GPD XD (32gb) Unboxing / Emulation / Gameplay

GPD XD (32gb) Unboxing / Emulation / Gameplay

We unbox and review the GPD XD 32GB handheld gaming device which you can grab here:

In this video we show the contents of the box, some of the built in software and games, then get stuck into some gameplay from the likes of NeoGeo, N64, Dreamcast & many more.

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GPD XD (32gb) Unboxing / Emulation / Gameplay

hello and welcome to the game shared with me Jamie today we're going to be unboxing and showing off the features of this little bad boy here this is the GPD HD retro gaming gamepad a 32 gigabyte model which I have in my hands here so first thing to note we have a very sleek and slick box with very very strange text on the back I'll let you contemplate what that means there this is the GPB brand and as I've stated I'm going to be opening this one here which is a 32 gigabyte model it also comes in a 64 gig model too for those of you who want more memory so opening up the box here we get an image of the console device itself and some Chinese text I have no idea what that means if you know please do feel free to enjoy that text so inside the box itself you get a USB charging and data transfer cable very handy we have a u.s. power brick here with charging we have the console itself I'm going to put that to one side for the time being we have a screen protector for those of you like a nice clear screen and an instruction leaflet showing you where all the bits and bobs are on this console so to the important thing this is the console itself opening up here we have a very familiar form factor that which is very similar to the 3ds XL so on the back we have an L 1 R 1 L 2 R 2 micro SD micro USB mini HDMI and 3.5 millimeter audio jacks everything you need to know that's on the outside of this console here we have a little belt loop on each corner for those of you who like to pop in a little a keyring or belt holding device if you will I won't be thing that myself there's a removable 32gig sticker just on the bottom there and nothing else really to note about the outside of the device so opening it up Wow we've got plenty going on here dual analog volume plus minus buttons l3 our 3d pad XY a and B barn starts a left back home controller config button menu button stereo speakers and a 5 inch HD touchscreen which outputs in 720 everything's there and the layout of the buttons also has square triangle circle and X for those of you more familiar with those button configs these buttons here are all very nicely spaced and very well made so turning on the console it's reasonably quick to boot up just picking up here and unlocking we have a very responsive touchscreen so here's your home page if you will our landing page we have a number of launches here all from ends for emulators and also stores for downloading your roms and whatnot having a look around a little bit more you'll see that as soon as you boot up the system you are actually ready to gain because there's plenty of games built in from various different systems so you won't have to get involved in the more technical side of this system but going into the other menus we've got some built-in android games here some basic stuff and the applications which are in built here so this is straight out of the box this is everything you will get with your device tons and tons and tons to explore and there's your settings page so delving into the console itself here and having a closer look at some of the captured footage first thing let's just scroll through some of the gaming options that you get when you first blew up the device is the arcade section for example blow two goodies in there for those of you into your retro gaming and the n64 selection it's easy enough to add games to this section here but we're going to go and explore Ko game box one of these front-end launches and this also acts as a store if you will where you can download games for free it is quite easy to navigate despite having a lot of Chinese text in there as you can see I'll go into my games we've already have a load fill into here loads and loads of big big titles in here for example Burger Time Adventure Island Wonder Boy SNK vs. Capcom Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Street Fighter 3 third strike and absolutely wonderful wonderful game if we explore the rest of this launcher here you can see everything nicely in its cap degrees it's sport action or game categories etc for different franchise games and loads of settings this does have multiplayer online as well so if we quit out of here just takes a second or two and we go into another launcher I'm not going to go too deep into this one happy tick those of you familiar with these emulation devices will also be familiar with this launcher here but I'll show you some of the games that came built-in with the device in this launcher so you can see tons and tons and tons of good good titles and they all emulate amazingly absolutely amazingly you'll be able to save your games and whatnot and pick up where you left off when you play these moving away from happy chick here's some of the Android games you can remove these if you want to but the applications are where this thing really really kicks off and gets fun because it's an Android device you can do pretty much anything you want so I'm going to go into the game some from end this is one of the best things to put on your device and this is something I just downloaded and installed myself it's a front end for all of your favorite emulation applications and it looks rather rather pretty so I'm going to be showing you some gameplay of various system so if we're going to Sega Megadrive for example you can download all of your covers for your games and have it looking really really smart look at this remember some of these some of these titles some of these boxes so that blew up gun star heroes gameplay is absolutely phenomenal absolutely fantastic it's quick the screen is top of its class it's really bright really vibrant if you don't like the four by three aspect ratio you can make it fullscreen sixteen by nine also if you plug in an HDMI you can output this on your HD television so going into the turbo graphics 16 let's find a game and show you the output of this new adventure island this again an absolutely fantastically emulated console here on the GPD HD really bright really vibrant really nice sound really colourful absolutely wonderful I know not a lot of people had this console growing up so an absolutely fantastic way to explore that games library really really wonderful chunky graphics I love it backing out of that and into the wonderswan for those of you a bit more experimental with your gaming options this is a console you you should definitely definitely check out you'll notice here on the wonderswan it looks a little bit a little bit blurry a little bit smoother that's because it has applied a smoothing filter for those of you who like your corners a little bit smoother you'll notice the rest of the footage in this video it's a bit more chunky that's because there is no smoothing filter applied but you can apply all sorts of filters on your GP dxd it's up to you however you like if you like it with scanlines you can put scanlines on whatever you feel like here's a classic golden away from the wonderswan and into the n64 and we'll check out the classic mario kart 64 this one emulates amazingly on this device because you have the dual analog sticks as well you'll spend a little bit of time configuring the controller but absolutely no textures drops nothing at all this emulator 100% perfectly it's amazing on every game I've tried so far brilliant brilliant brilliant has the MT sequel library on the go in your pocket away from that on to something a little bit more complex to emulate and that's the NeoGeo I was worried about this when I installed the emulators on the GPD but as you will see absolutely no trouble whatsoever let's go up Metal Slug three bright chunky colorful amazing sound really in through an arcade game library on the Neo Geo definitely definitely if you're getting this console I'd recommend popping on as many neogeo games as you can very very easy and quick to set up get involved in this catalog of games for sure so onto some arcade action here and I've only got a limited selection because I've only got around to popping these games on but we're going to try our hype leo here again absolutely flawless the gameplay is exceptional obviously this isn't the most demanding of arcade titles but is it's a game I love and it plays absolutely perfectly you might want to spend a bit more time exploring arcade emulation on the device I haven't spent too long but it's definitely something so I will be doing in the future so backing out that and just trying an emulator from the emulation app itself rather than the front ends we're going to go into rycoff and explore some Dreamcast emulation so I've loaded in loads of games here and we're going to try Power Stone immediately I was very very impressed with the emulation of Dreamcast on the GPD as you can see it's pretty much flawless not all Dreamcast games do emulate very well I will admit that however of all of the ones I've tried I have had zero problems how fantastic is this absolutely gorgeous gameplay this is stunning absolutely stunning for a great game so in summary the GPD XP has an amazing form factor we're all familiar with in the shape of the 3dsxl the performance is exceptional really powerful machine it excels in most emulation we are Android based so we will be able to put on all our favorite apps and games the display is one of the brightest on the market really responsive touchscreen and the build quality is fantastic no loose buttons there's only one drawback however and that's the price it is a little bit expensive so if you want yourself your own GP dxd 32 or 64 gigabytes remember to head on over to fun stock retro co dot UK and at checkout do enter the code TGS for a discount so thanks for watching everyone remember to hit the thumbs up button and until the next time see you later you