I can hear them shouting down below okay how do we get up here there's something on this tower which we need to get to be honest guys just looking at this I don't even think we need to get up that tower because I can already see what was on there we parachuted down and we could see what was on that tower and so far no one's come up to get me yet I've actually lost the one two levels so it looks like these guys don't realize we're up here I mean I can hear them shouting but III don't think they know we're up here like I think they know we're here somewhere but they can't find me now some do know is that yes that is an armored car but that weather device we saw in the papers it can fit inside the vehicle easily and if I were these guys I would put it inside an armored vehicle so I can move it around and no one can really get to it that easily so it looks like they've done this with this armored vehicle so I'm not too sure if this will fix anything but let's just do this and let's destroy this I'm sorry to ruin the fun guys let's do this come on get it get it all my days I can't believe we're doing this I actually can't believe you're doing this come on destroy the car that's all we needs to just just destroy the car all my days okay yeah that's definitely taken out that's definitely destroyed we've got one star wanted level already I'm not looking forward to going down there these guys are gonna go crazy on me now what do we do we've got a one star wanted level away what it's five stars are you kidding me oh my days okay these guys don't look happy they do not look happy what is going on if they don't look happy whatsoever I really hope I just accomplished everything I need to do let's just take every single one of these guys out what are they doing they don't look happy at all I need to try and find a plane I need to get out of here all my days there's actually helicopters what what okay I think we took out the device though guys I think we took it out take out these guys quick quick quick just go just go just go just go just go just go we need to try and find a helicopter this guy okay everyone's trying to get me I don't like this we just need the helicopter that's all we need I think it was on the bottom level let's go downstairs Oh what they're taking out the tanks as well they're trying some tactics is that a smoke what are they doing okay all my days this is not good I don't like this I don't like this at all guys there's the helicopter we've got the helicopter the helicopter is just over there quickly get the helicopter these guys aren't doing anything either which is good it looks like these guys don't want anything to do with it we're getting surrounded though we have a 5 star 1 2 level get inside get inside – just get inside the helicopter please please okay we're getting aside all my days this does not look good quickly quickly just leave this place that's all we need to do just get out of here I think these guys don't want anything to do with this maybe they joined on the community a bit later on oh my gosh ok take out this helicopter quick quick quick come on come on come on it's so difficult there's so many of them we got this one we got this one no it just slipped through us yes we got one of them we got one of them one is down hope we got a one two levin in the tsunami where these guys come from another one down as well and yes there's this guy as well let's just go for this guy quickly take out there we go we got it okay three helicopters down anymore anyone else no I think we're good let's go I'm leaving this place we're going over to that island where is the island I have no idea the island where's the island I can't see the island where's the island oh I can see something I can see something in the distance I think that's the island I hope so I hope so guys all my days all my days we still got the Wonder level this helicopter it's starting to slow down if we crash into the water and have to swim this oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no the helicopter know no we're falling but actually falling we legitimately falling oh no come on recover recover please please please recover recover no oh no we're crashing we're crashing into the tsunami we're going in we're going in guys no no no no no no all my days I can't believe this is happening we've taken out the machine but no we're going in no no