GTA 5 SPACE MOD!! (GTA 5 Mods)

GTA 5 SPACE MOD!! (GTA 5 Mods)

GTA 5 mods Space mod with spaceship, space exploration and planets!! GTA 5 Space mod with Typical Gamer!
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GTA 5 SPACE MOD!! (GTA 5 Mods)

lots of everybody typicalgamer with your daily GTA 5 mod live streams and more today for you guys I am super excited to bring you an exclusive first look at this mod this is the GTA 5 space mod developed by the one and only my friend Solomon who also made the zombie apocalypse mod and who also made the spider-man with web-swinging mod this guy is extremely talented if you wanna check out his page a liquid be in description below but today we have the space mod the much anticipated I don't know if you guys have heard anything I've talked about a few times and if you saw Solomon shadow you talked about sometimes dude this thing it's been in development for months and now we finally have sort of like an alpha beta sort of thing to look at and it's really really cool we're actually going to be headed to space we're actually going all the way up there through the sky barrier into space this is not a joke this is not clickbait this is actually going to happen so if you guys watch and enjoy this make sure you smack that like button show your support for the space macho your support for this video let's see if we can hit 20,000 likes and if you're new around here and want to see more of this mod as it continues to be under development and you want to see the further advances in it make sure you hit that subscribe button as well now we're going to go ahead and we got commander typicalgamer over here it sounds weird saying my name is third-person current commander Chris Hadfield over here and we're just the only Canadian astronaut I know and we're going to go ahead and get in our Ferrari and head over to well NASA's actually got us some the tools to head over to the observatory so we're gonna head over there right now let's put in our GPS here and where's the observatory at we're going to go ahead and head over here they told us ahead over here because we have a secret assignment that we're going to be doing today and we're we're driving this beautiful beautiful Ferrari here and we should be there in just a second but I believe we are going to go or commander Chris Hatfield over here is going to go ahead and launch himself into space it's going to be a solo mission alright there's going to be no astronauts headed up with us it is a solo mission and there is multiple planets and thing you guys are going to see you guys gonna see and it is totally worth it trust me it blew my mind the first time I saw the second time saw it just to believe that this is actually in GTA 5 through mods of course through months so we're almost there just a mile to go we don't want to we don't want to thrash his frickin rowana thrashes Rory's so let's make sure to keep it a bit safe here so that when he comes back home from the space mission he'll be able to go alright no it was a rental okay NASA gave them this rental it's not actually his it's just to look good for the photo shoot before he goes into a space mission here so there's a couple things we got to do to prepare for the space launch not much we're gonna get into space really really soon so don't click away and trust me you're gonna want to watch the whole thing as it gets really really hot veggies alright let's go up here and follow this path the observatory should be just up that hill over there now we know everything that's on earth here we know everything that's in GTA but what we don't know is space that's the Unconquered frontier my friends the last frontier rather let's go ahead and go up here there we go and NASA has told us that they have a low Wow look at that dear jeez it's one I hear those they have a surprise for us waiting here so we're gonna drop this off the Hertz rental guys gonna go pick it up don't worry about it let's just close that door over there you gotta close it oh gosh we didn't close the door that close it with style there we go that's hey close the door with style he doesn't even care all right so that's our helicopter over there as you can tell we are a pilot as well a helicopter pilot fully trained in everything we are a weapons expert where everything you can imagine under the Sun so let's go up over here we go first person why don't we look at this beautiful city and it's beautiful graphics mod that I have installed before we take off into space we're not gonna use this take off to space no no this is the NASA ta V 37 Valkyrie SST oh oh no that's wrong that is this is the uh-1h you know cause nasa helicopter like even got the nasa library on it this is one beautiful beautiful helicopter now we got to make our way over to the airport where we will continue our mission from there I'm going to land this on one of the helipad oh I love the sound of this helicopter I swear it sounds different than normal helicopters oh it looks great look at it with the NASA library and everything let's book our way down to the airport we can all the swimming pools you can tell we're in Los Angeles it's hot here all the freaking time book it over here this is the we get we out appreciate the land that we see simply because we're not going to be on land for very much longer no no no and we also have an option Nats ads giving us an option of which spacecraft we would like to take to space now I'm going to show you both and you guys got to decide on one I'm going to be looking at chat during the live chat which if you're not in you're just watching is normal chatez decided what you're gonna watch right now that's basically what's going to go down if you want to be in that decision make sure you hit that subscribe button so that you uh could join in live chat that would be cool I'd like to see you then alright let's go ahead and we're going to land this at the airport here we would essentially have a proper aircraft sort of spaceship launch pad but that's still in development alright so don't worry that's still going to come this the the proper spacecraft launch site it's gonna come this one is going to be a little NASA's budgets gonna drop a bit I'm just gonna let you guys know that their budget dropped a little bit here not too much on the other spacecraft but on this one I'm going to show you first or second I'm not sure what George I'm gonna show you there we go this guy's telling me to land I don't know I want to sing the Jurassic Park theme song alright thank you Daryl down Oh Daryl knows I'm a dead man Daryl I'm gonna make it I'm gonna be the best astronaut there ever damn was alright let's go ahead and get in this little car we got to book it over to uh looking over to the other location Daryl Daryl doesn't want any of this Daryl I thought we were friends alright I thought we were friends alright I think this little tug tug over there let's take this little tug tug it's called an air tug we call it a tug tug all right we're crews now ladies and gentleman welcome to everybody watching this LA welcome to everybody watching this not live appreciate all your support my friends and I read super chats in just a bit thank you guys so so much all right we're gonna go around here and with recent budget cuts to NASA you're gonna see the first aircraft that we can launch into space alright there's gonna be the first option that we have available and oh you guys stop here okay alright and of course you gotta follow the rules of the road stop here we can't we can't go around breaking lots before we go into space we can break laws in space there's no loss in space alright is there laws in space there must be lives in space I think I need to read up more on spec I actually got a book what was the the astrophysics for someone in a hurry I got that by Neil deGrasse Tyson I'm gonna read that I actually got it the other day so I want to check that out alright now now due to budget cuts they this is NASA this is all they can pull together okay this is all they could pull together now may seem a distance be really really really really good and really really well thought out but uh essentially what we got here today is I'm just giving you a preview here before we put on a spacesuit or anything is a mil jet attached to a couple water towers fuel tanks along the sides prepped and ready to go this thing's going to burn fuel it doesn't even care about global warming this thing causes global warming with all the fuel it's directly connected into the fuel line so it's just going to burn forever here until we go but we can go up there we can get in it and shoot straight up to space you can it I'm not joking we can actually do that it's not going to stop us at the top we're actually going to space it's gonna be dark Lea stuff alright and just me no gravity alright okay so this is option number one now option number two let me know what do you guys think about option number one is I don't know how safe this is gonna be for a manor Hadfield here commander typicalgamer commander Hadfield whatever you want to call me I don't know how to say if it's gonna be from me so this is number one this is number one over here and we're going to go ahead and go over to number two all right so that's number one keep that in Bucks keep that in your mind all right and now we're going to head over to number two number two I guess we can do this one anywhere all right I guess we'll do it right here do a little drift and drift in her there we go all right so number two I'll give you guys a preview of what it is go over here and we're going to type in I guess we got to type it it might show under planes actually okay there is now this is ladies and gentlemen the other option that we have NASA before funding was cut all right I got to build this really awesome spaceship now this is ladies and gentlemen something out of sci-fi movie it's literally out of Avatar this is the TA b37 valkyrie SSTO shuttle from Avatar this thing has capabilities glide no weapon capabilities which we may need in the future hint hint nudge nudge but it does have the ability to VTOL so hover it also has the ability to go really fricken fast at moment's notice I believe you can also open up this back-end here for any cargo or anything like that so let's just see this real quick I've shown this off before so don't want to spend too much on time on it but I know a lot of you are just gonna be seeing this for the first time so let's go ahead oh oh what the flip how did that open oh that is that is so weird oh wow that is really cool we can keep this open in space we can do this one everybody say number two yeah I I'm being serious though if we launch number one that thing will go way faster I'm not it I am not playing with you that thing will lodge straight up into friggin T space faster than you've ever seen this one might take some time alright this one's got a lot of Technology it's got a lot of passion behind it but it is a bit slower look at that over there that is cool alright so now all you guys got to say is if you're voting for one or two which spaceship would you like for me for a commander hat feel here commander typical game to take into space let me know and we will select it I'm seeing a lot of choices here I'm just going to stop scrolling chat at one point we're going to count it up and the first time whatever I see is what we're going to go with so vote with all your passion all your might alright and if you guys are watching this live or not live we're into a life spike so life spike is very very simple alright it's very easy stick with me here if it's the first time you're listening you might think it's a little weird but trust me it's cool and especially if you're watching a lot all right so like spike is very simple we count down from three we got three two one yell like spike throw thumps up the air type hashtag like spike and chat and press that like button on YouTube as well so we're gonna do that guys if you guys are enjoying this so far you can't wait to see space make sure you smack that like 1 2 3 – what like spike boom baby that's what I'm talking about I'll sing for you around here hit that subscribe button right now I have a live subscriber count' up and I will see how many of you hit that subscribe button and that'll be gonna smell so you'll miss out alright so we're gonna stop scrolling it and I'm not being a luck and then I'm gonna read it I'm gonna count it up actually we're gonna do yeah okay we're gonna do the first one so you guys are voting alright and stop it I stopped it okay so – is this spacecraft here okay so – is this hand right here that I'm shaking violently okay so we got two one two one two – I can't believe this I can't believe this it is four two two right now right okay I know how to count still okay one one one I'm done you guys have opted for you guys do that what the billion dollar NASA shuttle technology apparently you guys do not want this okay I see how it is you don't want me to survive in space I see how it is now alright I see how it is so that's going to stay down here we're actually going to delete that from existence for now they're gonna put that into storage we're gonna use that later okay that's still gonna come into play but you guys have decided you guys have decided for me that we're taking this why do you want me to die what have I done to you guys what have I done to you guys here we got to switch it to our space suit here let's go ahead and put this in the holding bag we could Park it whatever way we want on his space we got deal with nothing we're going to answer our text all right so we're going to go here we got to put on our space suit all right it's got to be super non-reflective kind of reflective you're going to see it's modified from the original space suit here so we're gonna switch this over to I mean remember the SMM that would be should be right over here I think maybe it is over here just give me one second here to find it we're on or oh it might be over here there it is okay it's over here all right boom space suit on as a looking divisor the visor is completely different in-game you will know I can't really show you now because I've already replaced mod but it's not you usually won't be able to see like what he's looking at so I mean I don't think it'll show if he's looking at yeah that's going to be non-exempt existing but if we look at the holding bay there you should see the building in his visor alright ladies and gentlemen this is this may be my last voyage we got a call apart our baby girl Samara baby girl she didn't answer the phone let's call her up let's call her up you guys ready for this to see if this works all right we gotta see if this works got typing her phone here alright let's go ahead and just call her up okay let's see if this happens hello Samara I'm I'm taking off into space and I wanted to call you before I do that this mate this may be my last journey yeah I'm they they got me on a space mission here and I know it's a little fast pace here but I got a do this is for all of humanity Samara oh okay that was a little easier than I thought all right well tell tell niku my cat that I love her and I'm sorry but the earth is my child now I must go by Samara goodbye okay we said our byes we should lose that our byes let's get into this spacecraft this is going to be the end oh oh we have to we have to equip weapons first we have to quit weapons first Godspeed TG thank you guys alright so we got to remove these we need all weapons that we can get in space here we can't carry too much on us so we're going to go ahead and roll with let police in real life oh oh they're gonna come after me okay we're gonna grab a knife 20 stuff in space is probably a bad idea let's take away the knife I'm gonna get a nice stick alright what else should we get we're gonna get a pistol and we need something light to carry it SMG as well that's all we're going to space with my friends that's all we're going to space with alright let's go up this damn ladder let's show what we got team TG let's show them what we got alright nobody's even here I don't even have a crowd no scientists I go in this alone what a beautiful spacecraft what a beautiful beautiful spacecraft alright all systems check ready to go make sure that everything all systems are a go go alright there's only one thing left to do we should have probably checked this tower make sure everything's okay don't worry it looks okay okay my goodness gracious we're gonna do a countdown here and at the end of that countdown we were going to rock it up into space the first if anyone to ever do this in love Santos this is a historic moment not only for the people of Earth but for the people of the gta5 mod community and especially the typical gamer channel ladies and gentlemen we have liftoff in 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 liftoff ladies and gentlemen we have liftoff we are vertical we are vertical all systems are check no failures I don't know how this thing actually launched into space or we're going we're going modding has gone too far as you can see our altitude meter on the graph we are above the normal altitude meter our space or a limit and we are going up up in a way there is no stopping us there we go keep going until we hit space don't stop we're losing our argument you can see the curvature of the earth you can see the curvature of the earth as we continue up higher and higher Godspeed my friends Godspeed my goodness we are going higher than any man has ever gone before in the history of gta5 we have liftoff we're continuing into space here we're about to exit here we go we just keep going we don't stop we don't stop up up and away up up and away this is taking longer than I thought I guess it wouldn't take this long how long does it take to get to space oh my gosh look at that look at that there's a lot of ocean our earth only consists of this one little landmass so there's that we should go we're gonna have more vertical here oh there we go there we go there we go we have breached our bling argh I blacked out we're in space ladies and gentlemen we are in space this is no shenanigans this is no shenanigans we are in space can we exit this can be exit the vehicle oh gosh no you have to make a full stop oh gosh how do we stop how do we stop this thing thrusters alright go go still oh we're going to crash land on the moon oh gosh what other planets are there others looks like the cider of Mars I'm not sure we got earth over here Mars is down there looking beautiful earth my friends look at beautiful beautiful earth my goodness everyone we've ever known or loved is on earth that tiny planet over there indeed beautiful that it is surrounded by the nothingness of space we had on our journey to the moon we are going to multiple planets here we have multiple destinations the moon is the first of many ladies and gentlemen this is incredible probably my favorite GTA 5 fun this is no joke let's go to the moon alright we're headed to the moon we're gonna crash land on this thing to the moon we go finally we have been able to get to the moon alright here we go to be landed I think we landed ok let's hope this works let's hope this goes up without a cent Oh over here oh shoot oh my gosh you grabbed a weapon out of your spacecraft okay okay okay okay oh oh and we set my weapons oh there's there's a little space that's holy shut there's aliens there's freaking aliens I guess a SWAT it's dark this is their natural habitat there's earth bring me back earth bring me back let's take out these alien scum hold up you got to make sure that they're eradicated from Earth from moon oh gosh we're gonna stay on this little Ridge here oh my gosh the view from here is incredible there's some sort of species over your foreign living beings oh this one will die oh gosh that was like the leader holy shoot is there anything else I think I see them over there eat my human bullets all of mankind is being shot into you with incredible force here I think my spacecraft got destroyed some interstellar stuff going on some Martian stuff going on all right let's go over here he's freaking aliens holy shoot get up they shut down my frickin Erica oh now the tankers the tankers I shot them he's always flying he's flying I burned whatever creature that was oh oh fudge all right I killed it I killed it is there one more is he dead since there's one more oh fudge use you can use the aliens rifles to eliminate their mothership get a flashlight on okay the way hold up let me see if I can find a flashlight in my stuff here let's go ahead and modify this weapon attachments flashlight oh I put a suppressor off instead I don't want a suppressor we're gonna take that off flashlight there we go all right apparently our flashlights oh wait oh there we go flashlights do working on space my goodness all right let's pick up this alien technology here what on earth I just what on the moon is this the what on earth saying doesn't really work in this situation does it oh my goodness look at these creatures pick up all their munitions here they really did a duty to the spacecraft I don't know if it's going to be able to launch as you can see very happily damaged Oh yep super heavily damaged we had some hull damage we may be stuck on the moon my friends we may be stuck on the moon look at this over here the X have can we go inside of it there's a generator here I want to find I want to see if if the moon landing was hoax we got to find the flag in the footsteps footprints rather all right moon grabbed it oh right feel like I should jump higher if I'm on the moon okay we got to take down this spacecraft oh that didn't work but that also didn't work let me take you down oh you shoot B to plant your flag alright well we just chunked that fricken Zancudo UFO oh shoot it's floating it's floating in the nothingness of space it's really freakin dark in here oh my gosh well this is for all of mankind my friends we must plant our flag Oh moon has been secured my friends commander Chris Hadfield has secured the moon where's the Canadian flag whatever we put the American flag down I did this for you guys team DG this is a dope thumbnail why did I make this my thumbnail right here this should be the thumbnail right here gosh actually like the one I did oh my goodness gracious how beautiful is the moon should we explore the moon a bit or should we try to repair our spacecraft what happens if we just run in this direction I just want to see can we turn on like moon with moon gravity work wait let me just see I feel like I'm tripping out I can see all the beautiful stars you're no light pollution don't shoot out that light no light pollution to stop us now where would gravity be oh you're right here at player gravity but if we know okay okay I don't think gravity works like that I think maybe if we fall your word work like that I have no idea what happens if we go all the way this way should we explore this should we see I mean we could jump a little bit higher I feel oh they're sweet nothingness over here I think we're floating right now I don't know from floating I think we are what happens if we go to the edge no we're not going to go to the edge prepare the spacecraft some people are saying explore I just wanna see what's not the edge over here holy Shi look at earth how beautiful ly well done is mod shattered again to Sullivan dude you are an absolute legend and if you guys are watching his life we're gonna do this we're gonna do a sub spike if you're if you're not watching live don't worry hit that subscribe button already trust me it's worth it let's see if we can drop down over here oh oh oh okay out that kind of hurt oh wow this is beautiful alright the gravity is kind of whack I don't know if there's any way for him to fix that I don't think there is let's run with this over here let's see if there's on the red edges and stuff but wouldn't do a sub spike so you guys don't know what that is all ya do if you're not subscribed of around here subscribed around here well I need to go to English school we're gonna count down three two one yell sub spike and then everyone hits that subscribe button this once I have a licence kryb counter we're going to see how many new subscribers we can get here so if you're new around here and haven't already make sure you hit that subscribe button in three two what sub spike there we go alright we're almost over here let's go here and then we'll make our way back spawn a car should I spawn a car get a rover oh man is there a rover I don't think there's a Rover mahdia there is Matt okay know what we're gonna make this a little less realistic but um just for time sake here because I want to show you guys as much as I possibly get there we go alright let's drive this thing on space wait if we turn up gravity here we should be pretty good here let me just see vehicle options thank everyone who subscribed I really do appreciate your support where do we got here want gravity to be off menu customs I don't think there's anything here oh no gravity there we go Oh No all right that's bad if you try to do that there oh you can leave with this vehicle that's pretty funny oh look all right the moon is flat the earth wasn't flat the moon is though all right so that's the edge of the moon here let's go ahead and make our way over there shout to everyone who subscribed appreciate it oh my goodness OSU shout out to the open three hundred new subscribers absolutely insane let's make our way over to the space station again let me turn off gravity here boy I want to see if we get some some speed and then turn off gravity let's see if we do it there try to go to the Sun we got a bunch of planets to go to today we're going to see if we can get through it all let me know if you guys want to see more space might as well let's go ahead and smack this holy shoot yeah you do not want to do this in space oh gosh can I land help me I gotta fly down her space okay let's turn the gravity back on real quick oh no fun no fun no fun no fun oh gosh okay and there we go there we go alright so this is the moon is the moon looking at the beautiful earth there let's see if our aircraft or spacecraft will work we're gonna see if we can repair it we're gonna see what can be done we don't even try to see if we can get into there as well alright there we go alright can we get in here that would be super cool this is uh modded into the game of course let me in the airlock imagine those interior oh that actually looks pretty cool there's no interior though but that does look pretty sweet alright so that's there let's try to repair this thing or get back on this thing to them let me back in I don't think going back here is a good idea we got to try what we got to do okay we're going to make our guy climb on deer be a magic all right me as we on the year I think this thing's broken I think we're in definitely stuck Oh nope nope yes score we out of here son all right you do the necessary repairs okay well well well not back to her not back to her she'll chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill for one second one second we're gonna go to Mars all right so we got we hit up earth what happens if you we enter hold up and try that okay let's hit up Mars and then will we answer Earth what happens if you fly towards the Sun just burn up into I imagine okay let's go ahead and make our way over to Mars you gotta fly in this general direction the moon's fairly close fairly close Mars is a little bit further away we're going to go ahead and fly over there look at that the Milky Way in the Milky Way Mars where you at though where you where you at go then we got to enter the orbit of Mars here oh there we go oh oh only shoot weeks later what the fuss kepler step seven five three b we got mars and we got europa are you bloody serious this isn't even on what he said me he has a little list of what's here oh my goodness it's Mars how'd you get these models dude this is insane all right tomorrow's we go I want to go to Kepler after I wanna see what's there alright let's go down here see what we got here Oh Oh what the flying but more freaking aliens are you bloody sir eat mice they're not dying these aren't dying I'm sorry I mean I come in peace I can't peace I was just kidding all day do not come in peace thank you now you're gonna get it now you're gonna get it oh now you fly off when I shoot that things makes it terrifying is shooting rock holy mother of pearl do we've eradicate a lot of them I think we gotta take out this mothership here all right we're gonna give it all we got oh and down she goes like how the space changed up there that is weird okay eat me you alien freaks where's his last guy at where's this last guy at come on I've got superior human technology you ain't got nothin don't forget to go back to earth oh this tubes on this rock Oh oh okay look like I come in peace I come in peace you don't shoot me I won't shoot you you mother trucker you have really bad aim oh this one's pregnant oh my gosh oh it's just fat nevermind gosh these are ugly these are so so ugly I don't even get to read what that say it said what did I'd say thank you guys for almost 10 thousand likes by the way that's insane thank you very very much alright wildlife which is the craziest party er this is the classiest spot okay let's fuck our way over to this blue area here what is this what fudgesicles alright we're gonna we're gonna get our buggy we're gonna say that's the buggy that came on the ship we have that stored in the storage hall we're only gonna use it for this one okay this is not human if we go to Mars in real life and this is on their would we like stay there or what would we do cuz this looks really frickin cool but it's definitely not human oh look at this alrighty there's a lot going on there's a lot going on okay we enter through here oh that's some alien life-forms there okay oh I see a little marker there how do we get in let's say there's some vents here the beautiful architecture looks like circuit boards on a PC or any electronics really like it's pillar there my goodness this is insane use the space buggy you know what I'd make a lot of sense that would make a lot of sense okay I think we got to go back to where we started there's a lot of I like the you can see that dinner okay what is that down there hold on hold on just a second here where's the oh there we go I covered oh no no no I didn't just do that um what the oh that's my that's my oh gosh I can't even control this thing okay wait hold up got a spacewalk we got a spacewalk okay wait wait wait wait . . there we go alright we messed up with them how the Frick am I supposed to fly to this it's not even all of my rocket oh gosh let's get back in this thing we're in space right now this is a bad time to spacewalk we get back in again all right let's go towards Mars oh goodness this thing isn't the best thing for flying it is so slow oh we're going pretty fast actually this thing has off-road capabilities we're do barrel rolls all the way there oh no never mind that gets no speed come on let me go a little bit closer we literally I messed up and we have to wait now I messed up and we have to wait as we get pulled in towards Mars atmosphere Mars gravitational pull rather y'all science buffs are going to be all over me on this one I'm going to use all the wrong terms come on we got this float a little bit closer a little bit closer just a wee bit closer look at all those asteroid impacts gosh that's okay we made on whoo check the satellite systems okay Wow my my finger got really messed up all right oh okay just in here Oh II to enter all right this thing on either enter oh my goodness where the there's airlocks in everything Houston I've entered the airlock trying to find where to go seems pretty quiet don't know what to do oh my goodness okay quietly but surely she says shadow you see that shadow what the fudge Tom and Jerry are you serious what are you guys doing here I was all scared the aliens got in you're busted you guys up I don't even know you guys had this facility I was wondering where you got hey Brad dude it's been a minute it has been at these are my buddies from work I didn't know you were on Mars they didn't even tell me any was on Mars well you saved your butts there was an alien frickin war party outside you're welcome I'm just gonna have to check on these vents for for uh Mission Control over here check these satellites looks like the chip has been turned on the aliens are probably trying to take it what ship what ship is being turned on Mars secure go to Europa to investigate the mothership are you bloody serious are you bloody serious this is dope I love the missions on this oh man Ben and Jerry Brad it was real seeing you guys ah you guys stay safe in your okay um you got my yeah I my phone number right all right you can text me bro it's all good you could text me all right let's go ahead and get out of here I've really bad you know signal up here but he contacts me when I get to earth and he gets earth can we exit through here what's up here holy shoot they have space pumpkins they have space pumpkins and space cabbages they have berry bushes tentacles more cactus tentacle things this is really cool this is really really cool I'm not gonna kill they're my friends what the heck that this is our frickin our frickin base oh wow you can go through here Oh super cool there's three more let's go through this one first oh wow oh wow um your trees are leaking oh are those shadows or they leaking like jet fuel I will never know there's a lot going down here me right not asteroid impacts is that true I gotta start reading that book man all right so this is number one here this looks really cool this blue stuff is so illuminated you would never believe space veggies you would never believe that this is gta5 would you someone just showed you a screenshot okay this thing got more trees you got some weird stuff going down my friends they have some weird stop going down at this base here oh this is a really cool design actually whoever did this really add some artistic taste I gotta say this is beautiful absolutely beautiful all right let's go over to I think that was the way there so we got to go into the bunker and then a ringer oh this is cool you hit the button you go in you taste some of the samples there I don't I don't know what that is don't you put it in your mouth it's kryptonite it's probably kryptonite all right let's move through here this is dope space section here space space enclosure space base all right we messed up our up messed up our shuttle what to do here okay we're going to fix this this is going to be fixed oh no we can't actually get the shuttle back we're not to have a temporary one and we're going to make our way back to earth so let's go ahead we got a spun in something anything will take its back to earth luckily we had a secret plane stashed away we broke off the mill jet from it and we're able to go without rockets back to earth oh wait we never checked what was down there hold up where to check this we're going to check this real quick calm down they're calmed down on the circuit oh okay what is that thing right there that better be something I think it's something this is bumpy Mars is hella bumpy playing she's a rich looks like a rich to me okay that is not healthy if the windows broken not proceeding a spacecraft with the windows broken with that okay we broke it open now let's head back to earth once we get back to earth we can get the other spaceship does that sound like a good deal all right to earth we go with a broken windshield okay we got to make an emergency landing and then what did say we have to go do we have to go to Europa for that next epic knows next when we left here so it's moon Mars and then you up up okay interesting I want check out that planet too before we before we fully fully exit all right to earth we go come on almost there we got we're on a long journey to earth here it's going to take us a minute to fly over here in the general direction of Earth we're gonna go first-person a little bit or muffle the sounds a shout-out to all you guys watching this lab depreciates or a bunch we got super chat super-racer what's up TG or all your students are wonderful thank you I look forward to each one thank you very much – parissa appreciate that glad I could do that for you band and glad you're joining us out to you Johnny the gamer keep up the videos man you everyday you stream you always make my day well I'm glad i stream everyday so hopefully I make your day everyday man I'm glad I could be that person and we also have ripped from g2 that would be an awesome spaceship it was until we crashed it and got rid of it so there's that Jeffery Vanegas AGG you should not meet aliens there or else too late man shouts you have sad productions understood the love your fans thank you this not appreciate it Jeffrey have you seen aliens where you were at I guess that was a little earlier that's your pet Matthew party always your thumbnails got me hyped is one of the do with mods ever best mods ever thank you for everything you and Samara do for us we always have we will always have your background effect eg Lee hashtag team teaching for life that's what's up my friend appreciate the support are we even moving we are moving which is very very slowly how will I tell if we're moving it takes forever so we got to go ahead let's modify this then you can cage this setting here vehicles because we was chopped up to 15 there we go now we can get somewhere now we can get somewhere in the hurry I love it you can see just like the debris flying behind me like the actual space debris there's a lot of super chats here yeah so bear with me Jimbo thank you for sponsoring and the super chat oh there we go weeks later let's get back to this live streams like 5 years long literally so Jimbo thank you for sponsoring and a super chat welcome to Gigi leave my friends appreciate support bolts the wolf I could you have a huge panel of the bit fake beard let's go let's appreciate that Terry Venables long shot shadows humans appreciate it both you guys appreciative support thank you very very much all right to earth we go come on a little bit faster we gotta aim for America we got to go to America we're gonna land in Florida waters we're an f' to land in the Florida waters here now usually the spacecraft doesn't come back it's just the the oh yeah all right well they're gonna have to recover us from the water fortunately we're probably not going to make it oh yeah right in the water alrighty that was a bit of a hasty return to Earth okay nobody's gonna come get us are they all right that's gonna sink to the bottom of the ocean that is gonna sink to the bottom of the ocean oh wow we're gonna be out of oxygen here in a second oh please don't oh please don't die oh my gosh okay he wouldn't die I that wasn't cheating there we go okay all right Oh oh it's going the wrong way oh gosh get swim all the way over there luckily they had a boat ready for us and we can get the fudge out of here at the dinghy there we go proper frickin astronaut dingy they'd make it red – that's what they would do let's put the single ship what is this green thing oh I think it's part of a different mission all right let's Beach this thing let's Beach this thing shad the bulge of the wolf again this is love your bitch thank you very much much I appreciate it I'm glad you can go alexander rich as well thank you very much okay let's hop off this here we go and let's go ahead and make it to I guess we can take off from Zancudo should we use the second spacecraft now or should we continue to use the first one that's a military tech right there dump – you guys let me know we're drive this thing back into the base there we go let's go ahead and not put god mode max health max are over them Oh flip this thing over okay so we finished we visited the moon we visited Mars now we're going to visit the I forgot what the other planet was and then you wrap up this is an epic mod so far what would you guys rate this mod out of 10 let me know in chat we're going to go ahead and set up for the spacecraft to take off from Fort Zancudo we'd have to do some precautions because they test out the stability of the plane before we take off or as we take off rather so there's going to have to be some tests in place as well so why don't we go ahead and delete everything from existence here there we go hit park this thing over here alright and then spawn in this huge mother truck and vehicle so we're gonna go to plains there we go all right hopefully this thing will work properly with the spot because it is absolutely massive and that's a lot so let's go ahead and adjust to make sure the vehicles we can just set it to double-double would be good everyone's saying ten at ten this model is epic so there's two ways you can do this one we could VTOL up like that or you can just straight up take off you can see the first person that this is absolutely incredible how sweet is that be honest that is frickin awesome that is frickin awesome right we're going to go ahead and give me one second here okay so we're going to go ahead and make our way just make sure all the systems are checked all right everything checked off all right let's lift into the Air Force listen hmm I just want to show you guys this capability I don't think we're going to be using it but this is capability R we can lift off like this so we're not going to use that maybe we'll use that when we get to the planets but otherwise we're just going to use these jet propulsion Oh chill chill chill chill chill what the fudge bro all right there we go there we go okay there we go okay all right everything's good edge and overview everything is toggled everything is green status correct let's get this thing launched into the air there we go perfect no trouble in and out of space we don't need that god none anymore all right we just got to make ourselves go into orbit now which may be a little bit difficult because this thing is way slower than the other one this thing looks at the same more awesome simply because it has like this incredible interior but besides that the other one is really cool the way you do it too so I got to say that bad props to that greater how did i zoom out that far you can zoom out really far on this side tallis for the wheels up there we go okay now we got to go all the way up here what are you gonna do dying light very very soon or you can do Friday 13th right now there's going to be the last room you going to do today so but I do stream every day there's that we're into a like spiky relationship if you're enjoying this you think this mod is epic you want to see more of the space mod in GTA 5 make sure you smack that like button in three – what like spike and also being around here make sure you hit that subscribe button right now hit it hit it real quick we've got this absolutely put something in the back of the ship we try that with like a heavy vehicle we should have put in fricken buggy in there let's pretend there's a bug in there this one is the giant spaceship from Avatar correct I wonder how vertical we can go so we got to pay attention to our vertical speed and our miles per hour – so red right now miles per second that's not right right most ten-year I think it's meters per second that right I don't know I honestly don't know we want to cap out as much speed and vertical speed as possible and you guys are smashing that like button by the way I appreciate it support shad to be more guys we've got boom n chic a wet TG store car the shuttle please a little too late for that row but I will don't worry shout to Ellie for dosa put your rows out love your bids thank you very much appreciate your support I'm glad you enjoy them get some water talking for like an hour straight and make you thirsty we've got Alexander bitch again thank you and tell me patellar TG I've been subscribed since 700 K so it was hashtag shadow to you man appreciate that's a long time and it's been an absolute minute we just crushed five point one five million so I don't all of you let's get this thing in outer space finally come on got the goodness ting Borges as you can see though it is above the altitude line there we can give it a bit of a booster yeah I think you just head in this direction we should be good we're losing miles speed real quick though come on how fast does take the rocket to get from just straight the launchpad to outer space is anybody at the time for that like in real life from talking not GTA 5 but notes GTF I was going to be a lot of room right there we go we're being speed straight to the Sun to Valhalla all right all the way up look how little it's becoming look at the curvature of the earth again absolutely brilliant yeah we're going to go ahead and just make this thing slightly faster come on suppliers said 23 my favorite number let's go there we go thrusters are a go look how beautiful this thing is we just got all blue blue skies blue skies my friends there we go into space into space we go okay oh oh this is the view I always wanted with this like command center here like an earth look at Mars and we need to go to Mars correct let's go to Mars how fast is this thing gonna go oh it actually goes pretty quick this thing just wants a dip dive and end its life here come on you got this yeah I control it it's like vibrating heavily we got some space debris in the way we got a Dodge bob and weave five minutes three minutes an hour people are just getting guessing in chant I need a Google this after we should be we're headed in the right direction here should be able to get into the Mars orbit in just a second here it'll take us five months of travel I believe I think we're moving right I can't even tell from moving honestly like I think we are but it's very difficult to see in space I don't like it just wants to straight-up send us in a circle here Oh lunch oh shoot systems are not a go system abort mission oh gosh okay I don't think we're moving I don't think we're moving spacecraft not working space that'd be very odd same please go-go-go let's see if we can change this real quick we're facing the wrong direction versus the bar area this should be able to go I think we are okay come on we got this a little bit closer to Mars come closer Mars come closer I'm definitely going fast faster than it wasn't before but I can't tell if I'm not moving oh there we go here we are moving so difficult to tell all right so we got the Mars I want to check out this kepler planet yes see we should go to Kepler let's go to capital R let's see what's on here cuz he didn't even write Kepler in there wiser sound and turn internally we can hear it oh wow look at this was Oh oh gosh oh gosh what is that it's a warble I didn't know I did it freaking out let me phrase even what the fuzz an alien convoy approaches what the flying but get me out of here I'm going back to the wormhole I ain't taking I ain't doing this right now I ain't doing this right now I am NOT doing this right now I am NOT I got I got to get something with missiles to take them on I have not messed with that this is beautiful the holy shoot where the Frick am I just went through the first wormhole in human history giving me back through that frickin normal oh my gosh the normal animation is insane so jelly in here oh gosh I saw at the moment I was born let's go to Europe we're staying away from that morkul we're not going near that wormhole again then that thing is date that'd thing is dangerous for human life right the thing is very dangerous for human life so let's go ahead and make our way over to your up should we make this thing slower keep it at this speed things given in this bitch come on we got this there we go all right now I've never seen Oh oh my goodness gracious all right how'd you get all the planets man that's impressive that's a gas planner right there thing I said now let's go to Europe I don't think you can go to that planet no you can is that I don't want to guess it'd be completely wrong mm not taking a guess Oh enter the mothership and stop the aliens from taking it back oh oh oh my goodness all right I'll enter the mothership screw these aliens they're just been absolutely disrespectful to me the time I've been here we're entering this UFO now Oh everything went slow for a second as commander Hadfield typicalgamer I had to take them all out okay oh this is funny you guys give him some nice fire on me huh yeah eat me collect the alien egg for further research how did you guys get her a gun probably all wearing costumes aren't you freaking alien you gotta make sure they're dead I want them coming back in a movie and killing me oh my gosh look at this thing look at this freakin thing Oh grab the egg collect the alien egg your office secured deliver the egg back to the scientists on Mars oh well this is chris is crazy tried to frickin take our egg nobody takes our egg mm-hmm nobody takes our egg it's our egg and our egg alone let's get back on our spaceship here look at that Merc a flag uh man I don't know what's that I'm Canadian I don't know the anthem was it Oh land of the free and the home of the brave I shouldn't even be waving shut it that doesn't make any sense me if I touched it away okay let's go ahead there's no wind up here there's no wind up here let's go I'm really curious actually let's see if we can put the thing in the back right now see if we can put the buggy in the back the buggy in the back drunk hood oh there we go okay let's see if we can put a let's just put a standard buggy in here it is Jupiter that's what I thought um let's go ahead and okay let's get the space docker I don't know how well does he know what's up flying fuzz let's see if we can put this thing in there all right if this thing stays will be very very happy it doesn't stay it'll probably blow something will be dead so we should probably go ahead and that's already invincible good all right so we got to go to earth one more time which is funny let's go over doors let's close that up let's get in the spaceship and get the fudge out of here this is beautiful now this is beautiful all right I wish I could go to that I mean I couldn't go to that planet but it's not gonna do anything now there we go not making us different dive anymore all right back to bars boys back to Mars that is man you have done a fantastic job on the Solomon shout out to you my friend absolutely amazing job all right back to Mars we had to deliver this alien egg for research back to Ben Jerry and Brad come on Mars your run I see you four in my sights so we got to go back to Mars here and Mars right there information some aliens they're just chillin chillin living their life ain't no biggie if this thing's still in the back that'd be amazing we got pulled into the orbit a little backwards there okay is there going to be more aliens here bro you weren't supposed to hold on I'm gonna make sure he's dead very suspicious he followed me here well the buggy is completely Amaya so I mean we should have expected that though all right let's get into the bunker let's go ahead and enter in here mods are not banned mods are not illegal they are bent open IV the tool used that a lot of confused to mod oh you get up that strain ok listening to emissions to deliver this Oh give the scientist the alien egg here you go buddy thanks thanks but to complete my research you need more resources could you do some mining there should be an asteroid nearby what asteroid mining all right dude whatever you want I'll mine every asteroid what do you mean nearby that's very you got to give me like coordinates I don't think nearby works in this scenario here sir I don't think nearby works in this scenario ok let's enter here ion like hopefully nearby is pretty close how the Frick missiles enter this thing I just realized oh wow holy shoot asteroid right there oh shoot oh gosh I pushed it now come back that's true I need to mine you know come on I think I messed it up and they can push it get knock it back a little bit nice little chat back we're good we're good we're good with post-op post-op they were we're children good we're there we're not even moving we're not moving there we go I'm full stop all right oh no oh no we're floating in the wrong direction we're floating in the wrong direction I'm literally gonna be lost in space please don't let this happen all right this is not the view you want to be in how on earth am I supposed to mind this hmm am i going up is this how we go up I don't know if this guy's moving up or what should we just move this asteroid a bit down this is beautiful my gosh let's try to go up higher oh you like a right click he moves oh now the spaceship is it's going the wrong way um get a jet pack yeah I could really use one I think I'm stuck in frickin space um could I buy a vowel oh boy um yeah we're just gonna have to do something here maybe this will help maybe we bring this a stir it a little bit closer to us oh there we go okay so what you'd have to do is get near the asteroid like this throw me to go up though I'm curious I don't think there's any way to go up kay begin mining process can you do it in the ship I don't know if again Oh repair vehicle oh boy how do you repair it oh we repair it Oh prepare a Jimmy we got a repair we special into the asteroid oh there we go it's repaired all right now to mine this thing mine this is a little asteroid sastras got nothing on us and a mine this thing Oh objects is a successfully mind okay now what do we do yes we go back in this and head back to Mars it sounds like you're in water well I'm doing the water animation so that's probably why it sounds like that how do I get up there's no way to go up so we're gonna have to go ahead and bring the ship a little bit lower where this is an alpha still so so there may be small things let me back in my ship let me back in my ship maybe I just just like no documentation so I don't know how to go lower I know F I don't know if he goes any lower though let's bring this thing a little higher maybe I'm definitely more floating away from it than beside it all right let me in let me in the damn vehicle oh boy there's more to mine is there more than mine I don't think there is it's because he peed in the suit that makes a lot of sense actually just sloshing around in there that's gross man that's gross how do we is there way to get in nearby vehicle get in yours vehicle is passenger Oh what the flip oh that was so cool how did I do that what the foot did you guys see that I mean you fly oh no freakin way are you bloody serious do you guys see this do you guys see this uh houston we have a problem i'm flying off i don't got my ship no more I got my ship Nome okay so you actually have to pretend like it's a plane like flying a plane that's actually really cool there we go all right so she's fly two words here how did we get in our ship let's go over here I mean the freaking ship I mean the damn ship Bobby let me in the damn ship I can't believe it took this long to learn how to get into the ship hurt this long had a space mood move all right I honestly don't not again and is there a way to just you know get in um go to entity oh fudge okay how do I get in here can once I figured out how to do this maybe if I just go um this is the part where I don't know how to get into it um come on I do not I go under go from behind why is this vehicle so hard to get into it's cuz it's so big you got to go into the hatch go into the etch we're gonna go underneath it if I figure out how to do this there we go look at that houston we have a problem we cannot get into the spacecraft we can not get into the spacecraft houston we got a rogue astronaut at the moment I am just gonna go quote-unquote live my life and the last thing he said was he was going to go live his life as he floated away in space reload the vehicle I'm curious if that will even work I think it will Oh what did I just hit I had the thrusters I am on the thrusters right now I think there may be a problem with the thrusters not allowing me to get in oh we are in a downward spiral you're in a downward spiral all right let's see if we can do this Ava shut give us a nice ship there we go screw that old ship well ship ain't got nothing on us Stover to Mars Tamar's we go alright and we got to deliver this is asteroid junk to the guy go ahead and give this to him take the asteroid drunk my friend hi there we go give us a kiss razors success we can use the uranium and nickel to create our containment device when combined with dark matter contained within the egg we collected we can create a metallic alloy use this battery capable of producing infinite energy all right I'm down with that I'm down with that mr. scientist I think that's a good idea I like infinite energy but we're gonna have to kill you I'm sorry no yes I'm sorry you're going to die I'm just kidding I'm just kidding the aliens would want me to do that but I'm not anyway so I wouldn't do that to you or would I no no what exactly would expect that get out of my way all right let's get out of here let's get on out of here and uh let's exit through here I think that's probably the last I think that might be the last run mission but we need to do the part where we go in through the wormhole so we're going to need something capable of firing so this one's going to be less realistic so we're going to need a plane we're gonna need like a jet so maybe we can get like a Hydra or something I feel like that would be best and probably the most unrealistic but wait once we eventually get to the point where this mod has that stuff then we could actually get like something with missiles on it to take out these aliens a modified spacecraft if you will let's get the mammoth Hydra from now though let's go ahead and leave with this vehicle let's go here go to fricken Kevlar we're coming Kevlar we are coming a little barrel roll right to the warm oh we're going in hard we go into hard fan come on if you guys are watching this by the way make sure you hit that subscribe button you do not want to miss out contribute to their 5 mod videos and also updates to this mod as well by Salomon holy shoot no rainbow so high oh gosh I'm tripping out oh wow it's a lot all right the alien convoy has approached yeah oh it's so hard to see oh I hear you're the buzzing of them a human lead phantom one out I took one out there we go took another one out two more left to go missiles are launching I repeat multiple missiles have been launched Oh his buddy sacrificed himself for the other one he will not survive Tower enemies eliminated easy-peasy and I think that pretty much concludes what we've gotten the space mod so far so this has been really really epic enough guys wants them to do anything else quickly in this lot upward down what happens if we fly this planet out that wormhole is awesome I love the look – when you like look at it says like Kevlar sort of the target on it sly here should we get star wars you can have the most epic Star Wars mod with this we got to talk to Solomon we got to be like bro the world needs star wars mod should be GTA some new update I would be pretty neat pretty I think we just smash this solid – gasps plenum go with that let's head back to red and back there full thrusters on go to the Sun let's go where is that that's the fastest gonna hop out here real quick here we go oh my goodness space can we hop back in there that would be so cool upside down let me back in oh my gosh that's so cool I think you can only use those ejector seats once in real life but we're not gonna a lot of things around realistic sore neck we're not going to bank on that one there okay let's go ahead and let's get the Ava shot one more time Ava shot all righty let's bring this thing straight down the friggin horrible full speed ahead captain full speed ahead all right right to capital R 7 5 3 8 subscribe preciate support my friends all right let's go into this wormhole let's try going to the Sun and we'll go back to earth and that might be a wrap here for this incredible space model lot stuff may happen still so make sure you don't leave yet okay so we got to go through air and we got to go to earth there we go towards this direction what would you guys rate this mud out of ten let me know in chat and also you beat or shaft soon as well make sure you go retweet the tweet this is repeat refresh at slash typicalgamer wait swords are away from bars and Kevlar and er up upgrade the plane a lot of updates going to be happening I believe have you seen passengers I think I have I don't recall exactly in the Sun of it bridges maybe I mean everything's not in exact order so it might be his interpretation of the Sun I think we get closer is just going to look everyone singing ten at ten especially this is just in like pre-alpha this is before anything and he has done an amazing job so huge shadow dam liars now we're thinking with portals oh that thing is way too far right now I don't think it'll do anything if you go that would be a cool Easter egg though that would be really cool Easter egg how to begin this thing when we were in the Ava shot between the Ava shot did the plate change yeah I bet most you guys didn't even notice the plane change I bet you mostly guys to not even notice to play Church interstellar GTA version real though okay this thing is so far should we continue on our journey here we gets a little closer your first person would crash through the water I wish you stayed for expression when you crashed in the water but it doesn't let's go ahead multiplies even more 200 my goodness how far did he put this thing I'm so curious how he did this it's insane as we fly through space beautiful beautiful space a lot of people saying they did notice a lot of people saying they didn't notice oh I don't think we can fly anymore I think it stops us right here I don't think we're moving missile goes see this guess we are moving really really slowly we're moving really really slowly that's what's happening we just increase our speeds and max holy shoot earth just disappeared earth just disappeared I think I know what this is actually I don't know I thought he replaced the moon with the sunnier I don't think we can ever get there I am moving as if I am menu menu puts me where I am right on the spot but I don't think we can get over there and like sort of looks like we're closer okay let's keep it right here look it's locked in between here it certainly looks closer it certainly is closer I think I don't know it doesn't seem to be getting any bigger in first person maybe fifth we're not moving I feel like it's forever just gonna be distance distant yeah I don't I don't think you can no way baby maybe I think the spin as as close as we get to the Sun big ball on this guy it does not look like we're moving I don't think we're getting a cleanser oh we can move closer in this menu there we go there we go now we're making real progress oh wow space is really just surrounding us wow this is beautiful it looks like the stars are like gonna overlap us doesn't it look at your mini-map oh I guess the mini-map is true that is a good way of looking at it all right we're gonna teleport ourselves over here it's the best mod ever created this is an amazing model hundred percent all right we are we're getting closer now I turned back or too far now wow this thing is really bright turn away turn away ladies and gentlemen it's too bright it's too bright where are we on the map right now oh wow geez that's definitely the Sun ah my gamer eyes we're almost had the I think we're gonna reach the boundary of space here we go even further that's an amazing animated though like you can see the dome do you see it we're about to break immersion we're about to go into fourth wall here the fourth dimension about it going to interstellar stuff right here oh wow what's on the other side of space there's more space lifes lifes answers life's biggest questions cannot even be entered in GTA 5 beyond space there is more space absolutely incredible alright let's go this way if we go back you're like over here where the fuck am I I have no idea where I have anymore just think they just bugged it up see if I can go over here he's very beautiful this mod I think I may have broke a row that's not something this direction thing of broken a little bit definitely may have groped in a little bit I want to get back I see them over there they're like in that direction let's head over there real quick is there any way to go even faster there's earth okay we found earth earth is right there keep on truckin keep on trucking got to make an earth lease and gentlemen gotta make it earth you can't stop don't stop believing don't stop believing parallel universe it's crazy there's some more super chats here we got one from we got here Alexandra rich thank you very much milk too high to keep up being Austrian awesome and that goes to smear as well will you do another stream or not hashtag awesome ah this could be the last one for today but if you last room twice a day as you may know me too so make sure to tune in to mole for some epic live streaming agent where's mom thank you very much moved to I hate T G what's up to battlegrounds please that's gonna happen soon Aiden don't worry it's gonna happen soon I'm addicted bad game still so it's going to happen Chad to you give me a pledge Slater vlog with that super channel is there any way I'm trying to figure out a way to go faster I think we're literally going as fast as possible I think I know what happens it's everything is made above the sky Lipari shirt and then he just blacks out the earth maybe that's how it works sure sir I'm stratify the there we go there we go the maximum boosters here oh there it is there we go okay flying the words and now three we don't hit Mars by accident we're going as fast as possible we should be there fairly soon come on all jets are going full throttle here full throttle legislator blog thanks again for that super chat man I'm just trying to make it over here you know what I think we may have pushed that how do we redo this K you know what we're going back to earth we got to reload it we glitched it out a little bit don't try to go to the Sun okay if you're an astronaut eventually people don't go to the don't go to the Sun don't do it it's not worth it it's not worth your time don't don't hit up the Sun go to the other planets they're probably cooler Suns 94 planet it's like a dead star okay slow this thing up and we're gonna load up the get a rocket again blast into space one more time and call it a day what do you guys say there we go slowed this up here rocket test let that up and we're going to go ahead and do Twitter shafts for those would be tweeted over on Sodor we have a bunch of retweets over a 397 almost 400 retweets so shout-out to you guys appreciate the incredible support we're going to go to space one more time here Chad – Julie fanpage Nicholas extreme gamer Joseph D Padova aggressive gamer Ethan rich average gamer – Sean Collier Colin I mean suspends j.cole Jasmin Regan mr. typical Jabba Sh gem clan we've got Tommy padilha Dylan Damian Marshall Nicholas the hound we got to food Samaritan Danny oh wise shadow huge shout-out to Solomon of course man without you this wouldn't possible without you this mod wouldn't exist and same with zombies so big shout out to you bro we got brick prints Sergio Ramirez Robert Coleman Aaron Lopez not crunchy taco Leslie Joe weaker Sam Smith typical waffle and everybody else shouts you guys for the incredible sport thank you guys again for all the amazing support Mike more appreciate that soup chat thank you very much and if you guys aren't a race subscribe hit that subscribe button now so you don't miss our future mods just like this one which was super epic I do these every single day live streams every single and I guarantee you'll enjoy something hit that subscribe button you won't regret it and yeah if you like this make sure you hit that like button in three two what likes bike and also that's going to be it Susie also you can check out the mod I did or the video I did a little earlier today black condition that we got another DLC oh no that's going to be a Pyrrha thing and then also the gta5 gun-running spending spree fifty million dollars will be linked in the description below we're going to go ahead and enter this and as we blast off we're going to say our goodbyes alright guys sound good alright we're blasting off at five four three two one ladies and gentlemen this has been incredible hope you guys have really enjoyed this as much as I've enjoyed it that's for sure this one it's been amazing it has truly been amazing everything about it you guys have made this a legendary epic moment in team TV history and again will tell you guys none of these would be possible so let's kick it into space one more time here as we end the showcase of this amazing GTA 5 space mod let Solomon know what you think it is Soloman X and the on Twitter so I follow his sol oh ma and X and go ahead and follow let me know what you think let him know that mod was frickin epic thanks for letting TG try alright let's go to space let's look at Earth one more time before we call it a day there we go okay it was epic I think it was absolutely amazing let's go ahead oh please shoot bro stop it stop stop sup sup sup sup how do I kill the engine chill for a second chill chill chill chill chill shell right there we go there we go beautiful absolutely beautiful from the space of gta5 moon Mars earth the Sun and all the other 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