GTA 5 Real Life Mod #173 Kenworth T440 Heavy Duty Tow Truck Wrecker Towing A Rolled Over Box Truck

GTA 5 Real Life Mod #173 Kenworth T440 Heavy Duty Tow Truck Wrecker Towing A Rolled Over Box Truck

GTA 5 Real Life Mod Kenworth T440 35 ton Heavy Duty Tow Truck Wrecker towing a overturned / rolled over box truck. Our wrecker was able to recover it by flipping the box truck back onto its wheels & towing it back to Ace Towing.

Check out part 1 of this video: Department of Transportation Emergency Message Board Truck / Incident Response Truck responding to a mva with a box truck that crashed and rolled over

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Kenworth T440 Heavy Duty Wrecker by Mosco.

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Ace Towing Skins by Harrison90 aka skinworks

Kenworth W900 Heavy Duty Tow Truck Wrecker

Heavy Duty Peterbilt Tow Truck Wrecker Private Custom made mod by
Bagged Youtube channel

City Tow Truck Garage

County Tow Truck Garage

MTL Pounder – Mapped Edition

Working Winch for all vehicles

California Highway Patrol

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GTA 5 Real Life Mod #173 Kenworth T440 Heavy Duty Tow Truck Wrecker Towing A Rolled Over Box Truck

hey what's up guys you bullies finally 2k7 and I'm back for brand new gotta 405 real life mod video welcome back to the channel I hope you having a great day and I appreciate you guys for coming back and checking out today's videos so we just got a call from the California Highway Patrol they have an overturned box truck that flipped over near just north of paleto Bay on route 1 so we're gonna go ahead and respond to that scene with some of our workers here now what we're gonna use is our new Kenworth heavy-duty number 3 since this is a box truck I don't think we really need to take out a heavy number 2 for this one just because it's gonna be a smaller recovery if it was like a bigger recovery like a semi truck or you know something super crazy will definitely take out a heavy number 2 that's one of our larger trucks so to date we're gonna bring out our brand-new kenworth t 440 this is actually gonna be the first recovery that it's going on le's this once so far just to do a couple of things around the shop but this is gonna be the first official recovery with this thing so i hope you guys do enjoy if you do make sure you guys go ahead and smash that like button subscribe if you are new and also leave some comments down below so first thing first I think we're gonna need a little bit of extra manpower and equipment so we're gonna also bring this f-350 out with us as well and we're gonna use this to not only bring an extra person so we get the recovery done faster but also to bring our on-site operations unit just in case we gotta clean up anything that may have spilled out from the box truck so we're go ahead and grab this now unfortunately I have the wrong Els file in right now so the lights are kind of screwed up so I can't really turn on the amber lights and that front takedown light is like stuck on so just don't mind it alright so I'm gonna pull this so reason why I pull them out just because a I have trouble driving out of the shop sometimes so I just pull it out for them alright so this guy is gonna drive this truck for us and I need to grab the ten worth now all right you go hauled the operations unit I'll be out in a second I'll follow you there okay so let's go grab heavy number three and let's get to work all right trucks are really ready to go all right so I'm gonna show you guys how to lights work really quickly now if you try to turn in your lights and you notice like your lights and I turn it on what you have to do is just go to your vehicle options depend on what trainer using eby's disorder or any trainer make sure you go to your components vehicle components or vehicle extras and make sure you click it to turn it on I already have two is already on as you can see that's the takedown three is gonna be the side take down and then four is gonna be this side take done right there so like I said make sure you click one to turn it on and I'm just going to turn off deep other ones cuz we don't need to take downs right now and second step if your lights aren't on just fix your vehicle okay fix your vehicle I probably got to turn it on one more time hold it and fix there we go so now as you can see our lights are working so let's go ahead and respond all right so let's make our way to the scene again we're gonna follow up a pickup truck there all right a stolen we are rolling out like I say I aren't the best driver so they made it into a little bit of fender benders along the way but we should be okay so again I want to give a huge shout outs to isg mods as well as Moscow for releasing his awesome Ken work definitely as a nice heavy duty truck that's a little bit smaller than the other two that we have by bag so it gives us a little bit more flexibility on smaller jobs and I'm also looking forward to some more mods that they are both working on as well so make sure you guys stay tuned to see beat your mods coming up all right he's gonna let us go bye thank you so we have just about a little more than a mile to go and we should be on scene here whoa watch out buddy it's a stop sign I know I probably should turn my lights off we really don't run lights to scenes most of the time until we get on scene up of course we got our pursuit here we go oh don't hit my truck I gotta delete the vehicles now that we're getting away from the shop it's giving us a little bit of texture but we should be fine we're almost on scene no supposed to be somebody riding with me but I think we left them at the shop but it's okay well beep I love the three-man team alright guys we are on scene and that's actually a bigger truck than I thought I was gonna be so let's head down and spin around looks like we have the Department of Transportation is also on scene with their message board trucks very cool very cool I forgot to mention it earlier in episode but this is actually a part two to the episode I uploaded right before it is so if you guys missed it definitely check it out I'll link it right here okay so like I was saying yesterday we were playing as a member of the Department of Transportation and we use these cool message board trucks by pnw parks fan and as you can see they have these cool messages so rekt ahead left lane clothes and right out or if you guys want to see how all that works make sure you guys check out Park one part one and I'll link it in the video description see all right so this should be pretty easy recovery for our truck shouldn't take us too much all right too long I should say all right let's take a look and see what exactly we are working with actually let me talk to chp first make sure everything is good hello say how you doing I'm ace with a stolen we're here to recover that box truck are you guys finished with your investigation perfect perfect was the driver okay oh he got transported by EMS okay all right well I will get to work and we'll try to get this up and out of here as soon as we can all right thank you all right so he said the driver died transported apparently to Fire Department had to cut him out of there basically and like I said definitely check out the video that we uploaded earlier today I know I said yesterday but earlier today to see the fire department and how they had to cut the guy out and rescue them so basically what we're gonna do first is trying to get this thing back on its wheels we also want to see it doesn't look like anything's leaking so that's good we don't have to worry about any fuel oil or DF is leaking so that's good let's see if this thing is loaded grab something out the pickup truck to cut this open for me so we're gonna cut these doors open and see if there's anything inside all right so this guy's over here gonna start with the Riggin he's gonna go ahead and just get this thing open up first so we could see if it's loaded or not either way we'll be able to get it turned over and recovered but we just want to know what we're working with we don't want to start pulling it over and then like you know the whole sides giveaway and everything start falling out so it's to load shifted so better to be safe than sorry in case we do have to unload it I guess some more trucks out and we'll just unload it and then we'll flip it over all right so he got the lock cut off we're go ahead and open this up and see what we are working with okay so it is actually it's empty perfect so that's gonna make the recovery alright easier go ahead and close that back up okay cool all right so let's I'm gonna go to get my truck into position while these two start working on the regen and we're trying to get this back on to its wheels so it looks like we actually don't really need the enclosed trailer since I wasn't carrying anything and it really isn't anything to really tell so we'll just place this and the bed of the truck that could just like sit right there I was trying to make it like kind of fit into the bed a little bit better but it's okay so we'll just attach that to the utility truck there we go and I should stay right there all right so let's get the Kenworth into position here I think I'm gonna actually probably have to go right where that officer is standing I might try to attach to the rear and just pull it right over I think there should be good all right so we're gonna do let's put down our outriggers to get some extra stability as they're winching this in and ms also put down the arm so it's out of the way and yeah all we gotta do now is just try to attach to the truck alright guys so they are done with the Riggin let's just double-check everything and then we're gonna start pulling so we have one guy over here he's gonna be watching this side let me know if he sees anything wrong we have one hook going to the truck as you can see we have it hooked on right on that front axel air and I let's go around to the other side they're gonna just keep on giving me a thumbs up unless they see something wrong then they're just gonna wave at me and let me know to stop same thing on this side and then you can see we have a second line going to the rear axles right here got it hooked up right down there and we're gonna probably pull mostly to our rear and it should it should come right over all right we are looking good guys I'm just gonna stand on this side over here there we go there goes nothing and got it all right so that actually flipped over really well okay perfect so now what we're gonna try to do is winch it up this way let's see it's kind of steep over here but it kind of levels out about right here so it's gonna probably take us a couple of tries but we're just going to try to keep pulling it forward until we get it over here and it will try to get it up right over here okay so they're going to get it rerigged so we could pull it from the front I gotta remember to set it so that it always leaves our chakra runnin I'm gonna see if I could just kind of pull it right here sorry about the Texas all right so let's try it about I wanted to go up to you know that's gonna be the tricky part they weren't trying to do it from here all right guys so they just finished with the Riggin here let's just go ahead and double check everything say I have the line running all the way from the truck and it's attached right here okay so everything looks good dan the Redis truck is really bent up take a look at that guys it is really twisted to hold frame yep this is probably gonna be totaled all right let's start winching okay I got it going in I gotta take effort right here we don't want to flip it over again all right so now we just kind of get it straight up without flipping it over so this is gonna be the tricky part here okay so let's stop and let's reattach because the last thing I want is this thing to flip over again all right just about have it guys once we get onto pain maybe we could just hook it up and pull it the rest of the way okay finally it is on the pavement this thing is really badly damaged stuff I wish we had like tool and all that would be a good trailer to transport it on but since we don't we'll just call it with this here alright let's go ahead and attach I said of guys are gonna put the fork on the arm there so we got it and lift it straight up don't we'll get it tied down we'll get some air to it get some lights on to the back and it should be good to go I said it throwing on the safety chains and brittle chains over here what we're gonna do let's just grab our airlines while he's doing that and we're gonna run air to this truck that way we'll be able to control the brakes and let's run around on to the other side now let's grab our wireless light bar and we'll take this and we'll put it on the back of the truck that way people will be at atella for hating our brake lights if we're turning right turning left but on our hazards they will be able to tow and perfect so we got that on this guy over here he's actually pulling a differential you know I wasn't even thinking but we should have pulled the differential when we had the truck on his side it would have been much easier but it is what it is so they should be done in a couple minutes and we'll be ready to head back to the shop alright guys so we are finally done and let's get back to the shop now you could really see how twisted it is I'm gonna try to take it nice and easy don't want to go too fast and I would say that's another successful recovery by a stolen and recovery guys that is why we are the best all right one more mouth to go kind of work that a great job on this birth recovery I just realized and the markers on the wrong place about to say why did I say two months I don't think I'm gonna have enough space back there to take this all the way back there so I'm a total from the rear and just push it down apologize Friday texture loss we spawned so many objects today my game is tired and they're ready for a restart let's see maybe I'll have enough space probably they cut in it and short oh we could do it guess you could do it I'm gonna try to get it into this backhoe over here wow I am impressed all right that's about as close as I'm gonna go to get it so let's go ahead and put it down all right guys so that is gonna do it for today's episode I really do hope you guys enjoyed if you did make sure you guys go ahead and smash that like button leave some comments down below also subscribe and hit the notification bell if you're new that way you'll be notified whenever I upload a new video but anyway guys heavy number-3 did great on his first toe and recovery and I'm impressed man I am really impressed like I said like I said guys definitely stay tuned I have a lot of other cool mods that I'm gonna be showcasing for multiple mod creators somewhere I'm gonna be some exclusive mods so definitely make sure you guys stay tuned and also shut us to all the modders as well so definitely want to give a shout out to them check out their download page and their YouTube channels I'll link them down below so shout outs the bags Moscow is she mods and everybody else so thank you guys so much for watching oh yeah also let me know what else you guys would like to see give me some suggestions down below in the comment section of what else you guys would like to see us try to tow or deliver and that's it guys so thank you for watching really – hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see you guys in the next one peace [Applause] [Applause]