Gibraltar BREAKS Apex Legends

Gibraltar got that reach


you have a green Gibraltar Oh green squad white green spot oh yeah great squad save the environment let's go I say the environment by polluting it oh my god alright so dal-su you need a Crouch aim and look up Jeff toggle on yeah it does look oh my god this is beautiful Oh see it Dulcie no I can't actually around without pressing right click yes you basically have all my gas canisters on your person okay I was sold out that shit oh here we go – Leung I can't see anything it's loose no muffiny I can't even I can't do anything that ruins aim downside no you hugs your crap I can't squat I'd make you jump oh I wouldn't risk yeah oh I think volting does it – yeah use it as a hammer Jack can't laugh I die in my live bread with this bread wish this [Laughter] here comes your bro – come on man start whacking the ground you're a fucking you're an elephant that's what I like that's all I like to say okay Oh No hello we just gotta kill the steam then that's like to know if the next time yep oh come on he got me – he just ah yeah we figured it out though we figured it out what you guys go by Brad hello that is so fun babe I'm sorry okay guys I'm a brad control he had to say it that's the funny thing oh my god it just keeps swaying the longer it gets the hotter it gets oh that's odd Oh Oh alright we're gonna keep 5 1 ok I can't hang up right now you guys don't give me man you just didn't say okay look down a bit more okay that's touching me that's touching we feel so nicely touching – oh look at curvature no no I don't get ready to point at them when they push it okay now now does he now get it get it attack you get it push scary it's a fucking shield okay that's alright that's alright I don't know what to do I'm just gonna set up another doll see okay alright ready ready to get him yes you're glossing onto the jump man justjust just go just go how'd you go to a run kasi why are you walking so fast what why is he walking so fast oh my god what the hell this is good this is how you push what is done it's perfect the Peacekeeper the pace keep it makes you walk normal speed Oh oh my god I can climb up I can climb up his body yes make a long song yeah yeah okay I pick up that hell no wait look actually figured out don't you actually creamy yeah no you can't you can't we can you can what ready I'm right-clicking where I picked it up can't get it up well yeah oh my god we can actually get you stuck yes okay that's good how much long come lunch long that's him name this way schlong come on we need to down them come on dawn say if I scratch no you can't keep 80s well for a few pennies oh no you can 80s oh gosh yes God I see nobody fucking show you the most useless thing in the fucking game one more one more one more behind shields gone his shields gone Oh what is this one's got are right here wait wait which one is it is it is it you oh wait we can't get Darcy back up no we have you is it you just feel is it's not it's not it's not this person at this guy it's this guy is it yeah I got him gasps I'm gonna trap them in the corner I'm gonna trap him in the corner heal yourself does Amy wiki – is instruction enough for me to kill this fucking Bangalore dude toxic boys it's just not good it just doesn't look too clean oh my god I just you guys if you were you are right we could to the strategy where we get glitched into the world and have that just poke out Winkie oh my god oh my god we need to do that squeeze then huh great job Winkie welcome everyone and my eyes hurt oh my god wait how do we do this with us okay that's good that's good what this is great he's under us he's under us putting it put him under us point out at you right away just stick it in him no come back he's coming up he's coming up right now point down point out yes yes yes it's having him keep stay away this is our realm turn around in this area Chapra no we don't have to go until a very long way so all you hit on once you see we can go this way you see okay yeah this is on your home do you think God actual cancer why do I see mirages banner get you sometimes venez oh I gotta get the third one I think I can actually save it trap this should be okay right yeah no there's something above it I think oh you've also excels thank God I can having a one wait why is this stay on him when he's in East inventory Brad Oh God so what happens have fold on this side you won't get weak on you I only I know how to get back up and I can't eat you just give me a gift Winky a puppet I'm okay it's gonna be us two missing dad no no I felt that good you have to go around this side okay you have to you have to like climb around it's like a little edge you have to jump on and then Ricky I mean Dawson give us you fucking everything okay you're the one that's gonna die here I'm so sorry I mean does to get him up get him up get him up come on come on just go oh it kind of worked yeah why can I jump Brad I'm here I'm jumping while I'm down what you jumping while you I'm jumping while down I'll grab your box you will not be forgotten oh my god we're not dead oh yeah real life this is all Potosi sacrifice you could grab me right now oh there's a few of them I don't know if you know this but there is a bit dot perfect let's go come on Darcy this way oh fuck how do you I literally was going through my mind as well I'm like dossey's gonna right-click he's gonna do it he's gonna right-click he's done this with the whole time and then animes gravida start