Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 14 – Bugstars (GTA 5)

Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 14 – Bugstars (GTA 5)

NEW Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 14 includes Mission 14 of the Campaign Story for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC in HD. This Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Walkthrough will also include a Review, all Michael, Trevor and Franklin Missions and the Ending.


Grand Theft Auto 5, also known as GTA 5 or GTA V, is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The game is composed of elements from driving and action-adventure games, and features open world gameplay, in which players can interact with the game world at their leisure. The game is set within the fictional state of San Andreas, which is based on Southern California. Within San Andreas are the fictional city of Los Santos (based on Los Angeles) and an open countryside area. The single-player story is told through three player-controlled protagonists whom the player switches between—Michael, Trevor and Franklin—and the story follows their efforts to plan and execute six large heists to accrue wealth for themselves. Michael is a retired professional bank robber, who after making a sweetheart deal with FIB, returned to the life of crime. Trevor is the loose cannon in this story, who is also a long time best friend of Michael’s and a hot-head psychopath as well. Last but certainly not least, we have Franklin, a young and grim repo man who has a large amount of experience behind the wheel, but no real experience to crime until he meets Michael while he was trying to get a hustle.Other main characters include Amanda De Santa, Michael’s wife; Jimmy De Santa and Tracey De Santa, Michael’s children; Lamar, Franklin’s friend; Ron, Trevor’s paranoid friend; and Simeon Yetarian, Franklin’s employer.

New activities have also been added, such as yoga, triathlons, jet skiing, base-jumping, tennis, a full-fledged golf, and scuba diving.

New Characters include: Michael, Trevor Phillips, Franklin, Jimmy, Amanda, Chop, Tracy, Ron, Michael’s Therapist, Floyd, Wade, Simeon Yetarian, Lamar, Brad, Lester, Vasquez, Tao, Casey, Fabien LaRouche.

New locations include: Alamo Sea, Blaine County, Downtown Los Santos, Grapeseed, Little Seoul, Los Santos, Mount Chiliad, Rockford Hills, South Los Santos, Vespucci Beach, Vinewood.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 14 – Bugstars (GTA 5)

no boys in my what the hell did you see that what we listed it sir Queen so that's probably the I guess that's probably the closest thing to the ad station I'm scared to listen to anything in this game let's cover the question mark I guess I don't really know there's not a whole lot really going on right now Lester have some vans at the warehouse in Port of Los Santos there's oh okay I see the H it's blinking all right so what starts so the pest-control rockstar games actually sent me whenever they sent me the early copy they sent me a bunch of like stickers and stuff and I was gonna save some of that for whoever I choose and I'll actually go into this now I'm actually gonna buy a few more copies of this game to give out cuz I didn't realize I have dad that many people watching this series and for just one person to get I figured I might bump it up to like three or four copies just you know I want to give people a fair shot so you know but with that being said they sent me a t-shirt was the slogan it was that it was the base of the pest control that I'm actually going to now had this slogan it says it like if you McCain it says a push to have you in fumigate I think that's what they say I don't know if this FEMA Kade's it might not be let's see what's on the radio shall we a little segue there oh shit can't hold back every time I see that I think it's can't hold us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis I think it's that every single time how close the way to that spot [Applause] so I you know at the start of each series I always like to try to make each video start and stop at the right time but just with this series it's so tough to do that because I play it so consecutively and I kind of lose track of time something more than anything I really do so with that being said thank you guys so much for the support I'm actually gonna start or continue this video after I get there or start the next video after I get there so you want more keep dropping the mics and I see you soon all right guys I'm not sure exactly how this is gonna go up not sure if this is the start of one video or this is tacked onto the end of another one but I wanted to say thank you guys so much for all the likes and support and I keep doing what you're doing I keep uploading so the last time we left off I think I was pretty much trying to still out one of these pest control you know let me just see something really quick check out that let's go to the start a little menu to easily do this and get away with it I think the best course of action they were just supposed to go here we're supposed to still it I love that little camera shift oh it's sweet anyways I'm on a roll right now it's probably the longest gaming session I think I would say I've ever had but to be honest I think when I use to play Final Fantasy seven but I was like in sixth grade I'm pretty sure that takes the cake I was gonna ask you guys what's the longest oh yeah here we go okay so I just tried this and I failed so I'm not sure if you saw it I might not have shown it cuz it really didn't turn up that well I got lost I'm running into stuff I just my driving is shit I don't know what's wrong with me there's a cop right there what worries me is if I milk right here yeah classy not really doing anything wrong you know everything's cool I can't help you here you want to catch a lung full of bugs now I will so but what the hell this was in there for repair I guess what this one do your help okay oh yeah the cops I want this one I like it okay getting out of this area proves to be very very difficult so we need this van really bad do yourself a favor and watch that movie the town he's got Ben Affleck I think it's the second movie he directed first it was gone baby gone that movie the town and and then Margo I don't think he's gonna be that bad of a Batman I mean considering it's not really the same storyline is christopher nolan's series I don't know what I'm talking about you guys don't care about this shit do you do you I took the wrong turn guys I gotta go back supposed to try to get up on top of this bridge right here that's the only way to lose it cuz this blog stars thing is not fast enough you ever gotta kill this little highway ramp take a little exit right here oh burnout paradise in this bitch her skin if did that was Need for Speed Underground holy shit the stall jiggy how are they coming would my goodness where we going how am I supposed to losing this thing is so slow are ever going out this way through the city San Andres maybe don't hit that nope oh we're going to music right now Flying Lotus with the crane Oh Thank You Stevie Wonder oh I like this song copyright strike Oh cops can't do shit a father are you kidding all rights telling these back roads down is backwards down the back row Timmy guy I stay up here Britney Spears fuck dead Kendrick Lamar ADHD well is that off section 80% or was that a camera test actual name of the CD what was that a mixtape I can't remember anyways Johnny paycheck oh fuck there's a cock coming no you don't bitch oh my god I'm gonna I'm gonna run into one of these there's no way around this hey I made it nice sometimes I can't tell if my TV's lagging because of 120 Hertz versus 60 Hertz issue or if it's officious the game itself trying to comprehend where we are I'm still eager to try this on PlayStation 3 people ask me why don't I played on 360 well to be honest that's the copy Rockstar sent me had they sent me ps3 out of em playing on that I can record either one really the same way but you know it's funny because I was hoping to get ps3 but part of me is like well I play for on on 360 cuz I think that's the I think it came out for 360 first and then they released it on PC and PlayStation 3 later was it was that right no that can't be right top that thing I'm full of shit I think I busted myself right right at the last second so we're getting ready for this bank heist I have no idea how this is gonna go but what I can tell you is it hopefully this is gonna be like the first climax of the story where characters come together hopefully some big events happen because it's kind of been what has it been like a few parts now nothing really big has happened then some little odd jobs here and there nothing nothing too crazy I'm gonna Park it right here beautiful look at this perfect people ask me I think I've gotten like one or two questions like why I'm always playing during the day well I'm actually not so I'm playing like a midnight right now book serves equipment good to go but I actually play offline I don't even have I have one 360 that I never have connected the internet mainly for walkthroughs and I have another 360 that I play like online games I want this car want this car won't this car give me the car look at those gas prices hey Lester we got a pest control van good now we just need the knockout gas I'm on it where we get this knockout gas from I think the other H oh look at this guy look at this guy but yeah I was gonna say that there's as far as the game itself I really like the way that they did this this like this part of the game especially cuz you know there's not a whole lot look at these little cameras there's not a whole lot really going on oh well like this this is the typical but I kind of like it for this it'll just kind of change things up how about the use of GPS in a second I know it's oh gee recess one wreck per video or is this 2 seconds the world may never know I mean let me actually just look at the map really quick well we'll get there and then we'll we'll figure this shit out we're really close it'll take you sir oh man so overall I will say that uh with breath Apollo cool I want to say that the ps3 person has some errors with it I will say this Rockstar Games make some of the best games out there and whenever they sent me a copy I said just see me either one if you can and you know I didn't specify head I specify it might have been a little different but luckily I didn't install the play disc I don't know how I feel about this view like a little a little bit too close this is not bad either I like this what the hell this was supposed to be worthy uh oh I see it didn't even there I should do it I get oh you know what I think it's cuz they're changing you can't really marked a vehicle that's in motion I think that's probably what it is shoot open the doors can I just park in front of it how about I just steal it come here bitch oh shit I'm stealing it just because I want to get to a spot where I'm not gonna get my kicked off or something humane lab and research yeah this is definitely the gas hissing the knockout gas and make everything stealthy and we'll get this damn we'll get this damn mission underway pretty soon you gotta take care of a few more things probably no judge ran that person over Oh two stars you stay out of the way best to handle it I will say this in Gretna 403 you had to really try to get two stars like you had to beat some cops to death fist fight shoot him kill him act like five or six cops oh yeah fuck this if I'm just gonna get the cargo I'll crash this I don't even care shoot the doors off unless it just opens nope see what happens well shit there we go that's it that's all I needed to do pleaselet I'm about to be swimming is this really is this a spot where CJ was in san andreas when you're on the bikes like the very first thing of the game I want to say some of the first few missions of the game I have to go back and play those eventually I meant to say that after playing three device city I think I played Vice City so many times three I'd never put a grant to follow a game until then it was so new to me you know like you could do anything in the game I was I wasn't used to that every Rome is nice we go on you ever going up shit saying to go up I don't know oh shit I keep forgetting you can't run a jump all ladders that's horrible Vic come on Fred come on baby you do this okay I have no you know what I'm on the second floor I have to go across and I have to take it up to him because it's not otherwise it's not gonna work yeah we good it says go up but you know what the front entrance to this place on the side you there's stairs after you go in the front door anyways or the back door right here here it is yep there it is and after this we should be good unless there's like one more thing I'm missing wrong way wrong way go back go back can I put in here yeah hey last I got the good night guess that's everything we need I'll put out word that the scores ready to go shit just got real guys I'm actually kind of curious when it's going starts not think it's starting right now