MORE GRANNY!! This time we are playing a hacked version of Granny Mod Menu that allows all kinds of cheats with unlimited shotgun ammo, invisibility, and even a CLONE ARMY!
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Noodle on, Noodlers!

hey everyone it's here the noodles and welcome back once again to granny you guys have been enjoying these so I thought I'd bring you guys another one but this one is gonna be really really different so this one is a hacked version or modded version of granny with a bunch of different things you can do to her and I installed on my computer because I don't have an Android device and this version this hack vs. is only available for Android so this is the way I had to do it if you guys enjoy the granny videos if you enjoy this so you want to see more granny videos or more granny hacks please do click the like button right now and do subscribe let's go and I hope I did this right so we could do it extreme it's fine it's fine because we are supposed to have a menu of things we can do to like stop her from killing us we can kill her I think we can make it so she can't hit us we can shrink her we could let's just see what you call owner I think not that you would want to I don't know why you would want to do that but I think you can alright so she's supposed to be fast so let's see where's our own maybe this didn't work like I thought it did did it ah here we go yes okay so let's start with can't attack wait did that do that to me wait what happened here okay alright so let's see can I ah alright so she can't wait wait wait what do you mean can't attack off oh wait is it okay there all right now can we go let's see oh great wait what why so – oh it's hi granny hi ah it works hi granny I was trying to figure out why it's so dark and I'm like oh right it's extreme mode hi hi hi granny says nice to meet you you're a lot nicer today alright wait what's party eyes oh look at your eyes she's not a fan shit what if I do random teleporters that teleport me or Harlan not me granny hey that wasn't very random at all she's like hey I found you oh dude so we could play hide and seek with her then and like she she I I mean well the only problem is she's gonna fall here okay so we can play hide and seek with her let's go this way I'm gonna hide over here Oh granny I'm hiding let me get down let me get out granny granny I know I actually do we are playing hide-and-seek granny you this is extreme mode you're supposed be able to find me right dude it's so dark you know if I was playing aah huh she found me all right you got me all right now you go hide you go hide okay I'm gonna come find you boom whoa where am I dude this is what whoa dude I've never been up here this is so cool so this is on top and this is where in the or in the yard here this people have told me about this that it says help in blood on top sure enough there it is okay uh right let's uh I can't open that granny I'm looking for you yeah let's go this way she's gonna come out that door I think but dude if I was play out there you I found you I found you I got you uh if if I was playing on this mode it's really hard to see you know what maybe we should just put it on like like a mode that isn't so dark so we can yeah let's do that but this would be so hard cuz you would just barely see her coming and be way too late all right so we can let's see what else invisible so does that mean I'm invisible does that mean she's invisible okay so she can't attack will leave the party eyes on I like those okay so let's enjoy ant I or giant me I don't know that mean I'm a giant oh well that's weird okay let's open it so she can't attack us alright so let me let me turn myself invisible let's do this here we go here we go well freak her out here wait so she invisible wait what she can't get out of the basement here I'll open the door for you there there granny so I think this is a mode where you can just get she just doesn't even care right so if I turn this off yeah there she is he comes right away right but as soon as I turn that back on she's stuck oh yeah no she's not stuck well I think I think oh oh you know what it does I think it does that invisible glitch you know the one that that like people have told me about that if you like if you're under the bed and then you I don't know you twist something or yeah yeah okay so she definitely sees me but if I do this you just hold her in place I think so let me get up now yeah if she can't move so that's like the glitch in the bedroom where you can do that like I don't have to knock over the vase and be under the bed and jump out I'm not really sure but that's kind of like that she's just stuck and then you can just run around do whatever you want okay what's flash let me turn that flash holy cow dude dude oh my goodness okay granny playing I didn't see God no no no holy cow look at oh wait wait I turned off kids attack you don't we should do I also wanted to see because people were asking if you lure hidden in the sauna and you don't turn on the sauna does she stay there forever so that's a really good question let's find that out let's turn I can't attack it and not mean I guess when I turned on oh I gotta turn off this flashing thing okay all right yeah oh man right okay Rani come on lock the door for me I want to try something all right come here yeah come on get it mom no no you got to get in no no no you got to actually like get in here no no come here no granny you're blocking the door wait just get in there just don't don't don't do it don't grant Rani get in there you old bat come on no come on all right I think she's in now let's see if we can close her and quickly there we go close it up stop over to the door granny there okay now let's see what happens so all right so let's okay so let's do this so let's let's turn off so no way she can get out oh no Mike Dwight are there two of them I did include any okay so never mind she can break out I take it back it just doesn't let you know that she's gonna come out so that's okay that's fun all right so we're already on day three I gotta be a little bit better about this okay ah let's go we should be able to open yeah okay now let's make let's make it a tiny granny let's see Oh granny you're adorable hi can can you still move come here come here come here oh look at her she's quick wait giant I was that do what Oh a giant granny wait what wait a minute so wait did we just big granny on a tiny granny oh whoa whoa it's kills her of like fat – why are you so fat oh my goodness granny granny so wait if I did that oh yeah so people could actually play like this you take the menu off and you can actually play with a giant granny or if I were playing it honestly because it's a little more terrifying to me is like a mini granny you know Oh that hold on let me get this off here like imagine you're playing and this little ones after you with their flashy little beady eyes look get out of here whoa randomly teleport yeah let's do that random teleport okay where do we go ah okay back into my room oh this is my room yeah it is yeah okay hey what are you doing here weirdo okay so wait let's clone granny can we so okay okay okay let's make it regular granny oh and then the little one stay so let's clone a regular one let's make it tiny aah clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk clone and then what big one oh look at this wait what if I caught a big one can i clone a big one there okay then off I could be granny off now let's oh jeez come here yeah excuse me oh no I'm stuck I'm stuck there's no many granny's wait excuse me yeah I got around I got around look at them oh my goodness dude we could put them in like every oh my goodness oh no no they're laying down traps so we know there's the big one there's a big one look at the little ones aw this is this is adorable look at this little family of grannies look at this uh wow you're huge you're taking up too much space I want to just get a good look at everybody uh yeah cute okay wait uh uh hold on let's see what happens let's do um wait we got tiny granny on there you go let's make a bunch of little Smurfs like a lot like 100 I don't even know how many oh it's starting to lag oh boy Oh oh my goodness probably not a good idea well let's see if we can get out of here can we get out of here will it stop lagging yeah yeah see if I get away it stops lagging all right let's go through the window here and then we can see everybody come out wait I can't get the window lag up there Wow okay all right let's see let's see them all come out here we go come on right over here oh geez there we go there we go they don't even use the door how are there there they go where's giant where's the giant one hey giant granny you didn't make it okay Dignan evening oh there's giant granny there you are wait what is holding me up here oh my goodness there's got to be a hundred right it's so laggy imagine playing like this it wouldn't be the worst Oh what if I kill granny what will happen if I kill all these clones let's see kill granny granny is now gone I think it only it wasn't killing the closet kills only the original well that's that's no fun is it that one this is the only dead one right here because this one is just no wait which one does it which one does it make regular size these are all clones I don't know where she is I thought I would be able to okay let's remove clones here we go did it it goodbye granny good bye granny off there they all go oh oh oh oh that's real granny isn't it well now let's kill granny guys imagine like you're just playing granny you see her coming like dead let's see this more manageable it's a little more manageable oh look I killed her again oh my gosh there's dead ones everywhere dude how many oh dude weird it's like killing granny's left and right let's do it let's remove a few more clones to kill another granny look at them all I killed all the grannies ah okay so and then I guess the last thing right here is the unlimited ammo which I think is on by default so that would mean if we got the crossbow or the shotgun we would never need to reload it because we would just constantly be able that sounds fun okay we're gonna do it hold on hold on I gotta find all right we got it yeah we're gonna find it I got to try it oh wait I only put one part down and I already got the shotgun ha I I think it auto makes the shotgun for you hold on so let's I crushed it uh hi little one alright so uh I have not done anything except come straight down here and oh my goodness it autos pause the shotgun and I don't me have to add ammo do i oh yeah you do have to add one okay again dad granny oh my goodness you can just make just kill her over and over wait okay okay okay hold on hold on hold on let's do this okay we're gonna we're gonna alright let's let's do this we're gonna make mini grannies okay well but she she becomes big when she when you kill her so yeah we'll just make her regular size then we're gonna go out in the yard and then we're gonna spot a bunch of Grammys and shoot them all just for all the times that wait is that's not hard okay so uh so we want regular grannies and we want to clone a bunch so let's clone a few I don't know how many like that's probably like 16 or so all right cool now we'll get that off the screen and give it a go so here we go I don't think I'll be able to shoot them all before they overrun me but I'm gonna try come on here they come here comes the army of grannies let's see if we can take them all out this is like a this is like a like a zombie rush game come on oh yeah here we go here they come here they come come on here we go oh wait oh right forgot the button wait I didn't she didn't she can clone okay hold on maybe maybe she has to be awake to clone right maybe yeah maybe maybe maybe yeah maybe she has to be awake okay okay hold on let's try that again all right oh wait no no there's definitely clone there oh okay hold on oh no I get it ah this one won't die dog who's she Hey what's with you oh well I'm not sure you can't kill the clones what okay okay so the other one is definitely come back by now let's clone or maybe we make some oh no baby so hard to shoot the little ones alright fine like baby zombies in Minecraft okay there we go oh wait here we go where are they you I'm going in I've never been in that door before what oh oh they're all stuck on the stairs alright here we go boom boom boom come on bring it bring it bring it why won't you die go down lady she won't go down wait come on so it appears to me that you cannot shoot the clothes can't bill the clothes come on die you have to figure out which one's the real granny to get her to do the thirty second thing I don't even know which one it is which one is it I got unlimited ammo and I can't even kill one granny there I got her yay alright guys well that's it for this granny hacks video if you guys enjoyed it you want to see me play more granny on my channel maybe try hard mode huh legit huh oh we can do this under unknown will do this sudden rena thing legit as well please do pick up those chopsticks and vogue that like button as hard as get if you let me to play some more granny and do become a new there today and subscribe and don't forget the bail this is so fun I'll see you guys again soon as thanks for watching and of course