Game Dev: 'Families May Want To Play Together, But Nobody Owns Four PlayStations'

Game Dev: 'Families May Want To Play Together, But Nobody Owns Four PlayStations'

Sony is still not letting devs put crossplay into their games on the Playstation 4. Let’s discuss why it’s important to make Sony play along and let devs use crossplay on the Playstation 4.

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Game Dev: 'Families May Want To Play Together, But Nobody Owns Four PlayStations'

so Sony still isn't a hundred percent on board with cross-play and developers and publishers are still calling them out on it because it's absolutely ridiculous at this point let's get into it skip it up up and up so if you remember for a while it's been a thing that Sony did not allow cross play they came up with a whole bunch of excuses and not answers as to why and finally they caved somewhat and they let cross play with games like fortnight and rocket League and you would think at this folk' any game that once cross play hey man it's a lot of developers I've heard say it just like flipping a switch to allow cross play that's really all it takes Sony's just on board now right nope they are still being pains in the asses in the cross play and they're very reluctant to just kind of let developers do cross play if they have a triple-a game that's on multiple platforms whereas Nintendo and Microsoft they're all buddy-buddy and it's cross play all day which it's weird it's weird like Nintendo is still stuck in the 90s with certain things but yet they're very forward-thinking with other things Nintendo whatever but hey they're very on board of the cross play and that's a good thing with the switch well anyway it's Han Kim who I haven't heard of before until I wanted to talk about the story he's the CEO of anyway they are the devs behind the recent Power Rangers battle for the grid which got mediocre reviews some people actually really liked it though that's besides the point well he was at PAX East this year 2019 and he had a lot to say about Sony and how they're reluctant to embrace cross play and this is what he had to say it's a fairly long little snippet but I think everything he says here it's important so I'm gonna read it and then we'll discuss right now it's not fully there because one of the biggest platforms out there Sony still isn't fully opening up talking about cross play they've made some exceptions with a handful of games like fortnight and rocket League but they said they've had to judge whether they can allow through other games or not they're getting a lot of pressure to open up people want to play with their friends and not all of your friends are going to be on the same exact platform as you are being able to do so is great also families like to play together one thing we've seen with games like vainglory and fortnight is that a whole family may want to play together but nobody owns four Playstations that's going to play in the iPad one kid is gonna be on the ps4 no their kid on his phone that kind of gameplay is only possible through cross play now Tahu and Kim goes on to talk about how cross play is important because games are becoming a service not just a piece of hardware anymore and this is what he has to say about that also connecting cross play to the more recent notion of games as a service is especially powerful when you're running a game as a service you want people to be able to access the game from any device Fortnight is one of the best examples right now being able to access that on any device mobile switch PC console that's very important another consideration is matchmaking around peripherals having that factored into your servers and matchmaking is going to be important depending on what type of controls you're using if you're using a controller you need to make sure matchmaking put you together with other players who are doing the same which I agree with him on you know I think it's kind of a bad idea to have people who have an actual gamepad matched up with people who are on a tablet using touch controls so on and so forth I think he makes a good point there as well because let's face it gamepad will always trump using touch controls any day of the week and then you could agro argue also a mouse and mouse and keyboard is gonna be more precise than a gamepad so on and so forth so that's that's a valid point he makes there ok Sony I get it and I've read this before that you have a two-dimensional business perspective that hey we force people if they want to play with their friends and the only way they could play with their friends if they own a ps4 is for their friend to buy a ps4 will sell more ps4 but it doesn't truly work like that because people don't they don't like to feel forced they don't like they feel confined and they'll just tell you to piss off in the end they'll buy another platform that allows the cross play it's it's not 1995 anymore where where everyone's in their own little island where there's the playstation one island ok for going back to 95 and the n64 and well Microsoft wasn't even doing the Xbox until the early 2000s but you get my point if there's a game it's a multi-platform game it doesn't hurt you Sony it's not like you're making God of War for the switch you know what I mean it's not like you're making day is gone for the Xbox one those are your must-have games that people will buy your platform for but for tonight you could play on my right ass cheek it's not like the PlayStation 4 is the only place that you could play for tonight you could play fortnight on it this tablet right here on this iPad say so you're it's not going to keep people on the ps4 island like that that two-dimensional thinking off we force them to play every game only with other PlayStation 4 customers than the other play other people will buy PlayStation 4's it's not going to work like that in the future cross play is gonna be the norm so just embrace it and accept it in many developers I'm not a developer I'm an armchair developer I guess that's the phrase for people like me but developers have said cross play is very simple it's just like flipping a switch I think even epic games themselves have said it so it's not that it's tough to do you're just making it tough to do and developers are getting pissed off of you for doing that and they keep on calling you out and I keep on making videos on it so it's time to just embrace it Sony it's 2019 it's not the mid 90s or early 2000s anymore times have change and you have to change as well especially on the dawn of the ninth generation don't forget all the lessons you learned from the PlayStation 3 era into the PlayStation 4 and go back to the PlayStation 3 mindset that's the last thing you want to do don't don't unlearn all the lessons you learned in the past decade let's say this is rich of review tech USA signing out have a good one hey everybody if you enjoyed this video make sure you click the subscribe button also click the bell next to it to be notified of all of my uploads and if you want to come check out my live streams I have a second youtube channel called RT u streams where I'll be streaming there quite a bit starting at April we'll link to that in the description as well thank you for the continued support and I'll see all of you in the next video