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what's up guys let's be jumpy here and today I got a bit of a scary and mysterious video for you guys today we're gonna be talking about goat man okay this is a myth apparently that's in GTA if you don't know who goat man is well it's it's bit of a scary monster in the Mount chiliad forest and today I have something pretty fucking frightening to show you guys I mean this is pretty uh sketchy but I like this type of shit I think this shit's entertaining so you guys want more of these type of videos make sure you guys smash that motherfucking like button no I'm serious smash that shit dude I'm legit fucking making you better fuck it smash that well fucking don't and more importantly if you guys are new to my channel make sure you guys click that subscribe button below so you never miss another informational video like this from me I upload interesting shit on a day-to-day basis so if you guys want to click that subscribe button and keep updated with my videos make sure you guys go ahead and do so so like I said today we're going to be talking about goatman the supposable goat man that roams around GTA and your Mount chiliad and actually this one area that I'm gonna be showing you in this video not only will I be showing you that area but there's also a bunch of clues not only that I got some footage to show you guys that is pretty sketchy as well I mean this shit's kind of nerve-racking do not gonna lie this kind of gets to me a little bit at least some of it kind of made me a little bit nervous a little bit sketchy if I was in game while this happened to me Jesus Christ I'd be scared I don't give a I don't give a fly-in hookah Danny what anyone says I would be scared alright now I'd be scared but that's what people want to see do they want to see proof of this goat man all right this man slash goat slash I don't know hermit Aphrodite but there's a lot of clues hinting to this in GTA and I'm gonna show you guys everything in this video before I get started I just want to give credit to this guide Abbey Dustin he pretty much did a video kind of explaining it way better than I am in this video I'm gonna try though right I'm gonna I'm gonna try my best I may be after this video you guys should definitely go check out his video and see what he says cuz I'm not gonna show absolutely everything just because he did like a 25 minute video I'm just gonna do like a 10 minute video on this so gold man is known to be in the Mount chiliad area if you guys ever noticed on Mount chiliad it there is a mural on the side there's like a walk path to a mural there's a little bit of fire if you ever noticed that it's it's a little weird right but what's stranger is there pretty much a reference to goatman himself there's a goat skull right on the ground right next to the fire if you've ever noticed and what's crazy about it is there's no goats in GTA that's what got a lot of people going because like there's a goat skull here and then there's some mural with some satanic voodoo going on over here I don't know what's happening man a fire going like someone's about to sacrifice their toe in a goat skull I mean oh this does not this definitely doesn't read satanic ritual going on right now maybe the shrine was even dedicated to like mythical creatures that could be a thing as well if you think about it dude you know the man with the hooves on the fucking toes the legs in the in the half body half goat you know what I'm talking about guys half man half goat you guys know what I'm talking about I mean it could be and that's why goat man maybe runs around Los Santos I mean it could be a possibility I mean there is Bigfoot in the game we have aliens guys this guy Dustin decided to go ahead and search the woods himself I'm not too sure what time he's at in this video footage I'm about to show you but he goes up the mountain and I just want you guys to hear what he hears you guys could go to this location if you guys want to and check it out listen to as he goes up Mount chiliad it what happens look at this shit Oh so as you guys saw there he just kept getting louder dude the buzzing just kept getting louder and I didn't even show you guys the rest what happens next is even sketch here he decides to go down back the mountain okay because as he went down the buzzing went away he got too under the bridge and oh my god what happens next I would literally have shivers coming from my neck to my booty crack hear this and don't tell me you you don't have goosebumps on your booty all right now I want you guys to know that this is not a mod okay this was not you know tamper with this is legit you can literally hear the goats legs just running on the bridge that is sketchy note so it's definitely weird that people are experiencing these weird phenomenons going on in GTA there's Easter eggs that we haven't even finished in this game yet I mean there could be up to the thousands to be honest with you guys tell you what man if I was exploring the woods and I saw this manhunt I'd uh well I I don't know man I would fucking run out that's what I would fuck you I'm fucking about this dog now where this originated from this was on a GTA Wikipedia and someone decided to post this post about goat man with a picture attached to it as well now I'm gonna show you guys some footage of goat man like I said man the quality is pretty bad it's on the ps3 so it's not the amazing quality that we all know and love on the next-gen but apparently the guy that posts this wikipedia GTA wikipedia on goatman stated that his friend ran into goat man and you know it's kind of easy to maybe see a deer maybe in GTA and think that could be go man from a distance honestly it's GTA but this is supposed to be goat man here like I said pretty bad quality man but honestly if I ran into this guy I'd be scared shitless I don't care what anyone says I know I shouldn't have said that that's a bad word but dude I died I pissed my pants I died I wouldn't I would be scared I'd be I'd be I'd be worried for my life I don't look at me and in disgust I'd be scared you would too I want to know if you guys saw oh man a person would you be scared let me know down below in the comments I'm pretty sure a lot of people are gonna I don't know if I'm just the wimp here guys but I would be pretty scared hey guys don't forget this mess that motherfucking like button dude hit that shit and if you guys are new to my channel make sure you guys click that subscribe button like I said so you never miss another informational video from me I do upload daily GTA videos and I wouldn't want you guys to miss out on any of my future interesting videos anyways guys thank you so much for all the awesome support you've been showing on this channel I love you guys so much take care and I will see you all in the next one