GTA 5 Fun – Return of the Murder Maze! (Grand Theft Auto V Funny Moments)

GTA 5 Fun – Return of the Murder Maze! (Grand Theft Auto V Funny Moments)

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GTA 5 Fun – Return of the Murder Maze! (Grand Theft Auto V Funny Moments)

yeah you told us to come here yeah you forgot my cousin that's who stabbed you so shitty the knife right you can see that here right here in my hand and and you guys going that maze you hide and I run in chess after you chop your brains off that sounds like so much fun okay let's do this the last one alive in the maze can fight back okay let's play some hidin kill are you guys doing Oh give us a countdown I'm putting the cup down now now can we work together alright hey fellas my voice changed no guns no guns and explosive rules I it wouldn't be in the maze now would you no definitely not you guys are good at he isn't really the best you can actually go inside the bush yeah Oh Oh many sound I did not mean to push that button what you know you do a pattern I haven't seen shit oh fuck being a villain I wanted to be a villain because it'd be fun I fuckin walking in a maze for 20 minutes the dark side no blood on my bleed it's all yeah god this man you ain't gonna be so fast next time that's all being together is not a good idea it's a great idea it means if we get there that's okay buddy use me Oh Brock Oh rocky rocky rocky no more flying away for this bird oh yeah Oh I have the jump on you way too confident in that yeah sure okay I'm I mean I do have the coolest switchblade alright so I'm the villain now and pretty much it's because I went insane from no glue just couldn't handle it anymore so I'm gonna give you ten seconds and then I'm gonna come kill you but what did he do one misses what did he do he was no blood that's it I like he was too annoying yeah see exactly case in point okay all right might as well start 1000 100 shells and Billy we gotta go let's go what first-person what come on why would that not be cheating I don't know man no one's died yeah no I don't mean I had you guys trapped but you know oh shit oh shit oh shit hey get away oh fuck me what fuck you you're switched Blin okay my gosh this thing is stewed oh my god how you dodging that got to wait in the kidney oh man there goes my kidney do my kidneys Oh more blood I am getting closer fucking bunked in head they heard saying L I lost them no no he's behind me he's behind me I know I can feel it he's behind me come back here you sumbitch hey when I said that I lost my head and lost it somewhere that was ridiculous so what's my objective I need to kill you all yeah yeah I don't think we can respawn like yeah no response no reason a few kills hello be Tasos all right I'm gonna give you ten seconds to hide and then after that I'm are maybe I'm gonna hatch it all your face oh wait what is bounce when does a countdown start right now not cheated who ready or not here I come Oh God yes got a dead end Oh dead end you say nope I'm not doing the villain voice the whole time make sure that's a hero voice I want a refund oh really no that's a great spot yeah come I think there's there's a room for me for you if you want to come I don't know man looks like a pretty tight spot I bet it is oh hey call me cami oh where you add I just see a big-ass maze Authority what do you mean you saw where yeah we totally do this this this red sock man this evil red sock man running around the corner this is a long time how we moved oh my god shit oh he's coming he's coming zero came around the corner while we were hiding an amazing you shot us giving you ten seconds okay three those are fabulous what a really fast second I don't know what you're talking about okay I'm get a little woozy we're gonna cut that the bright side ohm I live what the fuck who the fuck is this wait what I am lost in this maze could you know oh she never had a chance but Ritchie fuckers golf he didn't even know that was the game that we were playing walked into the wrong fucking way Brock you can fight back no cars no glass a wrench in his hand I took the rage out Scotty because I thought Brock was gonna die at home cheater fucking cheater bro are you to look at me as likewise me oh my god where did you go Moo I could be anywhere what the fuck where did he go lady till date I'm your worst night yeah that's a good question man baby good for ages we played like three rounds it was such a fucking cheater did I'm not using a gun you just did I don't believe it was like gone dude heaven what Sam oh hey Mike Hammer your abs if I find C and watch it's one be fuckin five man deal with it it's one that's the rules chance man come on I swear to God if he kills the stretch up your ass he's got mama tops what the fuck is this shit boys a little bit gone it's not a gun it's kind of Melly Wow Mellie I'm on a bus yeah that you guys didn't expect which what should I use this oh yeah and paper big man do you think that's on par with the other weapons though yeah just all just like a birdie he's playing – all right oh nevermind yeah good choice